May 14, 2013

Empathy with Seals, Channeling Sea Mammals

Topics Summary: Dream sequel to Astrophysics, and Empathy with Tiger; young seals and mammals trapped in layer of ice in aquarium tank; ancestral animal relations between human souls and alien beings; analyzing the categories of animal elemental groups.

Night of May 13/14th 2013

(Having issues converting my scanned drawings to images for uploading as promised. Needing to rescan them and then will become available.)

Remember a few weeks ago I dreamed my narrator teachers gave me a video game to test where I had to choose an elemental. There were two ice options (fire, earth, ice, ice categories), so I chose an ice (no leading there whatsoever) with the four animals in that category of seal, sea lion, maybe a whale or elephant seal (unless those two were in the other ice option), and a white one, maybe arctic seal. This was bizarre to me since I've never had a particular favor or care for any of these ocean animals. I do not see them in my kid's books anymore than any other animal, I did not recently see anything that would explain why I am channeling them.

Nevertheless, I dreamed again last night I'm walking through an aquarium with a group and pass by an open tank at waist-height (though deeper below the walkway), still far too small to hold all the mammals in it. Partially stuck in ice, while the other side of the tank was liquid, were seal pups, sea lions of a browner coloring, and white limbs protruding out without a discernible body. I kept wanting to say it was a polar bear because it had huge claws. They all looked like prehistoric display and I assumed they were dead, though this concern drew me to stare at them as I passed. How sad, I thought. They look sad. Is one of them wiggling in the ice?

As I'm about to pass the tank, already lagging behind my party, the seal pup closest to me with its head and flippers above the ice whimpers. I whip back and lock my eyes on the pup, feeling it's agony and need. "OH God, they are still alive!" I call for my party members. They are indifferent and urge me to catch up. I protest, determined to stay and help. The ice was not very deep, more on the surface, and should break apart easily. I didn't want to risk any of the animals biting me, so instead I searched for a rock and planned to drop it hard into the ice to break it up. Some are in there upside down suffocating, I had to do something.

Just then the ice melted and those responsible for heating the tank were walking away under a covered breezeway with arches. One of them, a woman, stared at me in wonder at what I was intending to do; didn't I know someone would tend to the problem. I couldn't make out who they were, but figured them to be marine biologists who tend to the aquarium. The animals swim off toward them.

I set the rock down and catch up to my party.

All I find regarding seals right now is their growing populations and how global warming is melting the arctic glaciers at alarming rates. Now I don't know that this scene was an analogy for the greater condition of these sea mammals, but if their numbers are increasing dramatically since laws put restrictions on hunting them, could they be happier about the warming climate? Taking it a step further, is there a group purposefully warming the planet (depicted by the people hidden under the breezeway in my dream)?

Why haven't I channeled dolphins if they're supposed to be so important to our planet (CHANI Project: "watch what ur dolphins are doin") and have been beaching by the hundreds in the last couple years?

These are the dreams most baffling to me.

However, in my dream cuddling with the tiger and observing a scene from its history of being abused by strange tall aliens with exoskeletons like armor and sharp tales, I whimpered at seeing this creature tortured mercilessly, in part to vocalize the fear and pain of the tiger, but also for myself upset at the (I can only think to call them Dragons, but I don't know that this is accurate) Dragons for their lack of care and remorse. This similarity suggests these dreams are the product of empathy, though not by my direction, by some other. When I chose the ice group in that game, did I choose to represent or link to the animals in that group? Again, why ice?

Great discoveries will be made, secrets revealed about our ancient history as the ice melts away more and more. Perhaps we will discover how closely related so many animals are to us up the lines of soul ancestry. My video game dream was focused on the narrator voice gauging my consent to study astrophysics with them. The ancestral soul lines maybe how seals relate to astrophysics studies.

With their black eyes, smooth grey skin, lack of hair (except whiskers), seals resemble some grey aliens. Ancient relation? 

The four categories may be an elemental way of breaking up the types of alien groups/ancestry lines. What was odd about that dream was there were only three elements listed, when there is usually four or five. The fifth might be lightning, or light, energy, or shadow, or wind. I suppose Animals as Aliens 101 doesn't cover beings beyond the three listed.

And what is the point of having me channel a tiger and a seal and reptiles and amphibians (none of which I have a particular fondness for) when all I feel is helpless when they cry? What can I do when I can't even decipher where the problem is? The only purpose seems to establish empathic links, and to feel their cries to begin with. No wonder my narrator voice warned me that I didn't know what I was asking for. If God is a purely empathic being who feels the pain and suffering of all his creatures, at the same time knowing his other children were the ones causing the suffering, would he not be an angrily saddened being? What an awful job.

Sgt. Clifford Stone recounted interfacing with an alien being while he was interpreter for the military. He was brought to tears discussing how it felt when he linked to the alien and felt everything it felt at being mistreated by his human captors. Stone helped the entity escape. He described the way the entity's race regarded humans as that of great concern. They would sacrifice themselves before allowing harm to come to someone.

One of the original encounters with aliens came during the first testings of nuclear weapons. A craft landed in the target zone of a testing site, exited out a group of aliens (may not have been aliens as new testimonies are pointing to them being terrestrials from a grim future) that sat down in fetal position on the target area. The firing was abruptly halted. (See UFO encounters with nuclear sites here. )

If seals are ancestors to at least one sect of future Greys, they sure were fatter back then/now.

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