Aug 29, 2013

Snakes, Frogs, and Dragons: Part 2 of Dwindling Resources...

(Author Note: I'm working on my book lately, so the number of posts I make may reduce to once a week.)
(See "Dwindling Resources and our Galactic Neighbors difficult choices" for more lead in to the topic as follows, though posted out of sequential order.)

I am starting to read a book by a hyno-regression therapist who compiled a dozen cases together for analysis about other-worldly visitations by unknown beings. Skimming through looking for images, I found a few drawings by her patients of some of the strange creatures they encountered. A couple nights ago I dreamed yet again about frogs, snakes, and a terrifying dragon. These animals are not significant to me in any way I'm aware of, other than what my dreams are bringing up. Honestly, it would seem to me, given the information and analyses I have so far, that they might represent different species interacting with Earth.

Aug 19, 2013

Learning to Fly

After the dream challenge when I was encouraged to jump off a waterfall into a thin river below, I began to re-evaluate just how strong my faith in my imagination and courage to enjoy creating the things I want to see and experience is in my dream state. Why didn't I trust how consciousness works with dream physics to fly, or adjust as I descended to landing in the water? This should have been an obvious possibility for my level (I refer to my skills in dream dynamics and spirit communication and attributes of my person in real life like I am playing a game, more entertaining and uplifting that way). Fear still has power over me. Determining the complex inter-relationships between dreaming and the solid matter world continue to fascinate and evade me. Small victories retain my hope that there is such an intimate relationship of affect and effect between the two worlds. If there is a delay in the magnetic attraction between a question and answer, what someone requests in honest need then receives in the solid state world, how do acts that defy solid state laws of physics translate from the infinite possibilities of the flowing energy state? How can flight become possible?

Aug 13, 2013


The following events happen in sequence as I move from one area to another for different reasons. Without bogging my memory down with the order, I will simply lay out every scene and interaction I can recall.

Night of August 12/13 2013

Enclosed colony used as venue for spirit family reunion. Tenants are organized into a women's wing of dormitories and a male's wing. In kitchen spaces with foods brought from home or immediately from the store, some middle aged women are organizing and moving in and out of.

Waiting for Chris, Shantey, and Otus (the adopted family that grew up with mine) to arrive. Excited they could come. I haven't seen Chris and Shantey in so long, and I've long wanted to build a more intimate relationship with Chris. He served a tour of duty overseas and its changed him, made him anxious to settle down and enjoy quality company of someone he loves, which he already has trouble handing out. I've been a preference for him, especially since returning. The years since our childhood have matured us, but not quite far enough it seems to return us to each other. Fate always has seemed to have a plan against us. Whenever one of is available, the other is in a dedicated relationship. I finally claimed more choice in our fate by, at least in my imagination, allowing the possibility of loving two men simultaneously:  my current partner and father of my child, and my childhood sweetheart. We aren't financially ready nor emotionally prepared for this sort of trial and commitment, but it helps me to have it as a solution to the conundrum it's tortured me with for so long.

Aug 12, 2013

Another Theme Completed

Summary:  Stubborn math test finally completed and stress overcome for a satisfying completion of this lesson's term in spirit school; An old relationship with a young dead man returns;  Field trip to distant island and ruins; Circular artifact with pictographs improperly decoded; The failing of modern ability to translate ancient picture messages.

A common theme I've wrestled with decoding the meaning of and finding completion of (how I get recurring dreams to cease), is the school based dreams where I am going to be taking the final or some test and forgot to study or refresh material I've studied earlier in my education. Often I had fallen behind on my math homework or made a silly mistake on a test that would sabotage the whole grade. I become overly stressed. To be clear, I am not in school, I have not taken math in a few years; I perceive this as a metaphor not derived from immediate content of my life in such a direct ratio, rather it is conveying the idea that I am forgetting to do something I already knew the math principles at some time before. 

Sometimes this same message is portrayed as forgetting to have practiced my lines before a play and the build up of stress as my part approaches.

Well, whatever I did yesterday, my soul approved of.

Aug 10, 2013

Why are we being Harrassed by Unknown Visitors?

The contact whose case study I posted about in the Red Grid Marks Phenomenon, "Michael", the alias I've assigned him, continues to have levitation and probing experiences at night by a visiting presence. We chat via email or Skype semi-regularly to check in on any progress he's made at changing the dynamics of these experiences that illicit dread and terror in his consciousness. (To read about Michael's case study, see the links for Case Study #1 listed on the Investigations page under the 'Red Grid Marks' heading.)

Discussing with someone the reality of these night-time experiences and the accompanying feelings he unwittingly hides from his everyday relationships has seen minor progress in the level of control he has during the events. Most importantly, he has found a voice to be able to question and speak to his offenders. Our goal together is to determine why it is happening to him, given that this might also provide clues as to the grid marks that appeared on us both, as well as enhance his ability to affect in the unconscious state:  comparable to having direct affect in the content or direction of ones dreams, though his experiences are "half awake, half asleep".

Aug 6, 2013

What is Telepathy

Telepathy is rooted in empathy. There is no thought communication without compassion and awareness through surrender. By surrender, I mean the relaxed calm of participant observation rather than imposing will or resistance; being open and curious to whatever truth/reality might come in. Telepathy is the ability to connect and thus experience another living being's profound or strongly imprinted feelings, ideas, and experiences. You bear witness as a participant and observer in their experience that has made them what they are. You feel their pains and joys without judgment, surrendering your own life for a moment to share in theirs. Rather than following through their life moment to moment, the time and place you experience is decided by magnetic attraction. That is, whatever you are wondering about them, you are taken on the journey to demonstrate the answer. Say you wish to know about archeaology as it relates to water erosion, that creates a magnetic charge. An appropriate person matching the charge requested is attracted to you, especially if they too could learn something from you. For a thought to be seemingly imposed onto another person, that creature must be so strongly concerned for the receiver as to care more for them than the person themselves realizes they can be loved. The being transmitting is summoning sensations and possibilities already present in the person, they are simply drawing it to the surface like a magnetic force.

Writer's Block: Fear

With how difficult it has been to power through my hesitations and hang ups toward completing the last few sections of my book and seriously searching for a publisher, I started to wonder if the lack of insight or motivation from my dreams regarding my work on the book should finally be acknowledged as a sign of either disapproval or irrelevance of my ideas. I know expanding the current framework of our understanding of imaginary beings and presences, and for the field of psychology, what constitutes as an imaginary companion is a worth while idea to put into the world. But I won't deny the appeal of its sellability and my hope to make my own money through my writing with the book. It is still a selfish thing. Really my concern is that I haven't executed the topic clear enough or interestingly enough. What if I can't defend/sell it to a publisher? What if not enough people buy it for me to even make a profit and begin a writing career? What if my other ideas are too far out there that no one will receive them? Am I delaying because I keep fearing that it will be a moot point soon if the veil falls (aka, humanity's ability to communicate with thought is restored and deceit can no longer pervade, as well as our ability to transcend back into free-movement through time and space on the )? Rather, our spiritual guardians finally land to help us clean up our mess! WHAT am I talking about? Even if that is to come soon, there will need to be a catalyst for it? Quite honestly, I am catastrophizing. I delay because I fear the Earth will enter into its next phase toward an ice age. Catastrophic weather will lay waste to America and Europe and those who survive will be so overwhelmed with just trying to survive the shift to foraging and escaping and mourning to be bothered with my little book.

My dedication to tracking and researching for my dreams should give me clue enough that maybe I would be happier working for a dream research institute? So I indulged in that thought into sleep.

The dream that night had other plans.