Nov 10, 2014

Math Test and Zero-point field Science

"2400... might that be the voltage frequency required in air to lift an object (anti-gravity physics)?" 
- (On the math received in Saturday's dream)

Regressing to old approaches for prompting a dream response result in retrograde schooling setting and a dream about missing my math test or homework. I experience these like I've been made to repeat a grade. It's insulting and frustrating, but of my own making.

When I come upon the classroom entrance, I sigh because I recognize it as my fifth grade class. It indicates to me I was off with my approach. I tried to search about the Ebola virus and whether it had any relation to the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP). I built pretend communicators out of Lego's with me son that day and thought that would be enough inspirational content for a dream to show me an actual device for communicating with my guide's spaceships. It was naive. For my level of intelligence, I am capable of trying harder, exploring the range of my knowledge to actually achieve that goal, and I instead assumed an answer would arise with sheer desire and physical content (that required little study or paving of truth) to inspire the image. My creative output wasn't sufficient, and I knew that, but I thought maybe it would be enough since I don't have a lab or the materials to even begin to experiment with the construction of a theoretically based communication device with extradimensional beings.

Upon arrival at the classroom, I turned to a colleague and assured him I would vote for him for class leader. We entered during an election. We were an odd mix of embarrassed and arrogant, being older and more experienced than those that belonged there by developmental stage. I sat in the back to ride it out.

The votes were tallied and a young teen in the front row was named the class leader. She was an egotistical, entitled, unintelligent person. "No, that can't be right," said the teacher, who seemed to have been given instructions to not permit either girl from that front row pair to be elected. She put the slip of paper back in the hat and pulled a new one.

The scene changed before someone else could be announced. I'm in a highschool classroom with my highschool classmates for a math test. I remembered the lesson notes and processes for this test, and completed the first two questions easily. I was so sure I could complete it that I chose to just take it home. A half hour passed of observing the other students and the layout of the dream before I realized this was a test that I would not be allowed to take home. I had to finish it there and my time was almost up. I would end up turning in an incomplete test that would not reflect my knowledge of the subject because I misunderstood it to be homework.

We were all given a red t-shirt to wear with a reference table on the back to help us with the test. I slipped mine off to trace the questions. I became nervous too much time had passed and I'd forgotten how to do this process. What was I supposed to do?

The next question said "value of neutral..." so I found the row that said neutral in the 2nd or 3rd column that also had "black, grays, white, nothing" in other rows. The next column over in the same row where neutral was shown said "one less of G2." I found G2, which was blank, but had a value in the farthest column of 1552. I figured the answer was 1551 then. The answers to my two previous questions were one-words. The test was ten questions. I worried I wouldn't have time, but I pushed on. When I awoke from this dream, I immediately tried to remember the numbers I'd seen because I've been wanting to download calculations or formulas that would help me with my communications. I suppose I believe the ability to predictably communicate with extra-dimensionals lay in the proper programming and calculations that are likely so far beyond my training to even bother trying, but I do anyway for some hopeful reason. An answer came into my mind when I awoke:  2400+/- > was all I got. To that, I give a great big <shrug>.

In all my math education, from calculus and cosmology down, there is nothing these dreams could pull from?

I finally found my old calculus notes and began to review. My final exam for calculus had us know how to find limits, continuity/discontinuity, interval names, vertical and horizontal asymtotes, differentiability in a graph. We also learned how to calulate f'(x) functions via limit definition, derivatives, f''(x) in motion problems of velocity or acceleration, equation of tangent line, implicit differentiability, absolute max/min on closed interval, critical numbers, local max/min, intervals of concavity, inflection points, and how to solve optimization problems.

The dream last night after reviewing a few of those concepts had nothing apparent to do with math. It was about helping an old classmate on the playground of elementary school with problems of his adult life that have carried over from challenges of his childhood:  his lifeskills, self-perception, courage, connectivity to others. Of course math is a metaphor, underlining how I already contribute to the greater good on an interpersonal level... I don't know why that's not enough.

Jim (my life partner) wondered if G stood for gravity, but there was no indication it was. 2400... might that be the voltage frequency required in air to lift an object (anti-gravity physics)?

Dr. Greer stated the science of anti-gravity lift lay in the application of high voltage to a crystalline structure relative to its composition, anywhere from the 1000s to the millions of volts range depending on the material.

Again, I ask, how am I supposed to be able to test this? Besides, his team has already tested this and is looking for funding for mass production. His goal is transportation, mine is communication, which he said works on the same principles. Zero point energy, that is, enables faster than light transportation and telepathic communication.

In the Blue Planet Project document, an alien autopsy revealed a crystalline network in the brain that served to amplify its brain waves, possibly allowing for targeted communication.  

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