Apr 23, 2013

Human Initiated Contact

Summary: Time frame of most vivid dreams for best recall and thus encoding; "Sirius" documentary mentions CSETI efforts at fifth level communication (human initiated); how to use communication device; related communication devices.

 Ask and ye shall receive. This dream answer happened the last hour before I woke for the day. That is deliberate so I will best remember the answers to questions I've made in my waking investigations. I've often wondered at what point do I have them, and this was a fantastic showcase. I woke at 6am without a dream to remember, fell back to sleep at 6:20a since I didn't have to wake yet to take my son to daycare. In just an hour's time I had the following dream. I awoke with it fresh in my mind at 7:20 am expecting I had slept hours because of the events and travel of this dream.

I watched part of the new "Sirius" documentary with my partner last night (we rented it from the main site). What a relief it was to see so much of what I had been independently discovering laid out explicitly for a public audience to see. They provide much needed scientific credibility to the phenomena surrounding ET interaction. Dr. Greer, whom the documentary is centered around like a host walking the public through the research and information available, would hold contact groups where members of a CSETI team would do meditation in calming environments and prayerful activities to attract ET communication with the group. Among the rituals the teams sometimes employ is a resonance bowl!
When I saw that I jumped up and yelled "yes!" In my dream communications I've asked many times how do I become worthy enough or create the conditions for a physical encounter with one of my dream guides. They showed me (on multiple occasions) choir rehearsals, and once a UFO dropped a simple device in my hands that I now believe to be a kind of theremin instrument
(The player manipulates the electronic waves curving between the tall rod and looped rod to create sounds. Pitch changes with how and where you move your hands.)

I asked how am I supposed to use this device sometime later and heard steady toned notes in the air of my bedroom. It took me by surprise. I waited, questioning if that was indicating I was to make simple tones with the device when I heard the last note repeated. (See original postings). Later again, I saw the single event in a dream before waking one morning of holding two solid rods in front of myself, one small, one thicker, circling the small one on the larger one to create a resonating tone like a wet finger along the rim of a crystal glass. The bowl was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't remember where I had seen that metal on metal resonating before. Now I know that Greer's group also used it to do the same thing. How validating of my dream experiences everything in his documentary are!

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