Mar 16, 2013

Stream of Ponderings

Returning to previously mentioned topics of the communication device dropped in my hands by the UFO in a dream; suspicion of the push for gun control to have been staged in lieu of a welcoming interference by the Ashtar forces to establish a field around Earth preventing weapons fire - bringing into question for me the limit to the sacrifices to creating peace; empathy as the nature of my dreaming; and water, according to the Mormon writings of Nephi, represents God's love and what that means for my predisposition to dreaming of water.

Metal cage, a communication device. Where can I get this. What is the particular lengths and arrangement of the angled intersecting bars on top? How would this help me communicate? What would happen if I put something inside the cage? Curious. Just after I wrote this, while sitting here in my bedroom at 11:30pm, I hear metallic notes ring from the air like a smooth trilling flute. Two notes. I believe it was a perfect fifth interval. Am I supposed to ring them? Then a repeat of the last note. How can I produce that quality of Just for personal reference, that was no more than a minute delay between asking the question and hearing those sounds seemingly in response. I had started writing the next paragraph when I heard them vibrate through the air as if in the room but not coming from any particular direction, except maybe moving right to left in the doppler effect spanning five feet at max from one side of my bed to the other. I will communicate with tonal sounds then, I suppose. Guess that makes the most basic sense for stage two or three: communicating while awake through a tangible medium. The sounds could have been coincidental, misheard to be in my room and actually originated from outside my window in the street (cars), Jim in the other end of house on his computer, or my neighbor.  I wonder if there is any reference to this device in ancient artwork. Closest thing I could think to call it was a transistor radio. I don't know how a radio's inner components work though, the electronics of it seem far too complicated for me to get in one sitting.

Interesting factoid though, the first transistor radio was made by Texas Instruments originally for the oil industry (linked with the Dragons who are keeping mankind enslaved by hoarding the energy market) and the US Navy. Perhaps the simplicity of the model I was given in my dream was to start from scratch. Only certain frequencies are picked up by radio devices made for public use. How many of those fractions of frequencies are carrying important communications between the forces interacting with our species and government agencies?

Suspicious to me that the most terrible gun crime imaginable, the cold killing of young children in a classroom occurred ... here I was going to write this. Now after the event of the paragraph above, I am inclined to suspend my... nope, I'm going to. ...that it occurred so close to the state of union address for Obama to press for gun control, which is only a step for everyone to get used to the supposed field that will be put in place around Earth preventing weapons to be fired. The real reason for his emphasis, is to force the debate about violence and use of weapons in general against one another. If Earth is to join the federation, we must be united. Peace must reign before we can hope to join the rest of the galaxy. Can't have trigger happy species roaming around threatening intergalactic wars.

Another updated theory as to the content of my dreams. I believe they may primarily be based in empathy. I dreamt of my friend's eventual move to Americorps before she ever had the notion, then subsequently the day before her first visit back I dreamt of her having strongly attached to a male leader (still to be verified, but she did admit having had much difficulty with the redistribution of people from the initial units because she had attached so strongly to them, realizing how easily she clung to a person to feel secure; I mentioned the dream to her, since the previous one proved to have weight). I dream rather randomly (like last night) about Chris and Jim. This time I was managing being company to them both, and they both permitted this with less attention than I expected (as expressed in my avatar's thoughts in the dream). But the main thing about my interaction with them was what I provided them. Jim needed sexual relief (tried to provide him oral, knowing in the dream this was what he wished most from me at that time), and Chris enjoyed me embracing him atop a roof in the wind looking at the stars. I almost missed the point while in the dream, asking him whether he knew anything about aliens from his military career. He was quiet though, he just wanted to be there in silent comfort with me soaking up my good feelings in relief. Jim's need. The depiction of Jim's interaction seems exactly right. He does need that from me soon. Chris however, I have no way of verifying to further corroborate the theory. I suspect so, but having not seen him in years, I can't know for sure what his general feelings are now.

I also dream of people in my life seemingly randomly. Typically when I feel I have helped someone I have received empathic knowledge about, the dreams about them momentarily cease, and the next 'assignment' takes the forefront as key characters in the next dreams. I do not get wind of every person close to me whom is in peril, perhaps only those I can help. This is the explanation for dreams focused on relationships with people in my life. This does not come close to explaining all my dreams. However, it does indicate a remarkable capacity for empathy, foresight, and change. If we can sense the lives and status' of people around us, is it too far to reach that it could be possible to send or infer changes into their minds via the same channels? good or bad, for healing or manipulation. Ideas can then be implanted without device. The game Ingress (as one example) has suggested inspiration comes from a collective of other dimensional beings that watch over humanity.

Again, it still holds true that if I do not receive an answer from a question, likely I am not asking the right question or am misunderstanding the issue I am pondering. Giving it weight by responding to it may confuse the issue more than help clarify it.

Book of Mormon, plates of Nephi says water represents God's love. The water of my dreams is symbolizing His love? Why as water? Love is represented as love in my dreams. Why would it need a symbol? Flooding would then be an abundance of God's love. I tended to have flooding dreams when I was most anxious and filled with doubt. In that respect, it makes sense that a divine force would be sending an overflow of love to compensate, but I always misinterpreted it as the avatar in the dream based on what flooding means in the physical realm. If this is true, being as how I am a particularly doubting mood, suspecting manipulation and untrue intentions by the powers I thought I trusted (truly am fickle I suppose; I inescapably revert back to suspicion), I should dream of flooding tonight. My tendency is suspect and be ever analyzing. My truth is that as much as I will continue to try to put my faith in this federation and a one supreme force, I must question all along the way. That is the opposite of faith.

Wondered how the vicious spirits might be maneuvering in this world? They are getting cybernetic bodies manufactured from animal and human parts (ref link; mutilations). How did they convince a race to do this for them?

Asking also:  "Where does my soul originate, which race or group of races? Am I a walk-in? I awoke into this body one night after a dream about a brilliant white place and a waterfall and two children, a boy and girl standing at different steps looking toward one another without any gesture or words that I remember. What is my mission here? Help me remember."

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