Oct 21, 2014

Channeled Language - Ancient Chinese or Alien Symbols

See original post Channeled Language? and research update Taylor Video.

The closest human enscriptions that compared to the symbols I was inclined to express for months before finally letting out the need to swipe my hand in certain ways was an ancient Chinese bamboo scroll. The style fit, and some of the characters looked approximate.

 Ancient Chinese Bamboo scrolls began their use in the Zhou Dynasty, and continued until the 4th century when it was replaced with paper. It was popular during the Warring States and Chun Qiu periods. Source: http://english.visitbeijing.com.cn/shopping/souvenirs/n214703113.shtml

Oct 20, 2014


My son is exhibiting psychic abilities, which continue to surprise both myself, a consciousness and imagination researcher, my daycare provider, an open-minded woman not actively pursuing any study other than child-behavior, and my partner, an accountant with no experience in anything spiritual. A new element has arisen for my son and I in our spiritual entanglement (See "A Mother's Plea"). I'm exhibiting a psychic download of ideas and perspectives from his inner space. Just as my dreaming serves as a corrective force to my inaccurate conclusions, it seems to now be showing me the inaccurate conclusions of my son's own mind. If you ever wanted to keep your secrets from your parents, be thankful I'm not your mother. It wouldn't work with ill-intent though, and I already feel I have somehow violated his privacy.

(Brackets in this and all my articles are used to denote my waking perspective and analyses, in contrast to my retelling persona/dreaming perspective. I use the phrases zero-point energy field, sea/ocean of nonlocality, realm of universal consciousness, and fifth dimension interchangeably as synonyms throughout my writings.)

Monday, October 18th, 2014

I'm walking with my dad on a sojourn to an important destination, but our food was stolen and had to be left behind so we could get away from the perpetrators safely.  Starving, I knew we would have to catch our next meal. My father is a hunter/gatherer. I grew up catching fish, deer, elk, and foraging for mushrooms and berries. He believes one should be able to catch, kill, skin, and prepare the meat they eat. He instilled a respect for the animals and ecosystems we take from by being humane in the kill, burying the carcass, sharing with your family and neighbors the bounty, and never wasting.