Apr 26, 2015

Shared Dream Guides

Retrieved from Metapicture.com, a random find for my research.

In case report #9, Elaina described to me a recurring character in her dream world that did not match any known person or fiction from her waking awareness. She described a male, tall, black hair, who seemed to be emphasizing a particular idea to her subconscious, that unless she conquers her fear and becomes active in her curiosities and inklings of other consciousness and life around her and involved in her development or affairs, her guide is working with (trying to dance with) little more than a limp puppet. It was an incredible metaphor she dreamed. She explained that this being has been visiting her dreams since her mid-teens, and has typically been too afraid of him to approach him or explore his identity. 

The parallels to my own lifetime imaginary friend and dream guide stirred me into a cold sweat. I couldn't believe this woman a world away shared such a similar personal reality to me. We tried our best to understand what it meant, but even now I am stumped. Too quickly I concerned myself with questions of control and deceit. Was an advanced race manipulating young, intimate women like Elaina and I? I began to doubt the interactions I had with my dream visitor, the two or three times I have seen him featured in my dream state. 

Perhaps all my fears are valid. But I am not a fear-monger, for myself, nor anyone else. I uphold calm truth, and trust in my keen dream senses. My dream encounters are filled with information that exceeds real-life person-to-person interactions in density and clarity. I refuse to let my fear govern my actions, though I always provide it a personal space to rest in. Fear is a tool for me, not a glue. 

Then I found the post pictured above, that forced me to revisit the notion that some conscious beings can interact with humans in our dreams, like a sort of Sandman (Neil Gaiman), or Morpheus, or even Princess Luna (MLP). That they would share both appearance and personality is a fact that should not be dismissed. 

I wondered before if perhaps Elaina and I both merely attached to a similar male presence and created such a similar character. Or did I attach to a general appearance and personality that best represented a being I was somehow already aware of? Chicken or egg dilemma I suppose. In my own private thoughts, I ascribe more to the second explanation. It feels most accurate for my situation, but I can't speak for Elaina, especially since she had no external inspiration she can claim to be the fuel for her dream visitor. And her relationship with said visitor is different from mine.

We instead considered the possibility that we were each seeing a different representative of the same group or race of humanoids. Trouble is, despite all my knowledge and awareness of alien research and encounters, I know very little about a black-haired race. That still may be an oversimplification of their group anyway, since I'm quite convinced some races have a variety of hair colors or can change their hair-color even more easily than we do. In short, the hair color might not mean anything in terms of identifying whether our two beings stem from the same group. 

The few anecdotal stories I'm aware of in contact reports is abductees/guests being brought aboard a craft where their are both dark-haired and light-haired humanoids present. In one particular case, the guest human woman was re-introduced to a dark-haired male she felt a strong sense of relief and joy in seeing as though she knew him from previous lives. They hugged like two family members who had been apart for so long they doubted their own memory of whether that person was ever real or made-up. 

Whatever the answer may be to either our situations, or those patients from the top image who were visited by an advice-giving man in their dreams, I accept I don't know the answer yet. I keep my ears pointed to the heavens and my feet on the ground for any more clues that may come my way. Until then, I uphold the relationship I have with my imaginary friend to be as sacred to me as ever before. If I be misled, I will know in time. Even then, he has given me so much in this form, I would still love what he has been to me.

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