Aug 13, 2013


The following events happen in sequence as I move from one area to another for different reasons. Without bogging my memory down with the order, I will simply lay out every scene and interaction I can recall.

Night of August 12/13 2013

Enclosed colony used as venue for spirit family reunion. Tenants are organized into a women's wing of dormitories and a male's wing. In kitchen spaces with foods brought from home or immediately from the store, some middle aged women are organizing and moving in and out of.

Waiting for Chris, Shantey, and Otus (the adopted family that grew up with mine) to arrive. Excited they could come. I haven't seen Chris and Shantey in so long, and I've long wanted to build a more intimate relationship with Chris. He served a tour of duty overseas and its changed him, made him anxious to settle down and enjoy quality company of someone he loves, which he already has trouble handing out. I've been a preference for him, especially since returning. The years since our childhood have matured us, but not quite far enough it seems to return us to each other. Fate always has seemed to have a plan against us. Whenever one of is available, the other is in a dedicated relationship. I finally claimed more choice in our fate by, at least in my imagination, allowing the possibility of loving two men simultaneously:  my current partner and father of my child, and my childhood sweetheart. We aren't financially ready nor emotionally prepared for this sort of trial and commitment, but it helps me to have it as a solution to the conundrum it's tortured me with for so long.

Someone was stealing food supplies. When I originally found the culprit, a middle aged woman with a greedy stomach and selfish compulsion, I didn't want to assume her guilt without more evidence. I participated in the search for what was stealing and destroying food containers people brought. It made marks everywhere like a rat's chewing. I caught her in the act and calmly called the other women to my find. I do not envy the challenge of the kitchen to produce regular meals for the size of this facility.

I move throughout the facility trying to figure out the layout as some issue calls me to each section. I keep flipflopping the location of the men's wing with the women's in my head. I realize they are next to each other, taking up the entire side branch of the facility.

A transsexual who hasn't completed her transition to female (still has a penis) guides me back to her room in the men's wing. "Hey, why are you in the men's wing?" I asked, immediately ready to be angry for her at whomever assigned her there instead of the women's. She faked understanding for the decision, but secretly felt unfairly categorized by her sex. She insisted it was okay because she knows who she is and doesn't care how she is misunderstood and labeled. Shocked by her acceptance, I let the issue slide.

She and I chat about the size of the venue the reunion leaders rented out for this reunion, comparing it with the last two previous venues. I become aware that Chris and his siblings have arrived with my family. I jump up, explain to this friend that I must meet someone who arrived, and run out to greet them. How will he meet me? I wonder. Will he hug me.

I call to them from among the flowing lines of people in the crowd on the veranda of the facility where everyone is mingling and bustling around to different areas for setup. They see me. Chris welcomes me with a smile and open arms. I run into his embrace and we rest there like that for a silent eternity outside of time, relieved to finally hold each other. Like a little girl again, I show him around with the excitement of being able to showcase my personality and all the people and things I know and dabble in.

There is a moment in a open air cafe off the veranda where we are sitting at a table chatting with a friend who is asking us about our relationship. Jim comes up to ask me about something with our baggage, I tell him where the item he is looking for should be. Chris is sitting beside me, an arm wrapped around my shoulders. I kiss Jim with a peck on the lips before he leaves. The friend is amazed that all each pair of the three of us make this work. In my ideal world, the men gain a best friend, I am outnumbered. So they can easily keep me in line, and help keep each other in line because of their competitive nature to measure up to one another. Having an outside party to each couplet helps with problem-solving and makes each person more aware of themselves; it keeps us all on our A-game. It's a lovely thought in theory, and so it manifests ideally in my dreams.

The right branch of the facility was two floors each with a nightclub for the young adults of the facility to let loose, dress up, dance, mingle, engage in their dramatic fun. Although I no longer felt like I fit in with that crowd, I appreciated the inclusion of it for their age group in the facility. There was also clothing shops and warehouse units with any and all supplies we would need, like a Bi-mart or Costco.

Played strange version of basketball with peers. We were all crouched down and in a swarm. I extended myself (stood up) to make baskets and rocked. Also saw my collegiate a-cappella group with new members perform outside the young adults branch (felt like a college campus). My old leader was there too and I was excited to see him. Though the group had fewer people, they made some changes that improved its performance. Half the group were designated as dancers and performed interesting interpretive dance of the song. I was impressed by the expressivity of their moves to the lyrics and sound. Letting the dancers only focus on interpretive visual performance made for a better overall performance. The singers could focus on singing and not be hindered by how the dance affects your body's ability to sing.

There was an air of sanctuary to this place. Like we were all moving in together in unity from independent work and struggle. A great migration, if you will, a coming home. At the same time, the facility was dark, lit by a low night sky, like the other dream of this theme was as well. I used to interpret this as being underground because in that other dream there were steel beams, and the upper part of the building that rose into the sky looked out into a wasteland of a city. The sky was stormy and strange, looking like the sun was permanently black.

In some of the recesses of the facility, while transitioning through corridors between larger inhabited areas (like between the kitchen and the clubs), I was aware of an evil presence, lurking, and watching. I hurried through those sections trusting it wouldn't strike if I didn't look for it or linger my attention on its presence long enough for it to get brave.

Compiling the Theme
This type of enclosed facility with dorms, dance clubs, bulk shopping in a warehouse has come up in my dreaming a few times before. In both of these occasions there was some element of transsexualism too, how odd. Except in the last one I was swapping sexes. And, Chris and Shantey were in that one as well!! And, I watched a singing group in both. That is far too many coincidences. Is this my kingdom? No, not my kingdom. I would have more natural settings in my kingdom. Why no biodome?

Instead of going into this living facility because of the conditions on the surface of the world, this dream focuses on the positive perspective of reuniting. This is a welcomed escape, not a forced escape.

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