Mar 30, 2013

Performing Magic

In the dream dimension, where imagination manifests, concepts and sequences of events are represented metaphorically because it captures a complex arrangement of factors into a summarized form to be viewable by a single mind, with additions of perspective shifts and overlapping, time lapses and memory downloads or empathic channeling. This is how concepts like love, harvest, rain, and such were personified as gods by ancient mythologies. Living metaphors are the programs, like software, in this matrix of the physical experience.

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, who I discovered after discussing my vivid dreaming with my mother-in-law, specialized not in prophecy necessarily, but in accurate interpretation and reception of the messages he received and sensed. He was sensitive and intuitive, while being trusting of the accuracy. Cayce's best quality, I think, which made his readings important, was his faith in the truth of what he witnessed and sensed. Doubt had no lingering place in his work, it was merely a tool, the state preceding an answer. He was in cooperation and conviction with his abilities and dream messengers that made him such a powerful prophet. He has become a role model for me. Although I do not connect on all the same issues or areas that he read in, I must own the themes of my visions. Every possibility imaginable is available to be encoded as the result or reason behind my visions. What I dwell on though, is what will become manifest, and the answer will shine through again and again as the truth and it will be logical and fill me with calm certainty when I land on it.

I have a relationship with the harnessing of magic, in cooperation with advanced astrophysics I can't always comprehend. While writing a letter to a friend, I realized the fact my lessons in water harnessing would actually begin with ice finally began to ring logical (based on my own lifetime). I acknowledge it of course would be the first step, although I do not know exactly why. So now I contemplate how ice magic would work, and in what scenarios. What is a realistic first task? Would walking on water use thin layer steps of ice? Or perhaps that is related more to levitation in that the person's weight is reduced to allow walking across the surface like it is a solid mass, which it would be in different gravity, especially if that lighter gravity could be focused to a step.

Again I wonder how do I move to Alaska for this training as my narrator master explained.What if I find a picture of a quiet place for study in Alaska to use for visualization. It will provide me the material and perception I need to generate this place, or at least give me a starting point. Ah. First shot, love it when that happens. See image here. This one felt right according to the dream inside shot I had. Very simplistic with a central candle for lighting, darkness all around at night and very cold outside. Seemed abandoned or old.

I'm obsessing with ecstacy over free dancing to generate a manifestation of whatever idea I am calling to witness as light. Rain dancing was a form of this. One must be clear though about what kind of spirit they summon.

I suppose all I would need to do is choose one from the many I've met in my dreams. Is calling for exploration, as the gateway to understanding how the spirit world interacts with the physical and meeting face to face in equality an adequate enough reason for a summon? My greatest challenge in clearing up my dreaming is overcoming my doubt rooted in fear of the energies and beings that may have dominion and great power over us. Supposedly we are equals in spirit, but residing in different forms. Usually channels and mystics travel in spirit to the higher realms rather than try to bring them here. I envision, not a dance, a standing mediation, hands over heart, bowed head in prayer to fill my mind, spirit, and body with love and light to bring forth whom must be my twin flame, or guardian, the blonde-haired human male that trained me, whom works in the spirit realm to protect me. It would be opening a rift in space, and I must trust he will shield the opening from any dark spirits getting in or out. A channel meant only for our exchange. More basic, send me a light of beautiful fluxing colors like the portal in the sky. Wow, this is very difficult for me to find the right setup for this to feel pure. My conviction of intent must be honest. I will report how it goes when I can perform it.

I've been experimenting with receiving visions in a relaxed waking state. It is helping me gauge when my will is generating the vision and when it is real empathic channeling. Controlling my anxiety and will, the incessant feeling of guilt when I try to relax and gnawing shame if I don't fulfill even the most trivial motherly/spousal/neighborly/housekeeping obligations. Fear lets itself in anyway it can. Fear I am being irresponsible or lazy or hypocritical when I get after my partner for not helping as much as I or his son want. I'm such a busy body. It is quite a task for me to allow myself to sit still in quiet meditation unless I am in dire need of it. I probably would not be in dire need of it as often though if I did take preventative measures by training myself to be content to just sit. Yet again, I shame myself for not doing something I feel I should. Difficult to let time fly by without a concern when there is so many responsibilities and expectations, namely, the proper care and development of my son. My meditation is in movement, and perhaps actually in dance or song is how I meditate. Actually, that is what my dreams have told me, praise and communicate with spirit through song. Steady beat that will draw the energy until it erupts from my body. I am only content enough to sit still when I have done sufficient enough to reflect upon for the day. There is nothing wrong with that. Song it is. Yes, that is right for me. Haha! That's what that segment was about a couple nights ago. My older sister was wanting to have me sing with her to my old college professors, a nervewracking experience for me. Except we had not rehearsed, she wanted to sing children songs, and her set list was an hour long. I told her they would not want to listen to this kind of music for that long. I would feel embarrassed to sing with her as poorly as she does (speaking as classically trained musicians like my professors would judge). She was so innocently and sweetly asking though, why couldn't I. It would have been a great time to say "Fuck you, this is what we like to sing, this is what uplifts our spirits."

Settled. I will assemble a few choice songs which exemplify my true talent and appeal to the child in me and touch me deep, then sing them special for my blonde-haired spirit partner, whoever he is, whom I always know intimately in my dream state but can never remember when awake.

Songs must be hopeful, uplifting, touching.
What songs: "We Are One" Lion King 2
"Spend My Lifetime Loving You" from Zorro

Mar 29, 2013

Manipulation with Technology

Summary: High technology vehicles and devices; Men in Black pursuers; mad scientist experimenting on humans; unknown energy and light utilized or harnessed by device, perhaps related to memory alteration or direct conditioning.

Ready, Aim, Imagine

Summary: Effect of the zero point energy field on guns; how belief governs whether outside force has affect and how this relates to being shot at or shooting another in the higher dimension where dream experience resides; reference about an underground movement; questions about the nature of the soul.
Night of March 26/27th 2013

Mar 19, 2013

Study in Astrophysics with Higher Dimensional Masters

Morning of March 18th 2013; Originally published 3/19/13

In this dream, a vision appears to my avatar's perception (meaning I am perceiving the dream through an avatar of myself within the dream world) of a small avatar of myself standing motionless in a room surrounded in darkness to depict isolation, like the protagonist in a video game idling.

An invisible presence communicates with me, asking if I am certain I wish to be his pupil and learn the harsh truths of the universe. "Yes! I have been waiting to receive lessons from a master for so long!"

I'm shown a cycling counter from 100 to 500 like a classroom series where the 100's and 200's are novice and 500 is master level. I am watching it like a lottery, willing it to give me a 300 or up number. I somehow have memory that I had already studied the lower division classes of this topic (not in a traditional school setting in my waking life, but on my own time by my own research). How funny that this dream, without my deliberate thought on it, has led me back to where I started. I originally wanted to major in cosmology, but it was not offered at my university. Instead, I have explored it to my heart's content on my own time. My study is driven by hashing out my own theories. But I have great humility and doubt that I am on par with even a bachelorreate in that field. Nonetheless, I say aloud that I am at least beyond the introductory series.

It hovers in the 400s and I am nervously surprised, before it lands on 350. I yip in joy and relief that it both judged my knowledge, interest, and ability higher than novice, and yet not too far out of where I'd be comfortable. However, I sensed from the master that I may have underestimated myself. The counter generated the number based on my perception of myself, not knowledge alone; in other words it was responding to me.

(Out of sequence) I ask about the overlain vision of my little pixelated avatar in a room in the middle of nowhere:  "I would be alone in my studies?" They answered in type; the words appeared behind the vision in my perspective avatar's consciousness (separating myself from the vision). They said Jim (my life partner/spouse) will accompany me. They want me to be aware of the isolation I face in wanting to be a student of their knowledge. I am a relatively social person even though I only live with Jim and my son. Excited to be given an opportunity to study I say in midsentence "Yes. I would like to do this."

The voice pauses, then says "Make sure you take time to decide."

"I don't need time to come to the same decision."

They respond by saying "the Hysenberg principle."


Night of March 18th/19th 2013

Summary: Encounter with god Eros; stay with foreign host family; masterfully use magic in play; shot in the hand; how positive attitude and joy in any situation is a miracle to behold by characters in my dreams (they are protective of it, they are drawn to it, they are amazed by it).

Mar 16, 2013

Stream of Ponderings

Returning to previously mentioned topics of the communication device dropped in my hands by the UFO in a dream; suspicion of the push for gun control to have been staged in lieu of a welcoming interference by the Ashtar forces to establish a field around Earth preventing weapons fire - bringing into question for me the limit to the sacrifices to creating peace; empathy as the nature of my dreaming; and water, according to the Mormon writings of Nephi, represents God's love and what that means for my predisposition to dreaming of water.

Mar 13, 2013

To Be A Pet

Night of March 11/12th 2013

Dream: Held against my will by two people I used to know who both loved me then blamed me for problems in their lives which they denied responsibility for. I was the catalyst I suppose. One was in his relationship. He desired me, it hurt his relationship, I was blamed. The other was a good friend who got into drugs and one-night stands to feel loved and desired. Many a times she drank and then cut herself. It was a manipulative friendship.

They were keeping me in their home to watch TV with them. I was like a pet. I would try to escape and they would fetch me and bring me back. They kept me in the car. I was quiet. I didn't protest with words. I protested with my constant attempt and obvious focus on wanting to escape. I was their prisoner, but I did have fondness for them. I just didn't want to be there all the time. I wanted to go home finally. My visit was done and they were keeping me longer than I cared to. They would leave, and I would plan an escape.

Truths always become apparent when I write and contemplate my dreams out like this. I was looking through the eyes of an animal but with connotation to myself as a pet for a lonely force (MADNESS!! No, just kidding). Always layers. First, are those two still mistreating their dogs? Her love and compassion was built out of lonliness. It was selfish love and it shown how she neglected them. No walks, missed meals (I remember I was hungry, wondering if they would ask if I wanted food the next time they came home), feces littering the backyard. They left a side door unlocked. I thought to myself "Do they realize I'm just going to walk right out of that door? Do you not understand I just want to escape?" I got up and went out it immediately. I walked around the side of the house. There is snow everywhere. Perspective shift to them who arrived back at the house to find I had left. She tells the guy (sort of her puppet, she orders him around a lot, but they are friends) to go retrieve me. Grunting in annoyance, he runs out and gets me in no time, carrying me back.

I had stepped in poop that was scattered everywhere on the snow of her back lawn. She literally would just toss the poop out, and when it filled up one side, she'd toss it out to a different side of the house. But he was bringing me back in with poop all over my feet. I was trying to explain that I had stepped in some and needed it cleaned off and didn't want to track it in. They weren't listening. I wouldn't sit on the couch with them because of my feet. They asked and I explained. Better clean her off. 

I explain later that I have to go potty (or some reason that warranted them letting me outside). They were hesitant. I said I wouldn't run away. She told him to take me out but to go with me to monitor.

There were two layers of house, like a house was built inside an older one that was growing so dirty because it wasn't maintained. Instead of cleaning, she built a smaller house inside the old one and got a new large TV to replace the other one of the exact model that still functioned in the old house. There was a section of 4 ft of space between the outer walls of the new house and the outer walls of the entire/old house (this is where I noticed rather than clean what she had, she made a new one inside the old).

Outside was night now. There is a strange unfolding of white bricks up in the sky. They unfold to make a billboard sign. I hoped it was a sign that I was being saved. The guy was watching me with admiration. He admired how captivated and curious I was with the mysteries of the stars. I told him to be careful that his infatuation go him in trouble with his girlfriend. The billboard was only an advertisement. I hoped it was an alien UFO coming to show him the power of my allies. Disappointing. I observed the area around their property more. Hill tapers off down into blackberry bushes or overgrown vines. There were other properties with residents down the row and on the other side of this creek where the bushes grew from in the small valley of these little hills. Each backyard and house were different. Not cookie cutter suburbs. Snow covered ground.

Second, who or what is/are treating me like this? Am I letting them? Is it this way for all of humanity? Are we someone's pets? Humans keeping other humans domesticated. I wanted to roam free to my home and others' homes, not confined to one place. In my waking life, I was at my element being on the move. Staying with different relatives or at campgrounds with family. My house is wonderful, and I do love it. But I want the challenge and adventure too of experiences I am denying myself by staying in one place without variance.

Well, with Nesara law is the shift away from money and the subsequent dispersion of new technologies, perhaps the goal of gaining new experiences will no longer be held back by financial ability. Should the opportunity to explore all parts of this amazing Earth and meet people be foremost on the greater picture? Absorbing new experiences is a major purpose for living. Our souls were set out to experience as much as we can.

Interesting concept proposed by founder of new site called You earn credits to ask for others to pray on your behalf by praying and contributing to others. My dream about living on the mothership colonies where we pay for everything in credits earned by doing jobs based on our passions/interests/skills within the intergalactic society. Much better form of currency, I think. But also helps to have an omniscient force that can fairly distribute such funds to those deserving of having demonstrated quality of intent and effort, even if not significant enough to affect the outcome for the task being focused on. Or at least telepathic knowing if someone truly cared, and can sense the amount of thought and love they contributed.

Side note: About the Bird woman of possible nordic relation; she may be a close ancestor. Studying my face structure in the mirror let me finally look past my face as just being me and saw that I also have that peaked nose and elongated chin. Am I descendent of this bird/nordic people? I was blonde as a child. My child is blonde, although I am brown haired and my partner is dark brown/almost black haired. Is this his heritage? And the amphibious alien was similar to one of the zeta reticuli species (see , and I didn't mention previously, but I swear it had only four fingers on each hand. I hesitated because I was confused what the connotations were between the four fingered ones and the six fingered ones.

Mar 9, 2013

Fire and Manifesting the Imagined

An interesting point. Why do I never dream of fire? The Galactic ground crew (see their open forum here) speak about the Sacred Fire and the Violet Flame, a power used originally by the Dragons (an ancient race bred without love, bent on sabotaging the Christ plan, also called 'the Dark hats'), but also used by the lord commander Ashtar of the Federation (described in mythologies).

Giving due credit to Elizabeth Trutwin, she quotes in an email/post (not yet available on her site):  
"I read about the God Agni who was facing the dark Hats in a battle in the forest. It actually said that Agni held up his hands out of which burned a fire and the fire melted all the bad guys and burned so hot it melted the forest down....

"Ashtarʻs Avatar form is the God Agni....

"Ashtar was using a weapon called the Violet Flame....

"The Violet Flame when used through the hand chakras is a kind of martial arts weapon for the Dragons. They cannot sustain that energy. It works kinda like a beam weapon and they have misfirings in the qrs wave and they look like they are having a heart attack."
I have seen nuclear and bomb-like explosions in my dreams, but never fire. According to the Galactics, a key collective is the Dolphins who are the Angels. They would be linked with water right? I wonder if I have been prepped to establish an overall trust in my connection with water so I might walk into a dream of fire and not panic about its usual destructive connotation, but trust I can put it out if necessary.

From a Lightworker's post on the galactic free press site linked above, Patricia writes:
"Have you heard about the Violet Flame? This is a frequency of energy, vibration, and consciousness that is flowing into the mental and emotional strata of Earth through the all-encompassing Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God. This Gift of Sacred Fire is flowing in, through, and around every particle of Life on Earth and it has the amazing ability to transmute into Light the negativity that is being pushed to the surface in our individual lives and in the lives of people who are suffering all over the world."
The light I saw erupt from my hands in prayer (see Power post) was my first nudge toward that same flame that Ashtar used. I didn't see it as light though, neither did I see the image of God as fire, but as fluid lines of electricity of brilliant white and yellow light. It undoubtedly had power though because it hurt my abdomen afterward like menstral cramps (in the dream still).

As a side note about one of my primary theories listed on the Theories page of my blog, Patricia also wrote: "The Universal Law is, 'The Call for assistance must come from the realm where the assistance is needed.'"

This holds true in my personal experiments. 

She continues, "Fortunately, in order to benefit from the Violet Flame you do not have to fully comprehend or even accept that the Violet Flame is real. All you have to do is think of it as a possibility, then ask your I AM Presence to utilize the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection to transmute everything that is causing pain and suffering in your life, in the lives of Humanity, or in the experience of any other facet of Life on Earth. The Violet Flame is scientific to the letter, and it will respond instantly to the invocation of every person’s I AM Presence."


"It will also pave the way for the tangible manifestation of the patterns of perfection..."

Without realizing it, I have been seeking the same things as they have; the goal in part being tangible manifestation of our higher dimensional abilities. 

To Serve

Night of March 6/7th 2013

I am in combat with giant hovering eyeballs (not beholders) with red veins. They don't do much. I am armed with a sword, slashing and thrusting like a kid again playing a make believe adventure game. Facility is evacuating. People are running out. Alarms going off like a fire drill. I have a partner who is the primary fighter. He has to go off to fight the boss eyeball, and I must protect these people. I question leaving me to fend for them alone. He runs off, insisting I will do fine. The responsibility concerns me and I tell myself to just strike. I cut down an eyeball in a room. Someone tells me the eyeballs are getting to the escaping crowds of people though. I panic and come out. In a reaction of faith I cast a storm spell over one of the eyeballs nearest the lines of running people. Funnily, I make the sound effects for the storm thundering lightning on the enemy. There is no actual visual that my spell worked. It was like I was playing pretend. I tell myself I wounded it, that it wasn't strong enough to be a finishing blow. I slashed it down. But I acknowledged to myself I wouldn't know if the spell actually had affect. I get hit, and act as I would if it really happened, but I felt no real pain. Again, I was playing true to it being pretend even though I believed it real.

Mar 8, 2013


Night of March 7/8th 2013

Two dreams this night, both on vaguely similar ideas, of which I must write to reveal the connection. The first about participating in a series of obstacles or challenges with groups of peers. One was hiking through a descending forest, crossing a creek to a broken down cabin entrance. On the mountain face where we started from, which I could see now being out of the dense forest and now by this old building was like a V for Vendetta mask. It felt creepy, eerie, trickster, sadistic. Why were we beginning there?


Night of March 5/6th 2013

Dream: Two main scenes showing me first with my son then with my partner, Jim, in a joyful state of interacting with them. Scene is shades of gray, near void of real color, but my feeling of peace and love is unaffected. A brilliant light sparks between us as a beautiful manifestation of divine approval and power from our joy being together. With my son we were laughing and snuggling and I involved myself appreciatively in his play, and with my partner we engaged intimately, naked we wrapped around one another. I said to him I wanted to show him something amazing. Immediately I brought my hands to prayer, still in his embrace, and an arc of sparking light like how 'God' appeared bursted from my abdomen in a different dream experience (one of my most profound). It was nothing short of magic that released into the gray, dim world through our love and prayer. Gives a truer meaning to the phrase 'making love' than we've ever understood. It was beautiful and I wondered if it meant I could harness water, if it was a power to make miracles happen. Jim pulled away to see it more and pulled my soul out as he moved. My perspective remained in my body though, petrified, seeing a glowing outline of myself pulled out and with him. "Whoops." He said and somehow let go for it to return.

The Sides of the Coin

As disclaimer, please remember I am exploring possibilities based on the evidences I research and find in my dreams. Discussed with my Mormon friend about my dreams. In summary, these are the series of theories I am trying to expand and conclude upon:

Two sides with opposing ideas how to carry out their supreme leader's plan. Forceful, corrupt power wants to prove humans should be controlled and pushed into submitting to the plan, whereas the patient, mild power wants humans to figure it out with free choice and arrive willing at the plan in time.

The dark (to put a single recognizable adjective to them) ones were not granted bodies in the physical realm humans occupy. They may take over a body rightfully given to a human soul, they may influence the physical realm. They viciously seek the experience of the physical realm.

If there are other extraterrestrial species on other worlds in a physical dimension like ours (not ascended), it may not be possible to travel interstellarly without awareness of the greater abilities we possess having ascended to the next dimension of consciousness. This would seem purposeful.

The god, humanity's creator, is our creator and father and link to the rest of the universe, but he may not be the only one. He is definitely the one most important to us because we were his project, but may be others like him who created their own species in their own images, some of which may have already ascended and are the ET's reported about in alien circles. We may be progressively behind schedule compared to our galactic neighbors.

There is power to be harnessed and supported by faith and imagination and joy and love and humility. These words all describe a single state of existence that is ascension along the line of light. I've seen this power and light in my dreams. I've seen the effect of this power in my real life. I am exploring harnessing this power. There is a key to be found in imagination. In writing my book on imaginary companions I am uncovering that key more and more.

In this search I am coming to acknowledge I have a natural connection to water. I wonder if through this power I can harness water, like rain dancing was. This has raised the question for me which has been misunderstood what does the bible mean by 'witchcraft.' I want to understand what constitutes evil works and why, because there is a magic that is revealed to me that is beautiful and pure that represents love, joy, light, faith all in its wholeness. It is created as a result of these things working in unison as an overwhelming peace and excitement. In proving the ideas presented in the bible to be a legitimate source of higher wisdom and knowledge, I need to know this contradiction between what I am shown and what is being described in the text. The work of the dark force is to manipulate concepts found in the light, notably sex. I suspect magic is on that list as well. Like anything, there are two sides to the coin, and magic is just the coin, the subject of which there is a dark and light side to use it for. To use high fantasy examples, there are white wizards and dark wizards. White is typically using healing and protective magics, whereas dark wizards are using elements for harm. But is this still overly simplifying the categories. Can elements (water, in my case) not be a force of healing and protection? How would angels classify/understand harnessing magic?

Courtesy Wikipedia on "Witchcraft" "The concept of a magic-worker influencing another person's body or property against their will was clearly present in many cultures, as traditions in both folk magic and religious magic have the purpose of countering malicious magic or identifying malicious magic users."
"Witchcraft of a more benign and socially acceptable sort may then be employed to turn the malevolence aside, or identify the supposed evil-doer so that punishment may be carried out. The folk magic used to identify or protect against malicious magic users is often indistinguishable from that used by the witches themselves."

Like so many things, we have come to identify something primarily by its negative possibilities rather than as a neutral thing with both malevolent and benevolent sides that is dictated by the user. Likely it was misused and so the better option was to restrict its use altogether (a few ruin it for the rest). Even still though, firm religious people would purport magic, regardless of its intent, is wrong.

The teacher's assistant in that old dream about Isis and magic was right though, people don't take magic students seriously and shun them. I understand why. Ignorance, presumptuousness, previous and current abuse of power.

I sense storms, I dream of lakes and oceans and streams and floods and rain and snow. I do not dream of fire or lightning or scorching desert. Water, I dream of water, I resonate with water, I believe there are unknown properties of water we have not fully understood (transmission of information for example).

Okay, so is it possible to harness this magic on a whim (with good intention when it is needed to effect immediate change)? For now the power does not manifest the . It takes time and contemplation. My dreams are one aspect of my power, helping me to visualize and receive information. How do I effect large-scale change? How can I show others this magic as available to all of us in a clear and present way? How can I manifest the strings of light I saw flow out of my praying hands (dream post upcoming)? Essentially, how can I perform miracles for others to witness to speed up the process of their faith? What discipline must I understand for this to happen? Can we attain our godhood still in this mortal realm? If this is not the way it must happen, tell me. Otherwise, this is where I am reaching toward, to help humanity unlock our potential by example and teacher. Will I feel it flow out of my hands?

My dream showed me the effect of the observer will make it difficult for me to return to the state of mind to manifest the light. I acknowledge my own pride in this matter. But being driven by the promise to help others achieve the same, that we are equal, that life would be better for us all unlocking this potential is the real reward, will hold me along the path of humbleness (along with the millions of spirits watching me closely).

Like the yin and yang, could both sides be essential, the reason for the universe like it is itself a giant math problem trying to work itself out on an astronomical scale. 

On a side note, do people know when they are white knights with the federation? Is it a role they know from the beginning of this life or are they awakened to it? Did Jesus and Buddha know who they were, why they were there from the beginning?