Dec 13, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #2/3

For our 2nd experiment I decided to try an object in my room as the target object. As you might be able to figure out from her previous posts and this one, Jennifer and I did not communicate clearly enough about the rules. This was the object. It only has a slight sentimental value for me. In retrospect, I wish I had picked something more neutral.
For whatever reason, Jennifer did not seem to pick up anything relevant.
For the 3rd try we decided to pick a random image from a google image search ("pictures"). This is what I came to by scrolling "randomly" and placing my finger on an image:
As she reported to me, nothing really came up for her that night except for a sexual dream involving an archetypal beast figure.
In retrospect, I think we totally messed this experiment up. First of all, if I'm going to use a random code, I should use a random number generator, not "randomly" tapping my thumb around on the numberpad on my phone. I don't think anything is truly random, least of all whatever goes into my thumb's choice of numbers or image that I have scrolled to.
The use of dreams for this experiment is problematic for me too. There's too much unconscious material and even clutter to deal with in such a specific context. If we're going to fully engage with this process we might do better to both use a waking meditative state. Perhaps we could try to transmit information to one another. Other than text messages, we had not spoken since August. Some of our unconscious/conscious connection likely waned in that time.
To be fair to both of us, this was a spur-of-the-moment idea that we jumped into and so it was mainly a learning process. Even if remote viewing is not an actual, acquirable skill (I think it is), just doing these experiments that engage with our less rational sides might serve to bring up interesting and valuable unconscious material.
Given some of Jennifer's past experiences with a seeming psychic connection to weather, perhaps we could try some sort of experiment involving that. We also should delve more into our psychic connection such as is detailed here: Moving Past Fear: Jordon's Evolution

Dec 11, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #2: Dream Result

Assigned code to Target object:  35618
Transmitter: Jordon
Receiver via Dreaming: Jennifer

Night of Dec. 10/11th 2014 Dream Response

I felt I was in a live-action horror, trying to escape someone I was afraid would hurt me by going out a window and onto the roof.

The most vivid scenes I recall are fighting an enormous monster reminiscent of a boss fight in a video game with my childhood sweetheart Chris. We were throwing axes at it's head and arguing over where best to strike him. We fought him from rooftops because he was so massive. The rooftops were our ground. We had targeting cursors that appeared and flashed before we released a projectile. It was terrifyingly real.

The other scene I remember was in a town hall meeting space with my distant family members. There's a tension between me and one of my cousins (which exists in real life). Next thing I know a woman is giving birth there and I'm trying to help carry a table with a few men for her to lay on. They expressed births happening here being a normal occurrence. I found it odd it didn't happen in a hospital. Must be an isolated and dedicated family to perform their births right there in the family hall. Some silly discussion about a trivial issue regarding the running of their little town was happening in the main space, setup with fold out tables and chairs, so we brought the motherly woman out into the hallway to finish.

What I can remember vividly all seems rather short compared to how long the dream was. There was significantly more about Chris trying to protect me and me trying to prove we should handle the boss together, that I can contribute and he'll only get hurt by refusing help, which he did. He yelled for me to run away or his effort would be worthless. The boss caught him off-guard and flung him away. I ran away, and I believe my cousin came to help. I was so afraid Chris was killed I wanted vengeance on the boss.

Target Revelation Upcoming...

Remote Viewing Experiment #1: Target Results

Read Part 1

Jordon revealed to me, sadly, that the target was a picture of me and that he mistakenly made a code with sentimental value, the rearranged date of our first email contact. Other than the reflectiveness of my dream that night, he could not account for any of the ideas or images I saw. It was incredibly reflective of a current problem I have been having, so perhaps it was not worthless. Some of the best information is found in failed experiments. It certainly wasn't a remote viewing the traditional sense. I have struggling to understand precisely the lesson I taught Walt in the dream, that I don't need to be so concerned about over-explaining what I mean about every sentence I write (in my book). The reader will understand which way I mean from context, and sense who I am and the goal of the book from its overall character. In other words, I don't need to make sure the audience knows my intention at every turn because it already comes through without needing to try so hard.

However, this then opens up a new question for me, how and why did I see the chair with smoke coming up from under it?

I was rather discouraged about the amount of information I received and very little of seemingly to do with the experiment itself. The first couple scenes I believe were suggesting to me this level of remote viewing is actually elementary for my ability, though I didn't want to admit the arrogance in that possibility. I have yet to prove that to myself in a more scientific manner than the unexpected coincidences of information download and knowings I receive that link up to reality.

Jordon insisted we try a few more times using the right parameters:  1) No sentimental value to the object or the code; 2) Random code assignment to the object; 3) The object has no direct association to the transmitter or receiver in the experiment.

If sentimentality can be transmitted -- which is a hypothesis I have been suspicious of, see my post on loved ones at a distance ("Math of Love"; information I don't have and is unavailable to me for some reason) -- I did not receive any indication I'm aware of that linked Jordon's feelings into imagery for my dream.

We continued our tests in a second experiment Dec. 10-11th, 2014. Upcoming report...

Dec 8, 2014

Cracks, Earthquakes, and Sinkholes: Unrest in our Crust

Brief Dream Record for Night of 12/6/14 - Significant details only

An earthquake split open the ground and resulted in a 40 ft wide sinkhole crater that nearly swallowed my friend. We ran into a crop field of tangled, low lying plants. The earthquake was closer than we thought.

Could this be related to the series of earthquakes along my border, to the southeast? I learned that region being hit is closer to my location than I previously assumed. California and Nevada are getting swarms of earthquakes these last few months.

UPDATE: Cracks split open in the mud playa 40 miles outside Cedarville, where a swarm of earthquakes have been occuring since July 2014. Linda Moulton Howe has been following and investigating the three areas where an accumulation of thousands of earthquakes have been near the California, Nevada, and Oregon border.  The recent activity has prompted seismologists to set up research in those areas for close monitoring. The USGS has issued warnings to California residents to be prepared for evacuation, though they cannot predict whether a larger earthquake will happen. Previous swarms have led to only 5 point magnitudes that did little damage.

Read Linda's report at her Earthfiles website for images and information about the playa where the cracks formed.

Remote Viewing Experiment #1: Dreams vs. Meditative State Results

Jordan and I tried a remote viewing experiment last night and following up to today. If you're unfamiliar with how a typical remote viewing test works, here are the steps as assembled by the US Military in their extensive remote viewing research.

1. Experimenter (Jordon) chooses a target, a place or object or picture typically.
2. Experimenter assigns a random series of numbers, letters, or combination of both to the target s/he is seeing, concentrating on establishing the link between the object and code.
3. The experimenter then gives the remote viewer (Jennifer, your author) the code.
4. Remote viewer (RV) looks at the code and recites it, trying not to guess or make assumptions, just focusing on memorizing the code. Intention is established to learn what the code represents...

Dec 2, 2014

Math of Love

Update on Math Dreams, see original post Math Test and ZPE Science and Correlations on Dr. Greer's Lecture

Math homework and tests in my dream world were reminding me of what it takes to make contact in my dreams. It kept showing those loved ones I have no contact with in my waking life due to  circumstance. The ex-girlfriend living on the other side of the country, the childhood sweetheart keeping his distance. I'm doing to her what he has been doing to me. It helps me understand how he still may love me, as I still love her, but am not willing to complicate my life again by communicating with her.

In this dream (Nov. 15 or 16th, 2014) where I am avoiding her and he is avoiding me (pretty accurate reflection of the truth), I am almost done with my math test. I just need to return to the classroom and hope I have time, that the teacher hasn't already collected them and would still accept a delayed one. I figured out how I did the first quarter of the test wrong and wanted to correct it. Regardless of whether I could or not, I knew I would pass, but I wanted to complete it to the best of my ability. I sang a song of love arm in arm with a friend from highschool as we walked back to class with my sweetheart watching us from behind. I suppose I felt all I could do was show him I'm full of love, even if he wasn't ready to receive it.

Mounds of the Western US and Harmonics

Summary:  Comparing and contrasting mounds in the United States; Pyramidal structures as free-energy generators and their relation to sacred mounds around the world; Science of harmonics and its potential for application in antigravity crafts.

(Written 12/1/2014)

In California, along Interstate 5, at a rest stop outside Weed is a geological marker about arrangements of two foot high mounds surrounded by stone circles, and connected by trenches. These mounds are believed to have geological or climatic causation, however no theory is confirmed.

Geologic sign at rest area along I5 North about "The Mysterious Stone Circles", 
aka the Siskiyou Stone Circles, or the Shasta Mima Mounds

Dec 1, 2014

Synchronicities: Meditative Download

 While resting last week, my thoughts landed on a disturbing, though unlikely possibility that a child, in their devoted play, might pull a fake gun on a real officer. Kids love cops. My son was so excited when he spotted two officers in the fast food joint we were at. In their innocence, this hypothetical kid would pretend with such gusto and energy that an officer might panic into believing the kid had got hold of a real gun and was playing what was pretend in their mind, but could actually be a threat to the receiving officer.

Two days later, on the local news where I was for Thanksgiving, a boy pulled a fake gun on an officer and was shot. The officer thought the boy had a real gun. He died from his injuries.

Of course I didn't know how common this type of shooting was in the last couple months, nor had I kept up on the upcoming trial of the officer who shot teenager Michael Brown. I don't watch the news. So, from my perspective, when that report came on in the area I was visiting, the one time I happen to be watching the news with my grandmother-in-law, it struck me as synchronistic.

Disable the Paranoia: A zombie connection

"I believe consciousness creates a vector point into that field..."

I have zombie dreams when I sleep away from my spouse and son. They slept on the couch last night to help me get some sleep. My son starts the night on the floor on a little bed space and winds up at our feet on our queen size bed part way through the night.

My dream began with the zombies being undead, turned by a bite (or capture) of a person. We were in a grocery store made into a refuge that had become infested with zombies. We collected as many pointed instruments as we could, defaulting to arrow-like sticks with silver pointed caps. They would have been more useful as cooking tools. Their short length required close contact to puncture the chest or head.