Nov 10, 2013

Red Marks - Case reported to MUFON #2

 Summary: New case study for red grid marks phenomenon; comparing and contrasting similarities of this case to others and evaluating legitimacy of marks as to be categorized with the other cases; introduction to experiment author/editor is conducting with red marks experiencer and ongoing experiencer of levitation and invasive visitations "Michael" from case study #1 about cracking the case of the red grid marks.

A woman filed a report with MUFON about a July 2013 incident where she awoke from a restless sleep with fatigue and an unusual mark on her leg.

The triangular shaped set of bruises seen above appeared first on experiencer's outer thigh of the right leg, then a similar one appeared on the other leg, inner thigh "about a week later". Woman is 59 with physical ailments. The picture shows significant bruising at the knee and at various spots around the bottom leg, possibly related to whatever medical problems she admitted having. Bruising is a common symptom of many blood disorders, including poor circulation found in obese patients. Frequent bruising would statistically produce a recognizable shape or patterned set of bruises or bruise eventually, so it's tough to call this one a truly strange event. However, the case may also be made that whatever force causes the other marks of the phenomenon might have utilized a present condition to mask evidence of their tampering.

Worthy of note as a case for my investigation, though, is the similarity with the other cases I'm familiar with where the shaped marks appeared after a restless or unusual sleep. There is still no evidence to suggest any of the marks reported on in my case files happened by way of direct contact with any presence or device. Beam technologies or consciousness directed procedure are still possibilities.

Psychological profile for this woman may include susceptibility to believing in mysterious, supernatural reasons if enough pieces of strangeness come together to suggest foul play; an active imagination primed by other stories of strangeness. Statements like "My boyfriend is adamantly against any of the theories I have about what is going on, but that could be his mind control. My mind control (for lack of a better term) seems to be fracturing" indicates a belief set that there is a malevolent agenda that may be manipulating humans and hiding certain truths. This perspective is widely held by investigators and experiencers in the alien/ufo community and does not necessarily discount her testimony as valid, it simply indicates she is studied on the ideas the community in general propagates. She expresses an openness to any ideas though, so she is concerned about the possibility that the triangular bruising was a result of outside contact with a preference to conceal its identity and reasons. Editor's note: All experiencers of the red grid mark phenomenon I know of so far have expressed a curiosity in the unknown and changes in current human systems at some time in their lives, and may be considered highly contemplative individuals.

I attempted to have my contact information forwarded to the incident reporter of this story, but I have not heard back, unsurprisingly. MUFON is probably used to requests for contact and wish to protect those who file their personal experiences. This story was included in the MUFON Eastern Region Director George Filer's newsletter Filer's Files #38 2013 under subheading "Washington Triangular Bruises." All rights to the story are that of the original case submitter and MUFON's. I am referencing it here as a recent example of what might be related to the Red Grid Mark phenomenon I investigate.

An update to my investigation into the phenomenon is good timing because the experiencer "Michael" I have been communicating with regularly via skype is joining me in a series of dream experiments to uncover the truth about the phenomenon. We are working with the hypothesis that it may be possible to combine our desires to know the truth to boost our signal of piercing through any blocks in the dream world around this information. To do so, we must embrace the darker things we have each individually been denying and avoiding. Given the information we have gathered so far, it seems our answers are being denied because we are resisting in our own ways. I am resisting by having deliberately restricted myself from horrific content from horror movies and useless killings. I am realizing that I do not understand cold, pointless killing as a sadistic impulse. I know my dreaming will eat that content up and mold it to finally show me things I simply want to reject. This is embarrassing for me to admit because I pride myself in open-mindedness. I still see horrific things in my dreams, but I keep myself at a distance from true fear and terror. The fear I experience in my dreams is lamenated over with a defense I have setup:  a belief that there is something to be gained. But, I overlook the sociopathic, murderous images sometimes because I don't know how to interpret them. If I am to be the agent infiltrator that I have been depicted as, walking the fence between the two sides in order to understand the entirety of the war going on, I need to tread closer into enemy territory.

I asked my fiance what the scariest movie he knows is. He answered without hesitation "Alien." Ah. That's the one. I have avoided that movie my whole life because I don't want to admit there is a species interacting with humans like that. And of course, the more I let myself remember of the few details I did know about it, the more it made sense. I know it will be the fuel my dreams have needed to fully convey the ideas and horror they alluded to by other means. How will I understand the parasites and worm themes of my dream, or the delighted killing of the dog that shredded and cannabilized the other dogs, or the tall cannibal I threw off the train that wanted to tear into the meat and flesh of my thigh, or the sociopathic murderer who lured me to his room and sliced up my legs and vagina, or the huge arachnid type creatures a tall blond agent trained me to shoot during an invasion. This list compiles elements from independent dreams that I don't know how to fit with the dreams that try to conceptually challenge me with difficult choices of mass murder for population control, dreams which I know connect and relate but I don't know how. I have no way of comprehending that absence of empathy. I simply do not understand pure evil or an instinctual desire to kill for the sake of killing. It is the essence of delightful selfishness at the expense of others. Gore isn't what I resist, but selfish, delighted killing.

In our first attempt to boost our signal a few nights ago, "Michael" dreamed of the classic investigative partnership Mulder and Scully who are introduced to a box that hypnotizes Mulder. They are on a case about murder. I also sensed evil and something about mass murder but couldn't recall images or details beyond that. If we are to delve deeper into the truth of this matter, we must embrace fear. I searched around for the movie "Aliens" and set up a plan with "Michael" to sync bed times to overlap some of the night where a joint connection might produce us each a dream.

Results upcoming in "Dream Experiment to Uncover Truth about Red Grid Marks Phenomenon"
See more on the phenomenon under identifying marker 'P1' on Investigations page for post links.

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