May 29, 2015

Notice to Experiencers

If you have contacted our team in the last year and not received a reply, we deeply apologize for the delay. There was an issue with our email and we have rectified the misorganization. Expect a reply from us shortly.

If you have a new case to report, it would greatly help us if you submitted the details of your incidence and your info in our Questionnaire.

We have a high volume of cases at the moment and are trying to catch up. I'm in the process of communicating with another investigator on a similar phenomenon. We hope to start publishing another series of brief case reports soon, and data reports compiling items from all our cases.

Thanks for reading!

May 23, 2015

French Investigator on the Target Symbol/Mark Phenomenon

The red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP) has just become even stranger with the discovery of another investigation series on a french forum site (translated to English here, untranslated in French here).

Featured at left, TSMP Investigator's Case No. 1 reported in 2005.

An investigator with the username Mikerynos37, general alias Mikerynos, and real name Rémy, lists 12 of his case reports on a health forum Doctissimo with an additional 3 new cases posted to the forum thread by the experiencers themselves. Like so many of RGMP experiencers, those who have found strange circular symbols imprinted or burned onto their skin have sought answers and find their way on health forums and paranormal sites.

May 13, 2015


Four times now I have had experiences where I see a face during an OBE. The first was back in early 2013. My dream/OBE journal says:
I try to open my eyes and it seems as if I’ve opened my eyes and I see a faint face, possibly one that looks like me (I realize after that I wasn’t really opening my eyes). I can’t move. I summon all my psychic energy towards anger and the experience fades away and I’m back to normal. In a possible dream state I think to myself that maybe this is a memory I’m experiencing.

May 9, 2015


A few nights ago I (Jordon) had one of my more important breakthrough OBEs. If you've read about some of my other experiences you know they've been quite traumatic and confusing at times but I've also had some transcendent and breakthrough encounters with this other realm. This particular one is important because it feels like I took conscious charge of a situation and defended myself. Before I had often felt helpless and at the mercy of something totally Other and overwhelming. I also have had trouble "seeing" after entering this state. It's often as if I'm in a black, blank room. This is likely due to not entering a relaxed and deep enough vibrational mode. One of my goals has been to have more of a visual experience. Below is my dream/OBE journal entry written in the early morning hours right after I woke up. I often have trouble recalling the entire experience and I'm left with a feeling that more has happened so there could be more to this than I am remembering.

May 7, 2015

Deciphering Dream Content

Topics under observation: Channeling the Unknown; Translating dream imagery and content to waking reality and back; How direct is the translation? Under what circumstances is the translation most clear

May 6, 2015

Tyrranical Monarch

 What factors influence our dreams? Are they a collection of elements brought together to create the elaborate story we're left in awe of? Are fictional stories in today's film industry influenced either financially or by content driving in order to disseminate real information to the public in a more digestible way than cold-hard truth? 

"I heard she's the king's consort.' I lower my head and my smile fades. I pickup my basket like any other slave, trying to blend..."