Dec 29, 2013

Alternate Realities

Having dreams featuring people in my life are fairly common, as they are for any dreamer. But then having a subsequent dream with a similar message the following night without people from my life really feels like its rephrasing the message for emphasis so I'll pay attention. Otherwise, I wasn't going to report the dream two nights ago. I meditated about another few pressing topics, and yet my dreaming had other plans. Occurrences like these really suggest to me that I'm in conversation with some other force not confined to my consciousness. When I try to prompt a dream before bed, interfacing with the invisible presence I believe to be my personal link (depicted in essence as my investigative partner in other dreams who exists omnipresently, capable of seeing the intricacies of happenings and motivations interconnected around me at once from a 'higher' vantage point) is the easiest way to sort out details and land on the right question to ask that accurately represents what I want to know. You see, the challenge of call-response dreaming is projecting the right desire to know something. It seems if I ask something not entirely accurate to what I need to know, the response will seem confusing or off-topic. In some of these instances where the dream didn't seem to relate to the topics of consideration I tried to prompt that night with, I have to assume its either because some other signal was stronger, or it is in answer to the question but as background prerequisite ideas before I can understand the true answer to my question. I have learned to accept that some truths are difficult to swallow, comprehend with our limited range of perception and experience, and even dangerous. We're still fishing around in the dark, trying to shine light to reveal the truth. Humans seek truth in a variety of ways. I'm particularly curious as to what extent dreaming is an outlet for unveiling truths. What is available in dreaming? Presumably anything, but there are barriers to overcome, obstacles both from internal sources and from other consciousnesses. And the dream scape is still a reflection of the physical realm. So information readily available to public knowledge is easy for me to channel, information protected by a small group is more difficult, but I might be able to see that a small group is hiding the information I seek or is manipulating the knowledge I seek. Most of the time though, I'm in my own way to learning things I wish to know. I have to put forth a deliberate effort in real life for that energy of investigation to code into the dreamscape.

I don't know what prompted this first dream of the two about alternate realities. Maybe it will be revealed to me as I write it out (often what happens:  the truth is in the details somehow, or by immersing in the scene where the coding lay).

Dec 19, 2013

Underwater Base

During my hiatus these last weeks, I've been contemplating how to characterize the kind of dreaming I do. Remote reviewers are not sleeping when they see, and I do not see with the same clarity when awake. I enjoy actually that I can relax, fall to sleep, and receive information and images while I'm recharging. It's like a double whammy. So, then what do I call what I do? There are aspects of channeling, there are aspects of remote viewing, and forecasting, and astral projection even. A better question really is how is it happening? I mulled over this question last night hoping once again to inspire a metaphorical response using imagery and scenario, as my dreams do. Based on some things Jim Mars said in an interview podcast with Linda Howe, I wondered if I am interacting with electromagnetic fields. Would that explain how I saw that storm that hit Spokane a couple years ago while I was camping. Something told me to take my caravan on a different route, I thought because it would be more fun than to go home to Portland the way we came (going west). Instead I turned south at the last minute, festered all night long because something had me on edge (to the point I spooked my younger sister and forced myself to hide the feeling so she would not erupt in an anxiety attack). I dreamed simply of a storm in the sky, heavy gray, rumbling clouds. I hoped to dream about my grandfather because the campground we stayed at was home of a great story my dad told me about. I never knew my grandfather so this was my greatest chance in a lifetime to catch a link to him.