May 17, 2013

Blood Survival

Summary: Dream as vampire in underground basement of building sworn not to feed on humans; zombie outbreak in floors above, depleting food supply; desperation of hunger and fear of zombies; escape out of invested building to walk empty streets of town by the ocean; kids appear playing and I am relieved to find I am a survivor in a relative paradise; red mark phenomenon connection.

In response to my ponderings about what the Draconians were/are wanting with humanity, why accumulate wealth, what is the purpose of enslavement? Is there a reason other than just to be evil or greed?

Morning of April 23rd 2013 (Originally published 4/23/13)

I am depicted as a vampire with two other female vampires. They are family of sorts. Our skin is incredibly pale but soft and brilliant. They have long straight blonde hair. We are dressed in delicate white and beige lace dresses (last time I wore lace was when I encountered the large lizard in the grass). We are sensually or with delay hugging one another in a basement. We are debating about blood feeding. We appear weak, having been deprived for some time. Chaos is happening in the floors above us (the main floor where the humans dwell). There is a zombie outbreak. A human guard like a nightwatch frantically comes to our door at the top of the concrete stairs. Noticing us gives him comfort. "Oh good I found someone else." He was afraid he was the only human left. I tell him its alright, genuinely wanting to comfort him in sympathy. I tell him we need to get out, that something's wrong with the other humans above us. He is out of breath and nervously agreeing.

A hunger takes over my body and as we turn to leave I jump him, biting into his neck and chomping repeatedly at the area. Each knawing motion is coupled with a thrusting from my hips against his body in a dominating and pleasurable way. The combination feeding and thrusting (though there is no penetration, just the perception of) is intoxicating. When he falls dead my sisters scold me saying "I thought we weren't feeding." I am overrun with guilt that I killed what might be the last human alive.

Fearful that this is true, I rush upstairs against their pleas to evaluate the human situation. Room to room I check the top floor. The humans all appear old, slow and decaying but still animate. They are in the same places they must have been when the zombification struck because some were sitting at their desks confused what they were doing like they all forgot. Their skins were void of life, a muddy color of gray clay. They were all thin. My panic grew as I moved quickly room to room. I was afraid of them touching me or coming after me, and at the same time I was disgusted by the thought of their rotten blood as a source to feed from. I knew I was counting my way to starvation.

Some were beginning to find their ways out of their rooms and were approaching me. I just wanted to find a safe room to hide and grieve, to be alone, but every one had a zombie human in them that might not be visible until I enter and make noise so I feared establishing a saferoom and letting my guard down when there was one in it that was fallen behind furniture I couldn't see and would sneak attack me. I was getting cornered, my exits cut off. Either I did, or one of my fellows in a last act of desperate escape ran and leapt out the second story window.

I believe I followed. I remember walking down an empty road in a rural town with grass sections starting to grow wild. Where is everyone. The population was hit hard by the zombie outbreak (I saw outbreak but I don't necessarily think it was a biological disease). I wondered if I was the only one left. The sun is out and its quiet. The ocean is in sight. No cars. I'm on the lookout for zombies to come around corners. A noise. Children run by to a metal play structure in a small grass field. I begin to notice more and more people. I'm suddenly placed in the mindset that "yes there are people here" and "Link would enjoy that playground, I should tell Jim to take him there sometime. He needs a new playground to explore." No zombies in sight.

In the basement of the physical human world dwell beings that can disguise themselves as humans and there basic biology requires them to consume life blood, but they resist out of compassion. They want to be good, they want to mingle with humans. Like we eat our livestock and hunt our animals but those compassionate enough to understand they are also intelligent creatures deserving of life hope to interact and connect with them, to be granted trust. Whenever I meet a new animal I nervously wonder "Is this personality going to grant me their trust and share in my curiosity to know them?" This is what I felt as the vampire creature.

The animal mutilations which Linda Howe has investigated for decades now, always have one key element missing. All the animals are esanguinated in a precise way. This was the same phenomenon surrounding the Mexican Chupacabra or "goat sucker" because the blood would all be spotlessly drained. There are escort creatures accompanying large beast-like creatures. The reality of life is consumption or re-energizing of some kind. Even if we didn't eat animals we still eat plants. There was also a report from a government intelligence officer that one of the species needed to absorb blood through the skin. They would mix is with iodine and rub it on their skin. Animals may be an alternative source for these creatures rather than humans. But how would humans ever accept and live with a species that would eat them? The same way we learn to live with animals we eat and choose not to.

The red marks that sometimes appear on people during sleep... What if we could (or already do) donate a regular blood supply to these beings as a peace offering or charity. Volunteers would donate a pint here and there. Since we replenish our blood its a small inconvenience for most to offer for the sake of cooperation, I think. Like we milk cows or eat chicken eggs.

Our cultures' fascination with the vampire is for good reason. There apparently are many species that enjoy human flesh and blood, most of which I imagine are not willing to compromise and would like to cultivate us as food and nothing more. I believe I was shown as a vampire not because I am one, but so I might understand from this particular race's perspective and feel their guilt, shame, and desire to work side by side humans. Now what do they really look like. How do we distinguish this reforming race from the others wanting to feast upon humans? The human image felt like a front to blend without alarming the humans. What do they really look like? Please reveal yourselves to me and I will control my tendency toward fear. Prompt me though, help me by allowing me to approach you. I will broadcast my intentions so you do not need to be afraid and please do the same for me. The lizard that could have bit me and inject its venom but instead scratched me in fear and ran away. That was you. I always knew it was a message from you. Where are you all? Do you live beneath us? Are you in the care with the Federation? Are you being fed enough? I volunteer for another sample of blood to be taken as I suspect it was from my hands that produced the red marks. A blood sacrifice is different from the olden times if it is voluntary and not an exchange of life for life. If humans volunteered to supply blood at regular intervals, would you no longer need to kill animals? Would we possibly be able to supply enough to feed your race though?

Could I meet a friendly representative of your race? Those of you who are trying to work cooperatively even at the difficult expense of near starving yourselves, this dream tells me you will join the 'righteous' on new Earth. And what greater challenge than to overcome your natural urges to kill and feed.

All the dreams I have of food and markets, is this related to you all? Clarify more for me on this, what are you trying to tell me here? How much we take for granted our abundance of food? How can I help you? I want to serve as a liaison between humanity and you. You are the reptilians that have reformed. Suzanne talks about you sometimes. She reported from a lecture from a representative of your race how difficult it was to overcome your species built in tendencies. You must be aggressive right away and dominate once hatched. I saw your eggs in a dream. They had bolts of yellow and lime green light.

Are you related to Arcturians at all? Are you related to the Greys? Why do you need blood specifically?

The images of zombies I believe in this context were to show this blood survival race would be around and scared of the zombies when it occurs, and perhaps that the zombie rising will be about humanity more so than any other species that occupy our world. They will be caught up in the same situation though, and even more fearful than we are preparing for. If I am inaccurate on any of these details, please clarify for me.

I found an interesting article about the Reptilian Blood Legacy. To be clear, the race I am channeling is a splinter group that is resisting the bloodthirst unlike their brethren.

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