Jun 13, 2016

The Empathic Dream Reflection

I've been writing a family heirloom book on the apparently genetic dreaming abilities of my family to pass on to my son, niece, and younger sisters. I don't know how true it will hold for other dreamers, but it seems to be spot on for my sisters. It's a sort of dreamscape guide and introduction to various elements of that land.

Ever since my younger sister opened up to me about her dreams, she and I have been collaborating on our abilities. She shares the same ability to visit or channel the spiritual space of another person and in essence reflect back to them their higher or deeper process. As an experiment, we put forth the cooperative intention to connect to one another in thought and dream that night. I've been extremely angry and depressed fighting for surgery to help treat my degenerative spinal condition and trying to function through months of pain. I haven't had much to give, needing all my energy and thought for myself. I do what I have to, what is obligated to care for my family, but inside I am screaming in fits of sobs. I prelude my interactions with family and friends by disclaiming how poor company I am lately. I can't focus on what others expect of me, yet I somehow still end up doing for others. I'm struggling to find hope in each day, and wonder where the light in my life has gone. I'm silently dying and its affecting my moods and cognitive processes.

Yesterday, my sister reported that she did indeed have a surprising dream the night of our experiment. I told her I only felt as though she had called me, like I saw her face in a half dream, but couldn't recall any particular scenes. We had established contact though. I was the subject. When Jordon and I would do contact channelings, he would dream that I called him or he had given me his number, or I saw him interrupt a dream briefly. The scenes she saw so perfectly demonstrated my spiritual place lately. She said it was confusing, but so explicit and vivid that she knew this wasn't hers.

Anti-gravitic Exploration

Abstract: Summary of my exploration in an antigravitic vehicle model. Another dream reiterates the key. Outlining the components and understanding their interaction.

Jun 4, 2016

Announcement: RGMP Dossier Release!

After grueling analysis, numerous editions, and far too many hours than was expected, the RGMP Dossier is finally available for purchase.

This compilation is meant to be a comprehensive overview of our research into the red grid mark phenomenon. It includes exclusive statistical analyses and conclusions as to the cause of the grid marks. All reports and related posts originally published on this website about the RGMP have been edited, organized, reformatted, and revised for this book. You will receive a guided tour through our investigation and the phenomenon itself. I highly recommend it for new and old experiencers as an educational resource and for peace of mind as to the cause of these grid patterns.

Here is a sneak peak!

See the Table of Contents here!

The button below will take you to its product page. It is a pdf download after purchase.


It is my hope that this dossier will contribute to awareness in the medical community of this fascinating physical phenomenon.

If you have any additional questions or comments after reading the dossier, please feel free to contact us:  experientialdreaming@gmail.com

Thank you experiencers for your survey and email reporting, especially to those interviewed for reports that helped us piece together this puzzle.