Jul 30, 2013

What is a Gift of Need? - Part 2

I also dreamed the night of July 29th 2013 about being too hard on my little sister for wasting the pie I made from scratch when she was just trying to offer a gift of friendship to Jim's older sister. I couldn't reconcile my compassion for her wanting to make a friend of Jim's sister, and my own frustration at how she ignored the gift I provided by casually discarding part of the pie. I argued that she didn't respect the time it took me to make that. I do have selfishness with my gifts. While she was willing to cut it up to fit the preference of the person she was trying to comfort and show friendship for.

Virtual Reality's Impact

Do our actions in virtual reality, in playing pretend, have impact on our lives? When we shoot a person in an FPS, what is reinforced in the mind by that action? Despite paranoid assumption, studies are disproving the inclination of kids and teens to lean toward violence by playing violent video games. They may be offering an outlet for natural aggression. Anger, usually perceived as a negative emotion, has a place like any other, and has incredible power for change when directed properly. Wrestling for fun is an aggressive sport. It provides a means of releasing that energy in a somewhat controlled and productive manner. Is it instigating violence? These aggressive sports are a mode of learning. Coaches and parents can use these activities as the medium through which other valuable lessons are learned. Athletes can be the most disciplined, generous, quick to act and help, motivated individuals around with a deep sense of morality, if guided to be so.

Jul 28, 2013

Learning to Sing in Harmony

 "Special characters I would classify as true visitations by a telepathic entity are distinct and genuinely unique, without material used from relationships in your physical and emotional experiences."

Summary: Analyzing dream character imprints from people in waking life; Small group of survivors in the desert; Relations with a human-arthropod hybrid mother; Establishing my limitations on willingness as alien companion; Which group to teach whose language; Snake and worm attack; Laying eggs in wounds of human host; Theory on purpose of hybridization as it relates to Universal Consciousness Source (God); Advanced alien genetics experiments.

Jul 26, 2013

Seeds of Change

 Summary: Challenging perception of reality; feeling outcast by failure to conform to imposed standards; symbolizing reform on popular notions of sex and intimacy and commitment; standing out despite my best efforts to hide; holding true to personal beliefs; encounter with visiting member of my own kind to remind me of my purpose and origin and that I am be looked out for with restrictions.

Morning of July 26th 2013

My partner, Jim, and I wake up (in the dream) to discover our son is somehow home early from daycare, and his family (distant and immediate relatives, spirit ancestors I didn't recognize) were arriving for an upcoming wedding. "Did you bring him home?" I ask Jim, who had come home early from work himself. "No." "Why is he home?" I find the journal his daycare provider and I use to write notes and daily progress about Link back and forth, a sort of check-in. She had wrote that she was taking an impromptu afternoon off because a girlfriend was in town and the girlfriend dropped the kids off at their homes. How irresponsible and impulsive, I thought! [My daycare provider would never do this?! How weird that this is the second dream using her person in a rather negative way. The dream coder just needed the shock that would provide, I know.] She should have told us and checked that we were even awake and ready to care for him.

Jul 25, 2013

Race for Freedom

Swore I had a flying car racing dream a few nights ago, but it didn't stick very well. Last night, I had a clearer running racing dream. That alone is interesting. It suggests a message will be repeated in a different context if the previous one did not encode well enough for me to grasp it. I am currently in the process of data analysis now that I have nearly 200 dreams recorded over the last 9 months. I averaged a recording every other day. Many are still not posted here on this blog, but I have them compiled in detail in spiral notebooks. The hope is that I can begin to put together an idea of what is going on, what is so important to be sending me series of thematic dreams, as many as five in one night. Is there a linear pattern? Do they tell a story? Up to this point I have believed they have been responding to my daily life, irrelevant for the most part to one another. But after summarizing a months worth of dreams, there may be a progression. I will update my results here in semi-real time, for free to readers. If it all turns out to be significant, as I suspect it will be, this will all be the subject matter for my second book after the one I am trying to wrap up on imagined beings.

Night of July 24th/25th 2013

Jul 23, 2013

The Little, Simple Things

Summary: What determines my dream content; Gardening encouragement and tips; Back to the classroom; Dredging up old relationships; Metaphorical lessons on recurrent subjects Math and Reading in school setting dreams; Frustrations with contact and faith; Applying the visual help I'm shown.

Night of July 22/23rd 2013

Every night before I fade to sleep, I wonder what will my dreams show me tonight. Will it be something about earlier in my day nudging my attention to, or will it be something entirely different about something I could not have imagined, or will it be a series of scenes meant to illustrate a complex message to a question, or will it just be a simple answer to a problem I am having?

Jul 22, 2013

No One Can Move a Statue

Summary: How an educated stance/opinion/belief translates in dreaming; erotic scenes meant to abuse my easily activated sex drive and the answer to my concern if I am being manipulated by means of that weakness; a neutral perspective on the Reptilian breeding agenda; an extra for my sport-loving partner and family during our vacation.

Night of July 14th/15th 2013

A young woman and I are visiting at a covered area at a park where random people of various ethnicities are loitering. We all chat friendly until one of them offers us a good time with some weed. I reject him kindly and boister my familiarity with the drug, which prompts an Haitian woman with large teeth and gaps to interject about an even better time she can offer. I catch her trick and say "You are just trying to peddle your PCP, don't lie, I know that's what you're on." She laughs and concedes. Two men nearby are intrigued by our presence among these sketchy types and exclaim their action of wanting to come sit with two pretty girls.

Rupturing a Hole in the Fabric of Reality

In Super Mario Bros. 3, on two levels there is a cheat move that allows Mario to go behind the image of the 2D platform world and run through the level without having to deal with the enemies and dangers. Crouching down on certain white blocks for a few seconds will let Mario drop in behind the scene. This sneaky move only works at a couple particular spots, but lets you glide past obstacles in record time to the reward screen at the end of the level. Behind the reward screen, if you make it that far staying behind the scene, is a warp that allows the player to jump to a level farther ahead in the game.

What if we could do this relative to our 3 and 4D realities?

Jul 19, 2013

Handling Distractions

Summary: Object perception manipulation; missing element of the puzzle; color frequencies as dimensions; options for dealing with sexual tension.

Recorded scene from series of dreams on Night of 9th/10th 2012

I am at my parent's house again, coming up stairs to the attic converted into bedrooms. I avoid Chris out of obligation, suppressing strong desire for him to jump me. His little brother Otus is playing an old SNES game I recognized in the dream and have dreamt about before but can't remember the name of it. He's having trouble finding the yellow (what resemble cotton balls) hidden throughout the game. They aren't important to the story of advancement, he's just being a completionist. Where were they, I tried to remember from when I played the game. They were random drops after enemy battles.

Time Play and Perception Manipulation

An unexpected aspect of my dreaming has been taking place in the last month. They have been precognitive to concerns I will end up having the following day. At first I thought it was deja vu, or I was prompting myself, but I didn't even think about the dreams as containing ideas on the issues I will have that day. It's difficult to explain. Though I will ask something specific the night before to be explained, clarified, answered, or give information about, this incredibly off topic dream will happen instead. I will nearly dismiss that dream, feeling its message is pretty obvious or oppositely that it is just further supporting the theory that dreams are random firings. Then I will encounter a problem and realize my dream was guidance for that issue that was no where in my awareness yet. My dreams are helping me solve problems I don't even have yet.

Jul 12, 2013

Red Grid Marks Case Report #3 - My Case, Jennifer

See Investigations Page for a complete list of posts related to the Red Grid Marks phenomenon on this blog, including the two other testimonials of people around the world who have experienced these marks.

My interest in this phenomenon came from personal experience. I awoke from a nap November 27th, 2012, drenched in sweat, which prompted me to take a shower. As I stepped into the stream, and rose my hands to wash my face, I noticed on the heels of both my palms were 2" x 2" inch plus signs of freckle-like red dots. The red dots were subdermal, not raised or indented, but equal level to the skin, and not circular, but honey-comb shaped. Nevertheless, they were arranged in a grid, with each dot equidistant apart. The slants went opposite directions between the two hands. I lined the marks up by bringing my hands together. They were a mirror image of each other that oddly brought my hands together in a praying manner to verify.

Jul 7, 2013

Decisions in Covert Ops

Am I a member of a secret program? Why on Earth would I dream of this, and how could I have put together the content into such an elaborate story as a dream experience? Operations so covert, not even the operatives remember or recognize the mission as having been real.

Night of July 6/7th 2013 - 
This dream is retold exactly how my thought processes were in sync to the dream experience. In other words, all the non-dialogue information is real-time observation and thought during the dream.

Jul 6, 2013

Red Grid Marks Investigation Update - Compiling a Personality Profile of Targeted Individuals

[Previously published on 7/6/13, updated 5/9/14]

Red Grid Marks Case Report #2: 'Antal'

The following is a series of emails from a reader who came across my post on the Red Grid Marks phenomenon. To honor requests for anonymity, I assigned him the codename Antal. Minor editions have been made.