Apr 22, 2013


Previous dreams last month quicknotes for future reference. These all occurred in April 2013, but not necessarily in the order in which they are listed here.

Dream 1) My oldest sister Angela depicted as an innocent, young, naive girl. Once wanting to sing with me familiar songs from our childhood in front of my scrutinizing college voice professors for an hour. I denied her saying they don't want to hear us sing that long, especially when we haven't rehearsed and hers and my voice are very different in quality and training (sounds full of myself, but honest). She felt hurt like a child who didn't understand why her older sister (role reversal) wouldn't sing with her.

Dream 2) Another of her depicted as a two year old child like my son, acting out in misbehavior because, as I point out to our parents, she is having severe separation anxiety. My sister is 30 years old mentally disabled and has separation anxiety of my parents. My son has been acting out a lot lately and this was a realization to me. I asked in prayer what am I doing wrong why is he being so difficult. The answer was this. He is sensitive like I was and like my sisters were and are. My parents abuse of my sister maybe stemmed from their insensitivity to her seemingly above average neediness, like my son is exhibiting. The dream was a cautioning, comparing my son to my older sister and how she was at his age for my parents. In order to handle him I need to accept that he will require more closeness and attention and love than what I think is typical. He will be emotionally healthy and easier to manage if I can be sensitive to his heightened needs for closeness and reassurance and security. This has been holding true and something I keep having to remind myself. Thank you for this dream.

Dream 3) Storm is coming. Darkness is falling. Very windy. I am inspired to hold a bake sale to raise money for some cause using any foods we have. Things are selling before I can even get signs up though. We sold brownies and cookies and even ramen soup. I felt urgency to feed everyone with whatever I could scrounge. I feel that in a sense. I feel urgency to feed anyone I can knowledge and awareness of what I feel is happening and coming with the barest details I have been able to gather. Bake sale is also a great simple way to bring community together at a small scale.

Dream 4) Classroom graduation. I am saying a speech as an upperclassman who has been attending for six years (yikes). I am honoring our teacher Mrs. Rouffy (who is my favorite teacher from fifth and sixth grade elementary school, but I am an adult in this scene; she has been the teacher figure in other dreams before likely because of my appreciation of her as a dedicated teacher going beyond expectations for her students) for her caring and exceeding support. I am telling the remaining students how lucky they are to have her and to grant her the respect and understanding she deserves and will show them. But the students are climbing the glass windows at the back of the classrooms. They can't wait to escape. They don't appreciate what she does. They don't care to learn. Some underclassmen wander out, which I go to retrieve them and see a room with what may have been boilers. We are told we're not supposed to be in here and go back to our classroom. The teacher was very touched by my speech. She see's me out to get me to my train. She is hurrying me along through the streets of a downtown city to the innercity transit tracks. I make the train, it is lighted and darkness is falling. She hurries me on and tells me I will be fine in my next phase of life, though I am nervous to go on without her. Some faces on the train I recognize, other students maybe.

Dream 5) Another choir rehearsal dream. Not many students showed up. My college professor and his pianist wife ask me before we leave how I rehearse to exemplify to the rest of the class. I have been so used to being in the background as a supporting voice. I still always will be I imagine, but I was being recognized for my hard work. I explained that I play out my part on piano, I listen to a recording of it, etc. The teachers were criticizing the others for not practicing outside of rehearsal, even though I felt like I don't always practice either.

Next scene, I am talking to an old physics professor who is asking me about my ex girlfriend. I am explaining to him that we are no longer together. (This professor didn't know me when I was with that person. Odd.). He is saying his condolensces to me that it didn't work out. I am sad but firm that this is how it needs to be for both our benefit.

Next scene, I am driving a little stick shift vehicle, difficult to handle. Tight space to maneuver the pedals and levers. At first I go to a large grass park where festival events are going on. I'm thinking to myself that the people there don't realize what's coming, that they blindly enjoy their activities oblivious to what's happening. I turn around and decide to escape rather than wait in ignorant bliss for the darkness to capture the field. I'm driving along a coastal road up a cliff on two lane highway. Barely anyone on road. I'm in a convoy though of a few others who are also running from the approaching darkness behind us. Bikers are heading into the darkness. I notice one close up as they pass. His eyes are cloudy, his skin is hanging off his face and has large bubbled blisters. A zombie? But he has a soul. I wonder "What is this guy?" My perspective changes to arriving at his doorstep to ask him why he looks as he does. He answers friendly and explains his soul left his body and his body continues to decay even though he returned to it. I think I understand him better and feel great sympathy for his condition. (This dream was discussed in part in previous post on Resurrection).

Dream 6) Set at my parents house. A dragon head falls in from the kitchen window. It is light gray and reminds me of a chameleon because of the head ridges. But there are more protruding spikes out of the head, on the nose and at the chin than in this image. And the eyes were more fixed. Not as many colors too. The light blue grey color is about right.

As I was trying to shoe the dragon head out of the house, a vicious snake burst out of the head to attack me open jawed. I managed to kill it or throw it out. Then a frog hops in from the open side door. I shoe it away next. The significance of this dream was I have been trying to understand how the Arcturian species are related to the evil Dragon species, whether they are factions from the same original species long ago and have evolved differently, or not. This dream explained to me one is reptilian, one is amphibious, they are not related. The snake that burst out of the dragon indicated the evil race is descended from a reptilian race. The bursting out of the severed head may symbolize a building of this snake race at the expense of a relative race. In other words, there is still another race related to them that the snake race is derived from and abused or is harming the image of in order to devour its enemies by vicious surprise.

Pedal reptiles like bearded dragon and lizards tend to have four or five digits on each hand. Frogs tend to have three or four digits on each hand. The Arcturians are said to have three fingers, the reptilians and grays are said to have four or five, even six. This is why the difference is relevant. They are different species. Do not mistake them.

Dream 7) Showcasing my house. There is an electronic picture and frame on my wall of a snake barring its fangs. The snake is animated, it reacts to antagonism. I am using it as proof to my guests that our thoughts create effect by showing how the image of the snake reacts when I focus infuriating thought at it. It hisses at me. Its image looks like a holographic image of bright colors not quite detailed enough to look real, but still gives the feeling of living consciousness, like the snake is trapped in the picture. The image waivers when the snake shifts in agitation. There is another holographic picture on the wall but I can't remember what it is of.

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