Oct 27, 2013

Swimming with the Fish

Finally! I achieved swimming in the water with creatures of the non-localized ether ocean (beings that travel beneath normal space). This marked another step in exercising my abilities and expanding the limitations of consciousness travel. Prior to this, I was always depicted swimming on the surface, and strictly warned again and again about the dangers of submerging completely in the waters of the ocean without knowing where I wanted to be, or having any sort of lifelines to tether me. The lifelines my subconscious used were my two childhood family friends whom I explored life together, and simply the childlike joy of wanting to explore. Bizarre individualized fish creatures wandered into the area myself and my close friends (I refer to one of them as my adopted sister, and the other, her brother, as my childhood sweetheart in other posts, to illustrate the quality of our relationships) were exploring. The water was shallow, never more than twelve foot deep, clear and bright, and the sand white and clean. Only three fish beings came through our little area before continuing out into the greater ocean, where we didn't wander toward. Our perimeter was set up to the edges of the raised sandy bottom.

Many hovering mobile home trailers were setup around this small cove. To get to the water, I simply climbed off the trailer right in, or climbed up to get out. I feel like some kind of gear was in the trailers, though I don't recall feeling any gear on. The gear may have been more metaphorical, needing to arm ourselves with the proper mindset for being able to swim safely. This was emphasized between myself and my sweetheart. I was so excited to swim and meet another fish that it seemed to Chris that I might forget to reset myself.

The three fish were each unique and beautiful and different. I don't remember the first one. But one of the ones that passed through was white and green striped with yellow, with arches and limbs I can't draw. He was a little stand-offish, wanting to just move through our cove (we had some kind claim for it, like it was our private playground for safe viewing) without being bothered. I was disappointed with that one, but let him go about his way. The final one was a reflective black with purple, pink, and blue, like a galaxy that seemed rather curious and wanting to touch with me. It swam in loops with me playfully, rubbing up against me at intervals. I thought it was cuddly and liked me. Rather naive, I guess. I soon learned that it was scratching its mite-like parasites onto me. Well played galaxy fish. Dazzle me and seduce me, then use me to clean off your unwanted. The mites were crusting around my fingernails. I determined what was happening in-time to flick them off before they reproduced to infest my skin. Chris explained what I already knew, that they pick up parasites swimming in unknown waters and have to do maintenance. Deduced from other dreams, the concern with traveling in the ocean of non-locality is picking up parasitic lifeforms. There are infested waters out there with higher concentrations of harmful things and I must have some way of safe travel. A train, or vessel has been recommended consistently, and for classroom based training, that is the primary mode of transportation I am set up on. A bus was also common. Haven't done a boat with others on the open ocean, though I have done my own boat and once with a strange sexual encounter with an acquaintance on a docked boat (maybe it was trying to tell me something about making connections with friends that will be able to travel on the waters with me. My case study contact might work, "Michael," the one I Skype with semi-regularly about his latest levitation experiences and dreams [which, btw, he himself had a dream about tiny leeches and long tape worms, two names I did not use to describe the kinds of parasite worms I have reported about recently. See 'Worm Connection,' and about tape worms]. So I would need to envision either engaging with passerbys at the safer travelers station or riding on a boat with a diving team, with the goal being to meet travelers and explore new places. I should clarify that not every swimming fish would go through our cove, again it was specific for us, filtering only a few in where they could then connect to other currents from. It was rather out of the way.

I felt gullible thinking the fish genuinely wanted to enjoy playing with me. Still, it was fun, and no harm done really. I had to surface and reset or clean off or whatever we did in the trailer before jumping back in to play. I searched around hoping that galaxy fish would return, but it had already made its way out of our cove and along a different current to somewhere else. Apparently I wasn't interesting enough to stick around for. I was genuinely disappointed.

What does this mean? I can now access a kind of travel station where travelers of all types can pass through, rather than me figuring out how to get to them and determine a destination, I can watch for a while and see who comes through. When I find someone who feels right, is open to being my tour guide along their journey, than I can tag along and discover a new place of ideas and perspectives I might not have been able to find otherwise. There are risks to trying to hitchhike, so I do need reliable protection. None other would suffice besides my two body guards in black from my fugitive retrieval and covert mission days. My two partners, Chris (childhood sweetheart, military), and Jim (father of my son, spouse). Both are protective, and big. Off-world mission time! Recruiting team agents, new assignment, designated navigator:  Me. If it wasn't obvious already, I am speaking in metaphors because that is how information is communicated through dreams and how the spirit travels, in visual ideas, not words or conversation. Words and conversations are supplemental and used to illustrate layers of complexities over top the foundational idea. Understand the fish are representations of consciousnesses that are swimming entirely through the ocean of non-locality. That means they are not bound to a physical body, at least not while they are swimming. Those beings could be souls whose bodies are deceased, they could be beings in transit. But a being tied to a physical body would be depicted with the capability of both submerging travel and surface travel, perhaps even flight. These are the kinds of beings I want to encounter, those that travel in the ether but can phase into the solid state or are tethered to a physical body. They would have specialized information to teach me about infiltrating other realities outside my own.

For more on the referenced ocean of non-localized consciousnesses, see Quenching a Thirst, Legoland on Water about swimming only on ocean surface and how it relates to evil omnipresence, and Worm Connection has much about it as well. Also see posts building up to these under water label.

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