Apr 29, 2013

Three Races

Summary: Ant people, reptilian race, vulture/bird people ancient interrelations; pyramid weapon; ancient ruins with carvings; another dream on degrees of friendliness of a reptile race.
Driving with my father up a steep dirt road to an old ruins on top of a hill overlooking the ocean at sunset. I've been here before. I'm nervous the truck will tip backward because the hill is so steep. Another car is coming down the bumpy road to leave. Pink and purple ground lights shine up the sides in and around the broken monolithic structure, too old to discern what it once was. A new structure, a hotel or vacation spot has been erected on top of it. No one is paying enough attention to the ruins on the site.

I know immediately where to go. I want to show my dad the engraving of a 2D pyramid on a two foot high slab of the wall parallel to the ground. On the image are pictograms representing relations between three species. The pyramid is divided into four floors. Working down, the top depicts three symbols of erect animal-like humanoid creatures:  which I identified as the ant people, the reptilians, and the bird/vulture people. The bird people I believe were in the center and emphasized as larger than the other two. The symbol was that of the one found on the Gobekli Tepe site combined with the Egyptian vulture goddess depiction of Nekhbet.
It used the head from the bottom image's left most creature holding a round object with the top image's body and exact stance. I do not remember the images used for the ant people and especially not for the reptile people. In fact, it took me a moment to identify in the dream but I did so through consciousness communication not from sight recognition. In other words, I asked in my thoughts and the answer came to me.

The next line showed the vulture being facing one of the other two, holding them back from the others. I story tell to my father in the dream when he asks me to translate "Here shows the ant and reptile people had a serious dispute, and the vulture people are trying to mediate."

Next shows all three images with swords/weapons in their hands, again still the vulture creature is facing one more than the other, holding them back with a sword in the extended hand away not wanting to use a weapon but trying to enforce their stance to do what they must to keep the peace. "The three sides enter battle over their disagreement."

Then, the last one is the outcome, which I flippantly identify as being obvious and less important, though this panel was stricken from my memory. I cannot recall what was depicted at all. How did it end? Perhaps it hasn't.

In a subsequent dream, I am climbing through a step obstacle with my two year old son and other parent-child couplets. I encounter a series of megalithic rock steps inside this obstacle course structure of two large steps. On the first step is a snake that is slithering around only on its step. We have to pass by it. At first I am nervous it will lunge at me, but it instead pauses itself in the corner of the step, warning me with its hisses, while not in an aggressive stance, of its presence. I tell my son its okay, but don't hurt it. A larger snake is on the next step, that is showing much more curiosity towards me. I climb toward it and it slithers across me and to my surprise begins to cuddle against me. It becomes a little dark grey fluffy kitten that purrs and rubs up on me. Odd, I think. I look back at a father-daughter couple telling them to watch for the first step snake, but that it wont hurt them. I say the one up here by me is tame. The father (African-American) helps my son climb up to me (each step is two to three feet tall and in a narrow space. My head is hitting the ceiling at the top. It's more of a crawl space up top at first. The shapeshifter kitty is actually annoying with how much it wants to snuggle against me, but I am relieved it is friendly.

I know very little about the ant people. All I know is that of Native American origin myths. The Ant people helped the natives during a time of celestial war by taking them underground for their protection. I have never seen the Ant people in my dreams, not that I know of, and have been attempting to understand them more, if they are even around. They could be the grasshopper or preying mantis-like beings that contactees have reported about, since the shape could be mistaken for either one. I am uncertain though on this. I also have seen large wolves a few times in my dreams which I also do not know how to interpret. They were usually in guarding attack mode and were fearsome. They killed members of my team, but I switched consciousness to the only ones who escaped the forest to a paved road.

The snake dream I believe was telling me the levels of attitudes of the snake people. The bottom I imagine are the ones in terms of relatability for human contact are farthest from safe. Then the first step up are those that are wary of us, but mostly afraid and want to be left alone. Then there are those incredibly curious and friendly, but that do shape-shift. For this event it was merely to portray their friendliness in a more acceptable form to me as a human in the shape of a domestic cat. Elizabeth Trutwin in one of her recent email channelings explained that many ET's are still being held captive in underground bases like Rainier Mesa in Nevada. Brings back to light the many reptilian creatures I channel, especially the 'Thunderbird' reptilian creature I saw along with the map I later identified as a large caldera in Nevada. I was wildly concerned for these creatures back then. And I am again now.

Back to the ruins on the hill dream. I explain next to my dad that this structure used to have a pyramidal weapon mounted on the front. I said its usage was neutral, either for beneficial efforts of the civilization or for destructive uses and that this was involved with a battle and was the downfall of this structure. It had been so demolished it was indiscernible what it once was. The structure called out to me 'why aren't more people interested in its history and the few engravings it does have?' The pyramidal weapon would have pointed out toward the horizon across the ocean to what felt like southeast of its position, but I don't know how accurate or relative direction is in dreamstates. So far, it has been accurate to the cardinal directions when on Earth's surface, which is why I include it here.

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