Apr 29, 2013


Summary: Original encounter with a reptile-bird "Thunderbird" creature fossilized in magma; unknown transport craft that adjusts in size and makeup to accommodate needs; clear visual of map traveling to caldera in desert location; telepathic call for help and awareness from creature.

Because I have mentioned this dream a few times already, I need to finally record it here on this site. I originally had it back in October 2012.

Night of 22nd/23rd Oct 2012:

My friend Chelsea, I, and a few others were loading up an RV like vehicle to go on a short trip to a park. I was supposed to be navigating but having trouble locating the place we wanted to go to. We stopped at a side street in a parking lot near a field or park with trees so we can gain our bearings. I spent much time looking at these maps trying to find this undefined place we wanted to go. Chelsea, getting restless, instead said we should just go to a nearby park, but I couldn't find the name she mentioned. She was getting anxious. In an effort to calm her I took over getting everyone ready and figured I would just know where we would go while I organized everyone.

At first there was maybe four of us in the cab on the way to this lot; this round there were seven of us and we weren't fitting. They were all cramming into the two benches unevenly. I didn't want to offend anyone but logically we had to organize into the two cab rows by balancing body types. I told two larger passengers to rearrange because can't all be in the back. They rearranged again like a random counter generator had replaced them. This happened a few times, the images of these bodies moving at fast forward into different arrangements. Somehow the space I had to work with began expanding to fit twenty, then two separate rooms of a hundred with a side entrance. Each seat changed to have harnesses. This was my first awareness of expanding sizing to accomodate need, a phenomenon that is discussed by contactees who have boarded crafts that are bigger inside than outside, make popular by the "Doctor Who" series.

In time I accepted where we would go. I was a tour guide for these passengers up to a crater to visit the tourist center around the rim. I was organizing passengers into available seats and telling them where we were going. A map was appearing in my consciousness, and I was somehow switching physicality between the two crafts to answer questions and evaluate passenger load.The crafts were oval shaped with the setup of the rows facing a teaching station with holographic images and writings like a lecture hall. Two doors, one at each side of the room. The two crafts were near identical but mirrored, so the seat rows were flipped in relation to the entrance.

People beyond the original seven passengers had come aboard and needed to be strapped in for the trip. They were unexpected but given welcome by Chelsea as though we were seeing long lost friends. As we got fuller, I turned my attention to mapping out our route, switching between a town map and a geologic map of a caldera area. I couldn't identify a connecting route to the spot along the rim we wanted to get to, forcing me to study the map long enough to remember it when I awoke.

My son appeared on the ship. He was being watched by someone but he had grown impatient for me. I had to strap him in with me when everyone else was ready. I reviewed the passenger manifesto at some point after we arrived at our destination with us mother and child listed at the top. 

At some point I exited the craft to scope out the landing site and determine if its safe for the passengers. I find myself walking along a paved path away from ship up an incline. Thick, low vines matte the area on the side of the path off to the right. On the left, the ground is solidified as volcanic magma with fossilized large eggs jutting out, each unique in outside crystallization colors. I bet there were beautiful crystals inside, like a Thunderegg.

The caldera was a few miles still off in the distance beyond the jungle of odd bushes. A voice advised me that coyotes were vicious in the area, and to tell the tour group to be careful. No one else was around for miles. I felt underqualified to handle such raw exposure to danger out here with all these people's lives as my responsibility.

The most shocking sight ahead of me on the side of the bath that stretched overhead, arching over the path was a solidified Thunderbird. All at once feelings and questions raced through my mind. It looked similar to a pterodactyl without the pronounced protrusion of the head/top of skull. Beak was rounded and not distinct from the head to even be called a beak. There was no malevolence in its expression as we might impose from a reptilian sort of predator. No feathers. Skin was tough, smoother than scales. I wondered if they were scales and was given an zoomed in image of smoothness and ordered indentations on the surface. Large eyes, binocular, but still slightly to the side. Like a dogs. I associated the solidified eggs to the Thunderbird, knowing such a mythological name no longer fit the realness of it previously have existing. I felt great sadness and empathy for it. I couldn't make out the legs or bottom half or if a tail were present because the magma rock had encased its lower half. Its wings were being used as arms how we use our arms anyway, as support to walk or crawl frantically. So the wings were bent or folded, protruding up at the elbow joints into the air with what would be the wing tips down in the magma. Dark mauve color.

Seemed halted in such distress. I feel its motherly ache for the eggs it is forever staring into the moment of her failure, having been too late to save her babies and herself. This was an intensely emotional channeling for me. I somehow felt she had been wronged, that the seemingly natural geologic event of the volcanic eruption was deliberate and directed at her species. Symbolically, at least, the creature was trapped and murdered. I sensed a call for help, though I did not know what to do other than to research.

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