Oct 1, 2013

Seeing Maps and Spelled Out Names

While killing time with my son after our outing to the library, sitting in the car waiting for him to settle down into his carseat, I pulled out a California map from my Atlas and searched yet again for the National Park I had found once before immediately after a dream with the white letters on black background spelled out in my mind just before I woke that read "Yosemite National Park." It was the strangest thing. I have never been to this park, nor had I heard of it in recent years, and it had no significance to me. Seeing maps and specific locations I've never seen before is one of the more exciting and bizarre elements of dreaming that lends it substance in the real world. Despite hours of studying three different maps, I couldn't find the damn park. I gave up. That was weeks ago. Then today, Google so happens to feature Yosemite NP in its logo because Yosemite celebrates its 123rd anniversary. I had the name download (dream?) earlier this year (2013; see link above).

I was asking at the time to know where it was that I was seeing about a dream on New Year's 2012-13, one of my most profound dreams because I was taken aboard in a massive evacuation effort/assignment and orientation into a society orbiting Earth (see post Prophecy). I wanted to know where was the settlement of RV's and trucks I was among when we saw the pulsing blue object in the sky preceding our pickup (transport ship to a larger transport ship for orientation, to a different transport ship for assignment, then to the colony ship where we work and eat among other races and people of other branches in the .. well I guess it was a Federation, I don't know what to call it. Just read the dream post linked above. The answer I got was Yosemite NP very distinctly in a moment of silence and lack of imagery. Only those words appeared the same time I read/heard them. I woke and asked my partner as he was leaving for work, still groggy and blinking my eyes awake "Do you know where Yosemite NP is? What state?"
"California, I think." He replied.
"You're sure?"
"Pretty sure."
"I was thinking Montana or Wyoming."
"You're thinking of Yellowstone then."
"No, I wanted to know where Yosemite is. Thank you."
He laughed. "That's random. Did you dream that?"
"Actually, yeah."
"Huh. Weird."

I just know it was a place we escaped to for settlement (modern day, there were cars) from some natural disaster. I've had it in the back of my mind curiously mulling over it again and again. Is it a pick up station? Why would I go IN to California in two dreams now into the heart of a the disaster? Once was an arctic snowfall conditions that buried San Francisco (again, never been, no desire to), in the New Year's dream, it felt like an earthquake because I remember the ground shaking and splitting wide open just before a small transport ship came to relocate us to the orbiting colony. In both of these cases California was not the place to be. So why was I going into it when people were racing to get out? It felt safe because it was a wilderness relatively high in elevation where we could survive on the land and there was fresh water. I honestly can't figure out more than that. And the way I have learned to deal with the selective answers of my dreaming is to put it on the back burner and trust that the next installment in the series will come when it is appropriate or relevant. In other words, I receive what I am ready for. Who or what decides that I don't know, because it sure as hell doesn't feel like its dependent on my developing skill or knowledge or idea all the time. Much of it is, but still a percentage of my dreams as response to certain wonderings are on some kind of time delay. And not the time delay of a couple days which I have accepted is maybe due to an access delay of information I'm seeking. I mean, there is a prolonged, purposeful? delay or downright blockage for some information. In a few non-dire cases I defer to trusting there is a reason and that it's in my best interest. A few others are more frustrating, like the Reptiles. I've wanted to just talk with a Reptilian representative to understand on a dumbed down level what their history is and what it has to do with humans or our spiritual well-being. On the otherhand, I know the coalesced spirit I communicate with provides me a grander scale overview that no one individual being within the body could provide.

You are probably wondering the same things I have for a long time. Does my dreaming actually get me anywhere? Provide any useful information? I ask myself at the crossroads regularly. And when I am filled with doubt, and ignore it all. Something pops up that triggers me right back in the mix. The findings I have tentatively arrived at throughout my complex and convoluted dream webscape too often coincide with exactly what I read later in contactee compilation reports, ancient philosophical teachings of spirit wisdom and the world beyond, and then of course, weather, economic, and political events or trends I get wind of but can't predict down to a time and place. I'm always limited enough so as not to be able to gain any power or material reward for the information I am privy to. The advantages they offer are at great emotional cost and intense analysis and concentrated effort. And I love it. The material effects described through my dreams suggest to me some higher dimension is putting hints and reassurances in my path to keep me going in this lonely and imaginative investigation. Perhaps someday, the techniques I have discovered or are based on my meticulous reporting will be a standard by which other people utilize their Dreams as an ability, a tool, like linking up to a universal network, a spiritual online, if you will. I try to hard though to make the connections that end up coming so easily once I relax and have faith that they will. It's an annoying balance of work and faith.

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