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Oct 20, 2019

Over 400 Cases Recorded in Our Archives

Source: Pixabay

Yet another milestone is upon us. Since starting this investigation in 2012, we've accumulated over 400 cases of the RGMP, not including the nearly 50 found cases around the web that were not directly sent to us. Although it takes us time to respond to each inquiry, we are diligently keeping track of contact dates, photos sent, and case IDs.

Our Instagram account is also branching out and convalescing awareness on this phenomenon. New experiencers are finding us and messaging me about their marks. By alerting other experiencers to our presence (and investigation) in other social media outlets, we reach those we might not have otherwise. People seem most relieved to learn they are not alone in this, that others have experienced the same or similar bizarre episodes and physical manifestations. That has been central to our goal, providing a home for information and collaboration on this subject.

On that note, it is my plan to provide a FORUM space on this site (once I find the right app) where experiencers can chat with one another and find community. Send us your comments below. Keep following us on Instagram #rgmpinvestigation

Mar 21, 2019

RGMP Report No.21, Case #076: Charlene

"Cold Logic"


"They are about an inch by [1] inch and look like little red pin pricks with no feeling or discomfort."
- Charlene

Mar 20, 2019

RGMP Report No. 20, Case #061: Alexandra

"Heated Debate"


“My shoulder felt dislocated or [like] I had been sleeping on it wrong and my hip has been killing me ever since this night." - Alexandra

Mar 19, 2019


We've hit a quarter of a million page views!

Thanks for your continued interest. 

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Mar 18, 2019

Unusual Marks of the RGMP

Special Series Update - March 15, 2019

Every few days, on average, another grid mark occurs --assuming past trends continue. Among the dozens of photos experiencers send in each year, the same patterns, shapes, and locations have consistently showed up. Like clockwork, so long as the phenomenon remained the same, there was little more for my team to investigate.

Lately, however, a few odd marks stick out. These were legitimate cases with unique marks beyond what is normal for the RGMP.

Report No. S1, Case #177: Lanly - “Clock-face” Mark

Two self photos of Lanly’s shoulder where a “clock-face without hands” RGMP mark appeared. 

In May 2016, Lanly contacted me from California to present her case to the RGMP investigation. While driving her boyfriend to the train one morning, he noticed the circle of dots with a singular center dot on her shoulder, totalling thirteen altogether, and about the size of a $1 coin.

Mar 11, 2019

New Data Analyses on the RGMP: Blood Type & Sleeping Position

Our online survey form has been receiving submissions from RGMP experiencers since June 2015. When the 1st edition of the RGMP Dossier (see button in right-hand column of this page) was assembled, this website's investigation team had one year's worth of data. Now, we have over three.

The commonly requested Blood Type of experiencers comparison, and Sleeping Position to Mark Location on Body correlation are the two main topics discussed in this Analysis set.

Excerpt is a teaser!

Mark Location on Body Compared with Sleeping Position...

Feb 4, 2019

A Shout Out On Behalf of the RGMP Investigation

To answer concerns from commenters:

YES we believe intense dreaming and heat are interrelated in the production of the RGMP marks. Let me allay your fears by saying up front we have no clear evidence to suggest the appearance of the marks implies malice now or in the future to you or your loved one.

Please read our Dossier to learn more.

Contact me at experientialdreamingatgmail.com or use the contact form on the bottom right if you still have questions or have a unique case from the ones featured in the Dossier and on the website. 

Remember to include your email in comments or when using the form so I can reply to you directly. Otherwise, check back regularly on the post you left your comment on for any replies. 

A Call For Funding

Our research took a lot of man hours, and the funds from the dossier sales are the only thing supporting further upkeep on new cases and site maintenance. This site continues to be a source of community for experiencers.

If you would like to support the continued research, editing, and correspondence with new case studies of the RGMP investigation, donate below to show your interest, or purchase the dossier featured on the right hand column of this page (and above).

A new edition of the dossier is in the works to make it cleaner and shorter. As well, a new data set analysis will become available for purchase as an addendum soon.

In the beginning years of our investigation, we volunteered our time to interview, report, document, collect data, and analyze our ever-increasing archive. Since the dossier's release, my team has dispersed. I simply cannot afford to do the work anymore without incentive. If this research is valuable to you, please consider donating even a few dollars. As long as donation come in, I will work on bringing you more content.

Thank you for your comments, emails, and continued interest over the years. Your words are not falling on deaf ears. Your experiences matter. Some day the goal is to submit our findings to a medical journal or newspaper for exposure, to invite scientific resources to the phenomenon.

Dec 3, 2017

Prescience About A Gold Mining Family

Once in a while, amidst the array of personal life references and random encounters, I dream about such topics of a political or social nature. Government overthrow, hunger and poverty in a population, control, political unrest, nuclear power. When these topics are so real I can recall names I've never heard of, see places and situations and cultural aspects I was unfamiliar with before experiencing them in this state, I am compelled to record them. They hold a sense of prevalence I cannot ignore. If only to curb the feeling of helplessness I get when I wake from these realistic scenes and people, I translate them to words here. The issues are too specific, the people are in real danger. As much as I want to pretend it's not real, I know what I saw will be proven to me again and again in the coming weeks and reinforce the powerlessness within this power.

Let me start by saying that I know little to nothing about Soviet Russia. The few things I do know is what was said to the children of Fatima, and what my apocalyptic phone game based in Russia includes (mostly vocabulary and places I can't pronounce). And of course, what is currently happening with our president, something I have stayed blissfully ignorant of. Be a beacon. That has been my motto. Radiate love, and organize the forces for a better response and outcome than violence to the matters at hand.

Night/Morning of December 2nd/3rd 2017...

Oct 17, 2017

Mounds of Western US Revisited

Three years ago, I posted an extensive analysis on a few geologic mound sites in an exploration of pyramidal harmonics and antigravitic craft technology. A group of investigators sought out the sites I referenced and discussed, in particular, an aerial shot in the middle of the Shasta National Forest of mounds encircled by trenches...

"Lemurian Mounds of Mount Shasta: Mandate Weird War" Video 

Nov 29, 2016

Material Plane, Crystal Tech, and Horus' Life

Every night I dream. Only some tickle me into compulsory description. Here are two from the last two nights that reminisce of topics and themes I previously explored. That were so vivid and impactful in their experience, it would be a disservice to not recount them.

Key Concepts: Life simulation, crystal technology, resonance amplification, consciousness reboot; Ancient Egypt, Horus' life and purpose represented.

Aug 4, 2016

To New RGMP Experiencers

UPDATE (March 19, 2019) - The RGMP Investigation will be temporarily REopening for a trial period to process new data. Contact us about your case. Follow our Instagram feed for grid mark comparison. And read below.

New cases of the RGMP continue to pour in, and will likely never stop. Be informed my team has recently released a complete report in the form of an ebook on the phenomenon, including its history, case reports, in-depth survey analyses, final theories and conclusions; everything you need or would want to know about our investigation over the past four years in a revised, cleanly laid out way.

I ask you first consider purchasing the dossier (linked in right hand bar) before sending inquiries about the phenomenon itself. Although we have reached our final conclusions about the cause of the grid marks, there is more to investigate, namely the target mark symbol phenomenon, to determine if it shares a similar causation to the RGMP, and the data we have collected from your gracious survey submissions.

During this trial period, I will be available to answer related inquiries, such as questions or comments you may have after reading the dossier.

Future misc. posts on this blog will include dream research (that is, channeling information, images, events; downloaded information about things you're conscious life couldn't know), as well as strange occurrences, eye-witness accounts or unusual encounters.

To report a strange occurrence, account, or encounter for consideration, email us at experientialdreaming@gmail.com with a clear statement of your permission for it to be published on this site. I will follow up with you about details before writing a report.

Thank you for your continued support and interest! Remember to view popular posts in the list to the right, or in the Investigations page linked on the navigation bar above. Visit our STORE for subscription information and links to our RGMP materials.

Jun 13, 2016

The Empathic Dream Reflection

I've been writing a family heirloom book on the apparently genetic dreaming abilities of my family to pass on to my son, niece, and younger sisters. I don't know how true it will hold for other dreamers, but it seems to be spot on for my sisters. It's a sort of dreamscape guide and introduction to various elements of that land.

Ever since my younger sister opened up to me about her dreams, she and I have been collaborating on our abilities. She shares the same ability to visit or channel the spiritual space of another person and in essence reflect back to them their higher or deeper process. As an experiment, we put forth the cooperative intention to connect to one another in thought and dream that night. I've been extremely angry and depressed fighting for surgery to help treat my degenerative spinal condition and trying to function through months of pain. I haven't had much to give, needing all my energy and thought for myself. I do what I have to, what is obligated to care for my family, but inside I am screaming in fits of sobs. I prelude my interactions with family and friends by disclaiming how poor company I am lately. I can't focus on what others expect of me, yet I somehow still end up doing for others. I'm struggling to find hope in each day, and wonder where the light in my life has gone. I'm silently dying and its affecting my moods and cognitive processes.

Yesterday, my sister reported that she did indeed have a surprising dream the night of our experiment. I told her I only felt as though she had called me, like I saw her face in a half dream, but couldn't recall any particular scenes. We had established contact though. I was the subject. When Jordon and I would do contact channelings, he would dream that I called him or he had given me his number, or I saw him interrupt a dream briefly. The scenes she saw so perfectly demonstrated my spiritual place lately. She said it was confusing, but so explicit and vivid that she knew this wasn't hers.

Anti-gravitic Exploration

Abstract: Summary of my exploration in an antigravitic vehicle model. Another dream reiterates the key. Outlining the components and understanding their interaction.

Jun 4, 2016

Announcement: RGMP Dossier Release!

After grueling analysis, numerous editions, and far too many hours than was expected, the RGMP Dossier is finally available for purchase.

This compilation is meant to be a comprehensive overview of our research into the red grid mark phenomenon. It includes exclusive statistical analyses and conclusions as to the cause of the grid marks. All reports and related posts originally published on this website about the RGMP have been edited, organized, reformatted, and revised for this book. You will receive a guided tour through our investigation and the phenomenon itself. I highly recommend it for new and old experiencers as an educational resource and for peace of mind as to the cause of these grid patterns.

Here is a sneak peak!

See the Table of Contents here!

The button below will take you to its product page. It is a pdf download after purchase.


It is my hope that this dossier will contribute to awareness in the medical community of this fascinating physical phenomenon.

If you have any additional questions or comments after reading the dossier, please feel free to contact us:  experientialdreaming@gmail.com

Thank you experiencers for your survey and email reporting, especially to those interviewed for reports that helped us piece together this puzzle.

Feb 16, 2016

Project Announcement: A Compilation Dossier on the RGMP in the Works

We are, and have been for the last two months, working on compiling a complete portfolio/dossier of our grid mark investigation. It will contain our reports, new statistical analyses, archival photos never before released, profiles on us the authors, and my conclusions as I begin to wrap up my time dedicated to researching this phenomenon. This will offer experiencers, both old and new to this phenomenon, all the information we have gathered in one refined and clear work.

We hope to release this final product as a PDF/e-book of sorts (TBD) within the coming months. I estimate we are over half way through.

The survey in the right hand column of this website will continue to always be available for new experiencers to have their occurrences recorded, and I urge anyone who has recently experienced the phenomenon, or is new to this site to please fill out that form. Whatever happens to my investigation team in the coming years as our lives change and our professions change, we want to remain a resource for experiencers. That form, and this dossier will continue to help inform and aid experiencers until a more formalized understanding in the medical world is recognized and studied.

My spare time is being dedicated to this project, therefore I will not be investigating new cases. Experiencers are encouraged to fill out the survey. Please remember, this has been an entirely volunteered effort. We appreciate your patience.

Be strong!