Feb 17, 2014

Dream Experiment to Uncover Truth about Red Grid Mark Phenomenon, Part 3

Consciousness Invasions to Induce Out-of-Body Training?
- 'Michael' from Case Study #1 makes a choice to explore his altered state of consciousness instead of submitting to another assault. In so doing, he discovers an incredible ability.
[Read Part 1, or Part 2 of this ongoing series investigation with 'Michael,' Case Study #1]
J: “Strangely enough, last night (Thurs/Fri) I had an amazing dream, one I've been waiting to have:  a meeting of different alien beings!  There was a cantalope colored one with a bulbous head and large black eyes. He was shooting we with some kind of field or laser. I looked at someone next to me who knew more about the alien types than I and asked what he was doing. The beam made circles of light that rose from the ground up with me at the center. Its affect on me alternated between uncomfortable and benign depending on how I was thinking. The person next to me hurried me saying it was a truth beam, as long as I told the truth I would be fine. I fell to my knees and looked to the sky, curling my body inward as if the beam hurt or I was trying to resist it. I devoted those few moments to concentrating my thoughts (serious mental discipline exercise) on expressing a closeness with the truth. I felt the being, some hundred feet away in a firing stance relax. It seemed mechanical almost, so clear on its duties. But it was completely biological. I knew there was a soul in there. He ceased firing, and carried on. I stood, confident in my innocence and honesty and humility. "Who was that?" I asked. "He's a lawman." "A lawman?" I questioned. How fascinating! A galactic being dedicated to a code of truth and capable of putting someone on trial in a sense with a weapon. The lawman was surprised by my arrival and was checking if I was a threat, if I was allowed to be there by checking the essence of my person. I just kept saying to myself whilst in the circles "You have faith. I am a good person. I have nothing to be afraid of. I can pass this test." 

Another being, a humanoid woman entered the apartment room with bluish skin, boldest around the hair, which was bright blue and arranged in an elaborate hairstyle atop her head. Her demeanor was elegant and commanding, someone I wouldn't have expected to walk into this little residence. I believe they called her a queen, but I was slightly amused by her height, being shorter than me and everyone else in the room. That didn't sway the respect she elicited from us though. She was visiting to talk with a giant of a man cooking in the kitchen. He had misaligned teeth and was massive in size, like Andre the Giant. He wore a dingy white shirt and apron; a simpleton, a struggling peasant type in contrast to the queen. But they were not derived from a medieval era. They were more equal, despite their appearances. He cooked and lived this way by choice. His status as an equal shone by her willingness to come to him in person to discuss their arrangement. She was not his queen, but the queen of some other people. He was a hired hand for some job. Despite my attempts to interact with her, the queen seemed somewhat disinterested in me. She was there to talk with the person with me, my guide, and Andre the Giant. They were disagreeing about terms of some job she had him do, some incomplete aspect.

A human female officer came after the queen departed, wearing a serious armored jacket with  Though also in protective services, she was of a different order and nature from the lawman alien. He enforced a higher law, while she dealt with internal disputes as a mediator of peace. The Giant man was asking the officer to talk to the queen about some unfair aspect of their contract.
Then the most surprising telepathic knowing was stated to me, that some questions are told with multiple subsequent dreams, and that this was, particularly the 'lawman' encounter, was a continuation of yesterday's Q and A. I'm not sure how, I just know it was supposed to be in continuation.
For further reference, my dream last night (Fri/Sat) was about a gal friend of mine. Very different topic.” (Email Feb 1st, 2014)


M: “[B]ig news. Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about initiating my own out-of-body experiences. I listened to a recent C2C interview with William Buhlman and I guess that opened me even more to the idea. Then a few days later I woke up from a nap in my car and had an interesting experience where I noticed that my sense of space was different. It was sort of like I had ballooned outward. Then early on the morning of the 3rd... well, here's what I wrote in my dream journal:
My mind partially wakes up but the body is still asleep. I decide to venture from my body and start rising up. There’s a sort of roaring sound and possibly some shaking. I strain to see and I see some geometric patterns a little ways off. (I’d heard something on C2C a little earlier having to do with an NDE and geometric patterns.) Something happens in the environment, possibly noise in the house and I have to go back to my body.
I'm kind of amazed at how I took the initiative like that. I hadn't specifically planned to do that. It was like I felt myself fall into that deep  'sleep' or whatever it is where my encounters normally happen and I knew it was time to take a leap and I instantly went for it. I probably got 7 feet or so off the bed. I think the damn dog barked and so my body had to retrieve me for partial waking. I picked up William Bulhman's book the next day and I was amazed as he described the roaring and energetic quivering that I felt. I'm also reminded of the 'whum, whum' sound I heard in Alaska. Of course I decided to do more attempts last night and I had some fuzzy experience of lifting off slightly but not really going anywhere. My stomach was a little upset and I think that interfered with things. I believe it's important to have the body in optimal condition--no full bladder or anything like that. The next challenge will be to bring more seeing into the experience. It seems that in this realm, making simple, firm decisions is what's important.” (Email Feb 4th 2014).

J: “OMG!! Wow! I'm so proud of you! I think you just gained a level in your spirit walking skill. How amazing that you managed to execute that yourself without drugs. That same experience is what DMT produces:  the whum,whum sound or buzzing of sorts, then geometric patterns. Eventually people report meeting other worldly beings and feeling awake but with the experience overlapping their current state of physical reality. You may have more production of DMT that allows you to do altered states more easily than others without the experience you've achieved. Maybe those abduction/levitation/probing episodes were deliberate, and the effect was to get you to learn how to leave your body. This, I truly believe, is the next stage of our evolution, to be able to walk freely in the spirit realm. Much of my fiction writing is about a kind of switch turning on across the world that activates a perceptive ability in the brain to allow people to see what we have been blinded to by genetic design (dormant gene or dormant area of brain) until such time as we can excite it ourselves. It would mark our readiness to enter into the higher community of spirit. OBE's consistently talk about the same kind of experience, of course. THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH! I do so easily in my dreams, and I can meditate and manage the same experience, but NEVER a case of feeling myself pull out of my body. It's just a different skill. I am always transported to another realm altogether, a deep and metaphorical space. I don't see this physical plane at all there. I don't know where I go. But I asked once and I was shone a map of the galaxy with marks all over it denoting where I've been. I was looking up at it from Earth, and this map covered the sky. I was amazed in dream at what they were saying. I thought I had never left my planet. According to that map, I have been from one side of the galaxy to other. Strange and still rather doubtful for me to think. But, then again, its fun to believe it might true. I visited a crystal college last night. Wonder where that was. I also figured that the physical plane and the spiritual are not a 1:1 space ratio. There is space within fractions of space. I've been to a hidden town in one dream that was located in the space somewhere in my immediate valley. I wondered and wondered where this place could be, how it could exist beneathe the space of what was otherwise a forest landscape in reality. It existed on top of it, in the air, but not in the air. Those fractions of space had been expanded to create what I call pocket spaces or pocket dimensions.

I'm really looking forward to hearing how you progress this awakened skill, this skill you've suddenly owned. What amazing things might await you! Could you come visit me in your astral body? Maybe it doesn't work that way. In one OBE I read, a significant one, the guy traveled to places he strongly wished to be, and knew about. It created a magnetic attraction that drew him there. It seems to be about this magnetism. Like consciousness can pull space, or pull a location to you. The Bermuda Triangle is said to be a time warp. A guy and his plane managed to cross beneathe space to the florida coast in at what they calculated would have been 1000 miles/hour. Far reaching the capability of his little plane, but they had all the radio records and the sightings and his landing. He saw a spiral in clouds and described a feeling a tug and pull at his front and back. Theoretically, the worm hole of physicists like Einstein, would bend space around the object, allowing it to travel under normal space. The diagram showed space as a flat plane, and the pilot's craft on that plane, but with space over the top of it like a blanket being pulled off continuously.

In the dream about you where the father and his children probe the spine of a driver and kick him out of his car, I wonder if they intended to give the car back, or if the driver could reclaim his car. If these beings were trying to kick you out of your vessel, your body, what is the difference between that and you voluntarily being able to get out? Sexual trauma and abuse on children is one way to force the developing mind to dissociate, and, (different approach to MPD/DID) invite other consciousnesses to take over for handling different situations. So literally multiple spirits take turns in one body.” (Email Feb 11th 2014).

M: “I've been pretty disappointed lately as I've been unable to replicate my OBE. Although I did have an experience a few nights ago that was either sleepwalking or OBE--I haven't been able to discern. I've never known myself to sleep walk (other than once as a child and possibly another time as an adult) and the memory is pretty foggy. For one thing, I think the OBE so surprised and excited me that I wasn't able to calm down enough to fully enter that state again. And there's my inability to truly relax about sleeping. I've had a good number of dreams recently, which I assume means I've gotten some good REM but nothing like that incredibly deep, relaxed state that I occasionally fall into. I live with a married couple who have a very unhealthy relationship and I wonder how much that affects me.
I'm guessing that if a person has their 'soul' abducted by aliens then that person might find it more easy in the future to disconnect from their body. I don't really like the term soul (soul is better for depth psychology purposes) though--I prefer 'energetic body'. Incidentally, I wonder if this energetic body material might be what some alien species are after. There are several creepy hints at that in Karla Turner's work. If I were pulled out by another species it may have had nothing to do with my own benefit--I just happen to have a looser connection now. Sometimes its hard to tell what is harmful. What's going on in a schizophrenic's mind and how is that different from more positive experiences? Are 'mentally ill' people simply unable to process the signals that they're getting and so it drives them to hurtful behavior? Is it just the manifestation of a genetic deformity?
Anyway, being able to initiate more OBE's is one of my main goals right now. I'm not entirely sure how I'll do it but I think it would be an enormous boon for me in so many ways. As I progress, yes, it would be interesting to try to link up in another realm. According to Bulhman, it's important to state very clearly what you want while you're having the experience. For instance, while you're dreaming and in a lucid state, perhaps you could clearly and firmly state that you want to unlink your energetic body and move a short distance away from your body, perhaps look down at it. In other words, consciously leave the dream and take a step over into the the next reality. He goes into some pretty interesting and complex descriptions about what all is involved in OBE's. It reminds me of what I've been reading in The Field. Some of Buhlman's philosophy gets a little bit too close to The Secret for my taste but I think you'd find some helpful insights.” (Email Feb 13th 2014).

Finally, some good to come out of all this searching. Michael is on his way to developing a rather difficult skill to accomplish without ever using mind altering chemicals, being close to death, or enduring sudden trauma. He is managing to explore the spirit world immediately overlapping our physical world. He is learning to extend his consciousness beyond his body, a skill the greatest zen masters and priests struggle for years to accomplish. This is only the beginning I suspect. His ability is fresh and just realized. I wonder how easily he will be able to see places he's never been, or know things he couldn't know. Now I pose this question to the reader:  would you be willing to endure years of spiritual abuse inducing the sensations of control, rape, and manipulation to achieve skills of consciousness? I doubt this tactic is necessary for everyone. But Michael resisted all manner of faith, and held steadfast to his skeptical nature. These traits still have there place and serve him in other ways, as they do for me and anyone else. However, there has now been a payoff, and it took a constant challenge to his understanding of the universe and contact with unknown, perhaps alien, consciousness to force him to step off the ledge and say "Fuck it", instead of rape this time, I'm going to fly! He took control of his drifting consciousness for more personal delights and joy! 

After my first attempt to channel the great spirit consciousness I refer to as my imaginary friend Darian, and its wild success, I also had difficult replicating the same session. Instead, it helped me recognize I have always been communicating with him, and that it comes very easily and naturally. I just have to want to talk faithfully to him, no matter what its about. I talk to him and trust he is there and receiving it. Boom, the channel is established. Michael may have the same after epiphany success, where he realizes he's been doing it all along in his sleep, with the taunting faith that the malevolent, abusive presence will return that night. 

How can someone else achieve such results without the trauma? Don't be afraid to communicate to whatever consciousness you believe exists in the spiritual space around you or omnipresently within and surrounding you. And MEDITATE! That simply means, take quiet reflection and time to let your imagination wander or inversely, ground yourself in the physical by doing body awareness mediation, acknowledging any pains, sensations, or feelings in your self without judgment. 

Perhaps more to come:  Another Case Study in the Red Grid Mark Phenomenon.

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