Sep 28, 2013

The Worm Connection

Summary: Manmade flying object confiscated by reckless locals; Swamp water transfers worm-like creatures that burrow in my skin, and the effort to expel them from my body; Invading worm creatures Metaphorical analysis of meaning of water throughout my dreams, followed up with plan to induce particular dream imagery that would validate my theory.

Nights Sept 27/28th 2013 and many other dreams referenced not recorded elsewhere

I step onto a low dock over a swamp. It's after dusk so the sky holds faint light over the horizon, but the sky is mostly purple and dark blue with many clouds. There may have been a rainstorm earlier that day. My attention is toward the sky, so details of the swamp are vague. An orange star-like object moves up from the horizon faster than a plane is capable of. I feel like it responds to me, is aware of me watching it. When it does obtuse angle shifts, I suspect it's more than any known object. I wait for the giveaway sudden dart across the sky like a shooting star, which UFC technology is recognized for because modern science (or at least what's available to public knowledge) is not capable of doing yet. It darts a few hands, then slows quickly. Odd. It wasn't as fast as I expected. Is this not an extraterrestrial craft? It changes course to come down to me. Other people by now have noticed it and have come to the dock. Two civilian men are standing in the swamp where it hovers down to. It looks like a truck with a large camper, except it has plane wings and a metal cage over top with a satellite dish, and is 1' wide across the bumper x 2' long. On the hood and on either side of the vehicle reads NASA. Oh. It's a drone. The locals standing with me are bothered by the object. One grabs it out of the air where it hovers to the side of the dock just above the water. It's engine whirs as the propeller on top in the cage contraption no longer holds the weight or can dictate it's position. Whomever is controlling it is obviously trying to get the drone loose. I tell them to leave it alone, that it's an experiment for NASA and means us no harm, that someone worked hard on it and its not our place to claim ownership. The man holding it speaks sarcastically at the truck. A woman's voice returns, its controller and likely its engineer. "Let it go please." The woman says over a radio somewhere in the mess of rods on this device. "See?" I tell them, "Someone will be looking for it."

"Oh, then we should make sure it's working properly for her." Another man says as he pulls on some tubes. "Do you think this helps?" He says carelessly. I argue, and reach for it to try and pry it away, but I get knocked down in the swamp. My arm makes contact with the surface. I quickly stand up and study my arm. The water was known to be infected. The locals wear tall boots when they have to wade through it. Tiny brown worm creatures are burrowing furiously under my skin. There's no blood, they are only a centimeter or two long and no thicker than a few strands of hair. I wipe my arm with my other hand to prevent more from disappearing into my skin. I know a few already made it in. I'm no longer concerned with the device, I have to get out because they are swarming the bottom of my legs already.

The remedy was to put the body part under hot water. Somehow it suffocates them or is too intense that they escape by leaving the skin of the host. Except when they do the hot water directly on them kills them. I watch in horror and relief as many more than I thought had made their way in are climbing out of my arm. Some are escaping by moving further up the arm. I have to adjust the location of the water. I even, at some point wrap turnoquits to cut off circulation and access to the rest of my body. I repeat on the other arm, again, finding many more than I thought had entered falling out. Still no blood or holes when they evacuated. I only saw the bumps of them crawling under the skin and the progression of their bodies climbing out before they fell into the sink. I had to do the same with my legs, the worst infected. I drew a hot bath and conceptualized how I would tie my upper legs and sit in the water without lowering too much of myself. I didn't want them to touch any other part of me. They couldn't climb out of the water, they needed that medium for some reason. So only what touched the water (outside of my skin) could be accessed. The hot water may not be killing them enough, just expelling them from the skin.

The Worm Theme

Of all the recurring themes (see also post featuring worms attack in desert that were snakes in the forest, but worms in the desert, and human-arthropod hybrid, and post where I almost sit on a grub, also encounter with deviant alien worm creature in small UFO not previously recorded on this blog, and finally see posts under marker DS1 detailing my theory about a blood-dependent parasite that feeds on humans and related dreams in this series) I've dealt with over this last year, this one may be the worst for me. I cringe at the notion of worms that want to crawl into my body, but for some reason it's important enough to keep coming up. My working theory is that this theme represents disease, or virus because it seems triggered by content from my waking life featuring virus outbreak. A kind of blood disease? (See dream post about retro-virus at the end. I haven't actually recorded this one, ugh. Too many. Understand that I still have recorded dreams from November and December 2012, and apparently that one from January 2013. Bear with me on that. I dream every night and don't always record them, though I remember them, and find I have to describe them first in order to reference them when they become relevant later.)

I can't escape the presence of water as the medium for transference of these buggers. I've been asking lately to my dream guides, "What happens when I submerge in the water", metaphorically I am asking why haven't I been depicted under water, only swimming on top of the surface or above. What does it mean for me to be submerged? How does that translate to my effort to travel body and spirit connected in the ether to other realms and worlds? The answer of this dream suggests I would pick up a kind of spiritual parasite if I were to do so. This idea has been communicated to me before, the risk of traveling through the spirit realm without an anchor in the physical. There are different regions in water and different regions on land; there are different regions in the spiritual plane in either situation of being tethered to the land, and free-floating in or under the water. So if I even tough a tainted, or dangerous region of the spiritual plane, even with a shallow depth from the land, I can contract a 'spirit virus.' I believe it's a caution to not blindly jump away from my safety tether, which is my body on the physical realm. I need to know where I'm going. Well, how do I know where I can go though? Can I swim in a tank with my friendly seal brothers, instead of open ocean? A tank that is regulated and maintained by loving, tethered groundskeepers? I've seen many swimming pools and closed play structures over the water, and large showers and baptismal-like tubs. Could that have all been cluing me in as to what kind of closed water source I need in order to do the kind of travel I want? In one recent dream I was hopping in and out of swimming pools in a training exercise running away from my mates. They had to catch me, but rarely dared to jump in the pools. They preferred to stay on land, and when they did jump only one of them did in any pool and they were slower than I could swim. I perhaps have the potential to move swiftly and acrobatically in and out of body-spirit realms. This makes sense given my explorations into how it would be possible to identify anything solid while traveling as non-local energy. I dreamed it was like running alongside a large pipeline in an closed facility. I stopped when I noticed a toy I wanted to pick up to keep for my son. In other words, you can see what you're passing by, just at a tremendously faster pace and processing power.

The only tank dream I had with my assigned seal friends, they were frozen and drowning. I criticized their caretakers and tried to throw rocks in, but was overcautious about contacting them or the water. The caretakers then unfroze the water and watched me suspiciously, wondering why I was trying to interfere and feeling offended by my assumption that they were doing a lousy job of monitoring the animals conditions. Who can I have represent the caretakers so I can trust them to perform their job well? Any marine biologists depicted in movies like Free Willy, and Andre. I should rewatch them for fresh content if I have any hope of this working.

Indicators of Rough Winter Approaching?

(Originally published 9/28/13)

Further analysis from post "Communicating with Other Realms and Advancing our Technology"

In the above post, I discussed the entity's warnings from the CHANI project. He said to watch our Sun, and talked about a merging.

Contactees are familiar with the symbol of two triangles overlapping, one upside down, one upright, with the tips 'merged.' This symbol has been seen on the uniforms of many extraterrestrial/dimensional beings, and was explained to mean 'the merging of two worlds.' The merging may not be of two physical objects, but of two dimensional worlds, the physical plane with the higher vibrational one where our galactic neighbors move freely through, a sort of ocean of infinity.

Our sun (See heading "Dwindling Resources and the Coming Ice Age" in this post for further info.) has had the lowest maximum number of sun spots in 200 years (article link). The last time it was this low triggered a mini ice-age. Scientists warn about terrible weather and colder than usual winters. My dreams about an arctic wasteland where San Francisco once was and torrential rainfall with flooding in the Pacific Northwest didn't make sense to me until now. I thought it was related to an Earth's polar shift (which I'm still not ruling that out, but I don't know how to gauge that event). Much of the weather information I've been accumulating is beginning to come together. The erratic Jet Stream, the abnormal weather conditions in places not used to such extremes, the warnings about horrible storms and a cataclysmic event from various sources. Sensitives everywhere 'feel' a pressing urgency to prepare for catastrophe. I have never felt inclined to talk to people outside of this blog about it all until putting it together with the reports about the Sun's lack of activity this year. Again, I do not approve of doomsayers, and I am not trying to be. I have heard the change will be sudden, happening in the span of a season, particularly in a summer or spring season (though I don't know why). All I tell people in my circle is to prepare for a rough winter, just in case.

Sep 19, 2013

Quenching a Thirst

Summary: Symbiosis with a sexual spirit;  Awkward intimate encounter set-up; Surface of water as an intermediary between dimensions; Obsession with water; Quest to learn how to travel inter-dimensionally with body and soul joined; Cattle mutilations supplying evacuation planets for Earth's people.

I'm carrying around an attachment to a sexual spirit that I may have invited as a type of walk-in to teach and explore with me this body's sexual impulses, needs, and nature. It is called regularly when my hormonal cycle reaches a certain stage, and it demands I yield to let it settle the built up energy. It very well could be feeding on it in a symbiotic relationship. I once dreamed I was a vampire starving myself because I didn't morally approve of my biological nature to feed on humans. In a desperate act that overtook me, I fed on a human I was supposed to be in cooperation with. The act was sexually pleasurable feeding on the muscle above his collar bone. I was abhorred with myself when my higher brain functions returned. Worried I killed the last human I ran to the upper floor, only to be greeted by zombified humans. Not wanting to be infected, I fell out a window. I was redeemed, able to to join the survivors in a peaceful, post-apocalyptic society by the ocean. In this respect, it would seem I fought this demon before, and now am able to carry it around in cooperation. Is this the dragon I fought and have absorbed in successive lifetimes?

Couple nights ago, I dreamed I had intimate relations with someone from my elementary school that I knew of up and out of highschool, whom I never had interest for, so it was awkward at first. But we still connected and found we had an appreciation for each other that allowed us to express it, though we didn't ever really interact throughout our school careers together. But what's more interesting that highlighted this scene of the dream in my memory is that we met in a boat on a dock to be together. We just lay down in the boat. And I had the sense that some other figure was present who was facilitating the exchange, like the figure led me to this boat to be with this old acquaintance. It felt setup; there was a pressure or expectation that we were to lay with each other.


In my research and intrinsic motivation to understand the fabric of reality and its relationship with perception -because it is key to explaining how beings are able to manifest, or phase, in and out of our dimension/reality/space-time line - I came across an account detailed in a book by Ruth Montgomery "Aliens Among Us" (which always ignites the tune to "Angels Among Us" in my head), in which she relays her correspondence with a contactee and walk-in who identified the visitors his son first encountered as Kantarians (so they called themselves). He told Ruth they are 'interdimensional' beings rather than from our own space-time continuum. They are one race who has guided Earth since our beginnings and are devoted to helping us through an eventual cataclysm, as they have done before. "Itan informed that he and his friends were from another planet that existed in another dimension. They had visited Earth for centuries and had attempted to make some contact with humans, but found most of them to be too manipulative and selfish..." (pg 91).

My subconscious fleetingly thought "I still don't understand interdimensionality" and moved on, without dwelling on it. The feelings was a simple truth that surfaced for an instant than subsided. I didn't pay much mind to it because it has been a piece of the enigma I have been trying to comprehend.

Last night's dream let me experience how this interdimensionality feels, in order for me to understand it. I understand through psychological experience, visually and immersively, thus dreams are a perfect method for my learning. I'm in a small group of at least two other women (mothers from my waking life). We are skipping through dimensions all based on the same outline. Not the same space-time, each dimension is its own space on its own timeline, however, it all features the same setting outline and the same colony of people as outlines. They are each independent, but similar. Only way I know to describe it is to take a page from a children's coloring book and copy it. Give ten different people and children a page and let them color it. Each will be unique, but ultimately it is based on the same template or outline, just colored differently. Each dimension is based on the same template of a building and a culture of people. But the culture, dress, personalities, details in each dimension is 'colored' differently.

Sep 6, 2013

The Other Shade of Reptilian: Part 2 of Sexual Hunger

(See post "Sexual Hunger" for more details leading up to this)
Spiritual Plot, Hunger Fever, and My Handler(s)

Last night I sat outside in the cold aftermath of a rainstorm while my son went to sleep, to decompress, and mourn somehow. Throughout the day people were pointing out to me my tardiness in dates:  not checking my phone for messages, not providing ample warning of schedule changes, not turning in application until close to the training dates, not replying to my client until two days before a session, not finishing the story I needed for our session until the day before. Perhaps some of those delays are understandable to the variety of things I manage (notably my son), but it degraded me nonetheless. I cowered meekly, embarrassed that I would be defined as irresponsible or flaky. I explained to each of them as best I could part of the problem that I provide myself flexibility where I can to not overstress about life or live by a clock, like I did for ten years of my life during school. I clarified a few other points for them, depending on my honesty to appeal to their sympathetic natures, but when I sat outside, I let the deep truth spill over me. I am caught up in a complex story which I cannot seem to explain to anyone else in a way that makes sense or catches their interest enough to listen and grant me the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn't need their approval through expressed interest if it wasn't for the fact that my own critical mind doubts the reality of my elaborate and unprovable fantasy.

I gave myself permission to write it out as if I were to make an actual evaluation based on the self-evidences I have. Here they are, as bizarre as they sound:

Sep 3, 2013

Sexual Hunger

 Summary: Human female cycle, hormonally induced sex drive having purpose beyond reproduction; Cattle skinning operation; Price for an old debt; blood and alien connections.

Each month for at least one day and night I become sexually hyper with such hormonally driven desire, it's not only distracting, its practically consuming. All my effort is spent keeping it in check. Otherwise, the only cure seems to be screwing anyone and everyone. Either this is the side of the female reproductive cycle that just doesn't get discussed in sex ed, or am I a nymphomaniac. I jokingly refer to it as being "in heat", of the "use it or lose it syndrome" when the conditions of the uterus are right to receive fertilization or else the egg will be expunged (when woman is most fertile; see article on human female estrus new findings). If you were to pack the number of times a typical male supposedly thinks about sex on a daily basis (every 6 minutes, though not substantiated, more as social humor) throughout the month (60/6 =10 times an hour x 16 hours awake =160 x 30 days =4800 times per month) into a 24 hour period, that's the concentration of sexual motivation I feel on this particularly day my cycle. It is insatiable, full-body experience that keeps me awake at night.

Dwindling Resources and the Hard Choices our Galactic Neighbors will have

"There is a great cycle of climate that began 2.8 million years ago and has resulted in the fundamental destabilization of your world's weather system"
-Mysterious Stranger in conversation with Author Whitley Streiber

The Dream
Weekend night either late July or early August 2013

Traveling in country roads as hitchhiker in my local valley with my two year old son. Stumble across a town I never knew was there. Bustling with people and little shops. Some old buildings are vacant and closed up. People are friendly. What is this place? I had to ride a bike to get through the path entrance covered in rubble from an old bridge over the main thorough fare. The central town is no more than a couple blocks with the main street curving around the outside of it. Along the left is a river with lush growth. A favorite playing spot for the locals. Given its proximity to the road, it feels to be part of the town.

I expected there to be a connecting road back to the main country highway that would go into Alansville (town names changed). I ask people where another highway is. They answer that the only road is the way we got in. Someone asks where I'm headed. I say Alansville. They point in the direction of Alansville, very off from where I figured it to be. They said I'd have to go through Georgeland first, but the layout they are talking about, considering I came from Brittsburg don't make sense. Where is this place? How come I've never heard of it or seen it before? I follow the road around again as it turns along the top edge, now 180 degrees from the direction I started. At the end of this road is parking at the edge of a strange ocean. Its water is crystal clear without waves. How is an ocean without waves? It also seems to be an overlapping reality on the land-locked location of where this town supposedly is. The ocean looks both endless over the horizon, yet it only goes out a certain way and fades. I can see the country side of the farm-lands I am used to seeing beneath it.The water is flooded on the parking lot. Cars are parked in feet of water. I try to draw people's attention, but it seems this is typical and of no concern since the water level doesn't change. I walk along the rim of the raised parking hill only a few feet from the water's edge (an inconsistency, how is the water raised onto the hill in some places, but low in others?). A couple kids are playing at the shoreline that looks more like a lake shore. My son wants to play and I allow him for a few minutes while I look out.