Jul 22, 2014

Dear Dreams

Summary: Personal address to my dreams on a topic that continues to break me down and build me up again; Cognitive analysis for therapy, outlining how much I really do know about the person in question; Comparing my fear-based perception of his personality against what my dreams and the few actual interactions I've had with him reveal; Informative dream the following night on the matter.

 (Disclaimer: Contains sexually explicit and potentially disturbing material.)

Energy Field that Manifests Thought

A continuing exploration into the science of consciousness travel at a subatomic level. Does an energy field exist in the fabric of space-time that can be concentrated for use in solid state reality? Interplanetary travel, information download, intergalactic communication, manifestation with thought are all possible if I can understand how to access and harness this field, and what carries it? An elementary force-carrying particle? The higgs-boson? How does it interact with matter? The better question is, what does it interact with to become matter? 

Dream during the night of July 11th/12th 2014:

I remember only one scene vividly because it married magic with science of grand design, and it was an incredible experience to behold.

I'm with a communal family I belong to, friends, faces I could almost recall. The home we live in is simple, no usual appliances like you'd see in a modern home. There was a table, but no place to store or cook food in what I figured was the kitchen.

Two of my family roommates retrieved me from what I was doing so I could make dinner... quite literally create the solid matter of the food we would consume. I stood in front of a liquid-like field of energy that hung in the air between two posts (devices). The wall against where the field rested was transparent, barely there, as if the space was diverted to a space behind where the field could exist for us in a concentrated enough form to access directly. I was the only one of the group who knew how to interact with the field to conjure dinner and the group was restless to eat. I stood in front of the pool that flowed slowly like a fountain without a container. No stone or wood or anything held it in place. And the field wasn't water or light, but could react like both.

I had to center myself mentally and physically to commune with the field. It was not sentient. I just had to interact with it a certain way and thought, or state of mind, was essential to this process. I held my arms out and began to attract arcs of electricity from the pool to my hands in beautiful streams of flowing color. There were no harsh edges like we imagine electricity to have. I opened my eyes in surprise and played with the light, moving my hand up and away to see how the field responded to me. This interaction was so wonderful to me, I had to remind myself that people were waiting for me to make the food. I closed my eyes and simply thought about food manifesting from the energy of the field to our table. There was no emotion other than calm. I thought with almost the same knowing that it would happen, as I knew hitting something in the physical world with my bare hand would hurt, thinking about food appearing on our table when connected to this field would make it really appear. It was like a natural appliance.

Though there was a shred of doubt in my mind, the food indeed appeared. My family, myself included, was awed, but hungry, and quickly began to enjoy the meal. We didn't understand the force that allowed this, like that knowledge had been long lost to our civilization. Those capable enough to harness it were dwindling in numbers, and there not a deliberate effort to train the next generation how to use it. This was a place where we were provided for. We were drifting from it because of our ignorance. We became too entrenched in our physical world that our species began to forget how to work in harmony with the fundamental elements of our existence.

Interacting with this field was wondrous and awe-inspiring. I respected it, loved it warmly, felt it was beautiful, powerful. It was not God, but maybe the material force of creation. I felt I was connecting with the most fundamental force of our material world. It was a reunion of the most fulfilling sort. 

The Device

They reminded me of the mobile transporter pattern enhancers that have to be placed around a party on an away mission in Star Trek for the ship to boost the signal of their patterns so they re-materialize correctly.

What the two posts did was concentrate a field that exists everywhere for a more immediate interactive effect. Whereas everyday space you walk around in reacts slowly to transmitting and creating the conditions to manifest your thoughts, this concentrated part of the field allowed for instantaneous manifestation.


What interacts with the carrier 'particle' that allows for the result of spontaneous material gathering? Consciousness it seems. If the higgs-boson is the interacting force, how could we possibly concentrate it into an area to increase the transmission quality of thought and the speed of manifestation? This is a question for quantum physicists.

I once dreamed I was zooming along in a corridor with a large metal tube that extended forever. I paused to pick up something and got a clearer look at this tunnel. I didn't recognize it at the time, then the announcement came out about the confirmed discovery of the higgs-boson and I saw a picture of the particle collider. That was where I was, that was what I saw. I couldn't believe it.

I know there is science to be unlocked here that will finally put together all those reports of abductions and contact experiences. A woman saw a screen that created an object from her transmitted thought. A device interacting with human consciousness is not unheard of. Studies in consciousness have already supported the affect of thought and presence on randomized devices. How, though, we don't know. The answer lies here, somewhere in the examples I've downloaded. If there is a wave length pattern (like music, hence my choral and music dreams) that interacts with consciousness, such a discovery would mean humans are no longer isolated. We could travel in subspace along the musical lines of the universe.

What the Red Grid Marks ARE NOT

Compiled here for comparison is a list and skin analysis of marks similar but not of the same form, symptoms, and appearance of genuine Red Grid Marks. I specifically sought images that look closest to what we find as possible. Click any image to enlarge.

Waffle Iron Burn - Despite the shape of the waffle iron, if it were to actually contact the skin full on, the damage it would do would not leave any discernible shape or grid. Below is an example of what actually happens. Why does it not create an even grid? Because our body parts are not flat, they are curved three-dimensional. And the flatter parts of our bodies will never (unless deliberately) contact a waffle iron parallel to its grid. Even if you turn a waffle iron on low and rest a part of your body on it, the resulting marks would be in horizontal and vertical rows, not diagonal like the RGMP produces.

Healing burn from a waffle iron.

Jul 7, 2014

Surrogacy for Hybrid Fetus'

Night of July 5/6th 2014


I'm happy to see Chris again. I feel a regularity about our meetings, even though I've tried so hard to keep him at a distance and set my feelings aside for a time when he's ready to begin. I cup his cheek with my hand in loving greeting. My spirit self is aware that we only see each other in the spirit plane, and is amazed by its consistency. Every other night he makes an appearance, though I am full of doubt during waking reality on who he is and how he sees me and how he wants to be with me, my dreams persistently remind me to recognize his spirit and not how my stereotypes and impressions want me to see him as. We haven't met face to face in almost ten years. My family is ready to accept him into ours, but he is not, and I know its a difficult lifestyle to accept. I stopped bothering him with my need to connect. Maybe he thinks he's doing me a favor by leaving me alone, but he's not. I suffer without him and always will. That's how it is in the physical world.

On the spirit plane, we reunite with love. My negative perspectives on the situation, my assumptions of who he is all melt away as if they have no substance in spirit, though they weigh so heavily on my mind. My subconscious, my spirit guides, are determined to convince me that he loves me deeply, which, when I pause, I know he does. The circumstances that keep us apart, the fears on all sides of raising a family, break me down in sadness against the forces of the physical plane. Our reuniting has been built up so much now, there will never be a proper time we can create. We are left back in the hands of the forces that be, keeping faith that someday the stars will realign for us all.

I wonder if he dreams of me.

In the dream, having his presence, I can finally unleash the multitude of things I wish to show him, tell him, know, and share. In this particular one, I get to demonstrate my mothering knowledge and care to him with no goal other than to express my pride in what I've learned about caring for another. But it wasn't until I recorded this dream did a very different story start to come through.

Jul 4, 2014

RGMP Case Report #5: Jacob

Jacob Stark is a 30 year old freelance cinematographer in Las Vegas, Nevada. He lives with his wife and two kids, and enjoys spending his free-time on creative projects, as one might have guessed given his chosen profession. Nature fuels both his passion and spirituality, his favorite place being Yosemite National Park.

In the morning of June 21st, 2014, Jake prepared for an early swim, when his wife noticed penny-sized marks across the middle of his back.

"There is a line of 5, then a box of 9...." like hickies or blood blisters. The dots are subdermal, devoid of pain, raised bumps, or irritation other than the fact that they were visibly present.

 Jacob's grid marks from June 21st, 2014, reminiscent of Michalak's marks after a blast from an exhaust port on a UFO craft he was allowed to inspect near Falcon Lake in Canada. Michalak experienced symptoms of radiation sickness and was hospitalized when the picture of his marks was documented.

"I think the most unusual part is that I don't remember anything and nothing was out of the ordinary."