Jan 2, 2015

I Dated A Shapeshifter

"The weight of her on my raised hand is heavier than I anticipated, and it required considerable adjustment for me to balance her. Finally, she was set and I rested in awe of what just happened. Then I immediately began teasing her about how her current form will make the whole dating process rather awkward."

Some of my best dreams have been on the new year. I will never forget the one two years ago that was a plethora of information. In that dream I was introduced to the concept of Color Branches for assignment of the Federation and the different branches, machine with soul matrices for tutoring new recruits, the credit currency system, Earth changes culminating to a large blue object in the sky that shook the ground and opened crevices, three kinds of transports:  suitcase sized 'transports?' to bring a person onto the small vehicular transport that rides invisible white tracks to the orientation transport, then finally to the colony-sized mothership where we lived, worked, ate, and carried out our assignments in the system.

We were assigned individual mentors who knew us better than we knew ourselves. I think of mine often, the only time I've ever seen that personality type was in him in that one dream. It was so realistic. He would be the perfect kind of person to unhinge my withheld emotions and secrets. If there was any kind of friend/mentor I would connect easiest with it would be his type. Surprising to me at the time how perfect they got it. I would never have guessed that on my own.

I remember the luminescent walls of the cafeteria. The white light was built into them. I could distinguish no lightbulb source. It radiated particularly from the bottom where it met the corner of the floor.

The machine tutor with a soul matrix that taught one of my fellow newcomers had a race name. It reminded me in part of the droids in the droid army of the Star Wars Clone Wars in body shape, and the I, Robot --in the white paneling-- with similar luminescence as the walls.

 Combine the head and neck of the Droid Army drone from Star Wars: Clone Wars...

...plus the white paneling from I, Robot's Sonny...

 ...and the body similar to the B2 Battle Droid from Star Wars: Clone Wars to make the Ulum race of soul container androids I saw teaching sexual ops.

The core, where the heart or stomach is on a human, was special, where I believe the soul matrix lay. A sentient being communicated and controlled the android at a distance to secure the relationship of teacher/student, given the jobs sexual nature (sexual operations training; Green branch).

I was placed in the White Branch, a main branch not explained and only subtlely mentioned in the orientation pamphlet. I've been obsessed with understanding what the White branch is ever since that dream. I have come to an agreement that it is the branch of creationism or invention, ideas, content generation, interaction with spirit or divinity, if you will. I rejected the arrogance of such a self-proclamation for a long time, and still do, but its the only definition that makes sense. To be more specific, I believe it is the branch where inspiration or concentrated down thought from the collective consciousness is experienced in its initial manifestation as idea in a conscious host or representative.

It was this dream I was first introduced to a lovely blonde woman in a blue uniform who was our pilot on the small transport. Her hair was pulled back into a neat bun and her eyes were incredibly blue. I asked if she was alien, but she did not like that description of her racial relationship to us. She said she was like us but a little different. I got the sense she was a kind of distant relative twice removed to me and the other four or five in the transport.

The Blondes are an important part of lore in the contactee communities. I track every race I see in my dreams, tall humanoids with dark, red, or blonde hair, to wise red-skinned time travelers, to shape-shifting eagles (brown), and so many more. Any given race appears infrequently, so when I get repeats or meet new representatives of a similar race as ones I've seen previously, I jump on the chance to record it.

Night of 1/1/2015

Scene One:  Two of my party, myself included, run out of darkness into a natural spotlight from the sky illuminating through the ceiling of the cavern. A Gollum-like creature, living in the depths of this underground network winces at our sudden arrival into its light. It was a pitiful being, lost down here where it made its home. It was reserved and nervous, keeping its gaze low and body hunched down. We talk to the creature to learn of its position, whether it might help us or not. Despite our initial fear, we showed it kindness and promised our care and friendship in return for helping us through the trials ahead.

Chris, who was part of our larger family group, was not happy about our invitation to the creature. He believed it would lead us to our doom somehow. I insisted it would be of value to us, and convince him by pointing out the challenges that undoubtedly face us ahead. "We need someone to help us navigate the challenges, someone familiar with these caverns." I explained.

We arrive at a challenge of heights, careful footing, and smarts. I'm holding an old doll, predating Barbie, with hand-made clothes and a simple expressionless face. I seem to be using the doll to test the bridges made of doll blankets suspended over an abyss. The first one I try wavers exaggeratedly before collapsing. Chris lectures me about being careful, and attempts the one at the end of the ledge.

We successfully find our way across and move on, after more arguing between Chris and I.

Next, we arrive at what seems to be a camp set up for people like us who are trying to conquer this set of trials. It's presence indicated design in the trail. A series of crawl-in tents doubling as sleeping bags, each in a different pastel color, lay under a thick white netting for protection. The camp appears to be a safe place, but I wonder if its just another trap luring us into a false sense of security.

Each person claims a sleeping space, and I relent to faith that it is indeed safe because I need sleep. Chris and I want to sleep next to each other in adjacent spaces.

Scene Two: I meet an older man, like Terry from my real life (a strange romantic interest that has confused both of us given our significant age difference). We are going on a date. He later becomes an older woman, with the presence and appearance of Linda Howe (investigative journalist and personal inspiration to me). We debate where we'll go for our date, when suddenly, as if set on a decision, she transforms into an owl that flaps its wings hard to lift into the air from where her human torso was. "Hey, that's not fair. I don't fly."

She circles around and back to me. I hold out my arms. "Oh, are you going to carry me? I'm too heavy for you." I wonder aloud. She comes to a few inches from my hand but makes no attempt to grab hold of me. She must not be trying to pick me up, so what else could she be doing. I realize it then that she wants to land in my hand. How realistic, of course. I drop one hand and position the flat of my finger as close to her clawed feet as possible. The weight of her on my raised hand is heavier than I anticipated, and it required considerable adjustment for me to balance her. Finally, she was set and I rested in awe of what just happened. Then I immediately began teasing her about how her current form will make the whole dating process rather awkward.

 The shapeshifted owl landed on my bare hand, as depicted in this picture.

It's body was 1.5x the size of my head, with a round, tan and brown face.

We arrive at an Indian place per his (now human male form) suggestion. The service was terrible though, and we instead moved to a Mexican place across the open hall. Both restaurants were situated in the same room, but cognitively I understood we were in essence going across the street. So I saw both the street... or was this the third restaurant and the last two were in the same room?

Anyway, the waiter shushed us while they all recited off a ritual prayer customary for that time of day [I don't know, just roll with it]. We were annoyed though about being forced to respect their customs at the expense of ours, being ordering food at a restaurant during a date. It was silly, I would never say that.

Instead we talked and waited. I recognized the prayer and said excitedly that it was the same Norwegian prayer my partner's grandmother taught her family to recite at dinner, but in Spanish. Then I proceeded to explain to my date the backstory of why I look tired today. Last night I was up fending my way through a maze of deadly trials, where I met a Gollum looking creature and argued with Chris.

The way I talked about it surprises me. I don't recall having ever described an earlier scene from the dream having happened in the same timeline, when they clearly weren't of the same time and space. I feel like I crossed a dimensional threshold by saying that, showing recognition for a self-contained episode earlier in the night and thinking of it as having happened last night. My dream self remembered the scene before. My avatar memory is usually only interactive with the current scene. All necessary information I need for the scene is downloaded into my avatar upon arrival. These appeared to be distinct expressions that wouldn't normally overlap details or memory.

Before bed two nights ago, I asked for my next lesson. I said I was ready to move on to the next thing because my dreams had been tangential and uneventful lately. Perhaps my next step is cross-dimensional memory? I had such clear awareness of my waking life memories, and my avatar memories. The shapeshifting event was extra vivid because I have a point to catch subsequent occurrences of shapeshifting human/animals since my last couple with the large eagles.

Could this mean Terry is a shapeshifter? I doubt it. The persona it used of the romantically available older gentleman is familiar however, from a previous dream encounter with an abnormally tall older male who heard my call of curiosity about being with an older man. It was during this time I was confabulated by my attraction to a man 50 years my senior. I turned down this encounter, feeling it was just some lonely caller. Something about him felt alien, though he looked human. I wanted to say he was a giant, and perhaps a good 80 to 100 years old.

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