May 6, 2015

Tyrranical Monarch

 What factors influence our dreams? Are they a collection of elements brought together to create the elaborate story we're left in awe of? Are fictional stories in today's film industry influenced either financially or by content driving in order to disseminate real information to the public in a more digestible way than cold-hard truth? 

"I heard she's the king's consort.' I lower my head and my smile fades. I pickup my basket like any other slave, trying to blend..."


Dream Experienced Night of May 4th/5th, 2015:

Potential Influencing Circumstances

Full disclosure, I finally had an intrauterine device inserted, which if you aren't familiar with that, is a form of birth control that allows spontaneous intimacy without impeding sensation of either participating party (to put it delicately). It releases hormones gradually overtime, and lasts about 5 years. I've been jumping through hoops and delays for four months to finally get the appointment to insert it. The night of this dream was the first night having had it in. I suggest potential influence by this real life event because of the emotional shift that ensued about being able to freely have sex (with my partner) without worrying about getting pregnant.

Let me be clear that I do not subscribe to the dismissive idea that because a dream has clear influence from the waking reality that it is the only explanation of the content, imagery, and message to be gained. In other words, while many dreams may exist with influence only by the contained consciousness who experiences it, I believe there is another level of influence from outside consciousness (other beings or collective knowledge and experience). In short, I believe the dreaming consciousness can access information and experiences of others.

Carl Jung had a similar theory to try and explain the bizarre download of information dreams have. Studies in the potential telepathic transmission of content for dreams supported the hypothesis. Two persons kept separate from one another demonstrated direct influence on each others dreams. This study was reported in "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart. One participant slept in a room with a picture of a boat on rough seas, while the other slept in a separate room with nothing. Neither were aware of the other person, and neither had seen the other's room prior. The following morning, the participant in the empty room reported having a dream of being seasick. An incredible clue as to the nature of content that is transmitted. I believe some types of experience are more likely to be transmitted and picked up on by an open mind than others. It has been a personal goal of mine in my dream research for this website to determine what content is most likely to pick up on an when. So far, it has become evident that the mind must be tuned in order to receive certain things. For my dreaming, it often requires new experience or a shift in thinking to finally achieve a dream 'response' I've been waiting for. In some instances though, like the following dream, it was more that I had become aware of a particular state of mind that made me open to receiving an idea I hadn't thought about.

The detail in the socio-economic dynamics of this dream world were so specific, I awoke knowing it was unique and revealing of something beyond my immediate experiences. My experience of becoming free to have sex without worry of pregnancy, created a new guardedness about how spontaneously my partner could initiate sex. There was a loss of power, when I had anticipated a gain of power in getting the IUD.


In this world, a mass populace is enslaved in a beautiful, colossal-sized palace where we monitor production of all goods in the monarchy. Vegetables are grown and sent along assembly lines that fill inside acres of this palace. Columns on marble floors as far as I can see repeat through the endless room. The slaves are making goods and food for both themselves and the monarch's kingdom of elites under the direct control of the monarch. We live inside the palace under the close supervision of the slave-master guards. I, however, am in a special situation as the king's personal consort. It leaves me isolated from the other slaves in many ways. I cannot speak about my higher status, and close role to the king because rebellious slaves might take advantage of my access.

During one unparticular work day, while carrying a basket of potatoes to another station, a child slave comes up beside me and challenges me to race to the station. I smile with both care for this youth and the position he is in, being likely born to a slave mother and thus became a slave himself for the same cause. But for this brief game, I let go of my guard to have a bit of fun with another of my people, whom I always keep at a distance, though I care deeply for their strife.

We get to the station laughing and hand over our baskets in exchange for theirs to be delivered to a different station. One of the women at the station asks "Who are you?" Perhaps his mother, or relative looking out for the boy. And the boy answers "I heard she's the king's consort." I lower my head and my smile fades. I pickup my basket like any other slave, trying to blend into the mindset of being an uninteresting slave, and turn away hoping no one noticed what he said. The mother scolds him on my behalf, "Hush!" The boy argues, "But it's true, I heard someone talking about it." Some of the men perked up to listen and look. "Shush, if it is true you're endangering her by saying so."
"Why?" Asks the boy impatiently. "Because, others shouldn't know. She needs to keep her place quiet."

The king is an ugly, fat, and hairy man. His stature is not at all that of a king, nor is his demeanor. He acted entitled, dumb, and indulgent. I massaged his enormous back and performed for him, as was expected of me. I told myself despite his ugliness, any of the others would be happy to achieve this position. Many of the others tend to guards, and lower members in the hierarchy.  I tried to appreciate what luck had bestowed on me, despite the wedge it drove between me and my fellow slaves. I was reserved only for the king, no one else, whereas other women had to please multiple members of the elite. Was I justified to complain? I worried others overheard the boy, and part of me hoped they did.

A rebellion indeed erupted, but not by the slaves. It was an organized party of enlightened people with moral conviction and a warrior heart. They stormed the palace grounds, eliminating the guards and oppressors with ease.

My perspective came from what must've been a garden looking up the hill of the palace. It was made of serpentine Great Walls of China stemming from a main lookout at the peak of the hill. I watched the small parties of our rescuers toss guards off the wall with annoyance more than effort. They wore black armor with blue pieces at the forearms, necks, and calves. It resembled a Storm Trooper's armor, but with more bulk, more hard lines (not rounded everywhere), and few of them wore helmets. I was entranced by them, and ducked in a tree or corner to observe safely until they arrived at my location. How would they regard me? I wondered. Would they destroy me for being close to the king? Would they free me like the rest?

I watched them descend the walls. They were so handsome and brutal. I wrestled with that dichotomy as I noticed them spearing our guards mercilessly. They were sure in their goal, to rid our city of the scourge that ruled over it.

I fixated again on their armor, thinking it granted greater protection than a Storm Troopers would. I got the sense that it was indeed more effective than our guards had. They were clearly more advanced.

Media References

Could I have also been channeling the increased excitement in the air about the new Star Wars movie? Or, is the premise of Star Wars a relatively accurate reflection a real history or current event in our galaxy? I'm very fascinated by media serving to educate the masses through the guise of fiction; what do you think Fringe is all about?

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