Mar 29, 2013

Manipulation with Technology

Summary: High technology vehicles and devices; Men in Black pursuers; mad scientist experimenting on humans; unknown energy and light utilized or harnessed by device, perhaps related to memory alteration or direct conditioning.

Night of March 27/28th 2013

[Here I was asking for a replenishment of love energy for this night's dream, and the following is what I get instead. More to prove how little control I sometimes have over the content of my dreams, suggesting to me some unknown consciousness sending me messages based on an intelligent plan. Information is released only when certain conditions are met. Much of that may be my readiness rather than their delegating.]

Running, being pursued (classic dream scenario) by tall, dark, male figures in stereotypical Men in Black suit and sun glasses, even though the setting is very dim. Outside in a wooded, lush area on outskirts of town. There are roads. We are jumping on and off between train cars up and down the tracks. Back of one car has lots of unmarked buttons and different colored lights, and a door like an elevator (this may have been some other kind of vehicle besides a train). I am with another woman around my age (25). Strangest part:  hopping off the next train, we look around at the different options for escape to lose our tail. One is to continue and hop the next train car a couple hundred feet away down the track on the other side of the concrete road, or we could go up the road into town, or away from town deeper into wilderness. I decided for us, expecting it would be the last option he would anticipate us going, we went for the thick cover and openness away from town and cut down a grassy area toward an abandoned school house (maybe a bunker actually because it was open wide and high inside). If this had been a test for me to stretch my wings on whether I can overpower the fear of danger in a fifth dimensional reality, I may have failed.

We walked right into the lair of the scientist whose goons were sent to get us. He was using us for experimental technology in this remote lab. I became aware that we had gone down this route before to the lab at the beginning of the dream or some point in the past of this avatar's self and that I had been made to forget that. So thinking it was the best option was a reworking of my memory. Through my internal logic, I brought us right back to where we didn't want to be. The earlier memory was triggered back and I saw us coming down that grassy hill to this building. Well no, then it wasn't a memory. It was like a film that shows you a part of the ending at the beginning, then rewinds the story back so the viewer can see how the story ends up there, then finishes with the conclusion. It was the conclusion that this was not a safe haven but the opposite that wasn't divulged until after experiencing it through in its entirety.

We activated a hightech vehicle before he realized we had walked into his lab/bunker. He was so satisfied we returned unknowingly that he permitted one of us to go ahead and leave. I told her to just drive and pushed her out the door. "Just keep going." I told her. But the vehicle was very slow, making her get away look pathetic. The scientist was very amused. I stayed. When I saw she was not looking back and making her way up the hill now glowing with sunlight as if to highlight her freedom, although she now looked to be riding a tricycle it was so slow. When I was confident it was not a trick and he would not pursue her, I turned back to face my jailer.

There is a holographic display screen in the air at chest height by him near the large bunker door in the center of the space where he takes a strange head device from. Lines of purple and blue electricity are moving through the air behind him and around the device. Before I know it, the device is on and my perspective escapes from this body to witness from the outside the experience of this device. I also realize the woman is not me. She is blonde and thin with a small pointy chin and hollow cheeks. I do not recognize her. Although she looks vaguely similar only in superficial features to the pilot of the transport ship that evacuated me and others to the motherships some months ago (see post Dec 31st/Jan 1st).

The device is metallic with a bar around the front of her forehead, and another over the top of her head. Some black antennae looking pieces sticking up at the side and back. Great surges of purple and blue electricity lighting up the space around her head. Its not electricity though. It feels similar to the energy that makes up the holographic technology around the center of this lab. The rest is empty space as far as I was aware. She was rigid, shouting in pain or shock. Her eyes wide open and her mouth ajar. I don't believe he was killing her. I believe he was programming her or infusing her with energy or perhaps stealing energy. I do not know of what kind though.

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