Jan 27, 2015

RGMP Case Report #8: Bruno

When Bruno L. was 13 years old, life was about enjoying the simple things. His day began like any other. He went to school, studied there in the morning, then paused for a bathroom break. When he examined himself in the mirror, something unusual caught his eye. There in the dead center of his forehead was a small grid of subdermal dots.

"It was 3 rows with five points each (1 inch x 0.25 inch)." The mark was distinct, with no faded edges. "I didn't take photos of it, as I t[h]ought it was uni[m]portant at the time.... If it [had] happened nowadays I would google it instantly, but that just didn´t happen back then."

Bruno went on with his day to music and English classes in the afternoon, barely to think about it again. Sure, it confused him at the time, but the mark was so small, no one else noticed, except him and his mom.

Jan 23, 2015

Two Revised Posts

Readers, please note for your recommended reading, two important posts have been significantly edited or added to:

The Introduction to the Red Grid Marks Phenomenon (RGMP) is completely revised, with new information, new analysis, and symptom summary.

A new method of producing marks similar, but too different to be the cause of the RGMP, has been added to the post "What the RGMP is NOT" bringing the total of debunked possibilities to SIX.


Thank you for your curiosity and willingness to explore the so far unexplained!

Jan 18, 2015

RGMP Case Report #7: Gabriel

 "It was so sym[m]etric, we could not bel[ie]ve this was a skin rash."
-Valerie, girlfriend to Gabriel

Valerie, 39, contacted me from Montreal in Quebec, Canada, on behalf of her boyfriend, Gabriel, 22, by leaving a comment on the grid mark's testimonials Summary and History Post on January 8th. Five days earlier, on the night of January 3rd, 2015, a 3-inch diameter circular grid of small prick-like marks in diagonal rows appeared on Gabriel's right hip.

Jan 10, 2015

Remote Viewing Experiments Summary

 "...We want answers to major questions, questions that plague the human condition, questions like 'what causes the RGMP?' and 'Which organization or species operates an underwater base we've remote viewed in the past?'..."

Our final experiment of three (in Dec 2014) was a bust as well. This doesn't by any means disprove remote viewing nor my ability to remote view, just our cooperative ability to remote view an emotionally charged object through meditation or dreaming, and apparently our ability to communicate properly. This experiment series was flawed from the start for our specific skills and connection. We had so many miscommunications about the experiment parameters that our results don't hold much weight to me in any scientific context.

Jordon and I video chat every month or so to discuss our latest cases, dreams, encounters, and information we've heard or read --compare notes really. I'm not surprised he wanted to have me remote view something that had meaning to us, and the further we went, the more we flip-flopped. I became overly concerned with details, trying to capture every scrap of information I could, and he had arrived at a simple object without attachment. It's rather amusing to me, actually.

A Simple Treatment

It's so humbling to have healing visions.

Two nights ago, half-way between being awake and asleep, probably in the same state of consciousness Jordon is most familiar with, the center of my consciousness shifted from my head (wakeful state) to my sternum and I could see my body like a transparent outline with only key parts visible, my stomach organ and the attached duodenum.

They didn't have proper color, more like x-ray scan. They were dark, but outlined and material enough to see what they were.

I suffer from some odd intestinal problems, namely trapped gas bubbles in my intestines that are very uncomfortable, and heartburn. I have to manipulate my body (rocking, patting, pressing, adjusting positions repeatedly) to aid the bubbles up and out. They do not taste of acid, they are bland. But there is a soapy/foamy quality to them.

Anyhow, it happens almost every night before falling asleep. That night, during the vision as I drifted off to sleep, my body showed me a cycle of tension and relaxation. When my body tensed, that annoying discomfort of anxiety returned, along with a noticable upslip in my duodenum into the bottom of my stomach. When I relaxed, it fell back into place and the discomfort ceased. It was an incredible difference.

My mother suffers from what is called a hiatal hernia, where the sphinctor muscle fails to hold the contents of the stomach down. Acid and gas leak into the esophagus as a result.

I've been trying to compare my symptoms with her condition, and while some things coincide, the acid reflux doesn't.

I don't know that what I saw was an accurate model of what's happening in my body, but the sensational difference made great sense, and here was the revelation of it: 
when my body is tense (usually from anxiety), my stomach and esophagus shrank, and when I mindfully let my body relax, a relief I didn't know would happen eased the discomfort I had grown so accustomed to in my digestive tract. The result was a tremendous difference in my symptoms.

Today, two days later, when I actively relax the muscles in my torso and upper abdomen I feel such a change in the state of my organs. Perhaps it seems obvious to others, but I had no idea the two could be related. The biggest difference is in my esophagus where it meets my stomach. If it is a hiatal hernia, which is what my body printed in words on my mind during the vision, this all makes sense. Why it showed me the duodenum pushing upward into my stomach only makes sense for my primary complaint about the bubbles in my intestines. The more I thought about the anatomy of it, the more it made sense, but I can't find any medical information on such a condition.

I wonder if tension has been linked to digestive problems with such a direct relationship, before.

Jan 2, 2015

I Dated A Shapeshifter

"The weight of her on my raised hand is heavier than I anticipated, and it required considerable adjustment for me to balance her. Finally, she was set and I rested in awe of what just happened. Then I immediately began teasing her about how her current form will make the whole dating process rather awkward."

Some of my best dreams have been on the new year. I will never forget the one two years ago that was a plethora of information. In that dream I was introduced to the concept of Color Branches for assignment of the Federation and the different branches, machine with soul matrices for tutoring new recruits, the credit currency system, Earth changes culminating to a large blue object in the sky that shook the ground and opened crevices, three kinds of transports:  suitcase sized 'transports?' to bring a person onto the small vehicular transport that rides invisible white tracks to the orientation transport, then finally to the colony-sized mothership where we lived, worked, ate, and carried out our assignments in the system.