Feb 23, 2014

A Meeting of Old Acquaintences

A second encounter with the two species I met during my consciousness abduction/contact. This time very dream-like. Provided a long-awaited chance to ask questions and learn about the relationship between the two species. 

2nd half of dream:  Walking along a field where multiple camoflauged alien ships have are resting. They look like rusted rhombus shaped containers, similar to giant garbage trucks. Which alien species do these belong to, I wonder in alternating excitement and nervousness. One of them locks onto me and pulls me toward it. Finally, one finds me interesting. But which one? The walls of this ship become transparent and I see a blue-transluscent skinned short being inside welcoming me. I know it's kind. The affects of the beam begin to render me unconscious. "NO, please let me stay awake so I can interact with you during this session, I want to see everything!" I ask the being and will myself to stay awake through the heavy drowsiness of the beam. I push through and land fully awake on the ship. I can't contain my excitement.

Feb 22, 2014

What Will It Take: A Tale of Love

The conditions for reaching that pure and blissful connected love are specific, if not impossibly complex. But might the strength of that draw be enough to pull us toward it as a guiding light through all the obstacles we face? Is love a magnetic force like consciousness belonging to a body?

For once, there was no question I was aware of asking preceding this vivid dream, other than me spending a couple hours searching online for ideas to adjust my wardrobe, particularly focusing on an underbust corset and how to trim a long dress I own. But important elements in the dream prompt me to record it while it's fresh. When I have vivid dreams without investigative prompting, the dream seem to channel issues around the world I never would have been aware of.

I'm with Shantey, a sister-type whom I grew up with, at our old apartment complex. Something is amiss. A powerful tyrant is in the area and is searching for us in their quest to gather and subdue all free occupants of the previous order. He is enacting a new order. I grab Shantey's arm and pull her to the back of one of the complex's by the line of bushes and fencing. "We need to run." I exclaim to her in an urgent whisper, pulling her into hiding just in time before he turned the corner to see where we had stood. We trace along the wall of the complex to the next break, and wait. He already had caught up at the far end. I pull Shantey back to wait. "Wait. Stand in line with the tree." I walk her slowly as the man walks in line of sight with a tree a quarter of the way between him and us. He is shouting for us to hear wherever we may be in the complex, making ultimatums with an arrogant confidence that they will find us eventually. We've evaded him so long now that if we're caught, he likely will unleash a darker punishment on us than any others he's caught.

Feb 17, 2014

Seeing Overlapping Realms When Awake

Think Water

-Exemplifying how it would look to see two overlapping realms in the waking state

See Investigations DS#2 on posts with the water and ocean themes, listed at the bottom of the page.

Over the course of my dreaming investigations, one puzzling element pervaded:  water.

I managed to decipher the coding water represents in the spirit realm, settling on the idea that my dream scenarios kept nudging me toward, that there is a realm of nonlocality overlapping the solid state reality. Being immersed in water was dangerous because it implied full openness of spirit for anything wandering around to penetrate. It's hard to breathe if you don't know how or have no equipment or evolved physical ability (gills). It took me a long time to conjure a dream of myself swimming fully submerged in ocean, though I knew that held the key to contacting other beings. The dream ocean is a highway of consciousness connecting all beings together. We are made capable to walk the land, or swim the water. [Haven't figured out what capability flight represents in the dream world. But watch out for Dragons. Those buggers are dangerous because they can access all three mediums swiftly and freely if no protective measures are taken.]

There was a significance to straddling the surface of the water. Something was important about that, never going too deep or submerging without being in a team with a reason to be searching the water. In other words, to explore the spirit world, you need certain safety measures in place. I had to put those in place to safely navigate. But what was the significance of straddling the surface in response to my questions about being able to SEE and HEAR those beings of the spirit ocean? I want nothing more than learn how to see that companion realm in my waking state, so I can teach others to.

Last week, the answer hit me as I was passing over a creek bridge. Water has the amazing property of reflecting the outer world on its surface, while still allowing transparency to the creek's floor. In this way, we are seeing two overlapping worlds.

I've known water holds the key to understanding the overlapping realm. There has been a relationship with water I cannot shake. In this picture, notice three layers actually. The one of the water bottom with the rocks, one with the camera man in the lower right, along with the trees tracing the photo's bottom edge, and thirdly, what seems like another figure taking up the left half of the photo. This figure is closer to the water than the cameraman, and so is not reflected with the same clarity as the trees or camera guy. His/her shadow appears cast on the lake bottom, whereas the cameraman is obviously on the surface. Such a brilliant demonstration on the play of light with water and solid objects. I know this is the area of study that will help us understand the degrees of solidity and nonlocality in which consciousness can travel, but I'm not certain how it helps us SEE them. Dreams kept telling me to be in-between, to float on the surface with part of the body submerged in a natural water (ocean, lake, river, stream). Pools are different, they are enclosed man made, rather, pocket dimensions, of consciousness.

Water helps me visualize how it is possible for two overlapping realms to intersect in the same dimension of perception. But can physical water provide a window into this other realm? The answer keeps coming back yes, but how, and why? Does water amplify sounds at the extremes of the sound spectrum? Does it reflect light in a way that would allow us to see things the naked eye can't?

There's the Harry Potter scene that comes to mind again and again where Hermione uses a mirror to look around corners because a direct meeting of the eyes with the Basilisk turns a human to stone. There is truth in that myth for contactees who have been 'put under a spell' by entities they've encountered. Entities with command over human consciousness and transmission of experience maybe need that soul connection through the eyes. Perhaps cloaking technology works the same way. Some UFO sightings occur at certain angles when the eye sees around whatever cloak or masking tech being used. Might the reflection of water show us shadows of such crafts or beings?

This is speculation, of course. It's actually difficult to work out the right conditions for water to reflect both the sky and its depth just right in relation to your eyes. Top shots or low shots capturing both mediums depends on the position and magnitude of light sources. I suppose its worth an experiment though, to channel while I'm looking at a water's edge. Haha! This idea, I'm just realizing, is commonly in magical movies where some witch far away contacts a person by water reflection.

Dream Experiment to Uncover Truth about Red Grid Mark Phenomenon, Part 3

Consciousness Invasions to Induce Out-of-Body Training?
- 'Michael' from Case Study #1 makes a choice to explore his altered state of consciousness instead of submitting to another assault. In so doing, he discovers an incredible ability.
[Read Part 1, or Part 2 of this ongoing series investigation with 'Michael,' Case Study #1]
J: “Strangely enough, last night (Thurs/Fri) I had an amazing dream, one I've been waiting to have:  a meeting of different alien beings!  There was a cantalope colored one with a bulbous head and large black eyes. He was shooting we with some kind of field or laser. I looked at someone next to me who knew more about the alien types than I and asked what he was doing. The beam made circles of light that rose from the ground up with me at the center. Its affect on me alternated between uncomfortable and benign depending on how I was thinking. The person next to me hurried me saying it was a truth beam, as long as I told the truth I would be fine. I fell to my knees and looked to the sky, curling my body inward as if the beam hurt or I was trying to resist it. I devoted those few moments to concentrating my thoughts (serious mental discipline exercise) on expressing a closeness with the truth. I felt the being, some hundred feet away in a firing stance relax. It seemed mechanical almost, so clear on its duties. But it was completely biological. I knew there was a soul in there. He ceased firing, and carried on. I stood, confident in my innocence and honesty and humility. "Who was that?" I asked. "He's a lawman." "A lawman?" I questioned. How fascinating! A galactic being dedicated to a code of truth and capable of putting someone on trial in a sense with a weapon. The lawman was surprised by my arrival and was checking if I was a threat, if I was allowed to be there by checking the essence of my person. I just kept saying to myself whilst in the circles "You have faith. I am a good person. I have nothing to be afraid of. I can pass this test." 

Feb 14, 2014

Dream Experiments to Uncover Truth about Red Grid Mark Phenomenon, Part 2

Call and Response Dream Question posed after Skype interview with Michael and consent for joint dreaming exercise, January 29th, 2014: "Who or what came into my room on the morning of Dec. 2nd 2013, and what purpose was the electric field on my brain used for?"
Dream:  (Story length. Never a simple answer with these.)
I'm part of a small group of college aged men and women with vibrant personalities and energy. We all live in a dorm, school-like community together. We enjoy our time together, playing, teasing, talking, gossiping about crushes within the group. An entire dream sequence is entirely devoted to showing me the dynamic of this group, how they interact and how carefree they are. They are an athletic group, full of life and arrogance, but they love and look out for one another. We were happily engrossed in our social interactions. The men joked with each other and wrestled like boys. The women chatted and nagged the men, hung on one another like girls do.
I heard 2-3 of the men of our group talking emphatically about plans to change some perspective in our society they disagreed with. In excited bursts of dialogue, they devised the basis for their plan, all the while still teasing one another about how they phrased something. The details of the plan were fuzzy to me, but the sense I got was they were hoping to re-educated and be a voice against some part of the status quo.

Then an image appeared superimposed over the scene -- like a forethought or premonition, but as if I've seen it before and the memory was just triggered to resurface -- of the smallest member of their pack lying dead at what was the first casualty in a terrible war. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Then I saw the scene expand and all of them, all my men, and a hundred more, our entire student community, lay slaughtered on a battlefield they didn't belong on.

Feb 13, 2014

Dream Experiment to Uncover Truth about Red Grid Marks Phenomenon, Part 1

There are a few answers to questions in my call-and-response dreaming technique that return mysterious answers so complex that they seem off-topic, yet consistently return with an iteration of the same message. One of those is "Why are red grid marks appearing on a small group of people? What are they caused from?"

An experiencer from my case files under the assigned alias "Michael" (anonymity at his request) and I conducted a tentative experiment in Nov. 2013 to try to connect in our dream states. Our hope was to boost our signals by cooperatively focusing on our joint desire to know the truth behind the appearances of our grid marks only a year and a half ago. We live in different parts of the country, and have been Skyping regularly with updates about our personal research and new experiences.

The night we planned to try this first experiment, he dreamed that the classic investigative partnership into the unknown, Mulder and Scully were pursuing a dark case, "possibly about a murder." They tracked down the perp who carried a box that when directed toward Mulder rendered him unconscious. 'Michael' recalls Scully was unsurprised by Mulder being so easily manipulated into an altered state. He also recalls a malevolent presence or omnipresence, commonly detected by him in his levitation and probing experiences that continues to haunt his nights. Unusual for my average strength of recall, I could remember only a vague detail about mass murder. Still, the common thread was enough for us to continue on with another attempt, building off this initial one.