May 28, 2013

Red Marks - Case reported to MUFON

Reposted here from Filer's Files #21 2013 is testimony of a person who recounts a vivid dream in which he and others were brought up into the sky from a military submarine. Upon waking, though, real burn marks were left on his wrists.

"New Jersey ABDUCTION -- Every day that goes by, I feel that I get more and more lost because of what happened. Here is what I pasted on many sites, when this all happened.
On April 29, 2013, something happened in my dream, or at least I think it was a dream. It was so real, but I never left the couch. As far as I remember I was in a scene where we were some kind of military, but older military, not recent equipment or anything. Then one scene I am literally on top of a submarine because it had surfaced and docked. I am not sure where this was, but then next there were ships everywhere and then people started getting pulled to the sky. I ran and got inside. The next scene sounds funny, but I was going to the bathroom in a dirty toilet.

After that, I was just walking through this place, and wham! I am pulled up. I just know it was some kind of aliens or something that we were running from. And at one point I was in something, like an incubator type thing, but I didn’t see the alien, nor did I see them working on me. I just remember struggling and screaming, bright lights and then some kind of burn on my wrist area. When I woke up this morning, I actually have this mark on my wrist and I cannot explain it. I looked at everything around me, and even try to imprint things that were around me on my arm to see if it matched, and nothing! What has happened? The mark almost looks like a triangle burn mark, but instead of a pointed tip it’s a straight tip. What the heck went on?
(Note: see photo above that witness took of himself of the marks mentioned in his report.) Thanks to William Puckett, Director"

(Story and image are the proper rights of the witness who took the photo and the author from whom I received the newsletter from George Filer).

Experiences of the phenomenon, though this case was not in a distinct grid pattern as those I was originally investigating were, desperately search for a logical reason in the objects and electronics around their living spaces that would explain the appearance of their marks to no avail. One witness on the Above Top Secret thread (see Summary post on phenomenon for link) did admit later as a comment to their original post that they realized the marks seemed to match the pattern of their knit sweater, though it was not clear how the sweater would have produced the marks. What may have happened is the sweater acted as a shield on the unaffected lines between the grid marks. But this is only my speculation.

I still do not see a direct connection to ET activity yet, as no witnesses has mentioned seeing any alien beings in their encounters, real, dreamed, or otherwise. Even the original guy, Stephen Michalak of the Falcon Lake incident didn't report seeing any beings; the craft he peered into was empty. I make this a point because it is well known in the UFO community that more than half the unidentified aircrafts we see are ours, that is, they are manmade. Search for info on Lockheed Martin and Skunkworks secret projects. Of course still, the understanding is that we derived our knowledge to make such machines from ET's, but with the particular phenomenon I am investigating (Red Grid Marks), we want to know who is behind them (if not our own imaginations), and for what purpose. Our own people could be the culprits, so I must leave the possibilities open.

May 23, 2013

Development toward Antigravitic Craft Schematics

Summary: Another dream emphasizing learning about magnetism; assembling the elements so far; antigravitic/levitation reaction of object in magnetic field; question about the physics of light-speed travel of craft employing the described methods.

Radioactive Waste Containment

This information is so good it must be shared. Here is how we should deal with our radioactive/toxic waste, courtesy of a UFO gift left to a woman in Poland inside a crop circle back in 1998.

"In this process electrodes are driven down into the area and electrical arcs are made to flow deep into the soils contaminated with toxic wastes or radioactive substances, liquifying the soil components and producing a non-permeable glassy material as the liquid soils cool. Once cooled this glassy residual can then either remain safely underground (since the toxic or radioactive wastes are now contained and cannot leach into groundwater or spread contamination) or they can be subsequently safely hauled away."

Continuum - Clarification on the State of Power

Summary: Small group hoarding information and technology to rule over public, keeping them in peaceful poverty, while imprisoning inquisitive minds manipulated to serve their further hoarding of scientific knowledge; dream as clarification about the twisted plot of show Continuum from reality.

May 20, 2013

Red Grid Marks Case Report #1: Jordon (previously "Michael")

Since writing the Summary of Symptoms on the Red Grid Mark phenomenon, the most visited post in my archive, other cases have been contacting me seeking answers to their own mysterious occurrences of similar marks. The following is the first case of a series I will be reporting based on email interviews.

Call and Response

Summary: Dream answers two clearly stated questions and adds the next step of training on a deeper one I always ask; Medical dreaming works only with request from person in question; wrestling with my polyamorous nature; being misunderstood while fighting for greater mission; bringing two sides together in harmony rather than ignoring one and leaving their sounds to overlap in cacophony (polyamory); rainbow pixels implant in crowd to generate holographic interfacing capability; crowd is granted the fan desired version of Lost' series finale (mysteries revealed and connections linked up).

May 17, 2013

Blood Survival

Summary: Dream as vampire in underground basement of building sworn not to feed on humans; zombie outbreak in floors above, depleting food supply; desperation of hunger and fear of zombies; escape out of invested building to walk empty streets of town by the ocean; kids appear playing and I am relieved to find I am a survivor in a relative paradise; red mark phenomenon connection.

May 14, 2013

Empathy with Seals, Channeling Sea Mammals

Topics Summary: Dream sequel to Astrophysics, and Empathy with Tiger; young seals and mammals trapped in layer of ice in aquarium tank; ancestral animal relations between human souls and alien beings; analyzing the categories of animal elemental groups.

May 7, 2013

Unidentified Technology and Thrift Stores #2

Summary/Key points: Vortex in thrift store again; magnetic toy set and microchip prizes; enslaved upon a hovering mass of bramble and vines; UFO makes crop circle and excavates inner area; dig site marked between 1k and 5k (depth or years?); metallic device built into discovered pottery bowl that releases black then pink liquid; holographic bio-implants with prerecorded message about family stability.

Updated June 3rd, 2013 with sketch.

May 6, 2013

Relative Success

Summary:  Results of the communication experiment; roleplay vision with angel/alien guide; coincidental meeting with local angel medium and our conversation; the next phase in establishing communication.

May 1, 2013

Comments About the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure

(Original posting 5/1/13)

I fear the public incidents ridden with coverups, altered statements and testimonies, and decades of ridicule are not enough to explain the extent of the reality of ET interaction that has been occurring with our planet since the early 20th century. As frustrating as coverup efforts, disinformation tactics, and psychological warfare against witnesses is, the general public and the hearing committee wants to know about the abductees and contactees moreso than the ways the information has been repressed and obfuscated. The consensus has too long been left dormant at the conclusion that 'something unusual happened.' Are people truly satisfied with that? No, of course not. But to investigate further is daunting. I was disappointed that three days into the hearing, the conversation was still beating around the bush. Does the panel and audience really need that much lead-in? People have always been suspicious. We need more congregate case study analyses, specifics and overviews.

Communication Experiment

As directed by a dream in response to how I might contact the intelligent forces that govern the context of my dreams, I looked into the use of tones generated by metallic ringing. At a local Hubbard's store I tested (rather unmethodically) brass, steel, something called music wire, and zinc smooth solid rods to determine if any of them indeed made the steady tone in the air like in my dream. I used two of the same material of each and rubbed one on the other in a circular motion.