Dec 13, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #2/3

For our 2nd experiment I decided to try an object in my room as the target object. As you might be able to figure out from her previous posts and this one, Jennifer and I did not communicate clearly enough about the rules. This was the object. It only has a slight sentimental value for me. In retrospect, I wish I had picked something more neutral.
For whatever reason, Jennifer did not seem to pick up anything relevant.
For the 3rd try we decided to pick a random image from a google image search ("pictures"). This is what I came to by scrolling "randomly" and placing my finger on an image:
As she reported to me, nothing really came up for her that night except for a sexual dream involving an archetypal beast figure.
In retrospect, I think we totally messed this experiment up. First of all, if I'm going to use a random code, I should use a random number generator, not "randomly" tapping my thumb around on the numberpad on my phone. I don't think anything is truly random, least of all whatever goes into my thumb's choice of numbers or image that I have scrolled to.
The use of dreams for this experiment is problematic for me too. There's too much unconscious material and even clutter to deal with in such a specific context. If we're going to fully engage with this process we might do better to both use a waking meditative state. Perhaps we could try to transmit information to one another. Other than text messages, we had not spoken since August. Some of our unconscious/conscious connection likely waned in that time.
To be fair to both of us, this was a spur-of-the-moment idea that we jumped into and so it was mainly a learning process. Even if remote viewing is not an actual, acquirable skill (I think it is), just doing these experiments that engage with our less rational sides might serve to bring up interesting and valuable unconscious material.
Given some of Jennifer's past experiences with a seeming psychic connection to weather, perhaps we could try some sort of experiment involving that. We also should delve more into our psychic connection such as is detailed here: Moving Past Fear: Jordon's Evolution

Dec 11, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #2: Dream Result

Assigned code to Target object:  35618
Transmitter: Jordon
Receiver via Dreaming: Jennifer

Night of Dec. 10/11th 2014 Dream Response

I felt I was in a live-action horror, trying to escape someone I was afraid would hurt me by going out a window and onto the roof.

The most vivid scenes I recall are fighting an enormous monster reminiscent of a boss fight in a video game with my childhood sweetheart Chris. We were throwing axes at it's head and arguing over where best to strike him. We fought him from rooftops because he was so massive. The rooftops were our ground. We had targeting cursors that appeared and flashed before we released a projectile. It was terrifyingly real.

The other scene I remember was in a town hall meeting space with my distant family members. There's a tension between me and one of my cousins (which exists in real life). Next thing I know a woman is giving birth there and I'm trying to help carry a table with a few men for her to lay on. They expressed births happening here being a normal occurrence. I found it odd it didn't happen in a hospital. Must be an isolated and dedicated family to perform their births right there in the family hall. Some silly discussion about a trivial issue regarding the running of their little town was happening in the main space, setup with fold out tables and chairs, so we brought the motherly woman out into the hallway to finish.

What I can remember vividly all seems rather short compared to how long the dream was. There was significantly more about Chris trying to protect me and me trying to prove we should handle the boss together, that I can contribute and he'll only get hurt by refusing help, which he did. He yelled for me to run away or his effort would be worthless. The boss caught him off-guard and flung him away. I ran away, and I believe my cousin came to help. I was so afraid Chris was killed I wanted vengeance on the boss.

Target Revelation Upcoming...

Remote Viewing Experiment #1: Target Results

Read Part 1

Jordon revealed to me, sadly, that the target was a picture of me and that he mistakenly made a code with sentimental value, the rearranged date of our first email contact. Other than the reflectiveness of my dream that night, he could not account for any of the ideas or images I saw. It was incredibly reflective of a current problem I have been having, so perhaps it was not worthless. Some of the best information is found in failed experiments. It certainly wasn't a remote viewing the traditional sense. I have struggling to understand precisely the lesson I taught Walt in the dream, that I don't need to be so concerned about over-explaining what I mean about every sentence I write (in my book). The reader will understand which way I mean from context, and sense who I am and the goal of the book from its overall character. In other words, I don't need to make sure the audience knows my intention at every turn because it already comes through without needing to try so hard.

However, this then opens up a new question for me, how and why did I see the chair with smoke coming up from under it?

I was rather discouraged about the amount of information I received and very little of seemingly to do with the experiment itself. The first couple scenes I believe were suggesting to me this level of remote viewing is actually elementary for my ability, though I didn't want to admit the arrogance in that possibility. I have yet to prove that to myself in a more scientific manner than the unexpected coincidences of information download and knowings I receive that link up to reality.

Jordon insisted we try a few more times using the right parameters:  1) No sentimental value to the object or the code; 2) Random code assignment to the object; 3) The object has no direct association to the transmitter or receiver in the experiment.

If sentimentality can be transmitted -- which is a hypothesis I have been suspicious of, see my post on loved ones at a distance ("Math of Love"; information I don't have and is unavailable to me for some reason) -- I did not receive any indication I'm aware of that linked Jordon's feelings into imagery for my dream.

We continued our tests in a second experiment Dec. 10-11th, 2014. Upcoming report...

Dec 8, 2014

Cracks, Earthquakes, and Sinkholes: Unrest in our Crust

Brief Dream Record for Night of 12/6/14 - Significant details only

An earthquake split open the ground and resulted in a 40 ft wide sinkhole crater that nearly swallowed my friend. We ran into a crop field of tangled, low lying plants. The earthquake was closer than we thought.

Could this be related to the series of earthquakes along my border, to the southeast? I learned that region being hit is closer to my location than I previously assumed. California and Nevada are getting swarms of earthquakes these last few months.

UPDATE: Cracks split open in the mud playa 40 miles outside Cedarville, where a swarm of earthquakes have been occuring since July 2014. Linda Moulton Howe has been following and investigating the three areas where an accumulation of thousands of earthquakes have been near the California, Nevada, and Oregon border.  The recent activity has prompted seismologists to set up research in those areas for close monitoring. The USGS has issued warnings to California residents to be prepared for evacuation, though they cannot predict whether a larger earthquake will happen. Previous swarms have led to only 5 point magnitudes that did little damage.

Read Linda's report at her Earthfiles website for images and information about the playa where the cracks formed.

Remote Viewing Experiment #1: Dreams vs. Meditative State Results

Jordan and I tried a remote viewing experiment last night and following up to today. If you're unfamiliar with how a typical remote viewing test works, here are the steps as assembled by the US Military in their extensive remote viewing research.

1. Experimenter (Jordon) chooses a target, a place or object or picture typically.
2. Experimenter assigns a random series of numbers, letters, or combination of both to the target s/he is seeing, concentrating on establishing the link between the object and code.
3. The experimenter then gives the remote viewer (Jennifer, your author) the code.
4. Remote viewer (RV) looks at the code and recites it, trying not to guess or make assumptions, just focusing on memorizing the code. Intention is established to learn what the code represents...

Dec 2, 2014

Math of Love

Update on Math Dreams, see original post Math Test and ZPE Science and Correlations on Dr. Greer's Lecture

Math homework and tests in my dream world were reminding me of what it takes to make contact in my dreams. It kept showing those loved ones I have no contact with in my waking life due to  circumstance. The ex-girlfriend living on the other side of the country, the childhood sweetheart keeping his distance. I'm doing to her what he has been doing to me. It helps me understand how he still may love me, as I still love her, but am not willing to complicate my life again by communicating with her.

In this dream (Nov. 15 or 16th, 2014) where I am avoiding her and he is avoiding me (pretty accurate reflection of the truth), I am almost done with my math test. I just need to return to the classroom and hope I have time, that the teacher hasn't already collected them and would still accept a delayed one. I figured out how I did the first quarter of the test wrong and wanted to correct it. Regardless of whether I could or not, I knew I would pass, but I wanted to complete it to the best of my ability. I sang a song of love arm in arm with a friend from highschool as we walked back to class with my sweetheart watching us from behind. I suppose I felt all I could do was show him I'm full of love, even if he wasn't ready to receive it.

Mounds of the Western US and Harmonics

Summary:  Comparing and contrasting mounds in the United States; Pyramidal structures as free-energy generators and their relation to sacred mounds around the world; Science of harmonics and its potential for application in antigravity crafts.

(Written 12/1/2014)

In California, along Interstate 5, at a rest stop outside Weed is a geological marker about arrangements of two foot high mounds surrounded by stone circles, and connected by trenches. These mounds are believed to have geological or climatic causation, however no theory is confirmed.

Geologic sign at rest area along I5 North about "The Mysterious Stone Circles", 
aka the Siskiyou Stone Circles, or the Shasta Mima Mounds

Dec 1, 2014

Synchronicities: Meditative Download

 While resting last week, my thoughts landed on a disturbing, though unlikely possibility that a child, in their devoted play, might pull a fake gun on a real officer. Kids love cops. My son was so excited when he spotted two officers in the fast food joint we were at. In their innocence, this hypothetical kid would pretend with such gusto and energy that an officer might panic into believing the kid had got hold of a real gun and was playing what was pretend in their mind, but could actually be a threat to the receiving officer.

Two days later, on the local news where I was for Thanksgiving, a boy pulled a fake gun on an officer and was shot. The officer thought the boy had a real gun. He died from his injuries.

Of course I didn't know how common this type of shooting was in the last couple months, nor had I kept up on the upcoming trial of the officer who shot teenager Michael Brown. I don't watch the news. So, from my perspective, when that report came on in the area I was visiting, the one time I happen to be watching the news with my grandmother-in-law, it struck me as synchronistic.

Disable the Paranoia: A zombie connection

"I believe consciousness creates a vector point into that field..."

I have zombie dreams when I sleep away from my spouse and son. They slept on the couch last night to help me get some sleep. My son starts the night on the floor on a little bed space and winds up at our feet on our queen size bed part way through the night.

My dream began with the zombies being undead, turned by a bite (or capture) of a person. We were in a grocery store made into a refuge that had become infested with zombies. We collected as many pointed instruments as we could, defaulting to arrow-like sticks with silver pointed caps. They would have been more useful as cooking tools. Their short length required close contact to puncture the chest or head.

Nov 21, 2014

Correlations on Zero-Point Energy from Dr. Greer Lectures

Bismuth originally appeared to me as a word transmission just before I awoke one morning in Jan 2013. (See post). I was investigating possible antigravitic vessel schematics and communication with other dimensions.

Summary: Creating a pointing vector in the zero-point energy field; anti-gravitic science and technology; trans-dimensional communication; Comparing Dr. Greer's points with theories I reached through dream investigation; the black boxes harnessing ZPE; revisiting the elements; translating the math dreams; creating a working hypothesis with the ingredients so far assembled.

Nov 11, 2014

Synchronicities: Channeling Cats

This may sound silly, but in the interest of documenting dream manifestations and foresight, I will record it.

About 6 months ago, before I got my new cat, I dreamed about a grey striped cat that approached me at my old apartment. He had been abandoned and I decided to name him Sparkle, a name that confused me because it was something my Cousin would name a cat, not me. I also wondered if the time came, would I adopt an adult cat instead of a kitten.

I eventually got a calico kitten, like my previous one, instead of the female gray striped one I originally planned to take from the litter. This was a whole other story of synchronicity and channeling.

Today, my cousin asked me if I wanted a cat she found who had been abandoned by his previous owner. Inquiring to me felt random because I live 5 hours away from her. But I sensed she is desperate to find him a home.

"Is he by chance gray striped?" I asked her.

She sent me this photo:

Now I have to help her somehow, so I suggested she take him to a shelter (she has two cats of her own to care for), or put a photo of him on craigslist and explain his situation. I told her there are other shelters in her area besides the Humane Society (which doesn't take abandoned animals), and discouraged her from her willingness to drive him five hours to a potential home down here (she wanted me to pass it along to people in my area and emphasized her willingness to deliver him herself). At the moment, she is searching for another shelter that might take him.

I hope 'Sparkle' finds a good home with a loving family. If you live in Northern Oregon or Southern Washington and would like to inquire about adopting this familiar, contact me using the form in the right-hand column.

(Originally published 11/11/14)

UPDATE: This cat has become more interwoven into my life than I anticipated, which brings even more weight to that dream as having been precognitive.

Nov 10, 2014

Math Test and Zero-point field Science

"2400... might that be the voltage frequency required in air to lift an object (anti-gravity physics)?" 
- (On the math received in Saturday's dream)

Regressing to old approaches for prompting a dream response result in retrograde schooling setting and a dream about missing my math test or homework. I experience these like I've been made to repeat a grade. It's insulting and frustrating, but of my own making.

When I come upon the classroom entrance, I sigh because I recognize it as my fifth grade class. It indicates to me I was off with my approach. I tried to search about the Ebola virus and whether it had any relation to the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP). I built pretend communicators out of Lego's with me son that day and thought that would be enough inspirational content for a dream to show me an actual device for communicating with my guide's spaceships. It was naive. For my level of intelligence, I am capable of trying harder, exploring the range of my knowledge to actually achieve that goal, and I instead assumed an answer would arise with sheer desire and physical content (that required little study or paving of truth) to inspire the image. My creative output wasn't sufficient, and I knew that, but I thought maybe it would be enough since I don't have a lab or the materials to even begin to experiment with the construction of a theoretically based communication device with extradimensional beings.

Polar Shift

"Once every few hundred thousand years the magnetic poles flip 
so that a compass would point south instead of north."- Scientific American

From the very beginning of my dream tracking, platforms on water and flooded regions have had the highest occurrence in my dreams. (See Archive List #5 in Investigations Page)

These premonition-like dreams came before changes in out jet stream were recognized to be causing extreme weather patterns to regions in Earth's northern hemisphere. Catastrophe dreams about earthquakes, tornadoes, EMPs, fifteen foot and up river floodings, torrential rainfall, arctic conditions in hot, dry places, and coastal swells wove together. I couldn't ignore them, but I didn't know what they meant at the time.

Oct 21, 2014

Channeled Language - Ancient Chinese or Alien Symbols

See original post Channeled Language? and research update Taylor Video.

The closest human enscriptions that compared to the symbols I was inclined to express for months before finally letting out the need to swipe my hand in certain ways was an ancient Chinese bamboo scroll. The style fit, and some of the characters looked approximate.

 Ancient Chinese Bamboo scrolls began their use in the Zhou Dynasty, and continued until the 4th century when it was replaced with paper. It was popular during the Warring States and Chun Qiu periods. Source:

Oct 20, 2014


My son is exhibiting psychic abilities, which continue to surprise both myself, a consciousness and imagination researcher, my daycare provider, an open-minded woman not actively pursuing any study other than child-behavior, and my partner, an accountant with no experience in anything spiritual. A new element has arisen for my son and I in our spiritual entanglement (See "A Mother's Plea"). I'm exhibiting a psychic download of ideas and perspectives from his inner space. Just as my dreaming serves as a corrective force to my inaccurate conclusions, it seems to now be showing me the inaccurate conclusions of my son's own mind. If you ever wanted to keep your secrets from your parents, be thankful I'm not your mother. It wouldn't work with ill-intent though, and I already feel I have somehow violated his privacy.

(Brackets in this and all my articles are used to denote my waking perspective and analyses, in contrast to my retelling persona/dreaming perspective. I use the phrases zero-point energy field, sea/ocean of nonlocality, realm of universal consciousness, and fifth dimension interchangeably as synonyms throughout my writings.)

Monday, October 18th, 2014

I'm walking with my dad on a sojourn to an important destination, but our food was stolen and had to be left behind so we could get away from the perpetrators safely.  Starving, I knew we would have to catch our next meal. My father is a hunter/gatherer. I grew up catching fish, deer, elk, and foraging for mushrooms and berries. He believes one should be able to catch, kill, skin, and prepare the meat they eat. He instilled a respect for the animals and ecosystems we take from by being humane in the kill, burying the carcass, sharing with your family and neighbors the bounty, and never wasting.

Sep 29, 2014

The Enemy of Blind Conviction

Night of Sept 28/29th 2014

Returning home with family and friends, my attention is fixated on the skies. UFO's/Alien crafts of different sizes and types, as well as military flown crafts are flying by and no one else in my party seems to notice them. I don't care that they aren't watching the sky, I am enthralled at every sighting. My party knows what I'm doing, that I keep looking to catch a glimpse of the next one, or focus in on something in the sky toward the horizon. Jim seems annoyed as he asks me what I'm looking at.

"All the crafts in the air." The sky was abuzz. Something was happening that we the public weren't aware of. There was an urgency in the air from a collective extraterrestrial knowledge and I wanted to know.

I passed a room as we headed inside and noticed a wobbling circular craft in the corner of a man's garage. His hair was aging, and his skin was tanned and rough. I stopped in excitement and pointed to the small toy-like craft as it wobbled in a zipzag path toward the man.

"Oh its 'so-and-so' [I don't recall the name he referred to him by]."
"You know him?!"
"Yes. He's part of the 'so-and-so' [ET organizational name]."
I get a better look. A tiny alien is driving a kid's toy UFO. It's white plastic, with cutout sections where a windshield or window would be. Vibrant colored lights that seemed more for spectacle for a child than of use to the alien operator. He had animated a kid's toy into an operational vehicle somehow. I pondered the science he might be using to perform this, and magnetic field was the only answer I came up with in the dream. Imagine a remote control helicopter. Now imagine a humanoid alien small enough to fit inside it could control it by manipulating its remote capabilities and bringing those controls to its fingertips in the cockpit. He animated only a few levers, making immovable plastic functional.

The creature looked like a creature out of Star Wars. It had multiple eyes that protruded out of the head like a lobster, or the Gran species of the Star Wars
Universe. It's face was oval, and its skin was forest green like Gredo. 

My neighbor's alien friend was coming to warn his human correspondent of what was happening. This man, my neighbor, revealed himself to me as a member of an order that exchanges intelligence between humans and alien councils. My neighbor gave himself a title, like the 7th Sun/Son of the 11 Stars or something more grandeur and cosmological.

Channeled Language - Tracey Taylor Video

Jordon found this video about a young artist who channels patterns and symbols, and transcribes it into art.

Thank you Jordon for the relationship to my own brief symbol/pattern download.

Read post "Channeled Language?" here.

Sep 22, 2014

Average Recall - How often do we dream? How many do we remember?

The average person forgets 90% of their dreams within the first ten minutes of waking. If I have a gift, it is an increased capacity to remember dreams. To give a conservative estimate, let's say I recall an average of 4 dreams each week. After having tracked for nearly three years now, I can safely say I recall a dream every night, however, morning cycle dreams are easiest to remember. Four dreams a week is 16 dreams a month, and 192 dreams total. Humans dream every night. If all we ever dreamed was once a night, I would be at a 53% recall. The average person would recall only 36 and a half dreams of the year.

Except, we dream every time we enter in a REM cycle. A typical night's sleep will result in 4-5 sleep cycles of REM and NREM. One might argue we forget our dreams because they happen in deep REM sleep. I remember mine best in the third stage of NREM, which research has suggested is possible. Because of this, we can dream anywhere between 4-6 times a night. That's 1460-2190 dreams in a year. If 90% are forgotten, the average person recalls anywhere from 146 to 219 dreams. That still allows for about 3-5 dream recalls a week. Do you remember that many dreams on average? I know people who swear they don't dream because they can't recall even the vaguest sense that there was anything but unconscious silence and non-existence between night and morning.

Sep 3, 2014

Ways of Thought and Reptile Zoo

Summary: Theorums on the form which the content of dreams take based on how you thought of the topic in question; Reptile zoo and Gila monster hitch-hiker; Consignment store in familiar town and a terrorizing force; Playing pretend who is the terrorizing force we have to lock the greenhouse windows from getting in.

Night of Sept. 8th/9th 2014

Been awhile since I had a Reptile channeling dream. It starts just outside an elevator. Someone tells me there is an Arboretum...

Sep 1, 2014

Tooms and Toomy, Another X-Files:Fringe Crossover

Being on the lookout for any indication a science-fiction production (shows and movies) is trying to disseminate real information or events to the public under a fictional guise, makes me hyper aware when I watch Fringe and X-Files. As a vivid dreamer, I have a knack for finding connections not immediately apparent to others. It was my husband who noticed this one, though.

Episodes under review:

From Fringe (2008-2013)
"The Same Old Story" Season 1, Episode 2 
"The Abducted" Season 3, Episode 7

X-Files (1993-2002)
"Squeeze" Season 1, Episode 3,
"Tooms" Season 1, Episode 21

They share some surprising elements. And each show started with a story on this topic early on in their first season, though neither had much to do with either show's overarching story. They were cases the investigative teams were confronted with early on. Then Fringe seemed to reinforce the idea again in its third season, and wove the topic more intricately into the overarching plot of the season.

Aug 29, 2014

Channeled Language?

Symbols drawn as free consciousness August 28th, 2014
By myself, Jennifer

I don't know what they are, I don't know if they are anything at all, just know I have been obsessing about drawing them for months. These were done in free-flow, meaning I didn't try to impose any kind of reason to them as I drew them, other than what felt right for the space. Again, maybe its all nothing.

I sat down to draw with my son, failed at my first attempt to draw a squirrel, and decided to indulge the nagging feeling to finally draw the strange designs my hand naturally keeps wanting to. Everytime I picked up a marker I wanted to do a symbol from this design/style. I'm not assigning meaning yet to them. It just felt great to finally draw them.

They are ordered oddly, in an 's' swirl from bottom left to top (as numbered). The only one I did try and 'guide' or assign meaning to as I drew it was number 14, and if you also notice, it fits the least amongst the others. Consider that one my test symbol.

Read followup examination and comparison of these symbols here.
Read the 2015 update Compulsive Scribing.

Fear Itself Creates Entry Points, Not Universal Actions

Morning August 28/29th 2014

Need to type it out before it bursts out of me. Very distracting this morning.

Dream: I come home (my real home, though my sisters also live with us) after having been gone only a short time to find our house in disarray. Furniture turned over, items scattered about. Someone had broke into our home. We couldn't believe how quickly they came in and messed things up. We were gone barely the blink of an eye. They must have been watching us. I knew they had been doing this for sometime. Maybe this time I could find clues as to who it is.

I searched around the house and found a purple zip-close binder filled with papers. I open it up and find personal notes written about me by the owner of the binder. Notes that suggested this person thought intimately of me; his day to day feelings. He was delusional, thinking we were together. I walked into the kitchen and found a bag he left on our counter of his personal affects. I became more attuned to him and saw him peaking and pacing outside our backyard fence.

This was my chance to confront the being who terrorizes our home, and tests our sense of security. I go to the door and he meets me inside the gate at my door, overly excited, if not desperate, to see me face-to-face.

"Wait," I tell him, holding the door ajar to limit his contact. He seems to know things about us all, calling out greetings to my sisters by name. "I will come out to you, and only me." I can feel his energy and intentions. He wants desperately to be against me, to hold my presence and attentions. I'm overwhelmed by his aggressive desire, though he is thin, young, and would appear harmless in appearance. His delusion is so strong, it makes him dangerous. "I will be yours, but you have to stay away from the others." I proposed.

"You will be mine?" He states excitedly, having had no other focus except to have me anyway.

"Yes. You can do what you want with me. But not them."

Aug 26, 2014

Wolf Invasion: Tread Slowly, Don't Run

Summary: Surprise presentation to prepare for or accept defeat; Interrupted execution after such brilliant short-term planning; Wolves ravage the town, killing and chasing; Apathy controls my fear; Secret to evasion; Successful infiltration of wolf lair.

"This dream was the first time I successfully managed to evade them without incident or chase, and infiltrate their ranks."

Dream Night of August 25/26th 2014 -

Aug 25, 2014


Yesterday "Jodie" (referred to earlier in this post) slept over at my house and upon waking she told me about a dream she had the previous night. It had something to do with her taking a vacation to Jerusalem. There was a song playing in the dream but she couldn't remember which one it was. Many of her recent dreams have featured songs and they sometimes have seemingly pretty pointed messages. I've observed this with great interest since I've had relatively little music featured in my dreams. I think about the thousands of songs most of us have listened to and wonder how Psyche would select from this library for a particular night. Songs often replay themselves in dreams with remarkable clarity too, which makes me wonder how much music affects us on an unconscious level that it sets itself so readily in the mind. Perhaps that's a little scary.
The morning Jodie awoke with this dream on her mind we went to breakfast at an upscale restaurant downtown and while we were waiting for our food a song came on: "Babylon" by David Gray. She suddenly realized that this was the song from her dream. Interestingly, Babylon could be thought of as an opposite of Jerusalem. In particular, the dream featured these lyrics:         
 If you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now
We were only at that restaurant because someone had given me a gift card for use there. We had delayed going there several times but this day just worked out and the card was even expired. Would she have remembered that song if she hadn't had the memory cue right there at a confluence of events? Maybe, maybe not, but I find some reassurance in these synchronicities that arise out of our field of existence.
I once had an odd dream featuring a person I worked with at summer camp and then the next day I was walking through a crowded area in a park and my path intersected with this person. I hadn't seen them in many months. For whatever reason, I had decided to take a different path than what was entirely logical. Maybe synchronicity needed my thinking and moving a little differently in order to make itself known. If Jodie and I had used the gift card before it expired we might not have learned what song was in her dream and certainly not in such an interesting way. Maybe synchronicity asks us to do something a little differently each day so that something timeless and acausal can manifest into our realm. We need to stay out of the rut of normality and cold logic and ease into the flow of life and psyche.
Later on, Jodie also told me that when she was a teenager she had a number of experiences where she would have a dream with a song and then hear it on the radio the following morning. These often weren't Top 40 type songs but more obscure numbers. I wonder what this pattern is trying to communicate. These odd little synchronicities seem like a concert of sorts. We are playing, conducting, and being played by the universe.

(Originally published 8/25/14)

Hidden Terrestrials: Gnomes received a series of images taken from a Pennsylvanian's high quality game camera
showing a purplish-pink gnome looking creature walking down a path in the deep woods. They measured the creature to be about four foot tall, standing on thin, branch-looking legs.

See Linda's full report with images here.

There was no mention in the Alien Races Book I have been reviewing on whether there is a species responsible for the gnome myth of Scandinavia and the North-Eastern region of America. Elves (Ellina) were mentioned, of the Germanic myth, but they are a trickster race, delighting in scaring off humans and stealing things from them. General pop culture might be referring to the same myth when we say a little creature stole our keys or socks when we misplace them.

Garden gnomes, however, are caretakers of plants and vegetation, particularly the forests. They have been spotted on Earth for at least 2000 years, and remain largely undetected by humans.

The creature in the photos sent by the Pennsylvania writer showed a creature with large, overhanging eyebrow-like sockets, and a boomerang- or hat-like appendage shaped head. This appendage may have been mistaken for the classic pointed hat gnomes are stereotyped as wearing. A line or divot traces along, what we would call a forehead, giving the creatures top portion the appearance of a hat placed on a round head.

It also wears a red sweater, also characteristic of garden gnomes. However this creature is clearly not humanesque. Its skin is not peach, its head, including the elongated chin and head, are not human, but early witnesses could only make out certain details and had to fill in the rest. The creature moves fast, traveling in and out of the frame in only two seconds.

If such a species has been around for so long, why would it not be mentioned in a book compiling all known alien species? For that matter, why was Bigfoot not listed either?

There is a whole other classification of creatures unknown to us that are not necessarily extraterrestrial. These may very well be natives to Earth, or Earth's higher dimensions, but are reclusive, and wary of human civilization. Just as whales have their domain in the water, we have domain over parts of land. Wolves, bears, and large wild cats share the land with other regional dominant groups. Why can't there be dominant groups in parts of our planets wild better at hiding than the large animals we are aware of? Species with comparative intelligence to our own. We could find terrestrial aliens on our own planet.

The Introduction to Alien Races Book, Part 2

Recommend reading revised version of Part 1, comparing key races from the book and the civilian forum. For image reference, open the pdf of this book to view in tandem as you read this review.

After reading through this book, there are a couple conclusions one can derive about humanity and how we fit in the grand scheme of things. We are clearly technologically outmatched and inferior, for one. Multiple races perform abductions, suggesting we are easily manipulated, or spiritually dumb. Proof of our lack of advancement and retardation as a species compared to those who visit Earth, most of the species' average lifespan per individual is over hundred years. Our collective species loses the wisdom of age more quickly than others. We are a young species. Those listed in this book are coming from second and third planetary homes.

I point out this reality to encourage you reader to not settle for a reaction within yourself that rests at any extremity of fear, surrender, or trust. We cannot match their experience or knowledge, perhaps. But we must understand that our perspective is as valid as theirs in the grander scheme of life. Be open to learn who they are and how they live and what they say, but maintain a space for your own voice and humanity.

Aug 19, 2014

Update on Astral Abduction and Observations of Time Travel

A guest on has confirmed the existence of astral abduction. Abduction is already highly scrutinized, so when I swore I experienced an abduction of my consciousness, I wondered "Who would believe this?"

As a lucid dreamer, I have experienced meditative and dreaming states of every stage of sleep. Some are terrifyingly real, some are real, but very clearly a dream. I can recognize not only when I'm dreaming, but what information I'm out to learn, and can trigger full awareness of information from my waking life. 

So, when I moved from the freedom of the dreamscape into an abductee chair, I said "Oh god, this is not a dream." My consciousness was completely there. If you tried to wake me in this world, I would not have responded (the mother instinct in me allows me to wake at the slightest disturbance). I knew the moment I awoke in that chair that this was a whole different reality. The beings I encountered were verified to me later by other contactee collaborative descriptions.

Debra's guest "Charlie" was abducted repeatedly by both an alien race and our own military. In fact, he says, our military carry out most of the abductions nowadays. Perhaps they made a new pact with the aliens that if they collected what they needed, the aliens would stop their own abductions. This would allow the military to better track who is taken, and how they are returned.

The wealth of information he shared with host Debra Jane East left her uneasy. She could hear the truth in everything he said, but it did nothing to soften the blow of the content he shared.

Aug 16, 2014

Secret Underground Rooms

There is hot chatter. Someone knows about secret, unmarked chambers in the underground train system. They bring out a holographic map direct from his memory to show the group. Red dots mark spots along the tunnels where he learned hidden chambers to be.

He removed the dots for comparison against the default map that showed the outlay of the tunnels and any crevices. "The spaces weren't identified when the map was originally made."

"Let's go check it out." An older man says, and heads off toward the tunnel access.

A Word to the Wise

People will try to discourage the power of yours dreams. They will tell you it is all in your own psychological space, that there is no entanglement going on with other forces beyond you to produce the complex scenes and stories your meditative brain weaves. Dreams are a meditation. The will of the conscious mind is rested save for a few concentrated things. Those things are what determine the direction your dreaming will go, but they do not determine the story. The story is assembled by your unconscious from input of when you were awake, AND when you are asleep. When you are asleep, your mind is free to explore the fifth dimensional reality without judgement from your waking self, which is grounded so much in the physical state that it resists giving credence to all things of pure consciousness.

Aug 5, 2014

Case Study #5's Recurrence of Red Marks

The red grid marks return for one previous experiencer. What can we learn from the dis/similarities between the two occurrences?

Jacob's original case was unusual for two reasons:  1) these marks were the largest I had ever seen in the modern phenomenon, and 2) the grid was horizontal and vertical. They resembled so closely the ones photographed in the first documented case of the marks.

Jacob's first set of marks reported to my team, occurred June 21st 2014.

Worms Again Connected to RGMP

 I reacted in it with astonishment at how everything was coinciding, because in my dreaming self, I knew this was connected to the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP).

Dream from July 28th 2014

I go out the front door of my house that is a combination of my parent's home and mine. I'm chasing after my kitten whom I have just recently began to allow outdoor access (but through my back door) in real life. I'm upset at whomever let him out the front, though I did recognize in my dream self that he is okay to be outside. My dream self recognized that my waking self had approved of him being outdoors, and so instead went along with the course of the dream with an observer's point of view. It was as if it cued to me that this was a dream message by having a starting element be inaccurate to what my emotional mind had already dealt with, granting permission to my kitten to be out on his own, per his wishes.

Something catches my eye on the ground in the bark chips. It burrowed under a disturbed patch of bark. I thought it was my kitten, even though I swear I saw him run further to the right. Still, I investigated, pushing the mound around until a creature surfaced. The moment I saw the color of it through the bark, it lurched up and attached itself to my arm. I could feel it so clearly, its leeching grip. I screamed and called for someone to help me remove it.

Jul 22, 2014

Dear Dreams

Summary: Personal address to my dreams on a topic that continues to break me down and build me up again; Cognitive analysis for therapy, outlining how much I really do know about the person in question; Comparing my fear-based perception of his personality against what my dreams and the few actual interactions I've had with him reveal; Informative dream the following night on the matter.

 (Disclaimer: Contains sexually explicit and potentially disturbing material.)

Energy Field that Manifests Thought

A continuing exploration into the science of consciousness travel at a subatomic level. Does an energy field exist in the fabric of space-time that can be concentrated for use in solid state reality? Interplanetary travel, information download, intergalactic communication, manifestation with thought are all possible if I can understand how to access and harness this field, and what carries it? An elementary force-carrying particle? The higgs-boson? How does it interact with matter? The better question is, what does it interact with to become matter? 

Dream during the night of July 11th/12th 2014:

I remember only one scene vividly because it married magic with science of grand design, and it was an incredible experience to behold.

I'm with a communal family I belong to, friends, faces I could almost recall. The home we live in is simple, no usual appliances like you'd see in a modern home. There was a table, but no place to store or cook food in what I figured was the kitchen.

Two of my family roommates retrieved me from what I was doing so I could make dinner... quite literally create the solid matter of the food we would consume. I stood in front of a liquid-like field of energy that hung in the air between two posts (devices). The wall against where the field rested was transparent, barely there, as if the space was diverted to a space behind where the field could exist for us in a concentrated enough form to access directly. I was the only one of the group who knew how to interact with the field to conjure dinner and the group was restless to eat. I stood in front of the pool that flowed slowly like a fountain without a container. No stone or wood or anything held it in place. And the field wasn't water or light, but could react like both.

I had to center myself mentally and physically to commune with the field. It was not sentient. I just had to interact with it a certain way and thought, or state of mind, was essential to this process. I held my arms out and began to attract arcs of electricity from the pool to my hands in beautiful streams of flowing color. There were no harsh edges like we imagine electricity to have. I opened my eyes in surprise and played with the light, moving my hand up and away to see how the field responded to me. This interaction was so wonderful to me, I had to remind myself that people were waiting for me to make the food. I closed my eyes and simply thought about food manifesting from the energy of the field to our table. There was no emotion other than calm. I thought with almost the same knowing that it would happen, as I knew hitting something in the physical world with my bare hand would hurt, thinking about food appearing on our table when connected to this field would make it really appear. It was like a natural appliance.

Though there was a shred of doubt in my mind, the food indeed appeared. My family, myself included, was awed, but hungry, and quickly began to enjoy the meal. We didn't understand the force that allowed this, like that knowledge had been long lost to our civilization. Those capable enough to harness it were dwindling in numbers, and there not a deliberate effort to train the next generation how to use it. This was a place where we were provided for. We were drifting from it because of our ignorance. We became too entrenched in our physical world that our species began to forget how to work in harmony with the fundamental elements of our existence.

Interacting with this field was wondrous and awe-inspiring. I respected it, loved it warmly, felt it was beautiful, powerful. It was not God, but maybe the material force of creation. I felt I was connecting with the most fundamental force of our material world. It was a reunion of the most fulfilling sort. 

The Device

They reminded me of the mobile transporter pattern enhancers that have to be placed around a party on an away mission in Star Trek for the ship to boost the signal of their patterns so they re-materialize correctly.

What the two posts did was concentrate a field that exists everywhere for a more immediate interactive effect. Whereas everyday space you walk around in reacts slowly to transmitting and creating the conditions to manifest your thoughts, this concentrated part of the field allowed for instantaneous manifestation.


What interacts with the carrier 'particle' that allows for the result of spontaneous material gathering? Consciousness it seems. If the higgs-boson is the interacting force, how could we possibly concentrate it into an area to increase the transmission quality of thought and the speed of manifestation? This is a question for quantum physicists.

I once dreamed I was zooming along in a corridor with a large metal tube that extended forever. I paused to pick up something and got a clearer look at this tunnel. I didn't recognize it at the time, then the announcement came out about the confirmed discovery of the higgs-boson and I saw a picture of the particle collider. That was where I was, that was what I saw. I couldn't believe it.

I know there is science to be unlocked here that will finally put together all those reports of abductions and contact experiences. A woman saw a screen that created an object from her transmitted thought. A device interacting with human consciousness is not unheard of. Studies in consciousness have already supported the affect of thought and presence on randomized devices. How, though, we don't know. The answer lies here, somewhere in the examples I've downloaded. If there is a wave length pattern (like music, hence my choral and music dreams) that interacts with consciousness, such a discovery would mean humans are no longer isolated. We could travel in subspace along the musical lines of the universe.

What the Red Grid Marks ARE NOT

Compiled here for comparison is a list and skin analysis of marks similar but not of the same form, symptoms, and appearance of genuine Red Grid Marks. I specifically sought images that look closest to what we find as possible. Click any image to enlarge.

Waffle Iron Burn - Despite the shape of the waffle iron, if it were to actually contact the skin full on, the damage it would do would not leave any discernible shape or grid. Below is an example of what actually happens. Why does it not create an even grid? Because our body parts are not flat, they are curved three-dimensional. And the flatter parts of our bodies will never (unless deliberately) contact a waffle iron parallel to its grid. Even if you turn a waffle iron on low and rest a part of your body on it, the resulting marks would be in horizontal and vertical rows, not diagonal like the RGMP produces.

Healing burn from a waffle iron.

Jul 7, 2014

Surrogacy for Hybrid Fetus'

Night of July 5/6th 2014


I'm happy to see Chris again. I feel a regularity about our meetings, even though I've tried so hard to keep him at a distance and set my feelings aside for a time when he's ready to begin. I cup his cheek with my hand in loving greeting. My spirit self is aware that we only see each other in the spirit plane, and is amazed by its consistency. Every other night he makes an appearance, though I am full of doubt during waking reality on who he is and how he sees me and how he wants to be with me, my dreams persistently remind me to recognize his spirit and not how my stereotypes and impressions want me to see him as. We haven't met face to face in almost ten years. My family is ready to accept him into ours, but he is not, and I know its a difficult lifestyle to accept. I stopped bothering him with my need to connect. Maybe he thinks he's doing me a favor by leaving me alone, but he's not. I suffer without him and always will. That's how it is in the physical world.

On the spirit plane, we reunite with love. My negative perspectives on the situation, my assumptions of who he is all melt away as if they have no substance in spirit, though they weigh so heavily on my mind. My subconscious, my spirit guides, are determined to convince me that he loves me deeply, which, when I pause, I know he does. The circumstances that keep us apart, the fears on all sides of raising a family, break me down in sadness against the forces of the physical plane. Our reuniting has been built up so much now, there will never be a proper time we can create. We are left back in the hands of the forces that be, keeping faith that someday the stars will realign for us all.

I wonder if he dreams of me.

In the dream, having his presence, I can finally unleash the multitude of things I wish to show him, tell him, know, and share. In this particular one, I get to demonstrate my mothering knowledge and care to him with no goal other than to express my pride in what I've learned about caring for another. But it wasn't until I recorded this dream did a very different story start to come through.

Jul 4, 2014

RGMP Case Report #5: Jacob

Jacob Stark is a 30 year old freelance cinematographer in Las Vegas, Nevada. He lives with his wife and two kids, and enjoys spending his free-time on creative projects, as one might have guessed given his chosen profession. Nature fuels both his passion and spirituality, his favorite place being Yosemite National Park.

In the morning of June 21st, 2014, Jake prepared for an early swim, when his wife noticed penny-sized marks across the middle of his back.

"There is a line of 5, then a box of 9...." like hickies or blood blisters. The dots are subdermal, devoid of pain, raised bumps, or irritation other than the fact that they were visibly present.

 Jacob's grid marks from June 21st, 2014, reminiscent of Michalak's marks after a blast from an exhaust port on a UFO craft he was allowed to inspect near Falcon Lake in Canada. Michalak experienced symptoms of radiation sickness and was hospitalized when the picture of his marks was documented.

"I think the most unusual part is that I don't remember anything and nothing was out of the ordinary."

Jun 23, 2014

Truth Shall Set Us Free

Summary: The tendency of fear surrounding the mystique of dark entities operating in the realm of non-locality; dream response to my inquiries on my obsessive drive to improve the conditions in our physical existence; cleaning up the appearance of galactic species sharing space with us; family channelings and small daily prophecies.

Jun 21, 2014

New Red Grid Marks Cases Coming...


Since Jordan and I have teamed up, we have received a string of new cases. Expect, if they follow through, four new case reports soon to add to our data set so far.

To those with unreported marks and nightly experiences, we encourage you to contact our team. As busy as we are, we will find the time to follow up. We are both passionate about this investigation and excited to be granting a voice to those, like us, who don't know where to turn for answers.

We will honor requests for anonymity.

Jun 19, 2014

New Features Added to Site

You can now subscribe to this site and get alerts when an update is posted.

Our About the Authors widget now includes both Jordon and I with new short descriptions. Jordon will be typing up his first case/post within the month if communications go well. 

Also, I have created a community through Google plus for like minds to connect title 'Spirit Walkers'. Join us to be part of the investigative process. Add your own posts and experiences, discuss topics from this website or anything else relevant you'd like to contribute.

Working with Jordon has granted some reality to an idea I've had of putting together a task force of spirit walkers, people with their own unique spiritual ability to compile information, conduct group investigations for others and themselves within the community, remote view secret locations, and learn things we couldn't otherwise or can't confirm without another perspective. If you would like to be part of this idea, preview our group site here.

Finally, I am adding a new page compiling recommended/favorite posts for readers.

Thank you for reading and maintaining open minds!

Jun 13, 2014

Supernatural Encounters

 Summary: Encounter with a Christian God, clairaudience, diamond-shaped UFO imitating stars, and orbs; Working as agent for an ill lord, depiction of good and evil vying for superiority, uncovering a doublecross by the lord's adviser, holographic technology, remote suggestion to human agents, turtle race to determine superiority,

The night prior to this dream set, I sat alone in my car staring in calm wonder at the swirling color changes of the Acappella star in the sky, the same one that some months prior I had finally looked at through a telescope, decided in ecstatic bliss that it wasn't just a star, and then witnessed a beautiful, slow comet trail across my line of sight. It was as if something was celebrating and saying "Good Job, you found us!" I imagined a ship's crew cheering in relief and joy before settling back into their duties. We all breathed relief, and knew it was only the beginning of this journey. 

As I stared at that star, I sent a prayer to Lord Ashtar (whom I learned about from a channel I followed, but don't anymore). I said I was ready to expand my awareness, to receive whatever I was missing or resisting. I declared my submission to the wisdom of the Galactics. My prayer was answered in abundance. 
What follows is one of my most significant dreams from two years ago, for the first time in its entirety. This is a two part dream series containing multiple scenes, all from the same night of dreaming.

Jun 12, 2014

Reptilians Revisited

Recommended reading Item 2 in Investigations Page as back story and for links to posts about the individual creatures listed below.

Looking back through my encounters with reptiles (lizard, dinosaur/Thunderbird, turtle, eggs, frogs, dragons, snakes), I'm wondering why I have lost contact with the spirits of those races. They were trying to tell me something and I let fear overwhelm the message. Alien research emphasizes the deceptiveness, manipulation, and tyrannical nature of ONE or two Reptilian races. Dreams read averages though. I was only getting two out of a dozen reptilian featured dreams with the brutal nature ET Reptilians are recognized for. Each time they were Dragons. Even then, however, I've had cooperative relationships with a dragon, perhaps from a different group or race. I should not have been presumptuous and discriminatory.

Fuck mainstream understanding. I wish to re-establish contact with these species. If I reconsider the messages of those old dreams, they were very clearly not showing me reptilians (the ones contacting me anyway) as malevolent or predatory, though I am aware there are those. They are always in a position of BEING manipulated, exploited, misunderstood, or tracked and killed out of fear. I'm developing a sympathy for reptiles as a result of these dreams. My son (3 years) has developed a strange fascination with the Komodo Dragon after it was featured on Curious George. He wanted to watch every youtube video available about Komodo Dragons. Odd, considering his unusual nightmares about dinosaurs that are also somehow friendly (according to him). Freaked me out nonetheless, considering the research I do.

I used to recognize that the reptiles and amphibians I was seeing were not the same malevolent species many other people have encountered, as indicated in this post, where I identify different consciousness' I have directed my prayers and questions to, including "the benevolent or lost Reptilians (in the forms of a turtle, a lizard, a dragon, a prehistoric fossilized 'Thunderbird' all in separate dreams...) calling to me."

The Reptilian dilemma of distinction is multi-layered because of the number of races and personality types represented. There are reptilians that prey on sexual energy, there are reptilians that consume flesh, there are reptilians that abstain from feeding to the point of starvation, some can camouflage their appearance, some are shy, others wish to be close to us, others still are exploited. Two races had overpopulation problems.

We must be careful how quick we are to respond with fear.

Another concern I keep hearing is if Reptilians are masters of deception, how can we know if we are being deceived? Think about what state of mind that concern creates:  fear, doubt, anxiety. You play into their hands to be even more under their control if you allow those emotions to rule you. It invites them to feed on you. Develop a spiritual support network, have archetypes and spirits and entities you can call upon to have your back. Recognize that truth is transparent if you believe it to be stronger. You will begin to see the double images overlapping one another, the facade and the hidden truth. The truth is about faith and knowing with your sixth sense. Faith and relationship with truth will attract it to you. You will see it even when you are not trying. Truth is not fear, because fear creates doubt and anxiety. Now here's the thing, anything you can imagine is technically true. Here in lies the power. If everything, any side of a coin, is true, you need only to focus onto the truth you wish. The spirit world is shaped by consciousness. When you believe you have the power to see through a deception, that reality is strengthened in the spirit realm. If you are being visited by a predatory race, realize that every fraction of knowledge you learn about that being is working against him. Pursue truth at every opportunity. Manipulate him to learn more about him. Arm yourself with knowledge. It will bring you confidence. The way it handles you, the emotions or lack of emotions it broadcasts, its facelessness, are all clues. Use them against it. It hides itself because its ugly, or its afraid to reveal anything about itself to you. Ignorance and masks are its power. What is a master of disguises weaknesses? For his true face to be seen, for his disguise to fail, for his deception to have no effect. Override his control. Love him. Hug him. Be so angry at him you no longer feel fear, and no longer hear his threats or respond to his mocking tone. Whatever will work.

The reptilians you have to watch out for are serpentine shapeshifters. However, if my vision of the three levels of serpent temperaments is true, one serpent group is aggressive, quick to attack, predatory for the sake of sinking its teeth in something. Its after the kill and the thrill. The second is shy and prone to lash out from fear if taunted. This kind of snake is best left alone or observed from a distance, so it doesn't know you're there. The third is friendly to the point of being annoying. It wants so desperately to curl up with you like a baby kitten and enjoy your company and warmth. If it is carnivorous, it will not feed on something like you, it will stick to alternatives like mice. With this one, set boundaries, but show it welcome. It has a cool temperament and needy nature.

Not all are sadists. Observe first before letting fear rule you. Caution is sensible, fear is surrender. You can't fight a first tier serpent with fear governing your actions. It is empowered by your fear, and will be attracted to you more deeply if you have no discipline over it. Channel it, let it fuel a hot rage, observe and take notes, empathize, feel sorry for it, tease its disturbing nature. Be kind first to yourself. Identify to yourself that you are afraid and ask yourself why. Move through that thought process, let it take you on a natural course of data gathering and self-awareness.

Jun 5, 2014

Red Grid Marks Phenomenon Case Report #4: Jessie

Jessie, 30, works as a Civil Security Guard for the Bukidnon Provincial Governor in Mindanao, Philippines. During the night shift (12pm - 8am), the guard on duty rests in the bunk house on site. One night in early April of this year (2014), Jessie had a disturbing experience. Two pale hands grabbed his feet where he slept on the bed. He felt a dragging sensation and struggled. He awoke kicking the wall at the end of the bed. He hadn't been moved, and nothing appeared to be out of order. He wrote it off as a dream.

The following morning, when he returned home, his wife pointed out a strange mark on his arm. A diamond or honey-cone shaped series of subdermal dots in a grid pattern marked his right upper arm between his bicep and deltoid muscles. No burning, itching, or ache signaled its presence. The dots were not raised nor indented, though the edges of the dots on the outermost sides seemed faded.

Moving Past Fear: Jordon's Evolution

His curiosity and confidence about his astral abilities become his defense.

The Desperation and Fear Stage

Skype interview, March 27, Jordon discusses his frustration with the evil presence who answers every time he called for help. He felt he was being fed upon. The energy of being controlled, fighting to no avail gives it a sick pleasure. He feels enslaved. He asks for answers with no avail.

Jenn: "What would you want the answers to be? What do you want to know?"

Jordon: "I want to see it come out of the shadows," to be more upfront.

Jenn: "You're probably already familiar with this idea, but in therapy a counselor would try to encourage a patient to adjust their approach toward something they CAN control. You can't control another person, you can't make another person do something they don't want to. That is obvious in this case. What can YOU do to help yourself?"

Jordon: "Figure out how to get more skilled in my OBEs. I felt empowered by the random OBEs. Never more free and safe. In fact, I don't necessarily want it all to stop, because its so supernatural, it makes me feel special."

Jenn: "Perhaps it also carries the potential to discover something amazing, such as initiating OBEs anytime you wish."

Back in Feb., Jordon's troubles, spanning most of his life, are summarized in one dream on the 20th: He talks to Whitley Streiber (author of the first book on a personal abduction experience) about being abducted. Jordon felt victimized and started crying. Shortly after, he felt levitated and probed. He felt helpless, with nothing at his disposal to save himself. Sometimes, his attacks are sudden, giving him no chance to react. "I had been doing some mental exercises earlier trying to get ready for an OBE and I had asked for assistance from friendlies.... I have some anger about feeling unprotected. I had no protection as a child from this force and now my progress has been painfully slow.  I guess I do need to meditate on creating or summoning someone. My immediate reaction growing up and what I even occasionally reverted to as an adult was to say the name of Jesus because supposedly that's what makes demons go away. I'm pretty sure that didn't work too well.

"This morning I actually broke down crying about all this and a few other things. When I was young there were times when I was up high above my bed being rotated around and it felt like I was being played with in a malevolent way. That's a big experience for a small child. I think I've had to realize how much it's actually bothered me and what an impact it's had on my life." (March 25-28th, 2014, Email)

Jun 2, 2014

My Infiltration Strengths and Weaknesses

Brief Dream recall, May 31st/June 1st 2014

I'm evading an MIB/Gargoyle-like pursuant atop a tower or castle. We are already hundreds of feet high. Darkness everywhere. I'm trying to get past him to the elevator that will take me to his boss. I hop about on the roofs of windows, and balconies. The available footing is slick stone work, angled, and limited, requiring a tremendous amount of courage and trust in my ability to move away from the grasp of my pursuer. He is quick. I will have to trick him in order to get to the elevator. I'm surprised by my acrobatics, driven by determination. I explain to the minor boss who guards the elevator why I need access, I must discuss a matter of great importance with the master. He doesn't care. His job is to keep uninvited guests out.

I dodge him in a series of quick jumps, hoping to confuse him before swinging myself into the elevator as the door is about to closed. Unfortunately he matches my skill and stops it from closing the very next split second I get into it. My plan is foiled. He will toss me to my death if he does not simply send me away for good. Either way, my effort was for naught. I begin to awake.

Next stage of my training? Brings up a good point. Why am I trying to force my way relying on agility or skill of cleverness. What always worked for me before? I gained access to ruling power by being a desirable companion. That is what I want to to do anyway, that holds all my skills. I keep thinking I need to gain access by what? Effort, pushiness, insistence about my idea and vision for change? Why, when I already have all I need. Is it wrong that I enjoy being a covert companion? What is that anyway? Someone who gets close to a dangerous target to retrieve secret information. That's dangerous in reality! And terrifying. Thing is, its not pretend. If I try to make it pretense, I don't believe myself and then have no idea what to do. Whereas if I perform as who I am, knowing I am a companion (job and personality) in heart and soul, then I do what I do naturally without second guessing.

Hoarding Supply Post-Disaster

June 1st/2nd 2014 Dream

Five of us, on a boat in the ocean, stranded. We've lost contact with the mainland, the coast guard. Is there any land? There had been a serious flooding. Our boat is overturning. We can't find one of our mates. Men and women. Below deck, I find a crewmate and help him regain consciousness. My breathing becomes labored. I can't breathe, why can't I breathe. I struggle to, but every breath is shallow with little oxygen content. Pulling in deeper only constricts my airway more. I tell the crew that has now joined us down below that I can't breathe. I'm starting to fade and I wonder if something in the air from the diaster has caused this. Will others start to show the same symptoms? Will this be what kills us, not the water? The storm outside is increasing its intensity. Waves are pouring water over the sides of the boat. Soon we will sink. Our attempts to radio our location seemed to fail. Connection was lost as we were transmitting our coordinates. The storm threw us so far away from safety...

May 29, 2014

"Introduction to Alien Races" Book Review: Connections to Eyewitness Reports, Part 1

(Originally published 5/29/14, Edited 8/18/14)

Summary: Brief explanation of book's origins; Comparisons between book's (Russian intelligence) descriptions and eyewitness report data in the US civilian sector about a few key species; Points of dispute and questions about validity of some assessments contained in species descriptions; Missing information and species; Civilian record expanded by details on well-known species with the release of this book; Blood Feeding races and connection to my parasite, reptilian, and vampire dreams. 

Recommended you open the pdf of the book itself for reference to the images of these different races.

I haven't been more excited than when I found a working link to a pdf of this book. I am most interested in relationships with and between other races and our own. This is one of my greatest curiosities.

The man responsible for bringing this book into public scrutiny is Dante Santori, who met a Ukranian man named Petro in 2004. They became friends and started visiting each other's families. Eventually they went on a road trip to Portugal to visit Petro's father, a former Ukraine Diplomat. His father asked the two to clear out a room he wanted to convert into a guest bedroom. "We found about 58 boxes full of old documents and books.... Petro started reading/translating some of them and we realized that there was a lot of interesting, intriguing and even top-secret... documents! So we asked his father if we could keep the boxes for ourselves... he agreed..." (pg 5). Petro and Dante sorted through the material for weeks, until they came across a book originally dated 1951. "We called his father later that year and asked him about the book... and he filled in the missing information.... He said that he had received the book years before from one of his life-long diplomat friends and had been updating the book until recently [Dante made the book available in pdf format through Senior Editor Gordon Duff of Veteran's Today in 2013] with information that friends of his sent him, or when they would get together to talk about "old times" (pg 6).

Originally a briefing booklet for Russian agents, this book was meant to be added to and scribbled in by agents in their field work. The man who came into possession of it felt it to be important information that should be freely available, and so has provided it online first in video form, then as an electronic copy.

May 19, 2014

Programmed Desires

Topics: Cloaking technology; desires of the flesh; the Joker's representative species; exploring connection with others via physical contact and spirit; hybridization (nature is the laboratory).

Night of May 19 2014

I saw the Joker again, though I can't recall the context, only that my dream self wondered if he would appear, like I sensed his presence was relevant to what I was seeing. Lo and behold, he did, but I had to sift through other persons before he was in my line of sight. And I was still surprised to see him. Why was he here in this dream?

My question before bed was this: "Does the cloaking technology reduce the solidity of the object or simply camoflauge it?" In other words, if it were before me, and I reached out to its space, would my hand hit an invisible solid (like running into a glass door), or go through air with only perhaps a strange field in the area (unexplained anxiety, heat, tingling, cold)? Does the technology affect the molecular structure of the object its applied to? Or is it a matter of dimensional shifting? Different species mean different technologies, so I feel the need to clarify which. My answer: Any and all! But I suppose my true question is this:  "Are alien beings monitoring me at a close proximity?" Targeted radio waves, consciousness, telepathy. There are any number of possibilities for distant monitoring. I want to know how close they get. Close enough to touch? What reason would they have to come close though? How can I entice a close encounter with a guiding alien? (Specificity is highly important, as I've mentioned before.)

No answer came to me so far as I could tell. But perhaps it will become clearer.

I dreamed about having sex in my friend's parent's house. This house was large, full of collectibles, and was home to many friends of my friend, though not my friends. I took joy in defacing the room with a stranger's cum. As well, I felt shame, trying to be considerate despite my blatant disregard for their opinions. I felt slave to this need to contradict how they saw me, and their disapproval of sexual expression.

May 13, 2014

Welcoming a New Investigative Agent!

Prompted by a string of comments by people with their own Red Grid Marks, I have decided to bring aboard a partner to help me handle the caseload. Previously known as 'Michael' from my first case, Jordon has followed my work and become a valuable asset in dream experiments. Together, we are exploring the capabilities of spirit communication via dream signaling, contact, calling, and downloading (where we receive information about the other person). We've managed to transmit and receive cold calls from each other. Jordon will meditate on wanting to contact me before going to sleep, then check a day or two later if I received anything. I will channel information for him about his personal life, and report my readings.

Jordon came to me originally about the red grid that appeared on his back. He ended up trusting me with a secret that plagued his nights. A malevolent presence would invade his psychological space to rape, abuse, and absorb the energy of him feeling a lack of control. After a thorough background and history, and failed attempts to fight the presence, Jordon found success in unleashing his doubt to the possibility of astral flight. He found himself escaping the control of this being by conquering his fear and learning to levitate of his own accord.

We worked to generate a faith in something safe and loving that could aid him. His personal work was paying off. On one occasion where he again rose himself away from the beings imminent presence, Jordon saw the sky open up above him as if he had opened the map to the universe. A star shined and he believed it was my light standing out (April 20th, 2014 Dream; Interview April 24th).

Now, I have invited him to join me by following up on cases with me as an investigator. This is his coming out to embrace a mission we believe he could play a significant role for approaching changes in.

Welcome to the Team, Jordon!

Apr 17, 2014

The Unveiling

 "'...They use tornadoes to clean.' In that moment I recognized this was not some random act of nature, this was a deliberate effort by a living force with technology sophisticated and grand enough to induce a storm on an area that has never before been witnessed in human history." 
 -From Act 2 about launched tornadoes to cleanse an area

Foreward: A dream I've been waiting for. Nothing could have prepared me for the strangeness of some of the details. It compiled multiple topics of consideration I've meditated on for going on a year now.

Dream 4/17/14: First scene I remember is walking in a busy city with a few family members. Most people are walking about their daily tasks, but something is different. There's a change in the air of potentially global proportions, certainly something that affects our city and surrounding cities. Anomalies in the sky, in the clouds, sudden discolorations and movements that should not be there. Does anyone else see these oddities?

I pause from my group to stare hard at a section of the sky where symmetrical lines and circles outline what could be a large alien ship. The harder I concentrate, the more it takes shape until it completely becomes clear as though uncloaked at being caught. But the size I anticipated did not come close to its actual size. The mother ship filled half my line of sight in the sky. Massive. I turn quickly to my family. "Do you see that? Something is going on!"

Apr 15, 2014

The Space for Evil is White

I always feel the need to reiterate that for every dream or experience I post about, there are at least (nowadays) five others I do not. So only when the dream stands out and bothers my waking experience do I transcribe it to get it out of my head and into the world. Typically that is when it lingers in my mind with nudging urgency as if to say, "I should be told." Most of my dreams nowadays center on my efforts to begin a polyamorous lifestyle, showing me perspectives from those parties and families involved, and sorting out my concerns with new ideas and approaches. When a topic is able to rip through all that interference, it must be significant.

In this daytime dream from March 26th, 2014, catching a few zz's while my son slept, I dreamed I walked into the lair of a particular group of evil. It's a large space with low ceilings, previously a warehouse floor. It's white, everything is white, but the brightness is variable between inner spaces. One standing group will have a shadowy brightness, while another just a few feet to their right in the center of the room is lit with natural lighting.

I walk into this surprisingly white building with my dog on leash. Cartoonish white ice cream trucks are facing away from me, side by side against the back wall in anticipation of something to happen. Some scheme they had been planning for a long time was finally going to be hatched and they wanted front seats for the show. Their butts practically stuck up in the air above them with how intensely they watched crammed together at what looked to be me to be a solid wall. I couldn't figure out what they were looking at. The wall must have been transparent to them. My sense was they were watching unsuspecting humans going about their physical lives until they suddenly fell ill. I saw faceless people walking casually, and suddenly hold their stomachs and collapse to the ground. Some died, some were seriously ill. The animated trucks were peering into the physical world. They belonged to some fast food corporation.

Apr 7, 2014

Do Dreams Read and Retain Electrical Energy?

The brain may be able to tap into encountered electrical field. 

I've been fixing my car the last few weeks. The tail lights were out, the dashboard dials and lighting
stopped working, the airbag signal beeps incessantly once I close the door, and the starter began having trouble. Though the forums said replacing battery cables is an easy task, it was painstaking for me. I saved a bunch of money doing it my route, but still it was a long process to hoist the car and change the positive cables on the starter. Car manufacturers did not make my model to be friendly for a mechanic. Tubes and cables overlap each other so much so in this crammed space. Replacing anything in there is a hassle.

According to some forum posts, my model has a common issue of wires being cut or broken in the hatch assembly where the hatchback door opens. The wiring for the taillights, back wiper, license lights, etc. run together in a clump at the crease of the door. Sure enough, one of the wires was cut through, and a bunch others were exposed and rubbing. I patched those with electrical tape and connected some extra wire to the cut one so it would touch, then wrapped it tight (didn't have the right cinching/crimping tools).

I couldn't get back to fixing my car for a week, and during that time the windows were down, and the battery unhooked and a few of my new cable parts were laying under the hoisted car. I was nervous someone would steal something, so I made sure nothing expensive or important was in the car, and hid the old cables under the car (didn't care about those much). Thought I was as careful as I could be given the circumstance of my schedule and the condition of my car, but I still worried. I set up a protective shield on my car with my imagination, asking that anyone who walks by will be oblivious to its windows being down, and assume because its raised that its broken and not worth stealing anything from.

When I got down to work on the car again at the end of the week, the most important cable I needed was missing. I searched all the bags and took kits, inside the tarp laid down under the car, in the seats of both my car and my partner's. Nowhere. Dammitdammitdammit. Did someone take the one cable I can't easily replace? It connects from the starter to a plug near the battery, and that plug end means buying the specialty part. I'm sure its not expensive, the annoyance would be that fixing the car would again be delayed, my day meant to spend on it would be scrapped, and my trip in three days would be in jeopardy. I double and triple checked bags and the gravel driveway around the car. As I looked, I tried to channel, asking my guide and any knowing energies around where it would. "Did someone really steal the one hard to replace cable?" I couldn't tell at first if the anxiety I felt in response was a confirming answer or a No, as my channeling typically would work. The situation was becoming hopeless, so I surrendered. Where is it? And I listed each possibility I could thing of and listened for the response. I kept being directed back to the car. In the engine somehow? Why would it be there? Did I throw it in there when I closed up the car last time? That doesn't make sense, but I'll look. I scanned under the hood, not sure what I was looking for, expecting to find a strewn out cable, though I know I didn't do that, that would have been so reckless of me. I spot a plug that looks unattached. Wait. Is that it? I grab it. Indeed its unattached. Its the plug end I was looking for hanging out from where it disappears deeper into the car behind parts and hoses. OH! Right, it attaches to the starter and I added it when I connected the new battery cable down there. I had forgot. It was ready and waiting for me to just connect it to the socket laying near it. Wow, how did I forget that? I connected it and took a moment to thank whatever energy helped me find and remember that. Maybe spirits really do have an easy time locating electrical things, as my interviewee explained about his phantom who helps him find only missing electronics around his house.

Unfortunately, despite all my effort, my car is still not fixed. The tail lights and dashboard lights do work now, probably from me fixing that broken wire. But the dials and turn signals don't. A friend who helped me yesterday with the battery cables wants to replace the end of the pos. cable that connects to the fuse box as one final idea. That may help the flow of voltage. I'm back to the drawing board otherwise.

Last night I dreamed I was working on my car and I was back at the hatch assembly where I fixed the cut wire. I moved the clump of wires around and found two more clearly split wires, a black one and a striped colored one. Oh, what a relief and surprise! I thought. It was just there was two that were still inhibiting the flow.

That was all of that scene. Waking up today, I have great doubt that that is true, but I will check. Before I do, I am investigating why the airbag light is the only thing in the dash freaking out. I will return with an update after I see an auto electrician today about the problem.

UPDATE: Turns out all the patchwork I did solved the original problem. The unrelated problem that arose later was the result of my partner messing with the fuse box (though I assured him I already checked the fuses). The instrument cluster fuse was missing altogether. He must have returned the fuse to the wrong hole. Only after my partner played around (though I already checked the fuses), did the dash lights and signal lights stop working. I had wondered about that coincidence, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and figured the original problem had expanded to affect my instruments as well.

Anyway, this is why dreaming is so confusing. The dream showed two wires cut in half impeding the flow of energy through to the other side. It indicated a hole in the flow. But instead of showing me exactly where the flow was impeded, it showed me the most recent example of the same problem. Maybe I'm reaching, I don't know. Perhaps there still is a wiring problem in that cluster that isn't a problem right now but will be soon that I don't know about. Something else doesn't make sense. Why was there two wires shown instead of one if all that needed replacing was one fuse? Rewiring the one I did solved the tail light problem, along with replacing the cables to the battery. Things are smoother, but I specifically recall feeling ... Wait. I have a hunch. I taped many wires in that cluster. I was shown a black and a striped green colored one in the dream. Well, the green one was the one I had to rewire, but I also taped a black one (among others). The dream could have been showing me that my patchwork taping of those two wires DID solve the original problem I was asking about. Specifics, specifics. Dreams, more often than not, tell me where I've been with increased clarity and truth than I can recognize when awake.

Well, my car is finally fixed! With a little help from some friends, physical and non-physical. Thank you!