Aug 19, 2015

Welcoming a New Member to the Team!

Brian's grid mark recurrence had impeccable timing. We've been needing help dealing with the workload of this investigation. As of this moment, we have more than 80 ongoing cases. That's a lot of relationships to build and manage. We received 6 new cases this last week, and they keep coming. It tells us the voracity of this phenomenon that we would be so overwhelmed with incoming emails, but it has made our process slow. We've had to prioritize and change our approach, update our system, and ask for patience.

Our two man team is now bumping up a notch to three. Brian has experience managing a similar caseload when he was a Ghost Hunter. "I was part of South Jersey Ghost Research from about 2002 to 2007 or 08. [I] probably did close to 70 or 80 investigations during that time."

"People wanted reassurance" he said to me as I introduced him to our drive. He understands the value of being replied to as soon as you send in your personal story and photos, having lost his only copy of one of his early marks when he sent it to a researcher for consideration and never heard back. We don't want our reply time to be so delayed. We want people to feel heard.

I've been on the lookout for someone with the interest, time, willingness, and experience -if possible- with our particular set-up. His marks had been absent for 19 years until this July 2015. He has investigative journalism training, has already proven his determination to help our cause, has personal experience tracking the marks, and seems excited to be part of something that, as he says, is "Right up my alley."

Brian will be helping us with new cases so that I can focus on cross-comparison data analyses, and Jordon and I both can get our heads above the water with our own caseloads.

Let's welcome Brian and the unique experience he brings to the team! We're excited to be working with him.

To read Brian's RGMP case report (#16), see Part 1: History with the RGMP, or Part 2: 2015 Recurrence.

Aug 16, 2015

RGMP Case Report #16, Part 2: Brian J. 2015 Recurrence

[Read Part 1: Brian's History with the RGMP]

Brian J.'s case report continues with the story of his July 2015 grid mark recurrence.

"There's something on your back, it looks like a pattern of dots." -Brian's wife of 4 years 
"This time I've taken digital photos as documentation."

Aug 15, 2015

RGMP Case Report #16, Part 1: Brian J.'s History with the RGMP

"Unlike some of your other experiencers, I'm actually thrilled that the marks are back, their appearance has reopened a chapter in my history. A mysterious one to be sure, but something I've been fascinated with for 30 years."

             -Brian J. on his decades of grid mark recurrences.

New Jersey - Very few of the cases we've seen have recurrences of the RGMP. Of those that do, only Brian J. can boast his 33 years of experiencing these grid marks. At age 59, retired, Brian also happens to be one of the oldest experiencers in our records. His unique lifelong history, detailed record of each recurrence, and open enthusiasm to disclose his logs has made his case a veritable goldmine of information in our investigation.

His first mark appeared in 1982 on the front of his left shoulder. Since then, a new mark appeared every year on average, until in August 1997, they stopped. It wasn't until July 2015, 19 years later, that a new set appeared and led him to my team.

Cat Channeling Series Finale

Dedicated to our RGMP Experiencer Jillian for her own feline affinity. See Jillian's case report part 2 here.

I'm officially calling my search to a close. Here I tell the rest of the story of my dream channeling and synchronicities that led me to rescuing these two five week old kittens from the streets.

 Seen here almost a week after being found, these two 6 week old siblings were
starving, infested, and desperate.