Dec 24, 2015

How to Photograph Your Red Grid Marks

      Many people write to us and include photos of their marks, but unfortunately, quite a few of them are blurry or low resolution. I want to make sure that both you and our investigation team have the best record possible of your mark, so here are some guidelines for taking the best possible photos. I will assume that most will be photographing with camera phones, but if you have multiple kinds of cameras, it is helpful if we can get a higher quality photo that might come from a more professional camera. We appreciate as many photos as we can get (within reason) so photos from multiple sources are helpful.
If you can't email large size photos you can easily upload them to and send us the link.

Dec 16, 2015

Found Cases from Around the Internet

The original poster named it alien.jpg. Source
      Periodically I search around the internet to see if people have posted more red grid mark cases. I'm sharing these to further show the complexity of this phenomena and highlight some very typical as well as insightful comments.

Dec 7, 2015

RGMP Case #18: Leon, Dream Update

Summary: Updated info on questions relating to his grid mark, including a recent dream about aliens teaching him and others how to 'remote control a UFO through atmosphere.'

Read Leon's original Case Report from Oct. 21, 2015 here.

Nov 29, 2015

RGMP Case Report #19 James: "Something was different..."

Taken fifteen hours after they were found. These marks faded fast. Original image cropped and adjusted slightly for sharpness and contrast.

      James is a thirty-two year old male located in Virginia. He is Christian, holds a master's degree, works in the corporate world and describes himself as an average, suburban, middle-class guy who enjoys football. He balances the more material aspects of his life by being an inveterate outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, really any opportunity to get outside. He is, in general, in good health with no allergies.

Nov 14, 2015

UFO Photobomb

A photo showcased in George Filer's (regional director of MUFON) weekly UFO report summary featured a large colony-style saucer ship this week in an overcast sky above Orlando, Florida. 

Image sent in by report to MUFON, mentioned in Filer's Files #46-2015.

The Return of Geologic and Climate Phenomena Dreams

Summary: Three geologic and weather mentions of recent; Empathic downloads; Exploring my dream ability as it relates to interpersonal world events; My first inside look at the White Hats and Black Hats inter-relationship. Update below!

Oct 21, 2015

RGMP Case Report #18: Leon G. (Case File #49)

Leon is a lifelong dream walker, encountering many other worldly races and beings, witnessing strange phenomena and technology, events and inexplicable episodes of time bending. As a means of documenting his experiences and understanding of the multiverse he's come to know for public consumption, he wrote a science fiction novel titled "Universal Constance: The Haunted Shadow". Using the character Constance, he depicts his bizarre episodes through life dealing with these phenomena.

Unusual events began for Leon at an early age, with his earliest one happening at age 6. Leon and his family went for a day trip to the beach. He and his siblings played on a hill before reaching the shore, rolling up and down with glee. At the shore, they lingered to watch the water before continuing their walk along the beach. It was then that his brothers noticed blood dripping down his leg...

Oct 1, 2015

RGMP Investigation Statistical Analysis Series

Mark Location on Body

The following is the first complete cross-comparison of the majority of cases in our archives. Two data sets will be displayed here: 1) the location on the body in which marks have occurred; 2) the location in the world in which cases have come to us reporting mark occurrences.

This has been a 6 month long project and will provide us with the first comparative data toward understanding the grid mark phenomenon.


For nearly 4 years my team has been collecting data from over one hundred cases about the grid mark phenomenon. We asked for photos, descriptions of the marks, where they were in the world when the mark appeared, among many other inquiries. Using email correspondence, photos, and answers from our online survey, I have been painstakingly pulling together these two data points from all of our cases. Many holes are left over due to lack of continued communication by those that initially contacted us, and otherwise unavailable data (no photos taken or were lost). I kept a log by case number detailing each of these two categories for each case, circling the ones with missing data, crossing out those that were found to be unrepresentative of this phenomenon (all of which will be represented in my final numbers).

I marked the map and diagram as I learned precise locations. Whenever I found a hole, I strived to re-establish contact with that person specifically for those data points. Sometimes I succeeded to gather the remaining data, sometimes I didn't and am still waiting for their replies. For those holes I did fill, I added the new information to my list and made a mark on the respective diagram or map.

Sep 28, 2015

Bismuth/Magnesium Layered Alloy Video

Summary: Tying in findings from lecture by Linda Moulton Howe on bismuth/magnesium layered metal with my last two years of dream channeling and data gathering on antigravitic technology theories; Shared dream downloads with fellow dreamer on the importance and use of bismuth in antigravity craft.

RGMP Case Report #17: Amber H.

Just months after the birth of her second child, 28 year old Amber began experiencing a series of terrifying dreams. They were similar in nature to vivid dreams she had 8 years ago after the birth of her daughter, only this time they were much more frightening.

I had been having extremely terrifying nightmares of some man kidnapping me and my son, holding us captive, torturing, starving, and raping me over the course of five years. My son would escape and the captor would catch him and shoot him in the head and kill him.”
That whole dream happened over 3 nights. First it was the abduction. Then it was the being held captive and the last night was the escape. I always picked up where I left off the night before. That's never happened to me before and I thought it was really weird.”

Aug 19, 2015

Welcoming a New Member to the Team!

Brian's grid mark recurrence had impeccable timing. We've been needing help dealing with the workload of this investigation. As of this moment, we have more than 80 ongoing cases. That's a lot of relationships to build and manage. We received 6 new cases this last week, and they keep coming. It tells us the voracity of this phenomenon that we would be so overwhelmed with incoming emails, but it has made our process slow. We've had to prioritize and change our approach, update our system, and ask for patience.

Our two man team is now bumping up a notch to three. Brian has experience managing a similar caseload when he was a Ghost Hunter. "I was part of South Jersey Ghost Research from about 2002 to 2007 or 08. [I] probably did close to 70 or 80 investigations during that time."

"People wanted reassurance" he said to me as I introduced him to our drive. He understands the value of being replied to as soon as you send in your personal story and photos, having lost his only copy of one of his early marks when he sent it to a researcher for consideration and never heard back. We don't want our reply time to be so delayed. We want people to feel heard.

I've been on the lookout for someone with the interest, time, willingness, and experience -if possible- with our particular set-up. His marks had been absent for 19 years until this July 2015. He has investigative journalism training, has already proven his determination to help our cause, has personal experience tracking the marks, and seems excited to be part of something that, as he says, is "Right up my alley."

Brian will be helping us with new cases so that I can focus on cross-comparison data analyses, and Jordon and I both can get our heads above the water with our own caseloads.

Let's welcome Brian and the unique experience he brings to the team! We're excited to be working with him.

To read Brian's RGMP case report (#16), see Part 1: History with the RGMP, or Part 2: 2015 Recurrence.

Aug 16, 2015

RGMP Case Report #16, Part 2: Brian J. 2015 Recurrence

[Read Part 1: Brian's History with the RGMP]

Brian J.'s case report continues with the story of his July 2015 grid mark recurrence.

"There's something on your back, it looks like a pattern of dots." -Brian's wife of 4 years 
"This time I've taken digital photos as documentation."

Aug 15, 2015

RGMP Case Report #16, Part 1: Brian J.'s History with the RGMP

"Unlike some of your other experiencers, I'm actually thrilled that the marks are back, their appearance has reopened a chapter in my history. A mysterious one to be sure, but something I've been fascinated with for 30 years."

             -Brian J. on his decades of grid mark recurrences.

New Jersey - Very few of the cases we've seen have recurrences of the RGMP. Of those that do, only Brian J. can boast his 33 years of experiencing these grid marks. At age 59, retired, Brian also happens to be one of the oldest experiencers in our records. His unique lifelong history, detailed record of each recurrence, and open enthusiasm to disclose his logs has made his case a veritable goldmine of information in our investigation.

His first mark appeared in 1982 on the front of his left shoulder. Since then, a new mark appeared every year on average, until in August 1997, they stopped. It wasn't until July 2015, 19 years later, that a new set appeared and led him to my team.

Cat Channeling Series Finale

Dedicated to our RGMP Experiencer Jillian for her own feline affinity. See Jillian's case report part 2 here.

I'm officially calling my search to a close. Here I tell the rest of the story of my dream channeling and synchronicities that led me to rescuing these two five week old kittens from the streets.

 Seen here almost a week after being found, these two 6 week old siblings were
starving, infested, and desperate. 

Jul 30, 2015

Found RGMP Case

“About 11 months ago, my 18 year old son came to visit me for a few days from the lower mainland. A couple of days into the visit, he woke up in the morning and went to have his morning shower. As he was walking into the bathroom (wearing only shorts), I noticed to my horror that he had a perfect 4"x4"x4" triangular mark on his back, and inside this triangle were all these perfectly round red marks about the size of a pencil eraser. He said that he felt no pain, but that it was kind of itchy-burning feeling.

We went to the walk in clinic to have a doctor look at it, but the doctor did not have any idea what this could be, or what may have caused it. She had never seen anything like it before. It disappeared about 4 days later.“

My estimate is this occurred in 2002-03.

Found by Jordon, a report on by Brian Vike.

Jul 25, 2015

Case Report #15 "Jodie": A New Kind of Mark: Puncture Wounds on the Back

Everyone that I've written about so far is a relative stranger: they're people that I very likely wouldn't have normally met and we communicate through the somewhat distanced, etheric medium of the internet. I normally first see these the marks in a picture but these came to me in person. I didn't expect anyone that I know personally to tell me that they had found something unexplainable on their body.  These are like nothing I've ever seen before and they are certainly nothing like the marks we've been reporting on.

Jul 5, 2015

RGMP Case Report #10: Jillian: Part 2

Jillian and Unicorn

         The paranormal doesn't really surprise me or freak me out. So much of it I can dismiss as my imagination, but when I found the marks on my arm, and stumbled into that mystery, it really blew my mind because it was tangible evidence, even though it was mostly faded by the next morning.  

Jun 28, 2015

RGMP Case Report #14: Julia Murray

Julia, 21, applies her part-time studies in Mortuary Sciences as a Funeral Director in Connecticut. "Work is my passion," she says. "If I'm not at work, I'm studying for school. Leaves me little time for real hobbies..." Life keeps her busy. But everything stopped in the afternoon of May 13th, 2015 during a restful check at the mirror; a surprise was about to demand some of her precious attention. Under her chin was a small grid of dots in a vaguely symmetrical pattern. This was not like her common bruising episodes, waking up with inexplicable sore spots, this was something altogether more specific, and it brought her back in time to when another unusual encounter with the unknown occurred.

When Julia was 14 years old, an unprecedented event happened to her and her family of 5 that left a lasting imprint on her, her mother, and her brother for years to come.

Jun 16, 2015

RGMP Case Report #13: Kayla in Texas

Kayla is 19 years old and wrote us in late May. In her words, she was "sort of scared." Her marks appeared in a rectangular shape to the left of her right shoulder blade and she counted 19 dots, describing them as looking like mini hickeys. As is typical, there was no pain or sensation associated with them and she could not be exactly sure as to the date when they appeared, though she assumes it was in the early morning hours around May 26th, a little after 2am.
Oddly, her boyfriend took the picture, forgot, and then told her 2 days later.

Jun 14, 2015

RGMP Case Report #12: Jim V.

See 9/30/15 update below.

June 6th, 2015 - A year of intermittent contact is finally ready to produce a brief report on Jim's incidence of grid marks. He contacted me back in June of 2014, with spotty emails bleeding out a few more details about what happened around the 15th of that month to lead him to me.

What immediately caught my attention at the time was that he was the first, besides myself, to report profuse sweating the night his marks appeared.

 Jim's marks appeared on his mid-back around June 15th, 2014, captured here in the upper half of the frame, on his left side.

RGMP Case Report #11: Nicole

Nicole read about my investigation back in May 2014 and left a comment on the History and Symptoms Summary post our readers are probably familiar with by now if you're following this series.

I tracked her down through social media and finally got a hit back some months later. My efforts managed to excite a brief dialogue with her about her marks appearance.

Her original comment was to the point, "woke up with this same shit today," which was made the morning she discovered "a perfect square of 16 dots" on her shoulder. Unfortunately she didn't think to take a picture at the time, and because it took us so long to touch base, the marks had disappeared before I could ask her to. "The dots looked like small bruises and faded with in a couple days."

She couldn't place the pattern to her bedding or anything around her that made sense. The last thing I got from her was that she considers herself a 'spiritual person' and hence maybe the mark's were spiritual in nature. I think if anything it was meant to highlight her curiosity and open-mindedness to whatever the truth might be.

That was all I was able to get from her. Her latest reply was Feb 10, 2015.

If you or someone you know have experienced the RGMP, please contact our investigative team by using the contact form in the right-hand column of this website. We also ask you fill out a General Info Collection Form here to help us expedite the process and get to the details of your case. 

See the Investigations Page for an archive listing of all posts and published case reports on this phenomenon.

RGMP Case Report #10: Jillian, Part 1 Introduction

   "I've had a lot of paranormal activity in my life, actually. I've always had a very active imagination and I feel there is a certain power to manifest reality through thoughts and writing, and much of my existence I pretty much wrote up myself. Some pockets of my life seem more enchanted than others. There was one period that lasted for about a week where everything I dreamed, even though they were small, mundane occurrences, showed up on my waking life immediately upon waking." --Jillian

Jun 13, 2015

Correspondence with French Investigator

A case of mine tipped me off to a french investigator who has been compiling cases as early as 2005 of a similar phenomenon, which I refer to as the target symbol marks.
(See my introductory post here.)

Remy and I have emailed a few times for the purpose of comparing notes on our two phenomenon. He had this summary to share about his years investigating the target marks (in his words):

Compulsive Scribing/Drawing

In August of last year (2014), I posted an image of symbols I was inspired to draw. Ever since downloading those symbols onto that paper I have been trying to conjure that old compulsion without success.

For weeks I had been restless with these lines and motions flowing through my body, wanting to be released somehow. It was distracting. While playing with my son, we decided to draw with chalk outside. The restlessness took any opportunity to be translated into the physical world. Being with my son gave me many instances to try and figure out what that this need was and how to let it out. Something wanted to be expressed.

I figured my fascination was with fluidity in nature, the elegance of dance, the way electrical current flows, the grace of a pictogram. I thought I was just trying to discover my artistic style. I tried to draw flowers and wings and flowing things without satisfaction. The only thing that felt freeing and satisfying to the inclination was to draw in a close space with certain swipes that filled a box shape. That wasn't of course what I was thinking at that time, that's just what ended up coming out. I loved the abstract symmetry of the unrecognizable symbols I was creating. In the chalk, they just looked like meaningless lines and curves. It wasn't until I sat down and committed to letting it flow out that I saw the pattern that suggested it might be some kind of writing. It's beautiful to my eye. I enjoyed doing it and let myself play by using a different color in-between each exercise in space. The product of the above page was the result of only about 30 minutes (tops) of leisurely drawing. Afterward, when I had no more room and no more symbols to try, I was incredibly relieved, sleepy and happy at the same time, like I had completed a masterpiece of inspiration (though I realize its on a crumbled piece of printing paper, lol!). However, I was just happy the restlessness was gone. I was very modest about it, assuming it was just a jumble of thought and feeling translated into 1 and 2 dimensions.

Jun 6, 2015

Elaina: A Followup

                                           image credit: my blog                                       

Back in February, Jennifer wrote a report on Elaina, one of our more fascinating cases. She has continued to communicate with us off and on--something that is rare for people who write in. I was intrigued by some things Jennifer mentioned and so I wrote Elaina. Like me, she has experienced "levitation", or out of body experiences. Here is one of her stories, best told in her own words.

May 29, 2015

Notice to Experiencers

If you have contacted our team in the last year and not received a reply, we deeply apologize for the delay. There was an issue with our email and we have rectified the misorganization. Expect a reply from us shortly.

If you have a new case to report, it would greatly help us if you submitted the details of your incidence and your info in our Questionnaire.

We have a high volume of cases at the moment and are trying to catch up. I'm in the process of communicating with another investigator on a similar phenomenon. We hope to start publishing another series of brief case reports soon, and data reports compiling items from all our cases.

Thanks for reading!

May 23, 2015

French Investigator on the Target Symbol/Mark Phenomenon

The red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP) has just become even stranger with the discovery of another investigation series on a french forum site (translated to English here, untranslated in French here).

Featured at left, TSMP Investigator's Case No. 1 reported in 2005.

An investigator with the username Mikerynos37, general alias Mikerynos, and real name Rémy, lists 12 of his case reports on a health forum Doctissimo with an additional 3 new cases posted to the forum thread by the experiencers themselves. Like so many of RGMP experiencers, those who have found strange circular symbols imprinted or burned onto their skin have sought answers and find their way on health forums and paranormal sites.

May 13, 2015


Four times now I have had experiences where I see a face during an OBE. The first was back in early 2013. My dream/OBE journal says:
I try to open my eyes and it seems as if I’ve opened my eyes and I see a faint face, possibly one that looks like me (I realize after that I wasn’t really opening my eyes). I can’t move. I summon all my psychic energy towards anger and the experience fades away and I’m back to normal. In a possible dream state I think to myself that maybe this is a memory I’m experiencing.

May 9, 2015


A few nights ago I (Jordon) had one of my more important breakthrough OBEs. If you've read about some of my other experiences you know they've been quite traumatic and confusing at times but I've also had some transcendent and breakthrough encounters with this other realm. This particular one is important because it feels like I took conscious charge of a situation and defended myself. Before I had often felt helpless and at the mercy of something totally Other and overwhelming. I also have had trouble "seeing" after entering this state. It's often as if I'm in a black, blank room. This is likely due to not entering a relaxed and deep enough vibrational mode. One of my goals has been to have more of a visual experience. Below is my dream/OBE journal entry written in the early morning hours right after I woke up. I often have trouble recalling the entire experience and I'm left with a feeling that more has happened so there could be more to this than I am remembering.

May 7, 2015

Deciphering Dream Content

Topics under observation: Channeling the Unknown; Translating dream imagery and content to waking reality and back; How direct is the translation? Under what circumstances is the translation most clear

May 6, 2015

Tyrranical Monarch

 What factors influence our dreams? Are they a collection of elements brought together to create the elaborate story we're left in awe of? Are fictional stories in today's film industry influenced either financially or by content driving in order to disseminate real information to the public in a more digestible way than cold-hard truth? 

"I heard she's the king's consort.' I lower my head and my smile fades. I pickup my basket like any other slave, trying to blend..."


Apr 26, 2015

Shared Dream Guides

Retrieved from, a random find for my research.

In case report #9, Elaina described to me a recurring character in her dream world that did not match any known person or fiction from her waking awareness. She described a male, tall, black hair, who seemed to be emphasizing a particular idea to her subconscious, that unless she conquers her fear and becomes active in her curiosities and inklings of other consciousness and life around her and involved in her development or affairs, her guide is working with (trying to dance with) little more than a limp puppet. It was an incredible metaphor she dreamed. She explained that this being has been visiting her dreams since her mid-teens, and has typically been too afraid of him to approach him or explore his identity. 

Feb 6, 2015

RGMP Case Report #9: Elaina

Elaina, 27, came across as a thoughtful, artistic soul when I interviewed her last Thursday, January 29th (2015). She works as a waitress, previously a bartender, in order "pay for my art." Her most recent project is painting a mural for a local festival in her town in Missouri. Given her arts degree,its no surprise she tries to pursue something she's obviously passionate about. Animals, plants, and women typically appear in her work, with her latest inspired attempts focused on conveying spirituality.

As I look over my notes, I can't help but feel a kinship with her. Same age, same affinities and interests. She came across as down-to-earth, relatable, and kind, with a curiosity and sense of wonder similar to my own. She also happens to be a vivid dreamer with stories of UFO's, aliens, underground cities, and an all too familiar dark-haired tall spirit guide.

Jan 27, 2015

RGMP Case Report #8: Bruno

When Bruno L. was 13 years old, life was about enjoying the simple things. His day began like any other. He went to school, studied there in the morning, then paused for a bathroom break. When he examined himself in the mirror, something unusual caught his eye. There in the dead center of his forehead was a small grid of subdermal dots.

"It was 3 rows with five points each (1 inch x 0.25 inch)." The mark was distinct, with no faded edges. "I didn't take photos of it, as I t[h]ought it was uni[m]portant at the time.... If it [had] happened nowadays I would google it instantly, but that just didn´t happen back then."

Bruno went on with his day to music and English classes in the afternoon, barely to think about it again. Sure, it confused him at the time, but the mark was so small, no one else noticed, except him and his mom.

Jan 23, 2015

Two Revised Posts

Readers, please note for your recommended reading, two important posts have been significantly edited or added to:

The Introduction to the Red Grid Marks Phenomenon (RGMP) is completely revised, with new information, new analysis, and symptom summary.

A new method of producing marks similar, but too different to be the cause of the RGMP, has been added to the post "What the RGMP is NOT" bringing the total of debunked possibilities to SIX.


Thank you for your curiosity and willingness to explore the so far unexplained!

Jan 18, 2015

RGMP Case Report #7: Gabriel

 "It was so sym[m]etric, we could not bel[ie]ve this was a skin rash."
-Valerie, girlfriend to Gabriel

Valerie, 39, contacted me from Montreal in Quebec, Canada, on behalf of her boyfriend, Gabriel, 22, by leaving a comment on the grid mark's testimonials Summary and History Post on January 8th. Five days earlier, on the night of January 3rd, 2015, a 3-inch diameter circular grid of small prick-like marks in diagonal rows appeared on Gabriel's right hip.

Jan 10, 2015

Remote Viewing Experiments Summary

 "...We want answers to major questions, questions that plague the human condition, questions like 'what causes the RGMP?' and 'Which organization or species operates an underwater base we've remote viewed in the past?'..."

Our final experiment of three (in Dec 2014) was a bust as well. This doesn't by any means disprove remote viewing nor my ability to remote view, just our cooperative ability to remote view an emotionally charged object through meditation or dreaming, and apparently our ability to communicate properly. This experiment series was flawed from the start for our specific skills and connection. We had so many miscommunications about the experiment parameters that our results don't hold much weight to me in any scientific context.

Jordon and I video chat every month or so to discuss our latest cases, dreams, encounters, and information we've heard or read --compare notes really. I'm not surprised he wanted to have me remote view something that had meaning to us, and the further we went, the more we flip-flopped. I became overly concerned with details, trying to capture every scrap of information I could, and he had arrived at a simple object without attachment. It's rather amusing to me, actually.

A Simple Treatment

It's so humbling to have healing visions.

Two nights ago, half-way between being awake and asleep, probably in the same state of consciousness Jordon is most familiar with, the center of my consciousness shifted from my head (wakeful state) to my sternum and I could see my body like a transparent outline with only key parts visible, my stomach organ and the attached duodenum.

They didn't have proper color, more like x-ray scan. They were dark, but outlined and material enough to see what they were.

I suffer from some odd intestinal problems, namely trapped gas bubbles in my intestines that are very uncomfortable, and heartburn. I have to manipulate my body (rocking, patting, pressing, adjusting positions repeatedly) to aid the bubbles up and out. They do not taste of acid, they are bland. But there is a soapy/foamy quality to them.

Anyhow, it happens almost every night before falling asleep. That night, during the vision as I drifted off to sleep, my body showed me a cycle of tension and relaxation. When my body tensed, that annoying discomfort of anxiety returned, along with a noticable upslip in my duodenum into the bottom of my stomach. When I relaxed, it fell back into place and the discomfort ceased. It was an incredible difference.

My mother suffers from what is called a hiatal hernia, where the sphinctor muscle fails to hold the contents of the stomach down. Acid and gas leak into the esophagus as a result.

I've been trying to compare my symptoms with her condition, and while some things coincide, the acid reflux doesn't.

I don't know that what I saw was an accurate model of what's happening in my body, but the sensational difference made great sense, and here was the revelation of it: 
when my body is tense (usually from anxiety), my stomach and esophagus shrank, and when I mindfully let my body relax, a relief I didn't know would happen eased the discomfort I had grown so accustomed to in my digestive tract. The result was a tremendous difference in my symptoms.

Today, two days later, when I actively relax the muscles in my torso and upper abdomen I feel such a change in the state of my organs. Perhaps it seems obvious to others, but I had no idea the two could be related. The biggest difference is in my esophagus where it meets my stomach. If it is a hiatal hernia, which is what my body printed in words on my mind during the vision, this all makes sense. Why it showed me the duodenum pushing upward into my stomach only makes sense for my primary complaint about the bubbles in my intestines. The more I thought about the anatomy of it, the more it made sense, but I can't find any medical information on such a condition.

I wonder if tension has been linked to digestive problems with such a direct relationship, before.

Jan 2, 2015

I Dated A Shapeshifter

"The weight of her on my raised hand is heavier than I anticipated, and it required considerable adjustment for me to balance her. Finally, she was set and I rested in awe of what just happened. Then I immediately began teasing her about how her current form will make the whole dating process rather awkward."

Some of my best dreams have been on the new year. I will never forget the one two years ago that was a plethora of information. In that dream I was introduced to the concept of Color Branches for assignment of the Federation and the different branches, machine with soul matrices for tutoring new recruits, the credit currency system, Earth changes culminating to a large blue object in the sky that shook the ground and opened crevices, three kinds of transports:  suitcase sized 'transports?' to bring a person onto the small vehicular transport that rides invisible white tracks to the orientation transport, then finally to the colony-sized mothership where we lived, worked, ate, and carried out our assignments in the system.