Apr 15, 2013

Red Marks in Grid Patterns - Summary of Symptoms and History

(Edited and Updated, most recently Jan 20th, 2015; Originally published 4/15/13)

Grid mark cases are reported in from all over the world, indicating this phenomenon is not an isolated incident. The typical case is this:  an individual wakes up to find a series of red dots in a grid pattern somewhere on his/her body, with no recollection as to how it got there, and no pain or discomfort associated with the site. Unable to identify a cause, they search online, posting threads on medical sites, paranormal sites, and UFO/alien research sites.

Some of them find me, and I have made it my mission to collect as much data as I can from as many cases as I hear about to some day solve the mystery behind these marks, whether the cause be of a natural process myself or science is yet aware of, or something unnatural. I do not prescribe to any one belief in the matter, and try to maintain an open mind.

This summary is a brief analysis of two years of investigation, and should serve as an introduction to my case reports and related posts on the subject, archived as I produce them on the Investigations Page of this site. Please note that I only publish reports on cases I have received significant enough information, detail, and verification on to represent the phenomenon. The number of published cases represents one-third of the total cases I am still investigating. 

Here are the physical symptoms and circumstances reported:

  • a series of evenly spaced dots arranged in a close grid pattern, forming a triangular, circular, or octagonal (sometimes referred to as a 'honeycomb') shape;
  • most individuals discover their marks after waking from sleep (day or night);
  • grid marks have appeared on the legs, arms, hands, shoulders, chest, buttocks, and forehead;
  • appears spontaneously with no apparent source;
  • dots are typically aligned in diagonal rows;
  • each individual dots ranges in size from a little more than pin pricks to perhaps 2 cm in diameter;
  • total length of the entire pattern can range from 1 inch to 6 inches across, so far;
  • individual dots are irregular in shape to one another, that is to say they are not perfect shapes, not always circular or dot-like;
  • skin of the affected area is not raised or indented (no bumps or grooves), rather the marks appear subdermal, resembling in some case blood blisters, or hickey-like bruises in two others;
  • mark begins to fade within hours of occurrence;
  • may remain visible for days or weeks;
  • leaves no scar after fully disappeared;
  • pain, discomfort, aching are rare (one case);
  • sensation of heat or minor burning felt at site prior to or during appearance of marks in at least 2 cases; 
  • no recollection of pressure, tingling, pinching, or anything at all that would have drawn their attention to the site while it was produced;
  • no reports of itchiness or swelling at or around site to suggest skin reaction, allergy, disease;
  • no accompanying symptoms of illness;
  • a few recall bizarre vivid dreams around the time of the marks' appearance;
  • less than 20% (3/17) damp from having severely sweated while they slept, prompting some to take shower upon waking wherein they notice the marks;
  • experiencers assert they had done nothing to warrant the appearance of the mark like coming in contact with a heated instrument, fabrics, or other textured objects that may account for the grid pattern;
  • less than 20% report recurrence, or having had multiple occurrences of marks, not always in the same place or pattern


In 1967, known as the Falcon Lake Incident, Stephen Michalak examined an unidentified circular aircraft, before it blasted a hot gas at him, creating the rectangular grid pattern seen below on his abdomen. He was prospecting at the time, searching for earth minerals in the Jack Pine woods of Whiteshell Provincial Park at Falcon Lake. Around noon, his inspection of his latest find of a quartz vein was interrupted by the sound of geese and a pair of red cigar-shaped objects in the sky.

Stephen Michalak in hospital bed after an encounter with an unmanned UAC. He was treated for radiation sickness. (Source: http://thenightsky.org/michalak.html)

One of the objects came down and landed on a rock some 165 ft away, having changed into a circular craft with a dome. He sketched it silently for a half hour to produce the following image.

 Sketch of UAC Michalak encountered at Falcon Lake, with diagrams of the hatch and exhaust vent that could blend into the rest of the craft's outer shell seamlessly. Note its estimated size to be between 35 and 40 feet across, and its height to be tall enough for a grown man to stand up in (10 ft).

Michalak finally moved closer to investigate when a hatch dropped open. He could hear voices talking to one another, and tried to call out to them. First in English, then in five other languages he could think of. When no one responded, he continued forward. He peeked his head in through the opening to find computerized panels and lights. Finding no one inside, he pulled away. The hatch closed and became flush, indistinguishable from the rest of the ship. There were no seams, just the same polished glass that made its exterior. 

He rounded the side its bottom, feeling its smooth surface, when what he called 'an exhaust vent' appeared in the glass before him.

"It was about 9" high by 6" wide, and contained a uniform pattern of round holes, each about 1/16 inch in diameter. A blast of hot gas shot from these holes onto his chest, setting his shirt and undershirt on fire and causing him severe pain. He tore off his burning garments and threw them to the ground. He looked up in time to see the craft depart like the first, and felt a rush of air as it ascended."

Michalak noticed a few oddities about the area around him. A circle of pin needles where the craft had been, the smell of burning electrical field and sulfur. A rush of symptoms hit him. Headache, nausea, cold sweat. He vomited the whole way back to the motel he was staying at, knowing he needed help.

His son admitted him into Misericordia Hospital in Winnepeg after taking a bus 45 miles back from Falcon Lake. He was treated for radiation sickness and interviewed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Michalak's incident was investigated by multiple government and civilian agencies, including the Canadian Air Force. At the end of his encounter with a landed unidentified craft (with no visible beings inside, though he had heard conversation aboard), what he calls a vent in a grid pattern blasted him in the chest igniting his shirt, which he tore off in pain. The craft then lifted off. Soon after he experienced nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, symptomatic of radiation exposure when coupled with the marks on his chest. He admitted himself to a hospital for treatment.

(Information retrieved from the following links: http://thenightsky.org/michalak.html ; http://www.ufocasebook.com/Falconlake.html)


None of my cases coincide with UFO encounters, and until otherwise noted, is not a primary area of my investigation. Instead, what is to be taken away from this origin story, if you will, is the vent gas Michalak was exposed to which resulted in a mark which bears striking resemblance to the modern day ones reported.

The differences to note, however, are the size of Michalak's mark, the size of the individual dots, the shape of the dots are particularly circular in Michalak's case, matching the grate pattern through which the gas was expelled, and finally the horizontal/vertical orientation of the rows. Marks I see today and in the past two years have been almost unanimously in diagonal rows. The other main difference is the degree of adverse symptoms he experienced compared to my cases. Only two recalled a burning sensation, and I am the only case, to my knowledge, that experienced any kind of discernible pain (my arms ached terribly all day, and my hands motor functions were seriously reduced). No one reported experiencing nausea, headache, vomiting, or any other discomfort.

The size of the marks that appear today (being smaller) may account for why no other symptoms are felt:  the dose of radiation was concentrated and not high enough to affect the rest of the body.

Other sensory data provide excellent clues as to what kind of radiation could cause such marks. Michalak described the cause of his marks as being a 'hot gas.' He also smelled sulfur and fried electronics, which could be ozone production, Whether those two smells were related to the composition of the 'hot gas' or the combustion process of the craft's engine is hard to know for sure. He mentioned smelling sulfur earlier, before the vent incident.

(Reports upcoming on types of radiation for comparative analysis to RGMP)


1. Reposted from the Above Top Secret thread, by chrysanthemum85 is this incredible photo of her mark, one of the most intriquing I've seen.

(Image is the property of the original posting member from abovetopsecret.com, chrysanthemum85 and is used here solely to highlight the structure and symmetry of the grid marks. Linked on page 5 of the site. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread359449/pg5#pid16027907)

Note the three parts to this particular case. First, the outermost, incomplete cradle with faded lines of dots leading down at the bottom of the image. The series of dots that make up the cradle (like a hypothesis) are larger than the others. Second, the encircling, broken shell around the central grid are dotted independently. That is, they do not conform to the row pattern of the inner grid, they have their own dividing principles. Lastly, and most significantly, the inner grid in an octagonal shape with a missing dot on either side, precisely where the outer shell is also missing a dot or two on either side. Rarely is the grid outlined, such as this, with an outer shell, clearly delineating the grid's intended shape. Often there are faded dots around the edges, making it difficult to know if how it appears is a concentration point where the source/affect was strongest, or if there was more deliberateness to its creation.

2. One experiencer, "Frogs" from the same thread states his belief that the marks are always there but appear in extreme hot or cold. To tend to his tendonitis, he soaked his hand in a bucket of ice water. Upon pulling out his hand, he noticed fresh marks. [I have been unable to duplicate these results]

3. User MasterDebater mentioned when his dog was implanted with a microchip to be found if ever lost, the resulting print on the dog's skin was similar to what other posters were describing, only smaller and the dots were closer together. However, I cannot find an image of the skin after an implanting to compare.

4. Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke discovered strange symbols on his forehead repeatedly after encountering two light beings with a friend Stan after one of his many sensed predictions of a crop circle appearance in a favored field.

To the casual perspective it would appear to be an odd sunburn. Could the light beings, often described as being brighter than the sun, be radiating energy enough to cause such a mark?


As of Jan 2015, the possible ways to produce a red grid mark on the skin as it fits the current phenomenon I explore could be; the RGMP may be:

-Result of Microwave radiation (natural cumulation enough to produce an affect)
-Result of targeted, amount-controlled, Microwave radiation via some unknown device, or technology Excess heat expellation (forced out by the body)
-Extraction site (blood, plasma)
-Injection site (vaccine, immunization, live illness, nanotech)
-Unknown reaction with air, magnetic field, or other radiation

Read more on this continuing investigation by following our series of new case studies, dream queries, and related posts here under the Red Grid Mark Phenomenon (RGMP) archive listing.

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  1. I got a grid-like mark on my right arm, near my hand. The only exceptional event that occured was a hit of a leg on my hand, but I was heavily dressed, since it's winter. It's very weird, I can't be sure of the marking's relation with the hit. The first time I saw them, was in the evening, after the hit. I didn't feel any local heat. Weird was that, the second day, the guy that was with me when I got hit, got the same grid-like mark on his right arm shoulder. He saw the sign during a shower, and after a day, they disappeared. Mine are still there after 2 and half days. What do you know?

  2. i have strange dot pattern in my bicipe too email me at jselacnoratyahoo.com so we can discuss it.

  3. Lol woke up with this same shit today. What the hell

    1. Nicole, did you take any pics of your marks?

  4. I have had these marks many times. I lost count. But i believe over 15 times that I know of. My friends have always been bewildered of the sight of these marks. When I find them I dont know how long they had been there or sometimes my roommates will see them and tell me i have the marks again. Mostly occures on my shoulder blades or my triceps. Sometimes the thighs. Its always on the pale skin thats rarely in the sun. I am South American and Pacific Islander so my skin gets dark in the sun. I do remember one time noticing that a cluster of marks appeared overnight. So I can definitely confirm that the marks can show up overnight for those of you who are unsure. Feel free to email me. Motfeen@gmail.com

  5. I've had red dots on my back arranged in a grid pattern for 2 days now. Anyone know anything about this? Please write james_lastname2001@yahoo.com - Jim Vance

    1. I just noticed upon waking that I have the honeycomb markings on my rear...both sides in about the same spot. I am a Christian and do not believe in the existence of aliens. Not wanting to start a debate..just wanted to mention that. I am a 49 year old mother of 2. I like the others have not sat on anything nor been burned etc. There is no raised skin..no itching. My markings are about the size of 4 dimes placed in a diamond pattern. I am curious to know what our common denominators are..? I'm sure others reading this think we are attention seeking or just plain weird and I would honestly probably think that had this not happened to me. I hope somehow we can find out the answer.

    2. My email is incredibren@gmail.com. ..I welcome your emails.perhaps we should start a support group..ha. Or contact the media like idk ..the Today show or 20/20 :-)

  6. My daughter has had triangle grid marks on her forehead, it seems once a year. She has one on her leg now. She is 14, we always joked it was the aliens.

    1. Could you take a picture of the current marks, with your daughter's permission? Contact me in email to followup: experientialdreaming@gmail.com.

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  8. Have these red grid marks on my butt cheeks. Cjohnson2108@yahoo.com

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  10. Hi, I discovered marks on the buttock of my boyfriend on the 3rd of january. A perfect circle made of dots, and with a dot grid inside of it. It was so symetric, we could not beleive this was a skin rash. We unfortunatly took a picture on the next day, it was half faded. He did not had any pain, it was underskin with no bumps. It suddenly appeared we do not know exactly when. It took 3 days to finally diseapear. We are not aliens fanatic either esoteric... We just could not found any logical explanantions, so we made research and found some text about abduction... but we are very sceptical just has a lot of people here....
    We have 2 pictures and I made an illustration of the original mark.

    There is groups of support on FB: Alien Abduction fb Support

    Feel free to write us.

  11. I've been getting these red dot patterns on my skin for decades. Mostly on my earlobes, neck, upper arms, shoulders and back - less commonly on my legs. They disappear just as suddenly as they appear. Sometimes they last a day, sometimes a week. No pain, no irritation. I'd like to think I was specially selected by some alien life form for research purposes. They come while I'm sleeping and use an instrument/sensor on the most accessible part of my body. Alien talk aside, I also get chilblains and have iron poor blood (anemia), so it's likely a circulatory issue. Nothing to worry about...it's been 35 years and I'm still alive and well :)

    1. We didn't receive a way to contact you and we're hoping to discuss your lifetime of grid mark appearances. You can contact us at experientialdreaming@gmail.com or you can use the contact form in the right column of this page to list your email. Thank you for reporting!

  12. Wow this is crazy - my gf just found these on my back yesterday, good to know they're pretty common! Same as everyone else, no pain/itching etc., just two lines of dots on my back. Weird. Would love to discuss with you Jennifer

    1. Hi Robbie,
      Put your email in the contact form in the right hand column of this page so we can chat. Or use experientialdreaming@gmail.com. Looking forward to connecting with you.

  13. Hi, im a 19 year old female. My boyfriend found a grid of a rectangle on my back Tuesday (05/26/15) He finally told me last night and i started to research and i cant mind anything but forums related to this. And some date back too far and this is the only one that is recent. they are only bruises. perfect lines and rows. no bumps no itchness. NO SYMPTOMS or recolection

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  15. Jennifer, I emailed you at experientialdreaming@gmail.com with a brief message and pictures.

  16. I am 9 months pregnant, I awoke at about 3 am in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. I got up to change my pajamas and found the markings of these diamond shaped, honeycomb, branding on my left butt cheek. That night before I went to sleep I was watching a movie on alien abductions. I have images and I've taken multiple pictures of the pattern on me. Anyone can email me at alexandraa.curtis@gmail.com

  17. As i had 1 really strange dream the same night ! should i be worried?

  18. I woke up with dot markings close to my armpit, should i be worried. I had a really weird dream aswell that night. what should i do????

    1. Hi Reinaldas, Please fill out our general info form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eNY6iZHY9x-2IaOy2wWz9FPehwsm0mgt7JaTi06-Tp4/viewform and take a picture of your marks as soon as possible.

  19. This is very interesting...my boyfriend pointed out a cluster of red dots on my left shoulder blade this afternoon (7/5). He thought I had scratched too hard or that I had a rash. I haven't experienced any pain or discomfort nor have I felt any itchiness in the area. After taking a shower, I took a closer look and noticed that it formed a grid like pattern with different sized dots. I find it baffling that there are no medical answers to explain why this happens or what it may be a result of. If you have any updates in your research, would love to know!

    1. Hi Lynn, Please fill out our general info form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eNY6iZHY9x-2IaOy2wWz9FPehwsm0mgt7JaTi06-Tp4/viewform and take a picture of your marks as soon as possible and email them to us at: experientialdreaming@gmail.com

  20. Feel free to email me at nikiwithonekay@gmail.com for photos taking this morning.

  21. I woke up this morning with these pattern like dots right below my shoulder blade. What is it?

    1. Heather, Please contact us at experientialdreaming@gmail.com so we can get your email privately. We cannot follow up on cases without a way to contact.

      As summary to your question, we're not sure, that's why we are trying to collect data and interview experiencers at this time. I encourage you to read some of our other case reports listed in the Investigations page at the top of this site, or simply scroll in the home page. I will be posting statistics soon comparing our some hundred cases in personal archive. Please check in regularly and follow us. You will likely find others with your same questions and concerns already addressed.

      I hope we can follow-up in email from here and you can share the details of your mark and person.

  22. I woke up this morning with these markings on the front of both shoulders. They can not be explained but are perfectly aligned. They are about an inch by inch and look like little red pin pricks with no feeling or discomfort at all. Can anyone explain what this may be?

    Thanks Charlene

  23. I woke up this morning with these markings on the front of both shoulders. They can not be explained but are perfectly aligned. They are about an inch by inch and look like little red pin pricks with no feeling or discomfort at all. Can anyone explain what this may be?

    Thanks Charlene

    1. Hi Charlene, Please fill out our general info form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eNY6iZHY9x-2IaOy2wWz9FPehwsm0mgt7JaTi06-Tp4/viewform and take a picture of your marks as soon as possible and email them to us at: experientialdreaming@gmail.com

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  25. My dad had the same marks off & on while i was growing up. My mom always said it was aliens & she witnessed the abductions. Then once I was grown up & married with children, she said she saw the same marks on my back once as a teenager, but didn't tell me because she didn't want to scare me. I had told her at some point growing up I didn't want to hear about it because it scared me. As a kid, my dad says he & his friend saw ufos in the sky and they followed him on more than one occasion. My mom's therory is that's probably when it all started. I know she won't talk to strangers about this because it's only something she's shared with me.

  26. Today 7-10-2015 My girlfriend just noticed a honeycomb shaped pattern about 2 inches below my right shoulder blade after researching I found no explanation on this pattern, I never had this before nothing unusual with my daily work or home routine this was not here last night(7-9-2015) please if anyone could help my email is nfosterny@yahoo.com or nfosterny@gmail.com, I have pictures as well