Apr 29, 2013


Summary: Original encounter with a reptile-bird "Thunderbird" creature fossilized in magma; unknown transport craft that adjusts in size and makeup to accommodate needs; clear visual of map traveling to caldera in desert location; telepathic call for help and awareness from creature.

Three Races

Summary: Ant people, reptilian race, vulture/bird people ancient interrelations; pyramid weapon; ancient ruins with carvings; another dream on degrees of friendliness of a reptile race.

Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure Now!

You can still purchase livestream access or an archive pass for the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure of the ET presence on Earth and with humanity. The hearing runs 9am to 5pm each day this week (April 29th - May 3rd) featuring more than fourty of the top witnesses and investigators from multiple countries on the issues surrounding ET interaction. Topics discussed aside from the obvious UFO research are military involvement, coverup efforts by black operatives higher than the president, how ET's are communicating and their telepathic capabilities, sciences yet undisclosed about antigravitic technology, interdimensional travel, free zero-point energy, the oil/petro scandal that keeps our country and world in chains and the macro-economic issues free energy means to those in power of the oil industry (Dr. Greer's testimonials and documentary "Sirius" talk primarily on this subject). This is not just heresay or conjecture anymore. Be aware. These courageous men and women covering this issue are grown weary from the fear and doubt they encounter from those unwilling to listen to the truth. We must step up and help them by spreading the word, bringing more and more people to the light of these issues. Begin by watching the hearing completely through to satisfy your own issues of belief.

Thank you to all the witnesses alive and deceased who have come forward to try and remove the veil from our eyes. Ready yourself for open communication with ET's. It's not a matter of 'if' but of 'when.'

Do your own investigations. Discover for yourself. Dedicate your thoughts to ponder the questions honestly that are raised in your mind. Logic and knowing will be your guide. Discuss it however you can, so long as it is coming to the forefront of our consciousness'.

Apr 23, 2013

Human Initiated Contact

Summary: Time frame of most vivid dreams for best recall and thus encoding; "Sirius" documentary mentions CSETI efforts at fifth level communication (human initiated); how to use communication device; related communication devices.

Apr 22, 2013


Previous dreams last month quicknotes for future reference. These all occurred in April 2013, but not necessarily in the order in which they are listed here.

Dream 1) My oldest sister Angela depicted as an innocent, young, naive girl. Once wanting to sing with me familiar songs from our childhood in front of my scrutinizing college voice professors for an hour. I denied her saying they don't want to hear us sing that long, especially when we haven't rehearsed and hers and my voice are very different in quality and training (sounds full of myself, but honest). She felt hurt like a child who didn't understand why her older sister (role reversal) wouldn't sing with her.

Resurrection and the Wooden World

My apologies for when my posts seem to be bouncing topic to topic. These posts serve as documentation of the many leads I investigate. I will do better to identify which investigation each change in topic is referring to.

I believe I understand the primary ET relationships now. The Arcturians are the omnipresence in our galaxy serving as protectors. They are amphibious in origin and appearance (see my original description of the alien behind the panel in Abduction post). The Draconian Dragons, known to be the main evil race trying to enslave humanity, are of a different origin, whereas I thought the two major sides stemmed from the same origin or species as suggested in the biblical texts about the fallen angels that followed Lucifer. Now I recognize these two are mutually exclusive oppositions. The Arcturians, as revealed to me by Elizabeth Trutwin in email correspondence (see her site here) are scientists, and the most advanced ones of our galaxy. My experience supports that role. They are helping to handle the human experience; they monitor and guide the development of our souls in these physical bodies by what I can only describe as 'programming.' I believe my dreams are training and re-education programs specified for me, often times just meant to help me progress and reorient toward ascended existence for good and light.

One of these recurring re-education programs is understanding and being prepared for when the second resurrection occurs after the return of our higher dimensional friends. I've been speaking to my Mormon mentor to help me understand the often confusing and persistent themes of my dreams. This last meeting was spent on what Christians call "the second coming of Jesus Christ" when there will be a resurrection of all who have been on the Earth beginning with the righteous in a few stages. The last resurrection will be of the 'wicked' souls that will be cast out with the evil followers of Lucifer. I have seen zombie-like bodies taken over by a singly focused evil consciousness. It is no coincidence that our modern culture is obsessed with the zombie apocalypse idea. I believe it has been a deliberate inspired influence into our minds to be thinking of this idea and drawn to it. I was never particularly interested in the pop culture obsession with the zombie idea, but they are front and center in my dreams over the span of as long as I have been recording. A new one comes intermittently every few dreams. I have seen every type of zombie creature conjured up by human inspiration and even a couple that do not yet have their own show. Zombies that only awaken into their Earthly stolen body at night. Everyone must get indoors before nightfall, but I sharpen my weapons and ready to fight. I am always fighting them. I behead them or stab through the chest.

Not all the zombie types were evil either. One biker I saw while I was escaping the approaching darkness and they were heading into it, I asked what they are. We are transported to his house where I am knocking at his door asking my question to him (instantaneous travel with mere thought). He was receptive. He said when his soul left his body the body began to decay and when he returned to the body it hadn't realized he was back and continued to decay. When the dead are restored in the Resurrection, the Mormon religion teaches they will return to their bodies but they will be renewed. Why his was not I don't know. However, it did exemplify the idea of soul leaving and returning to old decayed body. He was a simple being, rather friendly. Why was he heading into the darkness as though it didn't affect him but it would have devoured me and others still living as original body-spirit partners?

In a few separate dreams when the zombies touch you and overpower your will to resist, they steal your body for their army. The same evil controlling force using the other zombies as chess pawns on the physical plane gain control of the person who succumbed. Every loss is their gain. When we kill zombies we are mercifully releasing the souls of our comrades who were suppressed when their bodies were taken over. We killed out of love, preventing the bodies to be used for evil on the Earth.

Another series of dreams that also happen every handful or so is living like refugees or traveling with my family stopping at campgrounds, sleeping where ever and whenever we need to stop or in temporary camps with other refugees. Along with this sometimes is another series of physical training through a wooden structure measuring obstacles of jumps and heights and falling or leaning foundation beneath me. So many wooden obstacle structures. Do they represent the physical world? The world of such base fallible material is failing. This last dream's structure was the most difficult. It was about to topple over and it felt more like a boat than secured in the ground. It was falling apart as I climbed through it. I had to avoid collapsing platforms. I used to have dreams of being a warehouse hopping between sinking platforms into the water filling the space. It was an obstacle course we took with teammates. Water... always water. Water everywhere! Flooding and torrential rains. We're always trying to escape the rising waters. Even the dream two nights ago I was visiting family friends and the house's beams were breaking. I worried the top floor wouldn't be supported enough anymore and would collapse in. Come to think of it a lot of my early survival dreams depicted run down wooden houses. A previously recorded dream after a disaster people search washed up rubble along the shoreline for pieces of their old lives. I look for gold treasure rather than old possessions, and see a creature in a mangrove swamp. And in two dreams I was in a barn and a wood structure with teammates gathering weapons. In one we were in pairs (like I have seen before in these wood house obstacle dreams) and we are taking our time going through each room while the other teams rush ahead. Its a race, but we feel we are better preparing ourselves by managing the obstacles we get early on in the race and finding quality weapons. Those who rushed ahead to win will get stuck midway and will have to back track. I get it now! Yes the wooden obstacles and mazes are the physical world. There was even one where adults (I am often a child compared to them but still an adult) were clapping and watching on the edges of the play structure while I overpowered my competition in a test of skill and imaginative power. They are our higher dimensional watchers, like the Arcturians. This physical world is a play structure to learn and build our strengths in. Oh so many of these dreams make sense now! It must be so annoying for my programmers to be coming up with so many different ways to show the same base message, trying to use the same symbols in the hope I will put it all together eventually. I think I get it now. Thank you. In one dream I was griefstricken when my playstructure/hometown/physical world was destroyed because I lost my family and friends except my little sister (whom is not any of the little sisters I actually have, and this person is also recurring in my dreams). I ran away from the two adults (higher dimensional caregivers) who were trying to console me and protect us by removing us from the area.

Okay. So the physical world in which we are navigating through is failing. Do we get out of the structure alive before it collapses? I don't know that I made it out of the structure, the dream ended before that part. I see my family as refugees, but they got destroyed in the above dream. I've asked this before, but what happens to my family when the veil falls?

Apr 19, 2013

Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure

It is incredibly important for anyone who reads this that you participate in watching the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure happening at the end of this month the week of April 29th into early May. For list of witnesses and topics as well as other relevant links see CHD main site. A live streaming feed is only $3.80, which goes to the cost of providing the feed around the world in multiple languages, and to help the Paradigm Research Group hosting the event. This is a moment in history. Be a part of it whether you believe yet or not, this will give you a crash course.

Also see the Documentary "Sirius" coming out April 22nd on the ET presence. Visit the site here.

Behind the Veil

Topics Summary: Clues about what goes on behind the veil of our everyday lives are everywhere; return of my vivid dreaming; why they were on hiatus; what the alien powers behind the scenes do; recent dream on bionic machines occupying and ruling humans; taking shelter at a library; food references pointing to how the soul refuels.

Apr 15, 2013

Red Marks in Grid Patterns - Summary of Symptoms and History

(Edited and Updated, most recently October 18th, 2017; Originally published 4/15/13)

Grid mark cases are reported in from all over the world, indicating this phenomenon is not an isolated incident. The typical case is this:  an individual wakes up to find a series of red dots in a grid pattern somewhere on his/her body, with no recollection as to how it got there, and no pain or discomfort associated with the site. Unable to identify a cause, they search online, posting threads on medical sites, paranormal sites, and UFO/alien research sites.

Some of them find me, and I have made it my mission to collect as much data as I can to some day solve the mystery behind these marks, whether the cause be of a natural process science is yet aware of, or something unnatural. I do not prescribe to any one belief in the matter, and try to maintain an open mind.

This summary is a brief analysis of two years of investigation (2013-2015), and should serve as an introduction to what my team has termed the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP). My case reports and related posts on the subject are archived on the Investigations Page of this site. Please note that we only publish reports on cases we have received significant enough information, detail, and verification on to represent the phenomenon. The number of published cases on this website represents less than one-tenth of the total cases we are aware of. 

[New Cases: My team has reached our final thoughts on this subject and are no longer investigating new cases. This post is meant as an introduction to the phenomenon. If you would like to review our research, analyses, case studies, photo collections, and conclusions, we have compiled a dossier for experiencers and curious readers to purchase here.]

Apr 12, 2013

Communicating with Other Realms and Advancing Our Technology

Summary: Portals in my skies; sound field and tonal communication with other beings; attempt at being a medium; how anti-gravity technology may work; re-examining the past dream sequences trying to understand the CHANI project entity's warning about an 'oil sickness'; merging of two objects in space; Walt Disney's UFO documentary rediscovered.