Dec 1, 2014

Disable the Paranoia: A zombie connection

"I believe consciousness creates a vector point into that field..."

I have zombie dreams when I sleep away from my spouse and son. They slept on the couch last night to help me get some sleep. My son starts the night on the floor on a little bed space and winds up at our feet on our queen size bed part way through the night.

My dream began with the zombies being undead, turned by a bite (or capture) of a person. We were in a grocery store made into a refuge that had become infested with zombies. We collected as many pointed instruments as we could, defaulting to arrow-like sticks with silver pointed caps. They would have been more useful as cooking tools. Their short length required close contact to puncture the chest or head.

Nearer toward the end, after losing a couple people, and regrouping with other live humans, our focus changed. A group by the end aisle was paranoid and planned to attack one of my teammates. We were all watching the faces of others that passed by us in the crowded store to stop zombies before they had a chance to attack someone from behind, or was on the verge of turning. This group thought my friend was about to turn, but it sounded more like targeted revenge or prejudice against his personality. I informed my teammate they were about to attack. A few members pursued with me as I intercepted before they could agree to charge. I stabbed their faces with toothpick long sticks. I couldn't get them through the skull so I aimed for the temple, a soft spot of the head that hits the brain.

I could see the sticks penetrate their skin like it was translucent. No blood fell, and the leader I attacked didn't protest much. He fell back from me with enough acupuncture to be disabled. I didn't kill him though, the sticks didn't go deep enough to. They weren't zombies afterall, just misled humans.

The relation to my family's absence spurring on zombie dreams has been a suspected hypothesis for a year at least. Something so minor as my sleep arrangement can affect my dreams in this way? I've tried to think of other possibilities. Am I angrier when I choose to sleep without my family? Am I lonely or feel emotionally isolated from them? I don't know either of those apply every time. I was annoyed because I was very tired with my spouse's lack of interaction and patience with our son that night after I had been with him two days and three nights straight without a break (I worked the two hours they were occupied together, and I had to set them up in the activity). He does better on the weekend when he isn't tired from work. I know that, so I tried to let those feelings go.

Dreams do operate with the latent consciousness. As much as I try to predict them every night, I am largely unsuccessful. Yet they are incredibly successful at predicting my waking life, things I have no control over and could never know. There is contact happening with other consciousness' (humans, nature, animals, extradimensionals, aliens) but as an access point into a quantum network of energy where life happens.

Dr. Greer talked about creating a vector point into the zero point energy field. I believe consciousness creates a vector point into that field to essentially walk through all of creation and thought as perceived by the energy of consciousness in nonlocality, attracting scenes, ideas, essences of other life forms, and the souls of all material things (how we have used them or perceived an object; infused life) to your experience. I often walk through the energy that is manifesting in my waking world first. People around me are getting used to me saying "I thought that would happen. I dreamed it a few days ago." I wouldn't call this precognition quite, mainly because I don't know how to predict what elements will manifest, and I can't control what things I can predict or the form they will take in waking reality. It seems to work best when I don't try to prompt my dreaming deliberately, or try to change subject as rejection of what I've been seeing in my dreams. Resistance is another form of attraction, it's like those Chinese finger puzzles: the more you pull the tighter it gets.

Classic chinese finger puzzle/trap given as a party favor or prize at fairs. The weaved fabric squeezes the volume of space inside the cylinder when stretched. The only way to remove your fingers is to push them together, hold the puzzle in place with your free fingers, and pull out your indexes.

Best thing you can do is relax and walk through the memory of a dream without judgement. The lessons are inherent, they will come out without you trying. And when you are getting ready to go to sleep, do the same. Relax and let whatever memories or thoughts of your waking life come without judgment or leading. Even if all you can think about is a stressor in your life, that's perfectly fine. But breathe and release the pressure to do something about it now. The worry will not help you. Accept it is a problem you are concerned about and there is a better chance the solution will become clear in your sleep or after resting. Detach your fear from the images and ideas. Let them cycle through your mind or linger if they choose. This is how you enter nonlocality. You solidify your consciousness in the waking world by being weighed down by the fears and doubts of waking reality. The imagination slows with imposed will. When you try to focus in on something, you stop it.

The great mystery of the Heisenberg principle is the more you focus on an electron, the less you know about where it's going. Let the electrons of your imagination flow around freely. You may not be able to translate into words what you saw or the feelings of the messages, but you will trust the awe you feel from it.

See post on my dream mentor in astrophysics highlight the Heisenberg principle to me, and how it has become an underpinning for much of my findings in the zero point field and consciousness' relation to the ZPE field.

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