Feb 6, 2015

RGMP Case Report #9: Elaina

Elaina, 27, came across as a thoughtful, artistic soul when I interviewed her last Thursday, January 29th (2015). She works as a waitress, previously a bartender, in order "pay for my art." Her most recent project is painting a mural for a local festival in her town in Missouri. Given her arts degree,its no surprise she tries to pursue something she's obviously passionate about. Animals, plants, and women typically appear in her work, with her latest inspired attempts focused on conveying spirituality.

As I look over my notes, I can't help but feel a kinship with her. Same age, same affinities and interests. She came across as down-to-earth, relatable, and kind, with a curiosity and sense of wonder similar to my own. She also happens to be a vivid dreamer with stories of UFO's, aliens, underground cities, and an all too familiar dark-haired tall spirit guide.

Elaina credits her open-mindedness and spiritual nature in part to her mother, who raised her to know a freedom of mind and spirit enough to visit a psychic friend on an off-day for clues and confirmation to questions that plague her thoughts, or absorb reiki teachings and esoteric practices for healing and guidance. She grew up around sensitives, valuing the empathy and connection to all things they exhibited. Perhaps it was this upbringing that allowed Elaina to develop the abilities of the vivid dreamer. Perhaps it only nurtured what was already there. Either way, she houses a rich dream life. But never before had a dream coincided with a physical manifestation of the kind she found in August 2014.

 Grid mark found on Elaina's lower left shoulder toward the spine. Photo taken August 27th 2014, the night after she believes it appeared.

While working her shift as a bartender around 8 or 9pm on the night of August 27th, a friend called her attention to the 3x3 inch diamond-shaped grid mark sticking out above her tank top line, just below her left shoulder. She had her friend snap a picture (above), and then again the following morning (below).

Photos taken the morning after she became aware of the mark, August 28th, 2015. 
Significant fading has already transpired.

At this point, an entire day and night had passed since when she suspects the mark originally appeared. She believes it happened over night while she slept between August 26 and 27th.

"It was interesting, and strange. I had never heard about it before. The design was geometric, like you find in nature. I knew it was natural. Definitely more than just a rash."

By the time Elaina noticed it was there, the edges of the mark were already faded --if they had been bolder at any other point-- and they disappeared completely after five days. She's not sure what the original definition of the outer dots were, but it the dots along the NW edge and toward the middle are bolder than anywhere else in the grid.

The rows seem to elongate downward and around the curvature of her back muscle into the trench of the spine. This could suggest an external affect applied at an angle down her back.


I tried to get a sense of her physical health and sleeping habits. She's in good health, takes no medications besides birth control, hasn't been sick in years, eats right, exercises. She prefers sleeping on her back or stomach, rarely on her side.

When I asked her if she recalled any dreams or unusual happenings around the time the mark appeared, she presented an astounding tale of being in a round spacecraft with four other humans leaving Earth. From the craft, she could see the planet diminishing in the distance. Then, it hit her "I'm in space, right now!" She then strung together a series of events and feelings that compelled me to chime in. She mentioned being afraid and the presence of aliens so quickly together I stopped her to clarify which feelings were associated with what, otherwise the tale takes a very different tone.

JENNY: "What were you afraid of?"

ELAINA: "I was scared about being in space. What if I die out here, what happens to my soul?"

JENNY: "Your fear was due to the realization of being in space, not from the--?"

ELAINA: "Yes."

In spite of her excitement, the fact she was in space also scared her. This was an understandable reaction for someone who unwittingly found herself traveling in a tin can in the vacuum of space pulling farther and farther away from where she called home.

JENNY: "What was your sense about the aliens, then? How were they toward you?"

ELAINA: "Comforting. They were excited for us." 

JENNY: "Where were they? In the room with you?"

ELAINA: "They weren't there physically."
She struggled to define where she felt their presence to be.

JENNY: "Above the craft? In another floor up? In the air above you?"
I listed possibilities to help her define it better based on her description of them being "invisible, above us."

Finally she landed on "hovering in the air above them."

They arrived at Saturn before her memory ends. She doesn't recall seeing any other planets, just straight to Saturn.

Close-up of Saturn's rings from Voyager spacecraft. Source: https://lightsinthedark.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/research-reveals-rain-shadows-from-saturns-rings/

Two possibilities came to mind for her as to why Saturn of all the other planets and astronomical bodies she could go. 1) She's aware the moons of Saturn have often been considered potential life-supporting bodies; 2) She wanted to see the rings.

JENNY: "And how were they? What were they like?"

ELAINA: "As breathtaking as I could have imagined. Golden colors..."

She wasn't sure the relationship between her dream and the appearance of the marks, but felt it was the most powerful one she'd had in recent years. What also made that night unusual was she slept straight through it without waking to turn or adjust. "Usually I wake up at least once." Her sleep that night was deep, and restful.

I eventually asked her the obvious question, "Do you have any guesses or intuitions as to what caused your mark?" I had to reassure her shyness that I'd probably heard whatever she was about to say already. She explained when she first became aware of it she joked that "Maybe I was abducted."

She does believe ETs exist, perhaps in another dimension, but she doesn't think about them very often. The few dreams she does receive where ET are featured seemed significant at the time, but then fell off her radar.

UFO dreams are far more prevalent for her, often with the theme of making themselves known to the general population. The only other specific ET dream she could recall off the top of her head was about a boy who knew ETs were coming to Earth. He had acquired some artifact or paper that said so. He tried to hide the item, but was exposed. A nest of beings in underwater Atlantis captured him. They formed a ritualistic circle around him with their bodies. They didn't want their presence revealed.

"If ETs made people aware of them, I think it would be a positive thing."

As for the mark, it surprised her more than anything else. Its geometric pattern looked like something you'd find in nature. There was no pain or discomfort associated with it, and no feeling of fear toward its creation. If someone or some being were in some way responsible for it, she had a relaxed, largely curious, and overall positive sense about their intentions. She wasn't looking at it as something done deliberately to take something from her, she saw it as a natural phenomenon.

"I felt special that it happened to me, because I had never heard of it happening to anyone else before."

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  1. I had the same marks this morning and I am confused with the marks and your post.

    1. Victor, I recommend reading about the RGMP from the archive list on our Investigation's page, and checking out our Dossier on the subject. It is available on the right hand column of this site.

    2. I had same case a few days ago I even drew the pattern on a piece of paper when I woke up not to forget that...what are these ?

  2. I also woke up with these same marks on my back this morning. Kind of freaks me out

    1. me too ! the pattern was perfectly symmetrical and precise and I drew it on a piece of paper to not forget that

    2. and it was on my right arm

    3. do you have any instagram accounts or facebook ? I guess that would be better way for us to share our experiences

    4. That's a good idea, Parsa. I will look into that.

  3. I have had the same Mark's before after I woke up to get to school I did not hurt or anything this was probably some time in March 2018 I was scared at what it was mine was on top of my shoulder in more of a square pattern i went to the nurse and they it couldn't be a rash because it's to formational

  4. I have Mark's pretty much the same. Dehydration maybe? Or from some type of disease or skin condition?