Oct 21, 2015

RGMP Case Report #18: Leon G. (Case File #49)

Leon is a lifelong dream walker, encountering many other worldly races and beings, witnessing strange phenomena and technology, events and inexplicable episodes of time bending. As a means of documenting his experiences and understanding of the multiverse he's come to know for public consumption, he wrote a science fiction novel titled "Universal Constance: The Haunted Shadow". Using the character Constance, he depicts his bizarre episodes through life dealing with these phenomena.

Unusual events began for Leon at an early age, with his earliest one happening at age 6. Leon and his family went for a day trip to the beach. He and his siblings played on a hill before reaching the shore, rolling up and down with glee. At the shore, they lingered to watch the water before continuing their walk along the beach. It was then that his brothers noticed blood dripping down his leg...

Oct 1, 2015

RGMP Investigation Statistical Analysis Series

Mark Location on Body

The following is the first complete cross-comparison of the majority of cases in our archives. Two data sets will be displayed here: 1) the location on the body in which marks have occurred; 2) the location in the world in which cases have come to us reporting mark occurrences.

This has been a 6 month long project and will provide us with the first comparative data toward understanding the grid mark phenomenon.


For nearly 4 years my team has been collecting data from over one hundred cases about the grid mark phenomenon. We asked for photos, descriptions of the marks, where they were in the world when the mark appeared, among many other inquiries. Using email correspondence, photos, and answers from our online survey, I have been painstakingly pulling together these two data points from all of our cases. Many holes are left over due to lack of continued communication by those that initially contacted us, and otherwise unavailable data (no photos taken or were lost). I kept a log by case number detailing each of these two categories for each case, circling the ones with missing data, crossing out those that were found to be unrepresentative of this phenomenon (all of which will be represented in my final numbers).

I marked the map and diagram as I learned precise locations. Whenever I found a hole, I strived to re-establish contact with that person specifically for those data points. Sometimes I succeeded to gather the remaining data, sometimes I didn't and am still waiting for their replies. For those holes I did fill, I added the new information to my list and made a mark on the respective diagram or map.