Dec 13, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #2/3

For our 2nd experiment I decided to try an object in my room as the target object. As you might be able to figure out from her previous posts and this one, Jennifer and I did not communicate clearly enough about the rules. This was the object. It only has a slight sentimental value for me. In retrospect, I wish I had picked something more neutral.
For whatever reason, Jennifer did not seem to pick up anything relevant.
For the 3rd try we decided to pick a random image from a google image search ("pictures"). This is what I came to by scrolling "randomly" and placing my finger on an image:
As she reported to me, nothing really came up for her that night except for a sexual dream involving an archetypal beast figure.
In retrospect, I think we totally messed this experiment up. First of all, if I'm going to use a random code, I should use a random number generator, not "randomly" tapping my thumb around on the numberpad on my phone. I don't think anything is truly random, least of all whatever goes into my thumb's choice of numbers or image that I have scrolled to.
The use of dreams for this experiment is problematic for me too. There's too much unconscious material and even clutter to deal with in such a specific context. If we're going to fully engage with this process we might do better to both use a waking meditative state. Perhaps we could try to transmit information to one another. Other than text messages, we had not spoken since August. Some of our unconscious/conscious connection likely waned in that time.
To be fair to both of us, this was a spur-of-the-moment idea that we jumped into and so it was mainly a learning process. Even if remote viewing is not an actual, acquirable skill (I think it is), just doing these experiments that engage with our less rational sides might serve to bring up interesting and valuable unconscious material.
Given some of Jennifer's past experiences with a seeming psychic connection to weather, perhaps we could try some sort of experiment involving that. We also should delve more into our psychic connection such as is detailed here: Moving Past Fear: Jordon's Evolution

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