Mar 13, 2013

To Be A Pet

Night of March 11/12th 2013

Dream: Held against my will by two people I used to know who both loved me then blamed me for problems in their lives which they denied responsibility for. I was the catalyst I suppose. One was in his relationship. He desired me, it hurt his relationship, I was blamed. The other was a good friend who got into drugs and one-night stands to feel loved and desired. Many a times she drank and then cut herself. It was a manipulative friendship.

They were keeping me in their home to watch TV with them. I was like a pet. I would try to escape and they would fetch me and bring me back. They kept me in the car. I was quiet. I didn't protest with words. I protested with my constant attempt and obvious focus on wanting to escape. I was their prisoner, but I did have fondness for them. I just didn't want to be there all the time. I wanted to go home finally. My visit was done and they were keeping me longer than I cared to. They would leave, and I would plan an escape.

Truths always become apparent when I write and contemplate my dreams out like this. I was looking through the eyes of an animal but with connotation to myself as a pet for a lonely force (MADNESS!! No, just kidding). Always layers. First, are those two still mistreating their dogs? Her love and compassion was built out of lonliness. It was selfish love and it shown how she neglected them. No walks, missed meals (I remember I was hungry, wondering if they would ask if I wanted food the next time they came home), feces littering the backyard. They left a side door unlocked. I thought to myself "Do they realize I'm just going to walk right out of that door? Do you not understand I just want to escape?" I got up and went out it immediately. I walked around the side of the house. There is snow everywhere. Perspective shift to them who arrived back at the house to find I had left. She tells the guy (sort of her puppet, she orders him around a lot, but they are friends) to go retrieve me. Grunting in annoyance, he runs out and gets me in no time, carrying me back.

I had stepped in poop that was scattered everywhere on the snow of her back lawn. She literally would just toss the poop out, and when it filled up one side, she'd toss it out to a different side of the house. But he was bringing me back in with poop all over my feet. I was trying to explain that I had stepped in some and needed it cleaned off and didn't want to track it in. They weren't listening. I wouldn't sit on the couch with them because of my feet. They asked and I explained. Better clean her off. 

I explain later that I have to go potty (or some reason that warranted them letting me outside). They were hesitant. I said I wouldn't run away. She told him to take me out but to go with me to monitor.

There were two layers of house, like a house was built inside an older one that was growing so dirty because it wasn't maintained. Instead of cleaning, she built a smaller house inside the old one and got a new large TV to replace the other one of the exact model that still functioned in the old house. There was a section of 4 ft of space between the outer walls of the new house and the outer walls of the entire/old house (this is where I noticed rather than clean what she had, she made a new one inside the old).

Outside was night now. There is a strange unfolding of white bricks up in the sky. They unfold to make a billboard sign. I hoped it was a sign that I was being saved. The guy was watching me with admiration. He admired how captivated and curious I was with the mysteries of the stars. I told him to be careful that his infatuation go him in trouble with his girlfriend. The billboard was only an advertisement. I hoped it was an alien UFO coming to show him the power of my allies. Disappointing. I observed the area around their property more. Hill tapers off down into blackberry bushes or overgrown vines. There were other properties with residents down the row and on the other side of this creek where the bushes grew from in the small valley of these little hills. Each backyard and house were different. Not cookie cutter suburbs. Snow covered ground.

Second, who or what is/are treating me like this? Am I letting them? Is it this way for all of humanity? Are we someone's pets? Humans keeping other humans domesticated. I wanted to roam free to my home and others' homes, not confined to one place. In my waking life, I was at my element being on the move. Staying with different relatives or at campgrounds with family. My house is wonderful, and I do love it. But I want the challenge and adventure too of experiences I am denying myself by staying in one place without variance.

Well, with Nesara law is the shift away from money and the subsequent dispersion of new technologies, perhaps the goal of gaining new experiences will no longer be held back by financial ability. Should the opportunity to explore all parts of this amazing Earth and meet people be foremost on the greater picture? Absorbing new experiences is a major purpose for living. Our souls were set out to experience as much as we can.

Interesting concept proposed by founder of new site called You earn credits to ask for others to pray on your behalf by praying and contributing to others. My dream about living on the mothership colonies where we pay for everything in credits earned by doing jobs based on our passions/interests/skills within the intergalactic society. Much better form of currency, I think. But also helps to have an omniscient force that can fairly distribute such funds to those deserving of having demonstrated quality of intent and effort, even if not significant enough to affect the outcome for the task being focused on. Or at least telepathic knowing if someone truly cared, and can sense the amount of thought and love they contributed.

Side note: About the Bird woman of possible nordic relation; she may be a close ancestor. Studying my face structure in the mirror let me finally look past my face as just being me and saw that I also have that peaked nose and elongated chin. Am I descendent of this bird/nordic people? I was blonde as a child. My child is blonde, although I am brown haired and my partner is dark brown/almost black haired. Is this his heritage? And the amphibious alien was similar to one of the zeta reticuli species (see , and I didn't mention previously, but I swear it had only four fingers on each hand. I hesitated because I was confused what the connotations were between the four fingered ones and the six fingered ones.

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