May 1, 2013

Communication Experiment

As directed by a dream in response to how I might contact the intelligent forces that govern the context of my dreams, I looked into the use of tones generated by metallic ringing. At a local Hubbard's store I tested (rather unmethodically) brass, steel, something called music wire, and zinc smooth solid rods to determine if any of them indeed made the steady tone in the air like in my dream. I used two of the same material of each and rubbed one on the other in a circular motion.

The example I was given of myself doing this was with one thick two foot or so long one and a much thinner shorter one. The stainless steel rods did create a steady overtone vibration that the human ear almost can't pick up. My choir training taught vocal majors to hear those overtones, and my professor of music Dr. Paul French of SOU specialized in overtones, one of the only ones nationwide that does. I tried a few times with a store clerk standing by me. I told her simply that I was a music teacher looking for two rods of a material that would produce a steady note and mentioned about singing rods.
Using a single aluminum rod you can generate a high-pitched tone when stroking the rod with one hand and holding the other at precise middle. But I wanted to remain true to my dream, so I searched for an effect using two.

The stainless steel solid rods of smooth surface did create a high-pitch resonance overtone, that means a lingering tone above the immediate friction sounds you hear from the rubbing of metal on metal. It is caused from the sound waves rolling into each other. See physics breakdown of this here. 

I asked the clerk if she could hear it and she said 'yes' and chose to walk further away as she shrugged the sensation of chills off her body. How funny, I thought, that it gave her that response. She said "Oh that gives me chills." Maybe there is something to this. I am skeptical still of why the images of using tones on metal bars will be what calls the beings to me physically.

Then I had another dream segment two nights ago from today on April 29th 2013 depicting me sitting outside a skyscaper in a lunch break area of tables and attached chairs with a person wearing what seemed like a superhero costume, or rather he gave the impression of being a more than human being. At intervals, I would raise my face to the blue sky of day and scream in an almost involuntary way, midsentence as I spoke with this person. Turning back to the person at my table who is surprised, as are others at tables around me, I explain that it is something that keeps happening without my control and that it is part of an experiment with others to communicate. I had the sense others had put in the programming to make this regular impulse occur and that I had at some point volunteered to be part of the experiment.

Returning from the hardware store had me wondering what it is about the high-pitch broadcast sound that was important to communication? Did it amplify my thoughts about wanting to be visited in person by whatever force is already in contact with me or any representative of a benevolent species? I then remembered that part of dream which I had previously interpreted to depict how they see me as being childlike, screaming for attention at the sky. But perhaps this is one in the same thing. Nothing will get me moving faster than the distressful shriek of my son. How often do adults actually express themselves in the manner of shrieking at the sky? It would not be in frustration though, more of need and help and a call to come help. We've learned to cry or suppress or yell or punch, good and bad ways. But when do we ever shriek unless we are positively terrified or surprised. This might be a sensitive signal for these beings that they tune to more easily than the thought of desire to see them filtered through our languages. My son is still learning to talk, and I can't understand more than half of what he says. I get the sense of his feelings and his gestures, so really children rely on empathic communication with each other and especially adults. Dozens of contactees report ET beings are entirely telepathic. How can we as persons with little power or access to technology hope to communicate with ET beings the way governments have? How have contactees done it? Well they were usually 'chosen,' that is they were encountered unexpectedly and contact continued at intervals through their lives and they developed the sensitivities to knowing when they are around. The relationships they established with particular beings gave them a direct link or channel for easy communication (I'm referring to a particular boy and his contact with a blonde male alien throughout his life reported by Linda How at How does an individual choose to establish that? I am stating it as though it IS possible.

Screaming at regular intervals outside as an adult without an emotional motivation for it is a rather difficult act to muster. I don't want to disturb others, I don't want others to think I am in danger. Yet, it could end up be an exciting discovery that would be worth the risk and humility. If I could determine a way for any random person to summon direct contact with specifically a representative of a friendly species, we would push disclosure more easily toward complete global recognition and would force our government and those dark hats suppressing the ET presence to face the issue publicly. I would demonstrate for local media and state powers of this reality, so that it can be taken nationally. People want tangible reality, but more than that, the individual curiously awaits connection and the possibilities that open interrelations between humans and non-terrestrials (not of land; in our seas or underground), extraterrestrials, and extra-dimensionals would do for our lives and societies.

I have tried meditative singing and concentrated thought on summoning a visitation and it has produced no real experience worthy of sharing, other than stranger dreams. 

Last note before I outline the experiment parameters I will conduct on Friday.

Experiment: To encourage contact with as positive a race as I can, so as not to attract deceptive and evil beings, I will meditate before, during, and after to focus my thoughts on what I wish to happen and accomplish with the experiment. I will try first in my house a series of regular high calls, then I will repeat the process outside in a field nearby my house where I feel at ease and most peaceful. In each setting I will try both series of high screams, and a series of high pitch singing -- one being as pure tone as I can make it (who knew my choir training would come in handy, maybe that's what all the choir dreams were alluding to), the other as pleasant as I can make it so with the additive of vibratto, which means the tone will waiver or oscillate.

I will report any events at all that happen as a result of this experiment.

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