Aug 6, 2013

What is Telepathy

Telepathy is rooted in empathy. There is no thought communication without compassion and awareness through surrender. By surrender, I mean the relaxed calm of participant observation rather than imposing will or resistance; being open and curious to whatever truth/reality might come in. Telepathy is the ability to connect and thus experience another living being's profound or strongly imprinted feelings, ideas, and experiences. You bear witness as a participant and observer in their experience that has made them what they are. You feel their pains and joys without judgment, surrendering your own life for a moment to share in theirs. Rather than following through their life moment to moment, the time and place you experience is decided by magnetic attraction. That is, whatever you are wondering about them, you are taken on the journey to demonstrate the answer. Say you wish to know about archeaology as it relates to water erosion, that creates a magnetic charge. An appropriate person matching the charge requested is attracted to you, especially if they too could learn something from you. For a thought to be seemingly imposed onto another person, that creature must be so strongly concerned for the receiver as to care more for them than the person themselves realizes they can be loved. The being transmitting is summoning sensations and possibilities already present in the person, they are simply drawing it to the surface like a magnetic force.

Telepathy to this degree is possible when we have command over time and space, because it requires the ability to jump around to other time streams of an individual's perspective from their past. Connecting with events of the future is leaping along the spiral that is the cycles of times. All that is required, in conjunction with mastery of spirit travel on the waves of time and space, is the sincere wonder of whatever you wish to see or know. To explore the infinity, one simply formulate the question, thus our familiarity with all of infinity is only limited by our own awareness. Telepathic perception is both selfish and selfless. All dualities exist as two parts to a whole in the realm of infinity.

Earth at the steady pace of forward time is an exit from the freeway of infinity. We are fixed in one time stream for detailed work to be done. Again, the duality of detail and the larger picture are both essential in infinity. We are concentrating on details of our souls, and what it means to be free and independent in this prison of a time stream, this school of the 3D realm on Earth. To return to the higher dimension of infinite possibility, we must realize their is a freedom only achieved in the willingness to surrender to being part of a greater cooperative, willing to sacrifice your perceived opportunity and rights for someone or something else.

I want to be intimate with all varieties of intelligent alien. If I am to understand their motivations and perceptions, I must be willing to get intimate enough for that trusted exchange of information to happen. If I am to represent cooperation that overcomes prejudice on a universal scale, I must love and trust and win the love and trust of our galactic neighbors. The differences and misunderstandings will be incredible without adding to the segregation or confusion that will ensue. It is a lesson in commanding one's perceptions; working to form a way of understanding one another conducive to benefiting both parties.

Night of August 3/4th 2013

Set in a cafeteria in the same room of a grocery store. I have limited credits. I can only afford a few simple things. I feel disadvantaged compared to everyone else there, eating the scrumptious assortments of food. I weigh the options I can afford carefully to receive the max of calories for what money I have.

I find a seat at the end of a table near a male peer looking down distracted in thought and feeling from eating his meal. "May I sit here?" I ask somewhat shyly. He doesn't say anything but nods slowly. What is wrong with him? I ask someone. He's reserved from troubles in his life. I wrap my hands around one of his laying on the table and lean over to look into his lowered face. "It's okay." I am filled with empathy for him. He has endured something he hasn't recovered from. "I know it's hard."

My consciousness is transported to a past timeline on Earth. It's night in a truck cab. My perspective shifts between two people, him as a boy and his uncle, a seemingly caring man. The boy is telling the uncle he thinks something is wrong because he can't figure out how to finish his orgasm. He is increasingly upset and fearful that his body is broken. Exploding into tears, he gives up stroking himself. He didn't know who else to talk to about his problem and was demonstrating for his uncle to prove his point. The boy (young adolescent) was asking his uncle for help. The uncle is hesitant. He looks behind him out the back window of the cab. I feel his sincerity at wanting to help his nephew, but his concern at how society views such a thing, something his nephew doesn't understand, he just knows he needs help. The uncle sighs and determinedly reaches over to help his nephew understand how to finish. My vision zooms out slowly from the cab to see the truck parked in front the boy's parents house. I am made aware that his parents resist sexual topics and have not provided any guidance on the boy's developing body. They certainly would not approve of this act should they find out.

Time accelerates. The uncle is growing resentful, ashamed of what he had done with the boy. What's more, he's grown desensitized to sexual acts and has been crossing the line into abuse. The boy has felt enslaved by his uncle's when in his care. He doesn't tell his parents of his apprehensions about his uncle, nor what led to the current situation. I am now a participant in a young version of my body, but set in the circumstances of this boy's experiences. The boy has told me about his uncle's abuse and controlling behavior. The both of us are hiding in a small wooded park nearby the house (setting taken in part from the park near my childhood house). His uncle is patrolling through the streets on a tractor looking for us, calling out with warnings if we do not show ourselves. It's night. No one around. Only street lights.

He sneaks up on us and tells us to get back to his house. I look to the boy and ask what will we do, letting him tell his story. He surrenders, lowers his head in that familiar way that I saw him at the cafeteria before. I see what led to his reserved personality. We go with the uncle who tells us to strip our clothes down when we reach the lawn outside his house. He pulls out a hose. I am confused. The uncle sprays me with the harsh cold water. I put my hands up and vainly try to shield my face and naked body from the freezing water. I yell out in pain and torture. Here is where I experience the kinds of torture and control his uncle has been putting him through. I wake up during this torture.

Why didn't I just run away you might ask? I thought about doing it, but then I would have been leaving my friend to endure alone. He was sharing his experience, I was surrendering to the exchange. I was offered an inside look at my male peer back at the cafeteria, as well as the uncle who performed a service to the boy and his fall into what became the true evil. What was the real evil in this situation? It wasn't the uncle for daring to face social scrutiny and legal suicide to teach his nephew about a core function of having a human body that other adults were ignoring. Was it the parents who are nervous about discussing sexual pleasure out of fear for all the issues socially and legally and religiously about this, what should be realized as well for what it is to every individual: a gift. Is it the legal system for identifying crimes of force and abuse with genitalia with the same word used to describe a physical joining of two or more mutual partners?

The parents still had the intention of protecting their son in mind by pretending not talking about sex or his developing body and desires would confine whatever experimentation on himself he did to private setting and shame him into keeping it a private matter and restrict what he is exposed to. In essence, there is so much ambiguity and misconception or overly negative perception about sex that we aren't providing a framework for young adults to build from. We assume talking about the possibilities of types of sex makes it okay to experiment with all sorts, and we want our children to only engage in healthy mutual, loving, sex. How the hell are they supposed to know what the is if we don't work to secure that idea for them:  creating the vision, assisting with anatomical issues, providing discussion early on about what will happen to their bodies and how to please themselves and a partner.

The legal system does what it can to punish abuse, but everywhere is lacking in prevention and rehabilitation because our culture does not really know how to handle sexual rehab. Suppression is our form of treatment. I know this having worked with young sex offenders and being a counseling companion to an adult sex offender. Therapy is complicated because of our culture of sexual ignorance as a whole, not just because the perceptions that led to the offense are deeply ingrained.

So with no one and everyone to blame, what could help such a problem? If only we could raise our Earth to the infinity dimension where telepathic ability prevails. No one can be deceitful. All we think is exposed to all so we can address each other's issues freely without hiding or fear or shame. There is no need for these if we maintain the greater goal to be achieved, which is joy and ecstasy. Our happiness becomes easier when we surrender our deepest thoughts and hangups, when fear is a tool, an indicator of dischord, like pain in the body signals an impediment to its smooth functioning.

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