Aug 29, 2013

Snakes, Frogs, and Dragons: Part 2 of Dwindling Resources...

(Author Note: I'm working on my book lately, so the number of posts I make may reduce to once a week.)
(See "Dwindling Resources and our Galactic Neighbors difficult choices" for more lead in to the topic as follows, though posted out of sequential order.)

I am starting to read a book by a hyno-regression therapist who compiled a dozen cases together for analysis about other-worldly visitations by unknown beings. Skimming through looking for images, I found a few drawings by her patients of some of the strange creatures they encountered. A couple nights ago I dreamed yet again about frogs, snakes, and a terrifying dragon. These animals are not significant to me in any way I'm aware of, other than what my dreams are bringing up. Honestly, it would seem to me, given the information and analyses I have so far, that they might represent different species interacting with Earth.

I hesitate every time I'm about to use the word alien because it simply doesn't fit. I have a great deal more empathic consideration for whatever non-terrestrial, sub-terrestrial, or other dimensional beings occupy the same fluid space as our planet does. There is an intimate connection. I cannot explain more concretely other than to explain like this:  if living essence were potentially communicable with all other living essences across time and space, they would flow together in a realm beyond our fixed status. But our time stream is a point along that realm where other beings are constantly checking in at and interacting with.

I am suspecting more and more that what I keep trying to debate, whether what I see is literal or metaphorical, might not be distinct from one another. So when I see a hard survivalist scenario of a setting that would be in our planet's future, I am seeing any and all of the possibilities I sift through for answers:  is this prophetic, is this memory of another life, is this metaphorical of my emotional state, is this guidance for my soul's progression, is this happening somewhere else on another planet, is this someone else's experience being transmitted and picked up? There is no way for me to determine which is most true, so all of them are true, and thus I explore all of them as possible truths. Each perspective gained from analyzing each of these possibilities awards me insight into the entangled nature of events, time, experience both external and internal, emotions, and interactive consciousness. Everything has both a literal and metaphorical meaning.

So while my dream about frogs, snakes, and fighting a dragon could of course be visual enactment of complex mental processes, it also suggests to me that there is a relationship between these three animals for having twice now appeared together in a dream sequence. The meanings they represent maybe rooted in m own associated ideas of these beings, but this seems rather unlikely to me given the two dream trend of . In their basic forms, they each represent a different kind of mobility:  a snake is of land, closest to the ground, unable to move at any point in solely air; frog is of water (and land), using four limbs, moving by hopping into the air with each step; the dragon is capable of those and flight, travel through air with undefined time between rests on land or water. Are they representing a progression of creation?

Originally this theme was introduced when I was exploring the relationship between the different alien groups contactees encounter. I dreamed (see post Dream #6 listed) then that a dead dragon's head came in through my window and a vicious snake erupted out of it. After wrestling the snake, a frog hops in from the door where I am trying to kick the dragon head and snake out of. At the time, this seemed to indicate to me that the frog (representing an amphibious descendent race) was different and not to be confused with the snake and dragon relationship. It also visually depicted that relationship as being one of . It could also represent a cycle that the dragon was in a sense 'demoted' his freedom and power of flight as a large beast down to a slithering creature more easily manageable by those it would rampage (the classic Bible mythological take). The frog had wandered in out of curiosity, stumbling into the tension of the last moments of an encounter between myself and a snake exploding out of a dragon's head.

Night of August 27/28th 2013

In this recent dream, I am in an enclosed area without sky. There is a steel colored foundation upon which an entire town is built on from the same material. A few store buildings. A lush, area with running water in a lovely waterfall display. But again, no sky or walls except black or maybe rock (why I've wondered if these are underground places, or else just, what I call, pocket spaces/dimensions not fixated to a terrestrial setting). When I approach this lush area, I notice the previously small population of little frogs and tiny snakes (both no bigger than an inch each) had blossomed. I had a knowing that I had helped to set them up in this location. Except they were multiplying too fast. The ground was covered with tiny frogs and snakes. I could sense their innocence and gleeful curiosity as they wandered indifferently in any direction with a short hop or a slow slither. Someone is holding me accountable for their overpopulation, saying I need to do something about it.

What am I supposed to do? I thought. It's obvious it's a problem, but am I just supposed to go around squashing all the little beings? Their cumulative joyful obliviousness drowned me in grief. They were babies. I debated. I felt like a child who had let her pet run amok, glad to see it free, but then it made a mess and I was being scolded for it. The shadow of a parent figure telling me this in the background empathizes with my feeling of wanting to let them be free, but was trying to get me to take into account their tendency to multiply. It was irresponsible, then, for me to let them run free.

That is one perspective, I suppose, for humanity's fall from our higher abilities and flow through infinite time and space. It's irresponsible to let us blindly multiply and we are let free on this world. Where were the frogs and snakes before? When I released them originally there were only a few and they weren't bad off. It was a cage, but not as confining as that word implies. More like, there were boundaries or rules set in place that restricted their free movements, but they were still happy. There are way too many contradictions in that explanation. Eek.

I was stopped passing by the water fountain and garden area, so this whole problem was an after thought to me. I was focused on the little social dramas and relationships with peers for the majority of the dream, but this scene stuck out in memory. It's like I was spotted by an elder and made aware of the mess I left behind. 

In the next scene I am in a grunge, post-apocalyptic era, with a small band of unique individuals, each with a special skill set. They all wear worn and battered outfits assembled from old clothes, very steampunk style, but designed out of necessity and availability, not for style. We are maneuvering around the most interesting playground structure ever, in a terrifying battle with a huge dragon. I'm very aware that it could easily kill me, but I fight on fearlessly determined to not let its tyranny destroy the remaining bands of humans left. A few of my team were killed, driving the point deeper in my sense of mortality that the danger was real. At some point it released zombies, just an extra obstacle to distract and wear us down so it could strike. I went from fighting zombies and animated mega-tech machines to dragons. My dreams really are their own high-fantasy, adventure game. It came down to me and one other reckless partner. The rest of our party was down.

To be completely honest, I'm ready for some straight up conversation. The imagery is informative in ways words cannot be, but it also is very interpretive. And I have an obsession with fixed truths, which is probably why humanity is stuck in a fixed state dimension. Still, I need some sort of direction to help me explore the side where these animals represent interacting presences capable of phasing in and out of our reality. Names and concepts have been written out in words before. I'd prefer that sometimes. So the question needs to be precise and almost desperate. I could communicate with my inner god (what I believe is the persona I channel by matching frequencies with; we are all creator gods by the power and affect of imagination on what is perceived as real to us), but that requires me to meditate myself into a calm reception, and I am too wound up right now to do so. Instead, I refer back to my call-response technique with dreaming. Questions I would like a clear conversation response to:  Do the snakes, frogs, and dragon represent humanity? Please tell me how those three species represent humanity. Who or what is the dragon from my dream?

(Read "Sexual Hunger" next for a potential Reptilian connection described further in part 2 "The Other Shade of Reptilian")

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