Sep 3, 2014

Ways of Thought and Reptile Zoo

Summary: Theorums on the form which the content of dreams take based on how you thought of the topic in question; Reptile zoo and Gila monster hitch-hiker; Consignment store in familiar town and a terrorizing force; Playing pretend who is the terrorizing force we have to lock the greenhouse windows from getting in.

Night of Sept. 8th/9th 2014

Been awhile since I had a Reptile channeling dream. It starts just outside an elevator. Someone tells me there is an Arboretum...

[Analysis note: Huh, guess that is a word. I typed it exactly as it was said in the dream, figured though that it was supposed to be Arboreum, which my spell-checker is telling me is wrong. Interesting. I sincerely believed that the second spelling was the correct pronunciation. How did my dream transmit something outside my currently accepted belief? My dream self just continued with the pronunciation as it was heard from the disembodied voice in the dream. This helps verify my theorum: dreams have the ability to clarify ideas the host experiencer is incorrect on IF AND ONLY IF the experiencer has been in a place to casually accept the incorrect notion without worry or suspicion. Somehow, when I ruminate about figuring out the truth or expect a clarification, I never get such a clear answer. In the cases where a truth is granted very clearly, I often wasn't even thinking about the inaccuracy of the topic being clarified. It is something I glossed over during a natural flow of thought.

There are a few kinds of thought: 1) that of a determined effort, usually for analysis, willfully driven; 2) moves on its own accord, but as a product of worry;
3) free-flowing, unhindered by judgment, or better known as 'daydreaming'

All three can create dialogue with the dreamscape, however, #3 creates random, unexpected, precise, and simple answers. This is the relationship I strive for with my dreaming because its such a relief from the resulting form of content the first two produce. #1 is typically what I do. Now a combination of #1 and #3 is what most miraculous solutions stem from. Artists, mathematicians, and such gain their inspiration from this combination. It is a beautiful representation of balance between the effort of the self and of the universe, I think. I call it "Meeting the universe half-way."

#2 can also produce very clear answers, but in a more complex form because of the emotional charge and complexity of the issue causing the host the distress in the first place. These answers are rarely simple in their framing, because they may not have simple answers. It may also be that these answers are not easily accessible in the realm of consciousness because not many people know it, and so its path of firm truth (relative) has not been paved yet. There is no consensus, in other words, on this issue as it is being presented by the person.

The resulting dream responses may be reflecting the form of the question in its answer, but there is still no doubt in my mind that there is indeed a dialogue happening with character derivations from the realm of universal consciousness, allowing us to know things in dreams we do not hold in our conscious, and arguably even our unconscious minds.]

... I get in the elevator, wrestling with my son about which button to press. I find the one with a little green tree next to it and hope that's the right one. I tell him to press that one after trying to hold him back from pressing a bunch of random ones. The building this elevator houses is tall, fifty stories or more, and it reaches areas of the building that would have required it to go sideways. The walls are transparent in many places, not glass, transparent solids usually opaque.

We arrive at a wide hall that opens up into a small lobby where the doors to a gymnasium are propped open. People are walking in and out, and I can hear some event going on in the gym that draws people in there. We take the set of door to its right.

We walk into a multi-story section dedicated to kid play. The bottom floor is a reptile exhibit like a pet store with tanks and cages of different exotic reptiles. Immediately when I walked in, a lizard with brownish, wet skin attaches to my leg and remains there throughout my introduction to the place. I refer to it as a Gila Monster. [Note: I had no idea what a gila monster is, nor had that lizard type been in my recent memory. But after doing research, somehow I am again guided to the Southwestern deserts, as I was with my previous reptile channelings. I have only been to Arizona once, passing through for a family reunion in Texas, and the same for Nevada and New Mexico.]

Gila monster from the Tuscon Mountains in Arizona, is a venomous lizard native to the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico region.

I look in at some of the creatures. There were far more in open-topped water environment aquariums than I would have imagined. For many, being submerged was part of their natural habitat. The water looked murky and gross, like swamp, not ocean or mountain lake. I'm not familiar with swamps or dangerous river life. 

The gila monster attached to my leg changed temperament suddenly and bit lightly on my leg like it was hungry. I felt the sudden shift in its state of mind. Up until that point I tolerated its presence because it didn't seem to want to hurt me, it had some other strange reason for being attached to me. I sincerely couldn't determine what that reason was though. I pried the gila monster off my leg and held it out in front of me. It was hungry, obviously. I had carried it around for a while, I thought. But what does it eat? 

I looked around at the other tanks and couldn't find one of its kind. One of the caged creatures ate little fish, but the fish were small pirahnas, and one had clamped itself onto the creature's tail. It must have been there for sometime. The creature had stopped trying to get it off. I leaned the gila monster inside to bite the fish off and help this other creature. The gila did bite, but it took off a large portion of the creature's tail as well, more than it needed to. 

I pulled the gila back in disapproval, and examined the tail sticking out of its mouth. A store/exhibit worker approached me and asked if I needed any help, not noticing my problem until I showed her. "This lizard has been attached to my leg. I tried to feed it this fish and it took the tail off this other lizard." I felt sincerely awful for the lizard whose stub exposed the meat and bone of its inner tail. I pinch hold of the tail in the gila's mouth and pull it out. The tail comes out with a fish skeleton embedded in its end. At least the gila didn't consume the tail meat as well. But I didn't think the broken tail could be reattached. I had the sense it would grow back in time. 

That fish wasn't going to be enough, considering its hunger made it take a large chunk out of another lizard. How else can I get it more fish? I looked into one of the muddy water tanks where an eel like creature slithered around with many little leech-looking fish. Maybe I could give it the eel's fish? I worried by putting it in the tank the two lizards would hurt each other, or the eel would be territorial over its water and fish if I tried to retrieve it myself. 

My son asked me to play in the next level up with the other daycare kids. He wanted to climb and jump up there. I barely agreed before he ran off to join the kids on the upper level, accessed by means of a ladder. 

Scene change: I'm walking down a street my dream self feels I haven't been in some years. New stores and construction have turned what used to be a vacant area into a centralized hub for shopping and food. I enter a clothing store and talk to a female worker there who says they've been there for sometime. The time frame of my memory and their construction doesn't fit, so I figure I just remember it wrong. 

There's a fear in the air of this little hub. Someone has been terrorizing the the people. They 
I remember ducking in here to escape detection, but I also wanted to see what they had here. I looked at old Disney movies, and tried to find them on DVD [I do actually want to find these]. Originally I was looking at costumes or unique memorabilia. I want to say I was looking for alien-related convention items, dummies, masks, etc. 

The store goes on lock down. No one is allowed to leave and we are encouraged to keep shopping and take our time. If the situation becomes more immediate, they will inform us. 

I do not stand idly by, I inquire what's going on and proceed to help lock down the facility. 
The facility changes into an empty warehouse made of windows more than anything else. It's night and I am competing with my gal friend to lock the most number of windows, then to try to lock each other out. We somehow made a game out of a rather dire approaching situation. My fear did reach a climax where I sincerely believed I had to lock my friend out of the warehouse. Jim was there helping to turn the ridiculous number of locks on the windows. He was losing track of what sections we had locked and was going back through sections we had locked and was unlocking them. 

Somehow, during our game, my friend had tricked me into going outside to resituate the locks, and while I was out there she completed the process and locked me out. I was upset they would continue to pretend I was the monster when the actual one was really coming. I wandered away from them down a path and looked back to see the location more clearly. The glass warehouse looked like a sophisticated greenhouse. It sat on a small hill surrounded by clean cut grass and paved paths like a campus. Area lights lit up the paths for night-time pedestrians. 

I believe I returned to a car in the parking lot nearby and then woke up while I was speaking to someone in the car as a passenger about how betrayed I felt. [Note to self: parking lots in my dreams tend to be where I return to the waking realm from.]

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