Nov 30, 2013

Mechanized Youth

I'm telling you right now I have no idea what this next dream meant. Understand I dream every night, most are vivid enough for me to remember, only a few get recorded because some of them end up being so complicated with details I can't figure out how to even record it in words and sentences. Honestly, some of time its just so exhausting to spend time to record each one that I think on it instead throughout the days and hope it will become clearer. I see those more strange ones as being signals I'm not tuned to filtering yet. Like a station I just upgraded my equipment to receiving and its still coming through garbled. I haven't figured out how to clear up the signal. The themes and images will repeat themselves down the road when my antennae is more sensitive and tuned to reading those signals.

Dream Nov. 29/30th 2013

[Note: My son is named Link, and I have recently been playing Zelda Skyward Sword. We bought it a couple years ago and haven't dedicated the time to playing, my partner working 50-60 hr weeks, dealing with our toddler, house maintenance and chores, and writing occupy our time.]

(Out of order, an ending sequence) In this end scene I am pushing Link, my son, through a maze in a construction of a labrynth in Zelda. We pick up the last tear of the collection puzzle race, retrieve a new cat familiar [not sure where that element came from], and rush him into a microwave oven where his electronic player panel molded into his back can be registered to mark his completion. The results are printed out and I'm disappointed to learn that we took a 14 day hiatus. Other competitors finished the day of the initial race. We were way late. I explained to him that we wouldn't get any prizes or compensation because we had to pause our in-game play for too long while we tended to other matters. I had the memory download of when we started the game 14 days ago, but I guess I figured the in-game time was paused as well as our presence in the game. It had carried on ticking during that time away. I misunderstood the rules. We had a good shot at winning too if we were able to have carried on from the first day.

What were those other matters?

Scene change:  I'm with my family. We've received a letter from our dead grandmother. My dad calls someone at the listed location where she's having her wedding to explain that if this is indeed a wedding invitation then his mom has been forced into the engagement. She met this guy named Ted maybe 8 months ago. I'm skeptical of my dad's intentions. His dad, my grandfather, her husband, died years ago. I never knew him. Could he not believe that she was lonely and finally met someone who made her happy again? I argued with him in defense of my grandmother preparing for exactly what the letter says and that she is happy with him. Even if they don't last, she deserves my dad's support for her to make her own decisions and not assume she's being manipulated or blinded.

"Where's she having the wedding?"
"They're staying at her friend, Joss Whedon's, place for the wedding."
A confusing cross over of scenes erupts in my mind. "Wait, Grandma is friend's with Joss Whedon? I had a strange dream [dream within a dream] recently where I'm at Joss Whedon's place he's renovating, preparing for something. It's a cabin, but with three large connected rooms, and he's laying down fresh tile. How weird, right?"

[My partner informed me while I was telling his this dream today that he has a bizarre tie-in. Joss apparently filmed his next Shakespeare movie at his house. Two ideas I've been trying to work about dreaming are does information transmit between people with close relationship, and can information be easily received when enough collective thought and attention are devoted to it by others, unrelated to the channeler?

This may be building off a similar discovery I had yesterday while watching the first episode of the TV show Leverage. In the opening scene the lead character is sitting at a nice bar. I leap out of my seat in surprise and say "I know that bar, I've been looking for that bar! Where is that?" Leverage was filmed in my home town of Portland. I saw this bar in a particular dream that has lingered on my mind over the months because I was divided into two selves:  one bathed in light that enjoyed intimate time with my partner in a beautiful hotel room, the other was under a soul contract to terminate the lighted expression of me. I switched perspective between the two expressions of myself as my dark half carried out a surprise assault on my partner and I as we lay in bed. Read the whole story here.

"Is that a hotel bar?"
"Yeah I think so." Jim said.
"I've seen that place before. But I've never been there. And instead of the fireplace, that was the front entrance, though I knew it was oddly placed." In the dream context compared to the actual location's layout, when I ran from my dark self out of the hotel onto a cliff top viewing platform, I was running into the fireplace. I adventured down the cliff face dodging flash grenades she dropped at me from the hilltop. Perhaps I have been there before, I don't know.]

The final sequence I remember is being with an older woman dressed, like me, in elegant clothing and jewelry. We were queens. Our appearance reflected personal choices as if her own imagination produced the dress and styling she wore, as did my own for me. I appreciated the similar beauty she dressed herself in as my own, though I had figured her personality to hold no gentle compassion that her appearance before me expressed. It was a pleasant reminder of the complexity of the human soul.

There are large floating island-like ships in the sky. Our kingdoms? There is a sense of a drawn out war being the reality of this land, a war we both opposed and thought the wrong way to go about achieving the goal of the kingdom's we represented. We are on ground away from whatever elegance we may be from. We both come from a kind of poverty of spirit and have built our way up to be personalities of respect and representatives of the people.

A small ship drops down to release passengers. The ship is dark gray. Cyborg children are walking off. They were converted into these machinations against their will, because they had no where else to turn, they were picked up and used as soldiers by the machine race that we wage war against. I know if anyone else from my clan had been here to witness their release into the land, they would have killed them. But I couldn't bring myself to feeling they still contained the soul and body of the children our society failed. The machines recruit our outcasts and forgotten. I chase after them, asking them questions desperately to gain insight into the process.
One turns around and speaks with the same voice she had before the process. How much of who they are
really changed? Seems they were only given added programming, not wiped and made into automotons.
On each of them is a different part made of gold instead of the same dark gray material that covers the rest of their body. The gold highlights in my memory. What purpose does the gold play? They each show the gold or touch it favorably, like it was there prize for being converted, their incentive. They got to share in the wealth of the rich, but at a high price.
Finally I ask the most pressing question on my conscience:  "Did it hurt?" I say to the girl turning to follow down the path with her comrades.
A voice next to me answers "No. It didn't hurt." I look over into the face of a tiny infant still in its blanket, but fixed and weaved painfully into a pair of thin mechanical legs. The blanket had become fused to its skin as part of him, and his skin had a cold blue tint like death. The sight horrified me. I watched as they walked down the path, wondering where they were going, if they were even given instructions or just released as free agents until they were needed.

(Images were from Star Trek Voyager, the Borg race).

Both scenes showcased youth being pushed to fulfill obstacles and converted with technological alterations. Maybe a metaphor for how we abuse our children by encouraging a desire for material gain and to be above others or to long for the ease of living wealth and high status represents to those struggling to survive and find loving connection. The empty promises or failing promises that become lies. Our wealth, mine and the older woman's, was self-generated. We still related with those on Earth. I want to raise Link to create his own spiritual wealth, the confidence of knowing who he is and what he stands for, not to accumulate empty material gains.

Dialogue with Dream Programming

The mind is a receiver, tuning to a station is simply a matter of thought. Ideas, desires, emotions all have charge that attract information. Although I cannot anticipate what I will dream about or why ideas I had thought about recently formed the story of images they did to depict themselves, I have managed to have an increased awareness and bleed through of my waking personality and thought processes during dreaming. I'm able to question the choices of the dream's programming while in the dream as my avatar self.

Dream Night of Nov. 28/29th 2013

Alone in a house that is mine. A group that lives on the outside, moving town to town, is in my area. Their leader is a man I'm trying to avoid. He likes to torment me by invading my home, show little regard for its cleanliness, and indulge himself sexually in our tense attraction. I try to keep him out, not wanting to succumb to him. He comes in uninvited, using my place as a rest stop for his group.

Knowing came around that he was in the area again. I lock up my doors and windows and gates. As I'm setting the last gate, I see him through a crack in the wood panels. He pushes it open, and I relent. He knows I'm here now and I can't stop him from coming in. My effort to keep him out offended him. I was upfront explaining why I didn't want him here, that he disrespects my home, and tempts me away from my partner. "I love my family, I need to protect us." I say to him. He takes one look into my house and sees the baby gear everywhere. His mood changes. He becomes reserved and insists he'll leave us alone.

What a shock. That's unlike him. Why would he be so willing to ignore another chance to abuse his power over me? He leaves through the gate, showing me a glance of a beautiful dark-haired woman lain on a bed in a white dress in the initial throws of labor. I push the gate open with sparked interest. He has a pregnant woman in his band this time around, either one of his or someone he picked up. I walk directly to her with a strength of conviction. Someone in the group points me out to the leader. He looks up in surprise and displeasure. "Wait, no. What are you doing? I don't want your help." He says to me. I don't listen, I go to the woman who hasn't quite started the birthing process, but will soon. "She needs someone who knows about birth, which none of you do. I have the right setup for her with all the baby stuff already. There is no where better for her to be." I direct them to take her in.

Nov 28, 2013

Marine Creatures with Thermal Burns

Summary: Continuation of communication with water beings; Trying to woo my sweetheart, finding strange coins washed ashore; Childish in-fighting and unjustified territory and resource control.

Night of 25/26th November 2013

I'm in a cabin nestled in a hill under trees just before dusk. A few dim lights are on around the house. Rain poured during the night and into the early morning creating lines of water across the windows. My old friend, Kristin, is there. It's her parent's home, but it's nothing like her parent's home in my waking reality. There is no television, its a small, but modern home with wide windows and a low ceiling. I'm enjoying looking out the windows, absorbing the peace of the natural setting. Only a few other small residences line the hill further up, we are closest to the edge of the water, a bay, or mouth where a lake bleeds out into a river. I had the distinct sense that water flowed from the larger body into the river, not reverse, which implies a lake draining down by means of a river. This becomes an important distinction later.

I catch movement where the treeline meets the lake, and can't believe what I see. An upright, large brown bird humanoid (like the brown eagle woman that shapeshifted when she landed in the dream preceding my abduction) is folding its wings in and hovering through the trees along a stream and up the hill, curving around the cabin. I know in this moment of the dream that I had not seen one of these beings for a year and a half. Half in disbelief, I change vantage points to a different window to see if I can catch a glimpse of it through the trees as it turned up the stream. It comes into view again, changing red as it moved. Its feet, shaped like boots, hover a few feet above the ground. It's not flying, it's not walking. It's moving at an inexplicable hover parallel with the ground without moving its feet or wings. It's wings have folded in, covering its head and torso. I think its morphing but I don't catch what it's morphing into, only assume from the previous experience that it is shapeshifting to appear human.

"Did you see that?!!" I yell to my friend. "I can't believe it. Did you see?"
"See what?"

I look further up the road where it had gone and see two men walking down that pass it at a backwards angle. They must have noticed it, I think to myself. They are chatting and gesturing intently with one another. One dark haired, one blonde. They are wearing similar outfits and scarves. Uniforms of some kind? I was hopeful that these residents saw the bird being and could verify my sighting, then I realized... they are hovering too, but in a different fashion from the bird. They are walking on air a foot and a half above the beaten cement, one lane road. I fixate on this. How are they doing that? Are they aware that they're doing that? Is there cloaked road beneath them? Does it form only for them?

Nov 11, 2013

Existence in Solid state and Non-localized state

(See updated Theories page of this blog for overview of some of my major investigative working conclusions. Also see updated About page for common terminology definitions.)

Update to the forms ocean dwelling beings take in and out of the ocean of nonlocality. I dreamed I'm searching for a quick spot to fish with my father along a country road before the rain comes. There is already some flooding. Another truck zooms by us away from the mountain wilderness and into town to beat the storm. We spot a small, flooded pond that climbed the bank up to the driveway down to it. We fished off the concrete road that disappeared into the relatively little body of water.

Close to the shore I saw pairs of angel fish facing one another kissing. Beautiful sparkles and ribbons of blue, pink, and purple streamed from their kissing faces. They're making love, I thought, if love itself had a physical appearance. There were also long grey fish that looked like bass swimming colorlessly around. On top of the water were the strangest thing, floating spirits of angel fish wandering about, pursing their lips at the water here and there. I'm not sure if they were doing some kind of maintenance or gathering excess bits of love streams. I signaled to myself right there in the dream (my investigative thoughts have been highlighted to my dream self lately when updates occur) that I may have been inaccurate in my previous conclusion from water dreams before. Based on my previous water dream, what are represented as marine life are beings that only survives in the conditions of the ocean of nonlocality. In other words, they are beings of pure consciousness, or souls, that do not exist in solid state reality. But in this latest dream, a different idea to correct my previous assumption and enhance my overall understanding of how the ocean works, is a distinction between souls of these water dwelling beings, and their solid forms in the ocean. These water beings that exist entirely in the ocean (humans exist outside of the ocean on land, represented as land and buildings and play structures in my dream metaphors, but we can still swim in it via sleep and meditation) exist in as solid of form in ocean as we do on land. In order to exit the water and come into our medium, they must be formless energy. When they do so, they cling to the surface of the water from whence they came. To put it bluntly, there are sentient entities that freely move through the realm of pure consciousness, and for them to exist in our solid realm, they appear as spirit.

Nov 10, 2013

Red Marks - Case reported to MUFON #2

 Summary: New case study for red grid marks phenomenon; comparing and contrasting similarities of this case to others and evaluating legitimacy of marks as to be categorized with the other cases; introduction to experiment author/editor is conducting with red marks experiencer and ongoing experiencer of levitation and invasive visitations "Michael" from case study #1 about cracking the case of the red grid marks.

A woman filed a report with MUFON about a July 2013 incident where she awoke from a restless sleep with fatigue and an unusual mark on her leg.

The triangular shaped set of bruises seen above appeared first on experiencer's outer thigh of the right leg, then a similar one appeared on the other leg, inner thigh "about a week later". Woman is 59 with physical ailments. The picture shows significant bruising at the knee and at various spots around the bottom leg, possibly related to whatever medical problems she admitted having. Bruising is a common symptom of many blood disorders, including poor circulation found in obese patients. Frequent bruising would statistically produce a recognizable shape or patterned set of bruises or bruise eventually, so it's tough to call this one a truly strange event. However, the case may also be made that whatever force causes the other marks of the phenomenon might have utilized a present condition to mask evidence of their tampering.