Jan 10, 2015

Remote Viewing Experiments Summary

 "...We want answers to major questions, questions that plague the human condition, questions like 'what causes the RGMP?' and 'Which organization or species operates an underwater base we've remote viewed in the past?'..."

Our final experiment of three (in Dec 2014) was a bust as well. This doesn't by any means disprove remote viewing nor my ability to remote view, just our cooperative ability to remote view an emotionally charged object through meditation or dreaming, and apparently our ability to communicate properly. This experiment series was flawed from the start for our specific skills and connection. We had so many miscommunications about the experiment parameters that our results don't hold much weight to me in any scientific context.

Jordon and I video chat every month or so to discuss our latest cases, dreams, encounters, and information we've heard or read --compare notes really. I'm not surprised he wanted to have me remote view something that had meaning to us, and the further we went, the more we flip-flopped. I became overly concerned with details, trying to capture every scrap of information I could, and he had arrived at a simple object without attachment. It's rather amusing to me, actually.

Despite this failure, it did tell me a great deal about the kind of experiments I do need to do. I had a dream that suggested to me this experiment series was too simplistic for my abilities. If that were true, why couldn't I see the object? Dreaming accesses information and experience in a sea of consciousness and thought, technically by that definition I could have potentially been able to see the objects, but I was not attracting a simple object in my meditations, I was extracting detail and mystery, because that is what I'm practiced in. My cases, my investigations are all about seeking hidden truths unpaved by willing participants yet. I believe what I did record meant something, but I don't know what yet.

We were both very discouraged after this series, but I reassured myself that this goal simply wasn't true to what we really want to know. We don't want to be able to remote view a meaningless object, we want answers to major questions, questions that plague the human condition, questions like 'what causes the RGMP?' and 'Which organization or species operates an underwater base we've remote viewed in the past?' and 'How can abductees fend off their attackers?' and 'What is carrier of consciousness?' and 'How is dimensional camouflaging accomplished?'

Dream Read Experiment

I've been toying with an idea that would really test my ability, at least. Someone gives me a serious question they personally wish to know that has eluded them, maybe a health question, a curiosity, a fear pertaining to their everyday life, something about their relationships, and I report what I see in my dream download. This would be a better test of my ability, and a far more leading edge experiment. Edgar Cayce did channelings, though he was known as the Sleeping Prophet. He did have thousands of dreams, but most of his recorded sessions on the health of a target were more closely related to how a medium carries information. An intelligence spoke through him in his sleep and his secretary transcribed what was said for the client.

I don't know health conditions and treatments would be my forte, but I have had success in that for other people I know. I just love the revelations of my dreams, and wish to figure out a way I can do this for the benefit of others. It needs to be people I don't know personally for the results to hold weight. I'm too concerned with interference anyway. I want to be able to relax knowing the only thing I'm testing is the accuracy of my dreaming to real problems and concerns, and its ability to answer posed questions with helpful and specific insight. There would be very little analysis I would have to consciously do. I would set myself up with the person's name and their question or concern, and then write a report the next morning on what I saw. Reducing the amount of interpretation as much as possible. It's of course filtered through me and my experiences, but also through my joyful desire to help, which has allowed me to see things I've never encountered in my waking life. Those unfamiliar things are true revelation to me. My goal will be to record as precisely the visuals and experience as possible and any relevant information that may help the person do the final analysis. I will offer my understanding and interpretation optionally.

If you would like to try out this exchange with me, please send me your specific question, wonder, concern, or curiosity, along with your email address. Put "Dream Read Experiment" in the subject line. I will confirm I received your message and when to expect a private report. 

I will use the data for personal use and general collection without specifics, unless otherwise agreed upon. We can discuss your comfort with posting the results of my download attempt on your issue on this website at your convenience, with no obligation to agree. Because my purpose is purely scientific, there is no charge for participation at this time, and no obligation. However, I ask participants be open to discussing the validity of the resulting dream to their proposed question/concern.

I really have no idea what to expect from you, if anything at all, but I hope you're as curious as I am to explore this possibility.

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