Apr 19, 2013

Behind the Veil

Topics Summary: Clues about what goes on behind the veil of our everyday lives are everywhere; return of my vivid dreaming; why they were on hiatus; what the alien powers behind the scenes do; recent dream on bionic machines occupying and ruling humans; taking shelter at a library; food references pointing to how the soul refuels.

Everywhere I look, I see hints about the ET presence and interaction with Earth. Justice League Unlimited, an animated series even, depicts a benevolent and organized federation of aliens and uniquely powerful individuals whom protect Earth from destructive forces of all kinds. These beings have some of the universal powers discussed by the Galactic Federation community possible in fifth dimensional existence, many of which I report about in dreaming as clue to these abilities being real in some realm:  levitation and flight (anti-gravity without technological assistance), emitting concentrated bursts or beams of light from the body for both protective and destructive uses depending on the target, superior strength and speed. Levels of capability vary between individuals, making a rank system or specialization system.

The part of me that sees signs and connections everywhere says there's an influence creating the themes of and allusions to the disguised, ignored, or hidden events of the other realms of beings, where the tasks of our watchers goes greatly unnoticed and unappreciated.

Dreaming Connection
My dreaming has been turned off as of late. The only bits I could remember were about a friend of mine until eventually I would wake up with just the vague echo of her in my thought. I decided finally it was a push to re-establish contact with her, which I have done. Why I have been steered toward her is unclear, which is exactly the message I've been receiving. I dream of an empty darkness above us and have extreme difficulty remembering purpose or details about our interaction in the dreams. The emptiness simple meant 'things yet discerned' like there was material missing to fill in the rest of the message, not a malevolent or negative darkness. Given our history, determining the missing element, what is to be gained from our contact at this point in our relationship may take some time, so I will report on it as it develops.

Meanwhile, my vivid dreaming has since returned. That was two weeks I could not remember my dreams well enough. They were not vibrating in my consciousness the way they used to. While watching Justice League, I considered how much training must be required for those members of the league whose missions are dangerous and unpredictable. I complain so much about insignificant things in my life, but really things are wonderful compared to the general course my life took up to now. I wondered about my months of recorded dreams. I once humored the notion that dreams were the faint memory of our fifth dimensional selves enduring training simulations and working missions. Whatever state your consciousness rests in is where you will be transferred to. In a calm and curious readiness for returning to training and missions so I can learn more and achieve greater discipline and preparedness, my resultant dream broke the cycle of months without a training dream like the old days of my dreaming. Why shouldn't we continue to work and learn and experience while we sleep? Our bodies and the physical matter of the brain need the recharge of sleep, not the soul. The soul needs other energies to recharge. Eight hours a day for a lifetime is a third of our lives we are in rest mode. All that time should be utilized if there is a grander . Where has my consciousness been going in the meantime? Probably to a different branch of the network for work on the personal matters that have been occupying my mind. When I am mentally dedicated to my waking life and figuring things out fine while awake, I tend not to go anywhere at night, or at least not remember as well. My vivid dreaming relaxes. When I am calm and actively contemplating what I could do, learn, contribute, then I am more likely to vivid dream. The alien coordinating at their panels where we go and what we need based on our vibrations are primarily like operators at a switch board.

The aliens, all three types, from my abduction dream are not like us. But we are meant to work in cooperation for a greater purpose. We need to decide for ourselves though which approach, which side we choose to cooperate with. What is the human side though, what is the empowered human approach? Would they allow us to differ in our method? We have established a understanding of our negative and positive sides and the importance each one serves for us. The way we are made demands an acknowledgment and cooperation of both and all sides of ourselves, not favoring one or the other because another species has been able to achieve complete positivity. I need to own where I am now, and that is accepting all of me. I cannot be an example of pure light and love and happiness, though I can lean toward emitting those over doubt, caution, anger. All are necessary to my strength of character.

Night of April 18th/19th 2013:
Dream: Humans live under the strict governance of an occupying force of bionic machines programmed to check and monitor us constantly. We carry around a white 2" x 15" (approx) illuminated stick as an identification tag, which we must display for scanning whenever we pass into range of a bionic. A color appears on a flat display of the stick. We are fearful of the machines, and raise our sticks immediately when one approaches. There is a punishment for failure to identify, as I and a companion did at one point to run past them because we know we would be detained anyway. When the stick color highlights the fifth level of red (sequenced Green 1-5, Yellow 1-5, down to Red 1-5), that person has failed to cooperate with the unfair rules of the totalitarian system and will be detained for punishment. One of our sticks came up late yellow. The bionic scanning it recited the crime in a computerized voice "Overdue taxes. Failure to pay taxes." I'm helping someone escape who has received a final red status. [Similarities to movie "Logan's Run"].

A male companion at one point has to halt our escape so he can check in with his girlfriend (who is my old boss, very odd). I come around a corner (setting is my old apartment complex when I was a child) and see them arguing in a top story window. He is calmer than her. She is filled with fear. She opposes his actions of uprising against the occupying forces. I quietly hope he will see me outside down here so I can wave to him and replenish his belief in the effort. I am patient, and slightly sad in a jealous way that he is with her and contaminates his strength of will and hope with fear. I want to tell her how much our cause needs him. But I see he cares for her and needs to handle the situation himself. Instead I spend my thought hoping she is not threatened by him working with me, because I will respect their relationship. When I am devoid of fear, relaxed and open-minded, my true self comes through so easily and I am reminded and amazed at who I see. How wonderful it must feel to be in that state the majority of the time.

Separate scene: Crowd of people sheltered in a library. Spent the night there? It was snowing inch sized balls of snow outside, but in the room as well, allowing me to scoop a bundle of it up and know why we were all in the library. Some were hunkered down against shelves in rooms of specific collections doing research and studying. Jim was clinging to me. He was very shy and disoriented. How unlike him! I asked him repeatedly to hang out with my friend, I had something else I needed to do and it would mean a lot to me to see him interacting with others. He kept following me. I was agitated that he wasn't listening. Was this about Jim or Link? He acted like Link. Was Jim disoriented in this fifth dimension and leaning to me for my familiarity? That Jim will need my experience, cautioning me not to be too impatient with him. Or is this to show Link as an adult Jim, someone who is mature and confident, but in an uncomfortable and new spiritual place (being a human child and dealing with the unfairness and inability to communicate needs and feelings properly or to execute what he needs himself)? To remember that Link is a mature soul who is in an unfamiliar existence.

I finally found the friend I wanted to introduce him to. He stayed back. I chatted with the friend, sharing my frustrations. She arrived at the conclusion that he is one of those guys who has to have fb/internet to be confident enough to interact. It was a terrible misinterpretation. She was using it as a caution to me to leave the relationship. I corrected her saying "No, that's not why, he just needs help getting the conversation started and then he can go on." With that, a hand entered my view offered to my friend. I turned to see Jim had approached us to finally introduce himself and proceed with clarifying the topic we began about why he needed a topic to role with first. He became the confident, charming guy I knew again. Okay, he's good, I thought. I need to go now.

I exited the library with a male friend whom was part of some assigned team I was on, specialized mission. Snow had stopped and now it only looked as though it rained. He complained about them only serving pizza inside. We were tired of the same food. There were some group's taco bar setup outside that he dove into. I followed suit agreeing with him, but more hesitantly than he did. I looked around first. With no sign of an owner for the food, I assembled a couple tacos with all the variety of trimmings. The dream ended here.

I used to dream frequently about buffet or bar style dining with teammates. Sometimes we would be snacking in a breakroom. There were always grocery stores as a theme as well. So why all the food references? http://arcturi.com/index.html describes some alien races who feed on energy. Does the consciousness replenish energies through these dream experiences? If so, the visualization of the physical matter food can change now. Instead depict me feeling the replenishment/refueling after an event. Do our avatar selves believe they need food in physical matter form and so imagine physical food? Do we need to eat, that is refuel by way of our mouths, in our dream world bodies?

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