Aug 10, 2013

Why are we being Harrassed by Unknown Visitors?

The contact whose case study I posted about in the Red Grid Marks Phenomenon, "Michael", the alias I've assigned him, continues to have levitation and probing experiences at night by a visiting presence. We chat via email or Skype semi-regularly to check in on any progress he's made at changing the dynamics of these experiences that illicit dread and terror in his consciousness. (To read about Michael's case study, see the links for Case Study #1 listed on the Investigations page under the 'Red Grid Marks' heading.)

Discussing with someone the reality of these night-time experiences and the accompanying feelings he unwittingly hides from his everyday relationships has seen minor progress in the level of control he has during the events. Most importantly, he has found a voice to be able to question and speak to his offenders. Our goal together is to determine why it is happening to him, given that this might also provide clues as to the grid marks that appeared on us both, as well as enhance his ability to affect in the unconscious state:  comparable to having direct affect in the content or direction of ones dreams, though his experiences are "half awake, half asleep".

How I can personally understand his degree of consciousness is through the contrast of my abduction experience against my regular dreaming experiences. Half conscious abduction experiences tend to occur at an earlier stage of sleep, whereas deep dreaming occurs at a deeper stage. 

Listed here are the five stages of sleep:
"Stage 1
Stage 1 is a transition state between sleeping and waking. In this stage, the eyes move more slowly and muscle activity slows as well. Stage 1 is a light sleep where you can be awakened easily.

Stage 2
In Stage 2, eye movement stops and brain waves become slower with an occasional burst of rapid brain waves. At this point, the body prepares to enter deep sleep.

Stage 3
Extremely slow brain waves called delta waves are interspersed with smaller, faster waves called theta waves.

Stage 4
Deepest of the four sleep stages before REM sleep. No eye movement or muscle activity occurs during deep sleep. During this stage, the brain produces more delta waves than theta waves. In Stage 4, some may experience sleepwalking or night terrors.

Non-REM Sleep
The period of non-REM sleep (NREM) is comprised of Stages 1-4 and lasts from 90-129 minutes (each stage lasing anywhere from 5-15 minutes). Stages 3 and 2 repeat backwards before REM sleep is reached. A normal sleep cycle has this pattern: waking, Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, REM.

Stage 5 (REM)
In the REM period (Rapid Eye Movement), breathing becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow, eyes move rapidly and limb muscles are temporarily paralyzed. It is generally thought that REM-associated muscle paralysis is meant to keep the body from acting out the dreams that occur during this intensely cerebral stage. Heartbeat may increase and muscles may experience occasional muscular twitches. REM usually takes place 90 minutes after falling asleep. The first period of REM typically lasts 10 minutes, with each recurring REM stage lengthening, and the final one lasting an hour. Most vivid dreaming happens during REM." (bold and italics emphases are mine;

When an abductee reports the symptoms of feeling paralyzed, half-asleep, and half-awake, my theory, contrary to what many doctors want to assume, is these visitors are manipulating the natural paralysis that occurs in deep sleep, by partially waking certain parts of the target's brain to allow for cognition in a more conscious state than deep sleep would allow. "... sleep paralysis is a parasomnia resulting from inappropriate overlap of the REM and waking stages of sleep." (Wikipedia) This is when you somehow wake up slightly right out of REM so that the natural paralysis is chemically still lingering in the body's muscles. 

Visitors have been repeatedly recorded as being capable of phasing in and out of our reality. It would only make sense to me that they also would have a clear detection, by existing in both a reality of the physical and a reality where our dreaming consciousness goes, of when we are in an optimal state for intervention. Let's not rule out the possibility of inducing the desired stage of sleep or combination of parts of the stages of sleep on a target.

My logic has been this:  these beings have been capable of this for at least hundreds of years, as dream visitations are not a new phenomenon. What does it serve us to add to our physical paralysis by remaining in fear of their capabilities and intentions? Instead, I encourage deferring to an inner curiosity for strength, and a mild amount of separation from the experiences in order to act as both a participant and observer.

During our discussion last night, I half-humorously, half-seriously teased my dreaming source aloud for dream guidance about what might be happening to "Michael," implying it to be overdue. Well, I believe I was answered. [Answered may be the wrong term, rather, I focused my desire to know something strongly enough for it to attract knowledge of what I seek to my energy receptors. Yes, that really is more accurate.]

As a side note, "Michael's" experiences are strictly visitations, however terrifying that they are, he is rarely being removed from his home, as the term 'abduction' might suggest, though it only takes one event to be considered an abductee.

Night of August 9/10 2013

I'm walking down the road toward my parent's house. A plywood board placed against the fence surrounding their yard shields my view from seeing inside the yard. An animal skin keeps being thrown over top the board then pulled back in. What the hell? I reach the driveway gate and catch my breath at the sight. A dozen dog skins are strewn about in pieces and strips around the yard, and one lonely happy dog is throwing a fresh skin around. There is no meat or blood or bones. The skins are licked clean. I know these are fresh though. These are dogs from around the neighborhood. How am I going to explain this to all the neighbors?! Angrily, I throw a handful of rocks at the dog and break his excited happiness by saying firmly "Bad dog" knowing that wasn't nearly enough consequence to match the level of his crime. Here the coloring of his fur registers to me; this is not my dog. Oh my god. Who is this mutt? Where is my dog? I search the skins, still outside the fence, not daring to enter into its world. Outside the gate I find the skin and fur of the top of what used to be my dog. There is something odd though. The image of his skin is superimposed into the 3D world of the scene. It looks flat and 2D, and ripples like water. There is no depth to the image. I must have created it and so it is superimposed into the scene. It stood out differently to highlight it as slightly being out of place, not intended in the original, but workable into the framework of the scene.

I summon an appropriate amount of horror as I would expect myself to react to the murder and skinning of my dog, but it falls short. Perhaps I knew, in my avatar's subconscious, cued by the distorted image of his skin, that this wasn't real, that he wasn't truly dead.

Who was this dog though? Different from these other dogs. It took delight and didn't think twice about killing domestic canines. I am given the brief image of my dog curiously wanting to sniff a wolf. This was for comparison. Though the dog looked like a short hair Australian shepherd mix with more gray and black than seen here, not a wolf by any means. Looked domestic, but something about its nature said non-domestic, like its genes were different from the makeup of the same domestic mixed breed. 
I called for Jim to show him our dog's remains. He comes and is upset.

I hear a cry for help, dulled, like it is coming from the basement of a home. "Someone help me?!" I walk up the street to a fork in the road where I have visual of five or more houses, and listen again for the voice. The curtains of two homes in sequence move as their inhabitants look outside in reaction to also hearing the call. We all are concerned that it is a prisoner held in someone's home like you might hear as a horror story on the news. But they are unsure how they would help. I tally:  at least I can rule out those two homes. I look to my left at a home with an open door, and realize its coming from there. This place is a group home for mental patients. The person is being confined to their room. The situation wasn't as secretive as I thought, but this person still is suffering. I debate whether or not to impose my moral concerns for how his situation is handled.

We call the police, assuming that is what any other citizen would do. But I know they will not do anything because the patient is there in part by choice, though he still suffers the lack of quality help and counseling given him in this home.

Scene change: I am approaching a prison facility where I have come to fulfill a call request by an inmate I somehow know, though I don't recall knowing anyone in prison. I suspect I know who it could be though. My relatives think I shouldn't bother, that I would just encourage this inmate's insanity by dragging me into his/her drama. I still want to find out.

I am waiting in a high ceiling play room at the center of the facility. The feeling of our place there has changed. Myself and other peers are also prisoners, but of a less security restriction. We still have freedoms to play and go places, but the prison is our home base. The inmate calls and wants to speak with me, after her children who are with me and my age (Chris is one of them and his brother and sister). I answer. It's Oriana, their mother, my mother's old best friend who had a sudden and terrible falling in her mental well-being when her husband left her for her friend and she lost her kids. She has been institutionalized since in various facilities, and has given up multiple babies from many partnerships. The kind of women that REALLY needs to invest more in birth control, to a point of angering me.

Being daring, I ask her why she's incarcerated. She said she killed her kid's aunt and uncle. There was some good intention built into her action, but she went too far by killing them. Overdose was mentioned as a key aspect to the whole situation. I asked if her kids knew all this, wondering if her willingness to discuss with me her motivations for her crime was because she couldn't tell them. But they knew. Her motivation for telling me may have been because she wants me to know being close to her children, entrusting me as a friend looking out for them (a reality I continue to do; I grew up with them, her oldest is my age, and my childhood sweetheart).

After the call, her children and their uncle wanted to hear what she had to tell me to corroborate her story against what they know. From there I played with other children spirits (we're adults in real life) in the facility. We were growing bored and decided to go outside. Whoever the person was we attributed to owning the property, we stood in awe at the amount of space both the front and back lawns had.

A football game started and the lawn became a flat field for the game with white lines to mark yardage. I laid on the side lines with two others. The male peer behind me was a missionary or wholesome, confident type. I liked him and scooted back to be against him, wondering if he would reciprocate or if I was sinfully tempting someone pure. I felt his hand on my bare stomach. Each doubting thought as to whether I was really feeling his hand or not, or if he was aware of his touching me or not, his placement became more real, more firm against my skin. Finally, he pulled me closest against him. He was sitting up, I was laying facing away from him. I relaxed contentedly.

Fast forward, I am in my partner's car near a crop field, a short distance from the football game. I am writing on the fog of the window like it is my scratch pad for ideas. I watch as a father and his five children break into a car whose driver is inside and abuse him. I get the distinct feeling as I watch that they are not what they seem, and that this act is in someway equivalent in metaphor to the alien abduction phenomenon. The children pull the doors off by the hinges, and are led by the father in the act, a process they are familiar with, implying multiple experiences performing the same feat. They had it down to a science where each of them was to be to create the greatest amount of fear and sense of entrapment in the car's inhabitants. One would go around to the trunk and force it open, the others open the doors, the father and one other attack at the passenger door where the car's owner is sitting. The point was to generate an intense feeling of invasion. The owner would see all areas of the car being opened and feel surrounded, regardless of the reality I could see that none of the ones in the back were assigned to interact physically with him from the back, the one in the trunk wouldn't actually get inside the cab of the vehicle. They were setting up the panic so they would be paralyzed when the father and one child conducted their attack with metal instruments, inserting something up his spine, before pulling the terrified man out of the car and stealing the vehicle. The doors all closed at once with them in the group inside now. They won. Clean theft

I felt separated from this attack, safe in my own car, but the falseness of my sense of security grew. They could easily come over to my car. In an instant, my car is being attacked the same way. I pay no attention to the back of the car, where I know most of them are invading to produce a panic for me. I know they won't get me, its the ones coming through the front two doors, particularly the father and one child. I wrestle to keep the door closed. But the kid is able to pull it off the hinges. I'm distracted by one entering the passenger side, and lose enough time in that moment for the duo to win the door free of my grasp. They grapple me. I fight and struggle. They force an instrument up the base of my spine. I yell in pain, but am observant enough to take detail of the experience. The instrument extend up the length of my spine and branches out in white thinner tendrils. It is taking over my nervous system. The dream ends. I did not finish seeing what was coming of myself thrown from my car. I retained a stubbornness even as they were injecting their metal tools in me that I could still overcome them. I managed to pull the one at my spine out a ways before it was shoved back in, but it at least showed me I could pull them out. Even though they were in, didn't mean it was over.

[All these scenes are connected and provide perspectives on the greater issue being addressed. This is consistently how I have learned to interpret my dreams when they come in this format; when the scenes seem to be different angles of the same issue, in this case, leading to a finale, coming full circle back to my question with the clearest answer.]

What did this last scene mean? It only became clear to me as I was transcribing it (often happens for me; I don't know what it meant until I am writing it out. The writing it out The beings are trying to detach the soul from the body. The car is the body, the inhabitant/driver is the soul. They want to inhabit our bodies.

Now of course this sounds like a terrible thing. Yes, it is. BUT, every action has an opposing and opposite reaction. Is it a terrible thing to learn how to travel beyond our physical body? This is a push, whether deliberate for this purpose or not, to learn to detach enough from the body to move freely in the realm of infinity, where dreams exist, where telepathy and time travel and omniscience exists, and dual concepts are unified:  an answer to a question is immediate, the laws of magnetism that attract to us what we need and want are not hampered as much as they are in the solid matter state. The task humanity is faced with is not complete detachment from the body, then we surrender it for these beings. It is a cooperation of spirit body and physical body.

We are imprisoned in our physical bodies, but we are free to play outside of them if we choose. You don't have to be in the game to experience it or be aware of it. Watch from the sidelines, right up close while pursuing your own motivations of joy and excitement.

Animals can be, and are, mutilated, forcibly removed from their bodies for harvesting. Humans are not so easily separated. Give 'em hell. Take command by outwitting them. Learn to pull out the body (with a tether) so you can infiltrate into their motivations and observe them for a change. See outside what they are doing to you for the purpose of reconnaissance. Be an agent for the part of yourself that suffers, and for humanity in general. Share what you learn during your covert operations.

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