Nov 21, 2014

Correlations on Zero-Point Energy from Dr. Greer Lectures

Bismuth originally appeared to me as a word transmission just before I awoke one morning in Jan 2013. (See post). I was investigating possible antigravitic vessel schematics and communication with other dimensions.

Summary: Creating a pointing vector in the zero-point energy field; anti-gravitic science and technology; trans-dimensional communication; Comparing Dr. Greer's points with theories I reached through dream investigation; the black boxes harnessing ZPE; revisiting the elements; translating the math dreams; creating a working hypothesis with the ingredients so far assembled.

Nov 11, 2014

Synchronicities: Channeling Cats

This may sound silly, but in the interest of documenting dream manifestations and foresight, I will record it.

About 6 months ago, before I got my new cat, I dreamed about a grey striped cat that approached me at my old apartment. He had been abandoned and I decided to name him Sparkle, a name that confused me because it was something my Cousin would name a cat, not me. I also wondered if the time came, would I adopt an adult cat instead of a kitten.

I eventually got a calico kitten, like my previous one, instead of the female gray striped one I originally planned to take from the litter. This was a whole other story of synchronicity and channeling.

Today, my cousin asked me if I wanted a cat she found who had been abandoned by his previous owner. Inquiring to me felt random because I live 5 hours away from her. But I sensed she is desperate to find him a home.

"Is he by chance gray striped?" I asked her.

She sent me this photo:

Now I have to help her somehow, so I suggested she take him to a shelter (she has two cats of her own to care for), or put a photo of him on craigslist and explain his situation. I told her there are other shelters in her area besides the Humane Society (which doesn't take abandoned animals), and discouraged her from her willingness to drive him five hours to a potential home down here (she wanted me to pass it along to people in my area and emphasized her willingness to deliver him herself). At the moment, she is searching for another shelter that might take him.

I hope 'Sparkle' finds a good home with a loving family. If you live in Northern Oregon or Southern Washington and would like to inquire about adopting this familiar, contact me using the form in the right-hand column.

(Originally published 11/11/14)

UPDATE: This cat has become more interwoven into my life than I anticipated, which brings even more weight to that dream as having been precognitive.

Nov 10, 2014

Math Test and Zero-point field Science

"2400... might that be the voltage frequency required in air to lift an object (anti-gravity physics)?" 
- (On the math received in Saturday's dream)

Regressing to old approaches for prompting a dream response result in retrograde schooling setting and a dream about missing my math test or homework. I experience these like I've been made to repeat a grade. It's insulting and frustrating, but of my own making.

When I come upon the classroom entrance, I sigh because I recognize it as my fifth grade class. It indicates to me I was off with my approach. I tried to search about the Ebola virus and whether it had any relation to the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP). I built pretend communicators out of Lego's with me son that day and thought that would be enough inspirational content for a dream to show me an actual device for communicating with my guide's spaceships. It was naive. For my level of intelligence, I am capable of trying harder, exploring the range of my knowledge to actually achieve that goal, and I instead assumed an answer would arise with sheer desire and physical content (that required little study or paving of truth) to inspire the image. My creative output wasn't sufficient, and I knew that, but I thought maybe it would be enough since I don't have a lab or the materials to even begin to experiment with the construction of a theoretically based communication device with extradimensional beings.

Polar Shift

"Once every few hundred thousand years the magnetic poles flip 
so that a compass would point south instead of north."- Scientific American

From the very beginning of my dream tracking, platforms on water and flooded regions have had the highest occurrence in my dreams. (See Archive List #5 in Investigations Page)

These premonition-like dreams came before changes in out jet stream were recognized to be causing extreme weather patterns to regions in Earth's northern hemisphere. Catastrophe dreams about earthquakes, tornadoes, EMPs, fifteen foot and up river floodings, torrential rainfall, arctic conditions in hot, dry places, and coastal swells wove together. I couldn't ignore them, but I didn't know what they meant at the time.